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Lumen Review 2021

Lumen Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 84%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 45-55
Profiles 954.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Users of 50 only allowed registering
  • The founders are personally monitoring the activity on the app
  • Affordable membership
  • Most functions are free
  • Compulsory profile verification & no fakes
  • Equal gender representation
  • The location cannot be changed

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Lumen App Background

The dating service Lumen app is a genius idea of Charley Lester. He is known for his work on Badoo and Match.com. These are the reputable dating services that target a broad public. With this app, the founders aimed at a particular audience, people older than 50. Why? For the simple reason that this audience is one abandoned by the media nowadays. Hence, they lack entertainment and dating facilities tailored to their needs. Lumen app review studied the success of the company and the response of the critics. Although the app is entirely new, it was launched in 2018, and it managed to get into the spotlight with the scandalous advertising campaign. The company published the advertising for Christmas, where models of the age 50+ were in the center of attention. As a result, the photos were banned. This Lumen app review presents the gist of the conflict with a better understanding of the site’s values.

As the research conducted by the dating analysts found out, the dating world for people 50+ is daunting. They are left with limited choices which are rarely existing. It is believed that these sites would not have much success and will not bring much profit. However, the demand for it, as the Lumen app proved, is significant.

The site owners collected the best practices of the modern dating sites, combined them in the app, spicing it up with their spin. It has multiple features, a perfect matching system, and high-quality design. It is not a platform that unites people; it entertains and gives a lot of options to develop. People use it as a dating site and a social network where they read news and discuss events. Lumen app is, for sure, a meaningful connection app. It is a perfect place for singles over 50 to find people who are on the same page with them.

Lumen App Is Not a Scam

Lumen App Is Not a Scam

Lumen app is a relatively young company, but the founders are professionals in the dating industry. They have created many websites before and know the online hazards as the back of their hands. With its first advertising campaign, the app attracted the attention of the public in the UK. Lumen app review shows a lot of feedback in several reputable sources. The site voiced the view on senior dating and raised concerns about these people being abandoned by the society and entertainment industry. Hence, the site is working to provide a safe and exciting platform, not just another app that sucks money out of the wallets of vulnerable people. It is not a secret that people of senior age are easy catches for online scammers. Lumen app founders launched the platform to prevent inconveniences for older people.

The founders Charley Lester and Antonie Argouges, are personally checking the app. They are the only users of the app who are below 50. Whenever they notice the violation of the code of conduct, they deal with the issues. It is a new company, and they are still skeptical of every detail, trying to improve all the small things before it goes big.

Overview of Members

Lumen app review of members shows that the total number of members registered is 1.3 million people from around the globe, about 250 000 coming from the UK, and 700 000 from the USA. Before launching the app, the founders had researched to find out the number of singles over 50 in these countries to identify their target audience. The results were shocking, showing that in the UK, there are about 7.5 million single people who are over 50 y.o.

What Is the Sexual Orientation of the Users?

The genders are represented on the website equally; the ratio of males and females is 48% to 52%. The sexual orientation is mostly heterosexual, although all representatives are welcome to register, as long as they are of the required age.

Age of Members

There is a strict requirement to be 50 + to register, and if not, your application gets rejected. The surveys show that the most represented age category is people of 50 -56 y.o, and the most senior person on the site is 97 y.o.

Guidelines: Registration Process

Guidelines: Registration Process

Since the Lumen app is striving to ensure that all profiles are real, security measures are strict. So, it does not take much time or effort to register. You can use two options either fill in your phone number or use the information from Facebook. Note that the website will attach the profile information from the Facebook page, so double-check it if you want to share that much and delete some parts.

The next step is a bit tricky, especially for the seniors. To have your profile posted, you need to go through the photo check. It requires uploading two pictures of you and then a selfie. The website team verifies whether the images are real and posts or rejects the application.

Profile Layout

To fill in the profile, you need to go through the approval of the photo. After that, the profile sections can be filled in. Lumen app review of the profile did not identify unusual features. The standard parts ‘About me’ and ‘i’m looking for’ compose the profile. A couple of questions from the site can be answered, as well. Most profiles on the site have the default questions answered. In general, the profiles are filled in quite well.

The principle is the same for all dating sites. It is vital to fill in your profile and continuously renew the photos and details. It adds to your credibility. Since most users look for meaningful connections, it is crucial to show your serious intentions. Certainly, it is possible to text people personally and open up in the conversations, but first impressions matter. Joining the group chats can help with the profile improvement since you can see other users and their profiles and compare them with yours. A point to remember is not to attempt to upload adult content or any content that violates the site’s values and standards since it leads to a ban.

How to Initiate Communication?

Whether you paid for the membership or not, you have a right to initiate the conversations with the users, swipe and put your likes, and go to group chats. There is a difference in the number of conversations you can have per day. The free member can start six conversations, and the premium one can have the double of that.

There is a section where you can swipe the profiles and like some. The profiles that you dismiss can be returned. For the free members, there are ten profiles to rewind and more for the premium member. To access this feature, open the section ‘Discover’ and select the age and distance. You will get a list of recommended matches. The list is shorter for users with free membership.

Note that when you receive a message or text someone, there are three days to reply. If the answer does not come in 72 hours, the chat disappears unless you have a premium membership with the right to extend for one more day.

One of the security requirements restricts users from exchanging the visuals via messages. The site does not have an option to attach a photo/video in a message.

Platform Specifications

Platform Specifications

The Lumen app is a mobile application. The website serves as a source of information for the users. It contains the terms of use, privacy policies, and contact details.

Lumen app review is impressive. Apple titled Lumen the app of the day in 2019. It was in the spotlight for the whole day, which is a good sign taking into account the number of apps in the Apple Store. The app works smoothly and has simple functions. It does not charge for downloading, and the purchases in the app are conducted through the Apple Pay or Google store.

Is There a Desktop Version?

The app does not work on PC. It is designed to be used on mobile devices.

User-Friendliness of the Site

The app is available in Apple and Google stores. If you have difficulties finding it, there is an option to visit the Lumen site and provide them with your phone number, so they could send you the link to download the application.

How to Navigate the App?

Lumen app review of the functionality shows positive results. It has a modern design and easily accessible functions. There is a bar with a menu at the bottom of the screen. The main features are ‘Discover,’ ‘Messages,’ and ‘Favorites.’ You can see the group and private messages in the separate tabs when you enter the messages section. When a user opens the chat room, the messages from other people become visible. By clicking on the round icon with the profile photo, the menu pops up. It contains the options to view profile, message, or report.

‘Discover’ option is, in other words, a search bar. By clicking on it, you can see the search’s filters (gender, distance, age).

Price of Using Lumen App

Price of Using Lumen App

Although most features are free, and the app download is free of charge, there is a luring set of premium features. You can unlock them with the membership plan of one of the types. It can be a one-week plan that costs $11.99, a one-month plan that costs $35.99, three months plan for $71.99, or six months plan for $99.99.

What Are the Free and Paid Features?

Lumen app review of the features identified the beneficial aspects of getting the membership plan. So, the users with the unlocked features have a lot of authority on the site, in particular:

  • Prolonging the limit of conversations for one more day;
  • Have twelve conversations per day, unlike the free users who have six;
  • Return all the profiles you did not like and look through them again;
  • Get access to the advanced filters for the searches (ethnicity, habits, religion, children, etc.).
How Does Payment Work?

How Does Payment Work?

The payment process is straightforward with the app. It depends on the device you are using. If you upgraded the account to premium, the payment for the plan will be withdrawn by default every time it expires. In case you want to buy a one-time plan or change it to a different one, do it in your profile settings before it gets extended automatically.

Payment Options

Since the app is installed on your mobile device, the payments are processed by Google or Apple. Your phone is tied to the credit card, so it does not matter for the app which card you are using. It simplified the process of purchase. You might also see your billing details attached to your profile, but note that the app will not charge you without asking for permission.


Lumen app is a safe platform approved by Apple and Google. It does not interfere with the work of other apps unless you connect it to Facebook to copy the profile data. The app does not post anything on your page and does not spam you with the irrelevant notifications.

Scam Prevention Strategy

Scam Prevention Strategy

Lumen app review of profiles and photo validation prevents scammers from entering. There are no empty or fake accounts because every user has to send a selfie to verify their identity. The process of getting on the site for any scammer would be time-consuming. Nevertheless, in case you feel like the user is acting suspiciously, in particular, asks you for too many personal details, invites you out as soon as possible, and does not want to agree to your terms, let the team know. You can report a scam via the profile of the suspected user or chat. In any case, inform the support, and they will follow the protocol for such instances.

More Features

Rewind. Similarly to Tinder, the users can swipe the profiles and like/dismiss them. It happens that a user swipe dismisses a profile by accident or without sifting through the photo, but they cannot rewind more than ten times. Unless they upgrade the account to premium.

Icebreakers. For users who lack experience in online communication, the icebreakers section is designed. The study conducted by the Lumen founders displayed that senior users prefer longer messages. Their texts are usually meaningful, not simple greetings. So, the icebreaker has a minimal number of characters, 50 and a maximum of 160.

Lumen Social. Besides being a platform for dating, Lumen facilitates socializing. Seven different groups unite the admirers of various activities (home, films, traveling, food, Lumen, sport, meet, and greet).

Admirers. With the paid membership, you can get exclusive access to the list of people who added your profile to their list of favorites.

To Sum Up

To Sum Up

Lumen app is designed with sincere intentions in mind. It is evident that the founders care about making it interesting for the users, not just gain profit using the fact that the choices for this audience are limited. Within the first couple of months of work, the site won the attention of five countries of the world. There is a high demand for this service, and the audience of 50 + singles turned out to be larger than everyone thought.

This app is average in price and does not require a lot from a user. All the processes are optimized to save time for the user. It takes seconds to fill in the profile and dive into dating. Establishing lasting and purposeful relationships is possible with the Lumen app help.

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