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Geek2Geek Review 2021

Geek2Geek Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 96%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 3.400.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The portal has a clean interface to interact with all its options hassle-free.
  • Chatting is seamless and glitch-free.
  • You can run a blog or read other members’ posts for a more in-depth understanding of their personalities.
  • Blocking option keeps you far from abuses, and it’s easy to ban fussy people.
  • Well-structured profile page looks neat and clear.
  • Straightforward navigation allows hopping from page to page trouble-free.
  • Online assistant (Geek Goddess).
  • Many people complain about the abundance of fake accounts on the platform.
  • The support service upsets with its low responsiveness.
  • It’s quite challenging to stop the paid membership.
  • No mobile app still appears.
  • The safety of the website should be better.
  • Just a few features for the VIP users.

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What Kind of Platform Is Geek2Geek and How Does It Work?

Human beings are different, but society often rejects individuals that are too distinct from mainstream people. The Geek2Geek review highlights the functionality and technical features of the platform that aims to connect nerds. Its mission is to help them find like-minded partners for friendship and dating. While reading this Geek2Geek review, you’ll know about the website’s benefits and bugs, your prospects, and opportunities.

The Geek2Geek platform works for fans of comics and fantasy, science fiction, and anime. Things have come up in nerds’ lives to challenge them when they want to find a soul mate or even a partner for casual dating. If you dream about Harley Quinn or Lara Croft, Mugatu, Kratos, or Camie Utsushima, join the Geek2Geek community.

The portal is the trademark of Shazbot, LLC (Chicago, IL, the USA). It hit the market in 2004 as a safe space to meet real folks pretending superheroes and villains. Since then, the platform connects people that might have a Doctor of Science (DSc) degree in reality but turn into Clark Kent in love. Note that it deals with not only long-lasting relationships but also casual cosplay. To date, the headquarters of Geek2Geek locates in Miami, Florida (USA).

What Kind of Platform Is Geek2Geek and How Does It Work?

Is Geek2Geek a Legit Service or a Haven for Scammers?

Now, the Geek2Geek review deals with one of the most critical questions for daters, meaning the website’s legitimacy. First, it seems that the website works within a law – no prohibited content is there. You can find data about a parent company in the “Terms of Use” section. However, there are many pitfalls there, as you are not immune from fake profiles and scammers. The system cannot control 100% of the community.

What Type of the Community Is Waiting for You?

The online portal doesn’t publicly disclose the accurate number of its members, but it comprises near 200,000 users to date. Of course, many other dating platforms can boast a multi-million community. Still, it is more about versatile websites that cater to the needs of various categories of daters. Geek2Geek is a niche site, serving the interests of a weird circle.

The service covers only some English-speaking countries. Near 70,000 users from the USA, Canada, and the UK have visited the website for the last six months. The domination of direct and social (Facebook, mostly) traffic speaks about its popularity. The website’s audience works or is interested in the IT and media industries, as well as in other digital cultures. They are looking for romance and relationships, as well as adult kinks sometimes. In other words, the website unites the well-educated and open-minded people.

Is Geek2Geek a Legit Service or a Haven for Scammers?

Sexual Orientation of the Members – Find Anybody You Want

The Geek2Geek community is quite different. This feature relates to the members’ sexual identity despite the absence of a dedicated field in the registration form. Geek dating site does not necessarily imply straight relationships, but it also has enough prospects for the LGBT community. The company doesn’t disclose the information about the percentage of sexual identities on the website, but some insights show that straight members rock on Geek2Geek.

How Old Are Geeks?

The website covers a wide range of ages since it deals with comics and superheroes. Many characters appeared some decades ago, and their contemporaries and admirers have already achieved a considerable age. However, it is more about the male audience while the female one is pretty young.

Sexual Orientation of the Members – Find Anybody You Want

Dive Into The Signup And Login Details On Geek2Geek

The account creation on Geek2Geek differs little from the same procedure on other similar websites. So, how to get started and make your fantasy world come true?

  • Point out your email address and confirm it in another field.
  • Specify your username.
  • Enter and re-enter a password.
  • Click the “Save & Continue” button to get to the profile creation.

Note that a password must contain at least 8 characters, including letters (one capitalized), a minimum of two numbers, and one of the special characters.

Dive Into The Signup And Login Details On Geek2Geek

How To Create A Profile On The Website?

The following info of the Geek2Geek review will let you know about the stuff you should point out to build an eye-catching profile. There is a dashboard on the website where it’s possible to track your activity, including viewing and editing a profile. The latter consists of five parts to let you point out the basics, preferences, features of character, and things that make you a real geek:

Step 1:

  • Specify the country and the city to meet a partner not far from your location.
  • Provide other members with your gender, date of birth, and age.
  • Describe the age, height, and gender of the desired partner.

Step 2:

Point out your and your match’s ethnicity, and education, religion, politics, and how often you drink alcohol. These fields are not mandatory; that’s why you can choose the “Not important” option from the drop-down menu, if a particular issue seems meaningless to you.

Step 3:

This part of the profile section asks you to describe your personality from the best side and provide the outline of your perfect partner. Don’t forget to create a catchy headline to shine. The info will be useful for the website to pick up appropriate matches for you.

Step 4:

Here, it’s crucial to accurately specify your likes and provide three tags to let the system understand your criteria you’re looking for in a match.

Step 5:

The space should contain your photo gallery with the primary picture in the portrait format. Other images might show you at work, hobbies, etc. Try to escape group photos or pictures where you are in the company of your exes. Bear in mind the size of an image that cannot exceed 4MB.

All that stuff helps sort out the users while searching the partners. If you want to outreach the best of the best, initiate the manual search and read the users’ profiles attentively. As a rule, geeks are quite creative and extra-ordinary, and their profiles reflect this. Choose the unique descriptions of personalities to escape fakes.

You can also hide your profile to keep it active but unavailable for the website’s search engine. In this way, you’ll be able to browse other users, but they won’t see your profile in return.

Geek2Geek How To Create A Profile On The Website?

Communicative Tools To Outreach A Perfect Match

Once you’ve signed up and created a full profile, showing interest becomes available. However, it’s necessary to upgrade the account up to a premium membership to access unlimited messaging to either free or VIP users. By the way, you have the “My messages” section within a dashboard where new and received and sent messages, flirts are visible.

Generally, the Geek2Geek platform comes with a reduced set of tools for communication. You can just write texts, josh, share compliments, or something like this. On the one hand, it deprives the members of such entertaining features like video chats. However, you can cut to the chase and get a date faster, as the monotonous messaging get bored soon.

Device Compatible With The Website

The further info of the Geek2Geek review relates to some technical nuances that are crucial for a seamless user experience. First, let’s note that this portal is compatible with all modern browsers. It loads fast despite the model of a personal computer or a laptop.

Desktop Site For Your Comfort

The desktop version of the Geek2Geek website operates flawlessly and suits those who prefer communication from home or office. Online dating is an excellent way to relax and have a break from the working routine. So, if you are accustomed to large high-resolution screens and monitors, a home comfort, or any other natural environment, the desktop version will work for you.

Is It Possible To Access Messaging Via A Mobile Device?

Unfortunately, the Geek2Geek service comes without the mobile app to download it either from Android or iOS gadgets. It seems weird since the target audience of the website features advanced digital skills and knows a lot about the high-tech devices. Anyway, it’s possible to use only a mobile version of the portal to access its options.

Geek2Geek Is It Possible To Access Messaging Via A Mobile Device?

How Friendly Is The Portal To Geeks?

Geek2Geek has a bright, but a bit simplistic two-colored design. It lacks charm and looks somewhat schematic. It’s not a problem to sort things out and to understand the purpose of each section. Still, the layout doesn’t inspire you for further exploration of the website. However, the current Geek2Geek review should mention the well-structured content on the web pages.

What About Navigation?

The Geek2Geek interface could hardly get you into the maze since it has not enough sections for this. Free members can access the primary sections and toggle between them without efforts. One flaw is notable, meaning the absence of widgets for social media on the website despite its online presence on Facebook and YouTube.

Does Geek2Geek Match Your Budget?

The visitors of the website always want to know whether its free features will be enough for testing, or the site or is it good enough to buy a paid subscription at once. The Geek2Geek service includes both Standard (free) and premium membership. Let’s compare the users’ opportunities within each plan.

Geek2Geek Does Geek2Geek Match Your Budget?

Should Pay For Using the Website?

Free services on Geek2Geek include registration, profile creation, showing interest via unlimited flirts, and uploading photos. In other words, you can establish your positive presence on the platform and confirm that you are an active user. All types of messaging relates to paid services. You can receive and read unlimited messages from the paid members, but it’s not a big deal since you can’t respond to them.

Premium membership on Geek2Geek implies Silver and Gold Packages with a different set of features. Silver plan allows you to send and reply to unlimited messages in addition to free options. The Gold plan features the following benefits:

  • Send unlimited messages and respond to them.
  • High ranks in search results and match pages.
  • Interaction with free users.

Now, let’s clarify how much each package will cost you:


  • One month: $34.99 with a special discounted price of $17.49.
  • 3 months: $69.99 with a special discounted price of $34.99.
  • 6 months: $119.99 with a special discounted price of $59.99.


  • One month: $42.99 with a special discounted price of $21.49.
  • 3 months: $79.99 with a special discounted price of $39.99.
  • 6 months: $149.99 with a special discounted price of $74.99.

Geek2Geek Should Pay For Using the Website?

How To Make Transactions?

When you start an interaction with the website, the form appears where you can see the website’s premium offers and their cost. Choose one of them and click the “Continue” button. The system redirects you to the next pop-up where the payment process is visible.

Payment Options For Premium Users

The Geek2Geek service provides two payment options – credit cards and PayPal. The latter is suitable for those who used to pay online and have two or more several bank accounts. The portal doesn’t inform people about the privacy of transactions in terms of the website name’s visibility in the bank statement.

Once you choose the credit card as a payment system, it’s necessary to provide your residence and credit card details. Note that Geek2Geek accepts only Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discovery.

Can The Portal Provide Save Dating?

Technically, the Geek2Geek website is safe for your computer and transactions due to the SSL encryption. However, the website has no verification resulting in a large number of fake accounts. So, the platform disclaims responsibility for fakes and scammers that call into question the portal’s security.

Despite the claims of the company about tracking suspicious activity and removing fake accounts, their number is off the scale. The users should handle the problem independently and become a guru of online dating to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Geek2Geek Can The Portal Provide Save Dating?

Сan The Scammers Hurt You?

Geek2Geek is full of scammers, as the majority of other dating platforms. Even the top-notch paid portals cannot cope with the issue. You should be able to recognize online fraud drawing on particular signs. For example, scammers often use stock photos or act as an unrealistic perfect match for you. They often ask for money and describe their life as characters of soap operas.

In any case, you shouldn’t share the details of your being with strangers. Besides, it’s crucial to be careful on the first date and even in your future encounters. Safety rules are of high relevance to both casual daters and those looking for soul mates.

Some Helpful Features

The Geek2Geek platform comes with just a few adds-on because of a lack of communicative tools. Some extras might be helpful, but they won’t do the trick.

  1. Top-rated accounts.

    The community members have an opportunity to look through the 10 top-rated profiles on the website to choose one of the most popular users. Regular updates provide you with relevant data.

  2. Blog with recommendations.

    The rookies can get much useful information about online dating while reading the Geek2Geek blog. It is always full of posts, covering a wide range of problems and issues that are crucial for users.

  3. Geek Goddess

    It’s about a virtual guru that answers questions that the members send. If you have an issue, write a letter to the Geek Goddess and ask for help. Other users’ posts are also available for reading.

Geek2Geek Some Helpful Features


If you read the Geek2Geek review up to the end, you’ve already understood whether the website is interesting. Anyway, let’s recap.

The service focuses on geeks only and their admirers; that’s why the community is quite gated. It should give more chances to stand out from other members, but tons of fake profiles offset this benefit. The portal caters to your interests if you are ready to spend much time on searches and can always recognize fraudulent accounts.

The Geek2Geek service allows you for traditional messaging to stimulate members for sooner offline arrangements. You can find friends and casual partners there, as well as life partners. The platform doesn’t limit your sexual preferences and kinks since it welcomes people for fun and love in all forms.

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