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MeetMindful Review 2021

MeetMindful Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 13%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 25-34
Profiles 300,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Most members are interested in long-lasting relationships.
  • You will meet plenty of like-minded people within this community.
  • The interface is user-friendly and interactive.
  • Standard users can send only a limited number of likes.
  • Most members live in big cities.
  • The pricing policy is above average.

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What Should You Expect From the MeetMindful Site?

You are lucky to find this MeetMindful Review. You will learn a lot of things about this pretty new online dating website. Every day it gains popularity and trust from single men and women. At the moment, there are about 300,000 active users. MeetMindful appeared in 2015 as a free community for singles to build mindful relationships. It is the right place to look for love, support, and friendship.

By reading this MeetMindful review, you can clearly understand what you can expect from this online dating platform. Just read the name to get the idea. It is the community to meet single and mindful people. Nowadays, more and more people work hard to increase their consciousness in all aspects of their lives. The idea is to enjoy a healthy and mindful way of living.

What Should You Expect From the MeetMindful Site?

Clients’ Expectations: Is MeetMindful Legit Dating Service?

All new users wonder how the website categorizes a level of mindfulness of its users. It works pretty simple and, at the same time, efficient. Every new member should select his or her way on how to live as mindful as possible. You should express your commitment and trust in such a lifestyle. You should test this dating platform to meet inspiring individuals. You will find many supportive and informative articles and tips from local people if you are a beginner on this exciting journey. MeetMindful stands very apart from traditional dating sites. It is time to test it and find your mindful soulmate.

MeetMindful Clients’ Expectations: Is MeetMindful Legit Dating Service?

Who Can Join This Dating Website?

By reading the following MeetMindful Review, you will discover that the biggest part of active members come from the USA (246,000). The overall user database consists of more than 300,000 members. They are pretty active on this dating platform. There are around 38,000 new users every month. As for gender distribution, it is not even. The female users take about 70%, while male users only 30%. However, it does not mean men have lower chances to find a perfect match. Every member gets a profile to fulfill. It is an amazing community where both men and women practice a mindful way of living. Many people are from big cities. So, if you come from a little village, it will be a bit challenging to find a match nearby. You should be ready to travel if you want to have a date in real life. It is your chance to meet singles who are committed to a conscious way of living.

MeetMindful Who Can Join This Dating Website?

What Sexual Orientation Do the Members Have?

It is essential to mention the sexual orientation of members in the MeetMindful Review. The community welcomes all genders and sexual orientations. Your sexual preferences do not play a significant role as soon as you look for serious and long-term relationships or friendships. You will find plenty of dating spiritual people here who never judge each other for the orientation.

Is Age Distribution Harmonious Here?

You will meet singles of all age groups. However, the MeetMindful Review can give you more precise numbers. The biggest number of female users is 25 years old, while male users are a bit older, around 34. The only condition is you have to be 18 to start dating on this online platform.

The East and Straightforward Sign-Up Process

MeetMindful offers two completely different ways to sign up for the dating platform. You will learn about both of them in this MeetMindful review. You have the option to register your account through your Facebook account, or you can do it traditionally by providing your valid email and accomplishing the verification process. This step will get completed in less than a couple of minutes, no matter what registration type you choose. If you sign up via email, the site leads to the page with a few personal questions, which you should reply in detail or at least briefly. This step is not obligatory, but it is not recommended to leave your dating profile empty. The first step of your signing up process asks you to mention your sexual orientation and preferences. Note that this website welcomes everybody despite their orientation, race, religion, etc. Such details just help the site to offer you the right matches. The only necessary detail for creating your profile is a verified email.

MeetMindful The East and Straightforward Sign-Up Process

How Do Users’ Profiles Look Like?

As soon as you’ve created a new account on the MeetMindful website, it is time to write a few words about your personality and the things/activities you love. This step of your profile creation is not difficult, but it takes a bit of your free time. There are several fields that you have to fulfill, but they are essay-type. The website encourages you to write briefly with your own words. You should not copy smart quotes from the internet. Choose the words that describe you from a positive side and explain your vision of mindful living.

You have to provide the information, which is divided into three sections:

  • Account profile section: you have to write general information about your personality.
  • Surface section: you should explain to other people what you look for on this site. You can write your favorite mantra or things you like/dislike to do.
  • Depth section: it is the place to describe your commitment to a mindful lifestyle. You should give specific examples of how you achieve your life goals.

MeetMindful How Do Users’ Profiles Look Like?

How to Get Unlimited Access to Messaging Feature?

The MeetMindful website offers the same messaging features as Tinder or other modern dating sites/apps. You have to review a user’s profile, decide whether a person meets your criteria, like their profile, and wait to get the like in return. If you are a basic user, you have the right to send not more than ten likes per day. Free users can send private messages but only to those users who are already in their contact list. You get a new contract after mutual alike. Only premium users have the right to send private letters to potential matches without a mutual like. If you want to get rid of such limitations, you should consider becoming a premium member.

Get Your Positive Experience Using This Dating Platform

The MeetMindful dating platform offers you match recommendations, which get based on your mentioned criteria and your current location. Even non-paying members can access the search tool with filters to find potential partners. However, if you want to explore the online platform’s complete potential, you should upgrade your membership. It is the only way to customize the matchmaking mechanism and finally meet your soulmate.

MeetMindful Get Your Positive Experience Using This Dating Platform

Desktop Version: Get Maximum of Features

The desktop version of MeetMindful is excellent; every detail is well-placed and works smoothly. This version allows you to have the best dating experience. You do not have to deal with bugs or web pages that load slowly. The developer deserves respect for such a highly efficient and eye-pleasing website.

A Convenient App for People on the Go

Every member of the MeetMindful platform can download the app, free on Apple Store and Google Play. If you compare the user interface of the app and the desktop version, they look very similar. The app is just a bit compressed. The problem is that the app’s space is a bit limited, and you do not have the same feeling of lightness. Also, the elements are less organized compared to the perfectly polished desktop version.

It is a good thing that MeetMindful has the app that functions efficiently. It means that the developer is serious and focuses on providing high-quality dating services for people on the go. Still, there are some bugs to fix to call it a perfect app for online dating needs.

Make Your Impression of the Web Design and Usability

MeetMindful belongs to dating platforms of a new generation. You understand this as soon as you see the modern and stylish web design and intuitive user interface. You can easily access all the features, not lose time on the technical side, and focus on dating. The website displays soft tones. These color solutions make people feel peace and calmness. This color palette represents the idea of mindful living. The target audience appreciates such a smart web design solution. The developer did an excellent job creating a minimalistic design with essential elements that looked seamless when browsing through the profiles.

MeetMindful A Convenient App for People on the Go

Is It Simple to Navigate This Dating Site?

Have a look at the MeetMindful web pages. They are perfectly structured and intuitive to navigate through the site. You can see that the majority of actions and web pages get represented by eye-catching icons. Even new members have no problems recognizing them. The MeetMindful website offers basic features. You should not expect to find plenty of fun games. It is the right place for meaningful conversations and dates with like-minded people.

MeetMindful Costs and Prices: Average Category

You should consider upgrading your MeetMindful account if you want to access all the features. As a free user, you have the right to view ten profiles per day and send three likes to potential matches. Standard users can send private messages to their contacts. Obviously, you are limited, but you can have an efficient and enjoyable dating experience on the MeetMindful platform even without paying for anything.

However, those users who do not like limitations should upgrade their membership to premium. There are several duration types. If you hesitate, you can test the premium feature during a week and make the decision later. Below, you will see the prices, which are quite affordable for anybody interested in high-quality dating services. You get a beautiful set of handy features for a reasonable price.

Premium Status offered by MeetMindful website:

  • The one week of usage will cost you $14.
  • The one month of usage will cost you $29.
  • The three months of usage will cost you $49 or $16.33 per month.
  • The three months of usage will cost you $79 or $13.17 per month.

To write this MeetMindful review, we checked many similar dating websites and can assure you that here the prices are average.

MeetMindful Costs and Prices: Average Category

What Paid and Free Dating Services Can Users Access?

Here is the list of free dating services you can enjoy on the MeetMindful platform:

  1. Opening a new account.
  2. You can create and customize your dating profile.
  3. It is allowed to add as many images as you want.
  4. Standard users can send a maximum of three likes per day.
  5. The site sends you ten matching contacts per day.
  6. You can access a general search tool with numerous filters.
  7. There is a primary message tool.
  8. You can see who likes your profile/photos in the “My Likes” section.
  9. There are plenty of informative articles about the mindful way of living.

If you have updated your MeetMindful membership, you can access these services:

  1. There are no match limitations per day.
  2. You can send as many likes to potential matches as you want.
  3. There is a live chat feature for live interactions.
  4. You can choose your browsing mode.
  5. It is possible to customize your partner’s criteria.
  6. Access to the functionality “Your Likes.”
  7. You can date in a private mode.
  8. You can check which members have premium status.
  9. Customer Support priority to solve any issue.

MeetMindful What Paid and Free Dating Services Can Users Access?

What Payment Methods Does the Site Accept?

The only accepted payment option for your premium subscription plan is a credit card.

How Does the Payment System Work?

You have to choose the duration for your subscription plan and pay with your card. The website has an auto-renewal option. So, all further transactions will get performed automatically. You can adjust this setting and stop using paid features. It is essential to mention that your payment on MeetMindful is not refundable.

MeetMindful How Does the Payment System Work?

Is It Safe to Share Data on This Site?

To prepare this MeetMindful review, a lot of members’ feedback got checked. In general, there are almost no concerts in terms of safety and data privacy. This dating website takes precautionary safety measures to ensure clients that their data gets kept properly and never gets disclosed. The website allows you to sign up via Facebook. You should not be afraid to do it because the site never posts on your wall. Your online friends will have no clue that you use online dating services. It is just a safe and faster way to join the community of mindful people.

MeetMindful Is It Safe to Share Data on This Site?

The Amount of Scammers on the Platform

It is very rare to see scammers on this platform. However, you may face some members who take your negative response as the call for action to continue contacting you. You should just ignore such people. Avoid replying to their comments or messages. A mindful person should understand the situation immediately. If it does not happen, you can block the user. The customer support team will provide you the assistance to do it.

MeetMindful The Amount of Scammers on the Platform

Make the Detailed Review of Special Features

The MeetMindful website attracts special people who have high moral standards. It is important to offer them special features that are efficient enough to help find like-minded people. By upgrading your membership and using these features, you will find a match much faster.

  • Advanced Search Filters

MeetMindful offers advanced filters for better search results. You can select the most precise categories to find the right matches. There are search filters that stand for diet, goals, inspiration, spiritual practice, etc. You should use the advanced features to make the right contacts. It is an efficient tool to find a 100% compatible partner to your lifestyle.

  • Check Who Is A Premium Member

It is a unique feature that allows premium users to see connections with upgraded memberships. When you know whether a user is a standard or premium, you have a significant advantage because you know whether a potential match can respond to your private messages or not. It also allows you to skip the mutual match algorithms.

Paying users to have the right to send private texts to any person they like in the search results. Otherwise, you have to match first, and it slows down the process. As a premium member, you can start chatting directly, which is a significant advantage.

  • Browse Mode

You should check this exclusive mode, which allows you to view users’ profiles all at once. If you like a certain profile, you can save it and come back to it later to explore the details.

MeetMindful Detailed Review of Special Features

Final Words About a Mindful Dating Site

MeetMindful is an innovative dating site. It brings mindful people with shared interests together. It is a blessing to have a safe online space for meeting like-minded people. You will meet many single men and women who prefer to live in harmony with all creatures around them and Mother Earth. It is the right place to meet people who have the same spirituality, health, and wellness values. You can find not only dates but also new friends with whom you will build deep and meaningful connections on all levels. The website is efficient in providing you matches, which get refreshed regularly. Make sure you set your preferences correctly. You should try to use the MeetMindful website, which is fulfilled with positive energy and friendly people. The site accepts people of different ages, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and religious beliefs. If you dream of meeting your soulmate, MeetMindful is the best service for you.

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