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Menchats Review 2021

Menchats Review 2021
About Boys
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 3 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • All the services are free.
  • Very common with gays and bisexuals
  • Company’s experience in gay dating and LGBTQ
  • It is free, no registration required.
  • Live video shows and video dating
  • Menschat and menschatslive complement each other on one system
  • User friendly, straight to the point
  • Language translation tools and Multilingual interface
  • Multiple chatting options
  • Although free, this website markets other paid websites that the company offers.
  • Could benefit from a filter option where one can use the site without adult content when in a family or work situation.

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What Is Menchats?

Are you a gay man or gay couple keen on finding love from strangers? Menchats is an excellent platform for you. This Menchats review and not for menchatslive, which is a sister brand. They also own the gaymeeting.com, but this is not subject to the Menchats review.

The service was launched on 25th April 2003 and is dedicated to the gay and bisexual community. The site also accommodates both singles and married men. A signature component of the service is the chat. You also have a chance to share webcam and video. There are also live performances by models.

The company that operates the site is VS Media, Inc., an award-winning company with over 20 years’ experience in live web communications, 200 million visitors per month and over 137 company awards. The company’s network boasts of eighty million ads per day. VS Media is headquartered in California and is part of the dating pro network.

What Is Menchats?

Is Menchats Legit Or Scam?

The Menchats review reveals that this service is legitimate and has been uniting the LGBTQ community longer than most sites. The company that owns the site is very credible and is credible, trusted, and care about their brand. They also have the right technology for the job and keep ahead in technology. They are also keen on one to one customer service. The owners of the site protect privacy and improve security on all their sites. It has a simple interface and easy to join and use. Anyone can use it whether they wish to register or as guests. They also have many affiliates and are not responsible for you or your information once you leave the platform for another.

What Members On This Site

From online menchats reviews, gays and bisexuals from all over the world can join menchats. There are about 1400 unique visitors per day, and the page is viewed about 2720 times per day.

Sexual Orientation

The site is definitely for gay and no one else. They do not serve women or straight people. However, bisexuals and bi-curious are welcome as long as it is sex and relationships between men.

Age Distribution

Users must be 18 years or over. There are members of all ages joining this site.

Sign-Up Process And Login Info

You can either enter as a guest or register to use the service. Registration is a four-step process. To register as a guest, you need a Username, age, optional location. They will notify you if you choose a username already in use or, in some cases, a username the system may not like will be classified as used. You can also give a Bio line, which is also optional. You can either register as a single man or a couple. You then have to tick a checkbox that you agree that you are 18 or older. If you try signing in without ticking on the checkbox, the system will remind you to do so and will not proceed.

If you wish to register on the site, click on “Register” to take the gaymeeting.com website. You will specify whether you are a couple or a single and whether you are looking for a man or a woman, if you tick on the woman, you cannot be allowed to log in. The “Next” button will not be enabled since the site target is only men. We will need to use a valid email address. Put a password. You will enter location information either through your IP address or manually. A security code is given, and you will confirm whether you agree to terms and conditions. You will click on the “Next” button once it is activated. Once you sign up, you will be asked to have a photo. You may either upload the photo or skip altogether.

Your profile will be saved on the gaymeeting.com website. You have a record of the username and password. Remember to check your spam folder if the message does not go to the main folder. Remember username and password are case sensitive. There is, however, no link from the email to your site. Then you get back to the site and log in. While you wait, you are encouraged to join the weekly emailing list of the hottest guys.

Sign-Up Process And Login Info

Profile Creation

When you use the site as a guest, your profile information is not stored. It also has the necessary information that allows you to members who are online at that given time.

Once you have created your basic profiles, you will confirm your account from your email. It will not work until it is verified.

The profile has two tabs, one with information and the other with a gallery comprising of photos shared.

This site is only for men. If you are very curious and would like to join as a woman, make sure you log in as a man. Otherwise, your profile will not be accepted.

Users must also be above 18 to join the site. It is crucial to ensure that those below 18 do not join. There is an eligibility test. Since guests do not have to register, there is no way of knowing the guest user is over 18.

Once registered, you can add your photos instead of using avatars.


You can choose to message the members online through the text system. You can also use the private message option where you send a private message to any active user on the platform, in particular the chartroom.

The message box allows you to format your text so that it looks beautiful when you send it. You can lock and unlock the chat scroll, and you can bold, color your text or even put it on italics. GIF postings are also possible.

When you send a whisper to a user, it is private and cannot be seen by others.

The service also has social media pages among them Twitter, Facebook that you can use to meet more members who are active.

Platform For Use

The service offers two types of chats: video chats and text chat. When you join the site, you are a member of a bigger network of several dating sites and can, from time to time, be contacted by members who are on these sister sites. The website has many adverts and videos you may click on this site will direct you to other sites. The banners with webcams will mostly belong to the website. Anytime you are prompted to pay for a service, check the URL. You have probably left the website.


The desktop version is what is available for users. When you log in, you will get to a public chat. You can choose which chat room you wish to join or the particular individuals you want to.

From the User Menu, the three lines next to the avatar, and your username on the top left. Guest members use aviators in place of photos. You can change avatars to the one you feel describes you best. From the options, you can change the design on the desktop view by selecting one of the templates given. You may also enable and disable YouTube. You can choose if you wish to watch the Videos with Sound. Display Font size can be adjusted from the options page as well.

The sign uses the traffic sign symbols to show the status of members. Online members show green. Offline is red while busy is Orange.


Although no app available yet, the website is fully mobile compatible. You can use it on Android smartphone, iPad, iPhone or Tablet.


Design And Usability

According to the Menchats review, on the site, it is easy to get confused about what company you are e. There is the menchats.com; the live cams displayed are from livechatlive.com while you register through gaylivedating.com. The lovely banners on the site are from menschatslive. Users can enable and disable the camera at will. They can also allow requests when available and change the status when not available.

Menchats is powered by Zoho’s.

When you join the service, whether as a guest or a registered member, the landing page is that of “Hot Action Now.” You will see the chats on your left. On the right, you see all members online, and you can chat with them by clicking on their profiles. When you left-click on the profile, you can view the profile, whisper in private, mention in public. You can also request a private chat or call. You can also report the member in case you believe they are going against the company’s terms of use.

Several rooms exist as displayed on the room lists on the right-hand side. You can pick a room and join the fun. Members can choose to create their rooms. The rooms page shows the name of the room, the number of chatters, and action. By clicking on the Join Now button, you can join the action.

By clicking on the profile, you will get the Name, Gender, Location, and Age. You can start a private chat or view the full profile. You can also add to the block list.

New users are always displayed as a banner when you visit most pages.

Menchats Costs And Prices

It is a free service with no charges at all. If you want more features more action and more live modes, you can buy credits on a sister site known as menchatslive.

The two categories of members are guests and free members. There are no paid-up members on this service. Guest members do not have to put a lot of details. They, however, don’t have their profiles saved on site. Their chats are deleted as soon as they leave. The registered members have the option of maintaining and storing their chats. They can also add friends to their lists. Guests cannot add photos to their profiles while registered members can.

Paid vs Free Access

How To Pay

Members do not pay for the site but can give gifts and donations to appreciate the service.

Payment Systems

This particular site does not take payment, but if you are interested in the sister site with banners on the website, you can pay via credit card or debit card.

Safety And Security

Men’s chat is safe to use, and you are guaranteed security at sign-in. You are advised to be responsible for the site cannot determine who joins nor regulate the behavior and character of users. However, the guests sign-in does not include any commitment or contract with the company. To block an abusive user, click on their profile name and choose the Block Option from the menu that will pop up. You may also report the user from the same menu.

The company has Terms of use and Privacy Policy for registered members. It is hosted under gaymeeting.com and also zohos.com. It is important to note that the company will give any information required by law enforcement under the law. Anything a guest does on the site cannot be used later as evidence in a law court.

The company monitors use the site, data traffic. They can also use cookies on your computer.

There are third party hyperlinks that have their privacy policy, so the site’s privacy policy will not apply once you click on those hyperlinks. Avoid sending personally identifiable information on these sites, for they may use them for unintended purposes, and the company is not liable.


The site is not a scam but can easily be used by scammers. It is good to exercise proper judgment when you use the site. The menchats review of online resources suggest no evidence of the site being a scam. It has an average trust score. There are very few reviews or complaints, so the score was not determined.


Special Features

Text chatters

This feature of chat only rooms for members to join.

Sometimes you make friends that you would like to meet next time, and you don’t want to sift through hundreds if not thousands of profiles. Having friends will ensure that you see when they are online and can catch up if you wish.

When you add contacts on Friends list, you can see when they are online and available to chat. You sort them by user name by clicking on the arrow on the right-hand side next to the list of online members. You can also sort by webcam by clicking on the button with the video.

Video chat:

The site has evolved with technology. The site has video rooms where you can meet, see and hear members you meet in any of the chat rooms. These videos can be accessed from several devices ranging from Personal Computers, MAC’s, and several mobile devices. You can choose to meet one person or have a meeting with a group of men. You can see the total number of people online. As a member, you can join existing chat rooms or create your own. Mencharts review revealed that the chats have different themes.


There is the support of the company offers where users can read several articles on the site. These articles include rules, how to use the features, costs, and frequently asked questions based on the company’s menchats review.

Hottest Guys weekly email list

It is available on a weekly newsletter that you subscribe to by sending your email address on the form provided. You can unsubscribe at any time. The newsletter is issued once a week.

This feature allows you to send tagged messages to another member in the same chat room.

Premium shows

Members apply to participate in premium shows. Fill out a form with your name, contacts, age. You will also be asked whether you use sex toys and also if you are okay with showing your face on camera/Video. Once you fill this on the website, you may also be linked to menchatslive

Video Chat

You can have a chat on video with both guest and registered members. You only need your inbuilt camera on your computer or phone. You also have a variety of users to view on the video stream.


If you are looking for a place to call home whether you are gay, bisexual, or bi-curious, menchats is a place for you. It’s all a men’s affair; Women are not welcome at all. The site has been around for some time and have grown with technology. It, however, maintains its simplicity. Since it is adult content, you have to be sure you generously protect your login credentials. The Menchats review established that your secret is safe, and your security is guaranteed when you use this service.

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