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MenNation Review 2021

MenNation Review 2021
About Boys
Date with older guy 15%
Reply rate 68%
Beauty 75%
Popular age 20-45
Profiles 1.560.360
About Site
Visit rate 7.7
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • User-friendly interface. You can use it without much difficulty from day one.
  • Users can communicate with their partners via different options.
  • People from different countries use this website. You can find your ideal match easily.
  • To simulate your fantasy virtually, there are well-developed chat room known as Fetish and BDSM.
  • Features are available at an affordable price.
  • Their privacy policy is safe and data connections secured while browsing this website.
  • Customer service is swift.
  • No Android app is available for this website.
  • It takes a lot of time to find a perfect partner from the huge list.
  • A paid subscription is automatically renewed. So you should keep an eye on it.
  • This is good for temporary enjoyment. If you are looking for an eternal life partner, then this this website is not recommended.

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What Is MenNation Website?

MenNation is a dating website created for homosexual boys to find their love interests, romantic partner, dating companion, and engage in hookups, fun, and friendship. This website is very popular among gay or bisexual men who can choose a free or paid subsection and have fleeting enjoyments. There are many features available on the website. The user can opt from messaging to the private chat room. This lets you have fun, spend a great time with your partner, and live as a couple in the virtual world.

Once you visit the home page, it has many options for opening many features. According to MenNation reviews, this website is easy to understand and use. It honors the privacy of its users and maintains data security. People from many different countries, cities, and races are engaged in this website. So, you can meet anyone and may find someone near your locality. If you are eager to have some fun and sex, continue reading this MenNation review to understand if this dating platform is what you are looking for.

Is MenNation Legitimate or Scam

Is MenNation Legitimate or Scam?

MenNation.com website is operated by a US company named Various Inc., an EU company named Ventnor Enterprise Limited, and Australian company named Magnus Processing PTY Ltd. There are toll-free contact numbers available. So you can verify by contacting them.

This website cares for the data safety of its users. They also developed this website to give users a hassle-free experience. Their support team is always available to help their customers with any technical glitch. This website offers a great community of people. Also, you don’t need to disclose your personal information to be a member. You can hide the information you don’t want to reveal. Still, you can enjoy all the features available on the website.

About the Members of MenNation Website

More than 50 million people find this website beneficial to have fun and regularly engage in active search of profiles. You can search for your matching partner from over 97 million profiles. More than 67 million people from the USA are looking for a companion to have temporary fun. This proves how popular this website is.

Suppose you are looking for a partner to hook up with or have some fun with, join this website. You can also try to meet your dream partner for one night on this website. Here you will find people of diverse taste and culture. Keep reading this MenNation review to find out the orientation and age distribution of the members.

Sexual Orientation of MenNation Members

Sexual Orientation of MenNation Members

This website’s members are either gay or bisexual or bicurious who are looking for a casual hookup and provisional relation. Among all the members of the MenNation website, about 76% of people are men. Other members can be identified as a non-binary category of gender. Here you will find LGBTQ+ category people who are willing to have a date.

Age Distribution of Members on MenNation Website

This website is meant for adult users who are looking for a LGBTQ+ dating couple. Users of this website are of different range of ages. There are many members on this website who are over 50 years old. You will also find people who are between 25 to 34 years old. So, there is a wide range of ages of people you can look for a matching pair from to hook up with.

How to Sign up and Login to MenNation Website

If you are convinced enough or looking for a quick demo, then register on the MenNation website to enter a dream world where you will find a perfect match for your interest. It is mentioned in other MenNation reviews that the signup process is very simple on this website. As this website has a quick and short-term engagement, it does not require a lot of private information to create a profile.

To register, first, go to the official MenNation signup page. You have to select your gender identity and the category of the gender of people you want to meet. The next step is to give your email ID and create a strong password for data safety. Keep this password safe to use while login into the website. Then, you will be asked to pick up a user name for your profile. Write an attractive user name to appear on the most number of searches. To be appealing to other users, select some words that describe your personality, interest, and attitude perfectly. The next step is to write your date of birth and your location. This data is needed to filter the profiles from millions of users of different ages from different places for you and others to find a match as quickly as possible.

Use the login credentials (email ID and password) to log in to this website whenever you feel like it.

How to Create Profile on MenNation Website

How to Create Profile on MenNation Website?

After successfully registering on the website, the next step is to create a super attractive profile for yourself. Although everyone on this website is eager to have an affair, that doesn’t mean you can slack off while making a profile. Because your profile will help other interested people find you or send a date request, your profile must be appealing to others. Like other hookup websites, MenNation also asks some questions to recognize who you are by your mind and personality. Questions are very simple. All you have to do is answer the question honestly as much as possible so that other community members can easily identify what your desires and choice of interest are. Do not forget to give some amazing photos to impress them.

How to Interact with MenNation Members?

Now that your registration process is done and your profile is ready, it’s time for you to chat with some hot guys of your interest. You will get to know who and how the people are using the messaging option. You can instantly send a message to the ones you are interested in. You can also send voice and video messages for a clearer impression. It’s possible to know who is active at the moment, what their interests are, personalities if they match your interest, and you can chat with them.

An option of group messaging is also worth mentioning in this MenNation review. You can easily join a suitable group, join the ongoing conversation, and share your point of view. If those are impressive enough, people are sure to notice you.

Platform for Use

Desktop Version

MenNation website is easy to use on the desktop. You can browse it via almost every available browser. You can find all the features and surfing the website without any restrictions. But users may find difficulty in login. Then you can delete the cookies and cache saved by the browser. This rule is applied for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Is an Application Available?

Unfortunately, there is not any app available for a mobile device. Many other dating websites come with both browser and application versions. But for MenNation, there is not any app found till now. This site very popular. So, they may release an app later on. But until then, the mobile version of the browsing website is not bad at all. There must be some browsing app installed on your mobile phone. You can open the web page from this browsing app. You can also open it via the “desktop” version. Either way, you will be able the experience all the features sane way as you can have a seamless experience on the desktop.

Design and User-Friendliness of MenNation

Design and User-Friendliness of MenNation

The design and user interface of this website is simple and easy to understand. The registration process requires very little time, like 5-10 minutes. After that, you need to complete your profile. This process is not very complicated, either. All you have to do is to answer some questions. This will help you to complete your profile. This website offers a very straightforward search engine optimization and efficient filtering method. This makes it very easy to find people interested in having some fun online and having an engaging chat.

If you want to find an individual or a couple to hook up with, just spend some moment and do a filter search. You can find their love interest, their desire, nature, look, and meet them virtually. The interface is so simple that you do not need any prior experience to operate this website.

MenNation Pricing Policy

All you need to know about the pricing policy and types of subscription is described in this MenNation review. This website has many prime members who have paid subscriptions. Compared to other similar kinds of websites, and the interesting feature it had, the Prime membership fee is quite reasonable. Here are the details of cost and pricing.

  • Gold Membership comes with limitless access to all the profiles available on the web page.
  • For one month, you have to pay a total of $30. If you are new to this site and have doubts about this page, you can try this one-month premium.
  • For three month membership, you have to pay $20 each month. At the end of three months, it sums up to a total of $60. Thus you can save 33%. If you find this website intriguing and have some experience with this page, go for this three-month premium.
  • For twelve-month membership, you have to pay $15 each month. At the end of twelve months, it sums up to a total of $180. Thus you can save 50%. If you are quite satisfied with this website, have all of your doubts cleared, and have found the desirable service it offers, then do not hesitate to buy a twelve-month premium pack.

If you are a non-prime membership, then you can enjoy a limited number of features and access them for a limited time only. With a free subscription, you will be able to register, upload videos, watch one video per day, find who has visited your profile, read blogs, select broadcast and buzz mode, or join and read the nude conversation.

If you want to enjoy more features without any restriction of time, then go for a paid subscription. If you become a prime member, you will have access to many features like visiting other members’ profiles, contacting them, becoming a huge fan, making some friends, joining and having a nude conversation, and many more.

How to Pay for Services

How to Pay for Services?

If you have finally decided to buy a prime membership, go through the details of fees for different durations. You can opt for a credit card or use a direct cheque for payment. If you purchased this website, you would find EPOCH.COM *FRIENDFINDER or FFNHelp.com* on your payment invoice.

Payment System

The payment system is very simple, and no hidden treachery is their to misleadingly loot your money. But there is a system of auto-renewal. Your membership will be renewed after each month automatically. But if you are not sure about using this regularly, then check this option and disable it. You can opt for paying the membership subscription fee manually by making a small change of preference in the settings. There is also an option for buying points, which will allow you to send gifts to your close friends on this website.

Safety and Security of the Dating Platform

This is an adult dating website meant for gay or LGBTQ+ relationship. This is certainly not for underaged (less than 18 years old) users. All users must be above 18 years old. The privacy policy, terms, and condition offered by the website promotes a safe and secured dating website, and it maintains the users’ privacy. If you doubt your data’s safety, then do not post any video containing yourself, and avoid disclosing any of your personal information. If you find any chat or video or any service offensive, immediately report it to the website. You can view things only what you want and restrict the pages by filtering and blocking the contents you do not wish to see.



This website has a secure browsing connection, and the privacy policy states that they care for users’ private and personal information. According to various MenNation reviews, this dating platform is not a scam. If you do not deliberately disclose any important personal data, then it is safe to go for.

Special Features

There are many features available for a different purpose but for the same goal, making your experience better and smooth. They are provided with free or paid membership. The details of some features are mentioned below.

  • Search- After completing the registration process, the first thing you should do is search for your ideal mate. You should not reconcile your desire or choice of interest to find someone. You are here because you need someone you can be with. As this website is very much popular, you will find an ideal partner matching your type. All you need is to do some search engine optimization and filtering.
  • Hot or Not- This is an interesting way to find your partner smoothly. You will have several profiles. You can rate them as hot or not. Thus you will have a list of people you find hot. Later on, you can contact those hotties.
  • Messaging- You can find people you want to chat with. Because messaging and expressing thoughts, you can get to know each other better and identify who would better suit you. So there is an option you can use to message instantly.
  • Forums- These forums are great for meeting new people. Many bisexual men share their voices over these forums. Forums have many different genres. You will not run out of the option to find a perfect match from new ones.
  • Online videos- You can post videos of your interest and let people know that you are a man of culture. Let them know you better and appreciate your choice. Also, you can watch other’s videos.
  • Blogs- Writing a blog is a beautiful way to express your thoughts. You can write about many things, likes, dislikes, opinions about a certain topic through the blog, and people will find it motivating and intriguing.
  • Magazine – MenNation releases regular magazine which contains more interesting facts and information about gay love, handsome guys, and charming images.


MenNation is a very famous website used by adults for having a gay relation and fun. Everyone has a different choice about the relationship, and all should give a chance to enjoy their moment and engage in a memorable relation. If you are looking for an LGBTQ relation, then MenNation is the website for you. It has many features available both in the free or paid subscription. As it was mentioned in our MenNation review, this dating service cares about the safety of your privacy. So, there is no harm to give this website to try and find more about it.

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