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Little Armenia Review 2021

Little Armenia Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 75%
Beauty 85%
Popular age 24-30
Profiles 4 500 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site caters to Armenian singles;
  • Great and user-friendly design;
  • Affordable fees.
  • Limited free features.

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Little Armenia: The Best Way To Date Your Ethnicity

If you require someone from your nation as a lifetime partner, you ought to get familiar with this Little Armenia Review. The Armenians no matter where they live need to find soulmates. If you also belong to this ethnicity, a dating platform Little Armenia may come in handy. To find out more, keep looking through this Little Armenia Review.

We should note that Little Armenia caters not only to those who associate themselves with Armenians but also those who need long-term, serious relationships. Respectively, if you need casual sex, you’d better look for other dating sites. If people on the site look for solely representatives of their ethnicity, they can hardly be interested in hookups. If you reside in a foreign country, it may be crucial for you to find a lifetime partner of the same ethnicity as you. Little Armenia can help you to meet this objective. What proves the effectiveness of this dating platform is that the online resource is responsible for up to 4,5 million connections. So, if you join the site, you will have a good chance to end up finding a long-awaited soulmate.

Little Armenia: The Best Way To Date Your Ethnicity

Little Armenia: How Legit The Dating Platform Is?

It’s one of the most reputable online dating resources. Since it’s a specific site that focuses on representatives of a particular ethnicity, it doesn’t give enough room for scammers.

Who Comes To Little Armenia?

From this part of the Little Armenia Review, you will learn about the major audience of the dating platform. Well, as the name suggests, the mission of the dating platform is to find partners for Armenians. So, as follows from this, the website is visited by representatives of this nation. Moreover, we should stress that Little Armenia users are interested in finding exactly lifetime partners. Therefore, if you need something different such as casual sex, you’d better look for other dating sites. The site has an almost equal mix of female as well as male members.

Sexual Orientation On The Dating Platform

Despite the dating platform doesn’t openly forbid LGBT people to come to the site, it can hardly be regarded as the best resource for these users. They’d better shift to other online resources more suitable for their needs.

Armenians On The Website: How Old Are They?

Little Armenia welcomes people of any age but as a rule, the site is dominated by folks aged 35-50. It can be explained by the fact that mature people are more prone to seeking lifetime partners than younger ones.

Armenians On The Website: How Old Are They?

How To Register With Little Armenia

If you have already made up your mind to become a registered user of Little Armenia, get ready to undergo a signup procedure. It will approximately take you 15 minutes or so. First, you require visiting the home page of the dating platform. Click on the signup button and disclose your personal details, including your name, gender, and your current place of residence. Don’t forget to specify whom you are willing to find – a man or a woman.

After this, you are expected to provide your actual email address alongside a password. As for the latter, it shouldn’t be very simple for the sake of security. Besides this, you should also select a nick. Well, there are a lot of tips online as to how to choose a nickname. Summarizing the value of those common recommendations, we can say that it should be expressive and fun enough. For your nick, you need to use good descriptive words to give other Little Armenia users an idea of your personality.

Creating A Profile

You can hardly achieve decent outcomes on Little Armenia with an empty user profile. So, if you want to marry a good Armenian person, you are bound to provide enough personal information. Well, this might be a time-consuming procedure but you’d better be patient and complete it. To get better results on the site, you’d better take your time to fill your profile with interesting details about yourself.

To fill your profile with personal information, you will require responding to a series of questions. Your answers to them will help the platform’s search algorithm to explore your personality and find appropriate matches for you. If you seriously approach filling your profile with useful details, you can count on more messages and likes. A detailed profile will show other Little Armenia users that you are geared up to starting a serious relationship. To complete your profile properly, just try to put yourself in the shoes of your potential partners. Would they like to deal with a profile that doesn’t offer enough information about a match? Perhaps, they would answer in the negative. So, you’d better help your interlocutors to have a better understanding of your personality.

Creating A Profile

How To Reach Out To The Site Members

Well, you have registered an account with Little Armenia and it’s high time to choose the best match. Of course, here communication plays the most crucial role. First, you can make use of text messaging. The given feature can hardly surprise you since it’s provided by the vast majority of contemporary dating platforms. Here you are expected to exchange text messages with your interlocutors. If you want to demonstrate your special attitude to a particular Little Armenia user, you can encourage him or her with flirts or likes.

However, in the 21st century, it’s hard to impress people with text messages and Little Armenia has something more impressive than typing letters. Of course, that’s the platform’s video chat. It’s a far more powerful communication feature compared to text messaging. It enables you to get to know your interlocutor much better. In this case, you can observe his or her emotions in real time and respectively come up with an instant response. It brings communication with your potential lifetime partners to a higher level.

Little Armenia allows you to find out who’s online now. If you are interested in any of them, invite this person to a private chat room to drastically speed up your acquaintance.

How To Reach Out To The Site Members

Taking A Look At The Site Main Versions

From this part of the Little Armenia Review, you will learn about the major versions of this dating platform. As a rule, dating enthusiasts opt for desktop solutions because they provide the whole array of features and allow to watch full-size pictures. On the other hand, these days, a great number of people stick with mobile applications – the best way to communicate with matches on the fly.

Dating Armenians On A Laptop

Once you first come to the desktop version of Little Armenia, you will see that it can’t offer anything revolutionary new in terms of functionality. It’s very basic in all regards. So, here you are expected to sign up to use the site services. All the key navigation elements can be found on the top of the home page. Unfortunately, some pages of the desktop version are still unavailable – they haven’t been completed yet. For example, it’s impossible to get to the Shop section. It only remains to hope that it’s going to be finished soon. The general impression of the site desktop version is that it should have been much better. It’s too basic as if it were created by amateurs and it’s reflected in its design. Perhaps, in an attempt to create a dating platform for true Armenians, the developer forgot about such vital things as functionality, etc.

Nevertheless, there’s something compensating for those shortcomings. It’s a Blog section that offers interesting stories about Armenian diasporas in different parts of the world.

Dating Armenians On A Laptop

There’s No App At Hand

If you are one of those hoping to take advantage of a Little Armenia mobile application, we are sorry to disappoint you. The matter is that the dating platform still doesn’t have a mobile app. Currently, no one knows whether it’s going to be released soon or not.

Fortunately, the lack of an application doesn’t mean that you can’t have any mobile experience with Little Armenia. You can still access the dating site via a mobile browser of your smartphone. There’s nothing to complain about the mobile version of the dating platform – it’s usable enough. The mobile version enables you to use all the basic features of the site. Maybe in terms of convenience, it’s inferior to any modern app but it allows to search for matches and communicate with them.

How Sleek It Is?

We can hardly discern advanced elements in the design of this website. It looks plain. Unfortunately, it doesn’t impress in terms of aesthetic value.

Although the dating site doesn’t seem to be properly designed, you will not have any difficulties navigating it. It’s not overloaded with buttons, pop-up menus, etc. Apart from a row of buttons on the top of the site, you can’t see any significant navigation elements. The right side is occupied by partner ads. In general, the site definitely needs a series of structural improvements that could improve its usability.

Navigating The Armenian Dating Website

How Costly It Is?

Here above we have complained about the platform’s mediocre functionality. Fortunately, it’s offset by affordable prices.

  • For $40, you can stay a paid member for up to six months;
  • For $20, it’s possible to purchase a three-month premium package;
  • To assess a month of the Little Armenia premium membership, it’s enough to shell out $5.

Do You Need To Become A Paid Member?

Of course, when reviewing a new dating site, anyone would like to know if it’s possible to use it for free. Well, as for Little Armenia, we can say that you can join it for free. Unfortunately, with a free subscription, you will have to face a slew of barriers on a way to your marriage. For example, free users of Little Armenia have restricted communication capability. Only premium members have an opportunity to send and view messages without any restrictions. So, you are bound to become a premium user sooner or later. It’s unlikely that free browsing alone can encourage you to return to the site.

You may certainly find enough free dating websites but most probably they will be overloaded with ads. Advertisements are often naughty and can distract you from matchmaking. Buying a premium package is often the only way to get rid of this nasty stuff. The same is true for Little Armenia. The site paid users enjoy communication with each other without ads. So, you’d better follow their example not to be bothered and distracted by anything when trying to reach out to your soulmate.

Little Armenia serves a very narrow niche on the dating market. Notwithstanding the fact, it still doesn’t have a lot of rivals catering to this ethnicity, the dating platform isn’t going to drastically raise prices. To some extent, it can be explained by a number of glitches in its design and functionality. Nevertheless, it’s one of the few sites helping Armenians to find lifetime partners. What we have now is the impressive number of 4,6 million successful connections. It overshadows some minor downsides of the platform and gives grounds to claim that it’s a decent resource in terms of cost-efficiency.

Paying For The Services Provided

If you are willing to learn how to purchase premium services on the site, follow this Little Armenia Review.

Cycling Through Payment Systems

It’s so sad that Little Armenia doesn’t provide too many payment options. Except for credit cards, you can’t use other payment methods on the site.

Cycling Through Payment Systems

Is It A Safe Place To Date For Armenians?

Having learned about some design bugs of the website, you may be also afraid of its probable mediocre safety. Fortunately, it’s not so. The site team does its best to make your stay there safe enough. Moreover, the implementation of the latest encryption methods helps to decrease the likelihood of fraud attacks.

However, when it comes to making your dating experience on Little Armenia safer, you shouldn’t rely only on the site team. There’s something you can do on your own. Go to the platform’s safety page to get familiar with essential security tips. By the way, some dating websites don’t have this vital page. It shows their bad attitude to the safety of their clients. Accordingly, we strongly advise you to leave such Internet resources.

Always be cautious no matter what you are doing on Little Armenia. If you notice something suspicious, immediately report it using a special button in the user interface.

It’s not recommended to share your personal details with other Little Armenia members if you don’t know enough about them. Otherwise, you may be victimized.

Is The Website Is Full Of Scams?

Fortunately, you can’t find this site in the list of the most dangerous online resources. The site doesn’t have a large audience and its focus on one ethnicity makes it less attractive for scams.

Special Features For Armenian Dating Enthusiasts

Little Armenia can’t offer us a lot of special features. You can count only on two of them:

  • Live Video Chat: You can’t use this feature if you have a free subscription. The feature allows Little Armenia members to see their interlocutors in real time.
  • Who Bookmarked Me: The given option notifies premium users of the website that someone has already bookmarked their profile. That’s an indisputable sign to get down to a closer acquaintance.

Special Features For Armenian Dating Enthusiasts


If you carefully study numerous reviews online, you can make a conclusion that Little Armenia is one of the best dating resources for Armenians. If you associate yourself with this ethnicity, it doesn’t matter where you live because the dating platform can help you to find a compatriot match worldwide.

Of course, Little Armenia can’t boast a reputation of an ideal dating website. For example, we can criticize its primitive design and a very low choice of special features. Nevertheless, it doesn’t prevent it be the best dating solution for millions of Armenians residing in different parts of the world. For the last time, the dating resource has generated up to 4,5 million of successful couples. It’s a decent outcome for a website with a number of design issues, isn’t it?

Moreover, the dating site Little Armenia will not rip you off. So, if you join this website, you can save your hard-earned money. Even users with a tight budget can conveniently use the dating platform.

Another great advantage of this online dating resource is its safety. Scammers rarely stick with ethnicity-focused sites such as Little Armenia, so you do not need to worry about your personal details as well as confidentiality.

In addition to this, the site administration knows how to properly motivate its novice users. For this purpose, they created the Blog section where newcomers can read successful love stories posted by happy Little Armenia users. This content will undoubtedly persuade you that you are dealing with a trustworthy resource any Armenian can rely on when it comes to finding a lifetime partner.

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