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LDSsingles Review 2021

LDSsingles Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 200000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Member checks on registration stage;
  • High-level security and personal data protection;
  • Large member pool of LDS followers;
  • Apps available for free.
  • Matches list is based on GPS.

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Values & Standards of LDSsingles

The launch of LDSsingles dating happened in 1996. LDS dating site is a branch of Christianity that united people, also called Mormons, who follow the same religious and cultural rules and traditions. The site is special because even if the user is not a Mormon, it is crucial to understand the principles of religions to communicate with others. LDSsingles review attempted to establish the rules of the game on the site. With so many years of experience, the site’s reputation precedes. A lot of inspirational stories surround the website. However, the followers of the site have changed within the time. The view of religion changed, and more users who came to the site, not for religion, appeared. The site always positioned itself as a dating service, but it turned into a place to meet and discuss other things. Currently, it came back to normal, with the users who are not interested in discussing the church. LDSsingles review assessed the changes in membership pool and strategies site applies for the singles to feel safe.

To understand the intentions that drive users to the website, one needs to dive into the background of the religion. If you believe in stereotypes that the religion is secretive, and do not understand the rituals, you probably will not find much support. For Mormons, the family is a sacred notion and disrespecting it is not accepted. Your potential match is most likely looking for a serious relationship, so get ready for that.

Values & Standards of LDSsingles

LDS singles Service Isn’t a Scam

The policies and standard operating procedures prove LDSsingles legit status. The site has been on the market for more than twenty years. It has since polished and updated the terms of use to adjust them to the modern setting.

The site does not have any suspicious requests to the user at any stage. Starting from the registration, which is free, up to the membership purchase, all the services are transparent. Besides, it cooperates with trustworthy payment systems. It also does not require a lot of personal details from the user. With LDSsingles, you do not share more than you would on Facebook or any other social network.

Member characteristics

LDSsingles review of members shows diversity. However, most users are united by the same religious interests. The non-religious users happen and are welcome to register, but note that religious preferences play a role in matching. So, most probably your matched candidates will wat to discuss it.

The Mormon church was founded in New York. Hence the majority of users come from different states of the USA. Some representatives are from Australia and African countries. The site has smaller representations of other countries but, in general, has a global outreach.

Not only Mormons but other Christians can join the site, and there is no restriction. The main thing website tries to achieve is a respectful environment where each other’s views are accepted.

LDSsingles Member characteristics

Average Sexual Orientation of Members

The gender distribution shows that men prevail on the site, and females comprise about 45%. The rest are males, and both genders are usually heterosexual.

Age Categories

LDSsingles review of members shows that the most active category of users belongs to the age category of 20-30 years old. Another group represented is usually divorced or widowed singles at the age of 45 – 50 years old. People of 50 + are less represented, especially when it comes to women.

Guidelines on Signing Up

LDSsingles review of policies shows strict requirements for the candidates. The site team tries to filter the profiles and lets users fit into the site’s environment. Hence, a high number of rejections happen daily. A tendency shows that people from Western countries have fewer troubles getting in, and Asian countries experience more obstacles. So, what do you need to set up your account with LDSsingles? First of all, prepare a photo of you. It is a vital part of verification for the site. You will need to upload at least one picture and not more than six. The other things to provide are birth date, gender, and age. You may opt for Facebook signup. There will be a questionnaire every user has to fill in regardless of the registration method.

After all the information is uploaded, the site will take up to 48 hours to check and approve/reject your application. If you get the message that your photo got denied, take a look at the site’s policies. All types of offensive content, nudity, are forbidden. Check out the warnings before you post a picture. If you get banned, the process is irreversible.

Note that the site is looking for matches based on your geographic location. If you are moving or changing the place of residence, edit your location in the account settings.

LDSsingles Guidelines on Signing Up

User Profile

The first thing that catches the eye is that profile is detailed. LDSsingles review of profiles identified 100% of members have some sections filled in. The reason for that is that a questionnaire on entry is impossible to skip. You have to answer the questions and upload at least one real photo to get through the check. That questionnaire is focused not that much on the personality but church commitment. It gives the questions the replies to which make up a picture of your spiritual side. Avoid misinformation at this stage. If you lie and pretend to be a perfect Christian, later on in conversations with users, the truth will come out. You can be reported for misleading people.

The primary information a profile gives about you besides the religious view, is online/offline status, the last time of visit, and gallery. Not every user can access the full gallery and full sized photos.

Initiating the Contact

The first peculiarity of the site is that location rocks. All the matches that users get are based on their location. It is possible to change it in account settings, though. Some means of interaction on the site are free, like winks and smiles. The messaging features are not free.

Note that even when you put down a different location, the site still finds your current location. To improve the quality of matches you get, fill in “Discover preferences” well, so it uses the information along with the area. Also, if you are not satisfied with the list of matches, try changing the information on your profile, in particular preferences.

LDSsingles Initiating the Contact

Platform Characteristics

Some users find the desktop version design outdated and prefer the app. However, both versions are performing the essential functions well without having a sophisticated design.

PC Version

The PC version is plain and easy to use. The users can find all the needed features on the top bar menu. LDSsingles main page is not filled with irrelevant information and ads. It has nice visuals and does not distract the user from searching for a perfect partner.

Application Compatibility

The LDSsingles applications are compatible with Android and Apple and come as free to download items. With the mobile device, users can register, make purchases, and use all the functions that a desktop version offers.

Platform Design

The design of LDSsingles is a bit outdated but also minimalistic. It is not densely filled with the information, which is a benefit. All the useful tips are represented in the sections on the bottom of the page.

LDSsingles Platform Design

How to Navigate

The first thing every user encounters is signing in or logging in process. It happens quickly, and the site does not have glitches. So if you have an automatic password manager in your browser, you will log in in a second. The main functions the website offers are messaging, browsing (includes searches), matching (LookBook), and Help (contacting customer support).

LDS Singles Fees

LDSsingles review of pricing policies ranks the site as the average. The costs of the services are acceptable. Every standard member of the site is entitled to use the basic features, but with the paid subscription, more opportunities open up. Besides the subscription, the user can get some individual services and pay for them separately.

The paid membership is called Premium and costs $49.99 per month, $104.97 per three months, and $149.94 per six months. The longer package you get, the cheaper is the price per month. Note that the full amount is charged in one payment. Also, the package will be prolonged automatically if you do not cancel it in your account. To do that, go to the section “Account settings -> Manage subscriptions.” To make sure that you successfully switched off the renewal, check your email for the confirmation letter. It is another reason why you should register at LDSsingles with a valid email.

LDSsingles Fees

Benefits of Paid Membership

The list of features all users can access regardless of their status includes:

  • Create a profile and upload six photos for free;
  • Look through the member database via search bar;
  • Get the email with the daily matches;
  • Buy additional features such as “Spotlight.”

The benefits of the premium membership overweight. They include:

  • Messaging + (it means limitless interaction with any type of user on the site);
  • Notifications when a user read your message;
  • Improved privacy setting (incognito mode).

LDSsingles Benefits of Paid Membership

A Guide to the Payment

LDSsingles is a safe website in terms of pay transparency. You can use Apple Pay or other payment options. The site does not charge any hidden commissions.

Payment Options

For the application users, it is easy to go with the iTunes payment or via Google Play. These are the trusted payment systems you are using for lots of online operations. In this case, the refund and payment transfer are managed by Apple, and the site has no authority over it. Another option available is paying by credit card.

Is It Safe to Use the Site?

Since the site cares about users, the LDSsingles review of online safety tips is published in the section Help. If you are a new user, or had a nasty experience with online services previously, get acquainted with the rules.

  • Your private information should not be shared in the profile, on the photos, or even private messages. Note that the site does not let the fake accounts to enter the site, but the scammer might register a real account and ask you favors. The site is not a charity platform, in case someone is asking you for any kind of donations, direct them to the church or charity establishment. Meanwhile, block or report the user.
  • If you set up a face-to-face date with a user of LDSsingle, remember that the site cannot take care of you during the real-time date. Be cautious and arrange the date in public, do not ask anyone to visit your home unless you know the person well.
  • If the user sends you the link and complains that the membership is too expensive and they want to talk to you somewhere else, it is a potential phishing scheme. All the users come to the site to pay for membership and preserve the contact details in safety. There is no point in disclosing all your details to the unknown user. Block or report such users since it is also the violation of the code of conduct on the site.
  • Be careful about the photos, especially adult content. Even if the conversation is conducted in private, note that users can screenshot the content and use it in the ways unpredictable for the website. So, assess the risks when you share sensitive content.

LDSsingles Is It Safe to Use the Site?


To prevent fraudulent activities, which are phishing and illegal promotion of services, the site hired a special team. A couple of specialists work on improving the process of account verification and moderating the activities on the site. They also check the reported accounts and ban them permanently. There is only so much the site has the authority to do, so the users should be careful when sharing their data not to become a victim of online scams.

Additional Features

LookBook. The site offers a separate page with the profiles that are your potential matches. You are presented with the list, and your task is to give likes and dislikes. If both you and the candidate put likes to each other, you will be informed about the mutual interest. It is another way to meet new people.

Messaging +. The feature is available to the users of premium subscription only and enables all kinds of communication on the site. The free members are limited in their actions while premium members can take the lead since all cards are in their hands.

Spotlight. The free and premium members can purchase this feature individually since it is not a part of any package. The feature boosts the profile temporarily. There is no need to use it regularly, but at times it helps to attract more attention since it put you on top of the search results list.

LDSsingles Additional Features

Final Thoughts

LDSsingles is a modern platform that gathered people that value religious views. They need to respect their traditions. Besides, following the same religion means having common core values. It is a way to creating a strong and happy family where husband and wife see the world through the same eyes.

The site achieves the precise results in matching due to the Compass test that identifies personality type. It works well with the users of any age category. The overall impression is that the LDSsingles team is balancing the freedom of actions and moderation well. All the users feel protected, and the incidents of rule violations happen rarely. With LDS singles, you can find your perfect Mormon match.

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