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Mingle2 Review 2021

Mingle2 Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 18-23
Profiles 39 600 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Most of the features of the website are available free of charge.
  • The registration is linear and may take up to 30 seconds.
  • The site has an extensive user database, which increases the likelihood of finding more compatible matches.
  • Mingle2 offers unlimited opportunities for communicating.
  • The forums available on the website are very active, with over six million messages to date.
  • The website has a mobile application available for both Android and iOS users.
  • There are ads on the homepage of the website, which sometimes look like menu items. This often creates frustration among the users.
  • The profiles are not detailed, which means it is hard to find more compatible matches.
  • Search results show only completed profiles.
  • Your advanced searching results are not saved on the website.
  • Meangle2 does not have any identity verification system. Therefore, there may be many fake profiles.

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History and Reputation of Mingle2

This Mingle2 Review is devoted to one of the dating platforms, which offers the majority of its services entirely free for is users. Previously, the site was called JustSayHi. The name was changed in 2008. The website has over 3 million visitors worldwide. More and more members join Mingle2, enlarging its popularity. It does not matter you are looking forward to meeting new and interesting people or having casual hookups; the website can be a good choice for you. The website is not for those who are looking for serious and long-term relationships. The website aims to have some fun and enjoy the moments of free dating. Mingle2 seems to be more popular in the USA among all the age groups. Anyone interested in meeting people near their residence or beyond, you can give Mingle2 a try. The availability of all the necessary online dating tools will ensure the enjoyment of jour journey with Mingle2. If you want to know more about the website, it is recommended to continue reading this Mingle2 Review.

History and Reputation of Mingle2

Does the Site really work?

Mingle2 is for everyone who wants to take their minds off the daily problems, find and communicate new exciting people. The site is gaining more and more popularity, which shows the usability of the website. There are more than 150000 users only from the USA. The wide range of features available for standard users may help you to enjoy the privileges provided by Mingle2.

Who are the Users?

It is difficult to make accurate judgments about the Mingle2 membership structure. This is because of the fact that the profiles on Mingle2 are not so detailed. The registration process does not require filling any personality test or providing a long list of personal information. Based on the currently available data, men dominate in all age ranges composing 60% of the whole site’s population. Mingle2 has over 12 million users, and 60000 users are active weekly.

What Sexual Ordination is preferred?

Mingle2 is a completely free dating platform. It does not have any sexual orientation restrictions. Actually, according to Mingle2 reviews, gay members are only encouraged to join the site’s big community. The website is for everyone, regardless of his or her sexual preference.

What Age Dominates on Mingle2

As mentioned in one of the previous paragraphs of this Mingle2 review, we cannot provide exact information about the website users. The profiles are detailed, which hinders the system from providing all the necessary information about the users. Male users dominate on Mingle2. The age of the users ranges from 18 to 55 and above. One of the essential requirements of the registration process on the website is being 18 years old and above. The majority of the users are middle-aged male and female users. The vast majority of the male users on Mingle2 are between 25-34 years old.

What Age Dominates on Mingle2

How the Registration is Done?

The registration process is very straightforward on Mingle2. It is not time-consuming, like many other dating websites. The process may take not more than 30 seconds. You can also log in with your Facebook account. There are not personality tests required for the registration process. Uploading a photo is an essential part of the whole registration process. Later on, you can add more photos. The required fields are presented in multiple-choice forms. However, there is not an identity checking system, and the provided information may not be accurate. Because of this, there are many fake profiles available on Mingle2.

What Do Profiles Look Like?

It is very easy to set-up a profile on Mingle2. The information required from you is direct, and it may take less a minute to start messaging the other users. This may be the reason for the existence of many fake profiles on the site. The only way to minimize them is to report about suspicious profiles regularly. The profiles show the usernames, not real names of the users. Headlines, which are short blurbs about yourself and your interests, may be added at the end of the registration process. You can upload as many photos as you want and maximize the likelihood of being viewed by other users. According to some of the Mingle2 Reviews, the profiles are mostly focused on photos rather than the personal information. Hence, it may often be challenging to decide whether the user is a compatible match for you or not. Completely deleting your profiles is also not available for the Mingle2 users. Once you remove the account, it will be just inactive, but all the information will be saved on the Mingle2 database.

How to Connect Others?

Mingle2 offers several communication ways to its users. Messaging, which is one of the most important aspects of any online dating website, is entirely free for the Mingle2’s users. The chat room is also available for the site’s users. If you are looking for more people to communicate, the search engines will help you with this. Search results and recommendations show only profiles that are completed. Hence, it is essential to fill the profile if you want to appear in search results. If the user is shy or self-conscious, instead of instant messaging, to can send winks, hugs, kicks, and so on to catch his or her attention. As a precaution against encryption, standard users have free-contact limits, and their messages are entirely deleted after 30 days. If the user has reached to first-contact limit, he can continue sending unlimited messages to the other Mingle2 users. If you want to get rid of this limitation, you need to upgrade your profile to the premium one.

How to Connect Others?

How to Use the Platform

You can access Mingle2 using any searching engine available on the Internet. Just type the name of the site on the field on the search engines like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Yandex, and you will see the site’s official webpage (https://mingle2.com/). Click on the link, and you will have an opportunity to enjoy all the exciting opportunities that Mingle2 offers. Users will get notifications is someone likes them, adds you as a friend, or sends you messages.

Desktop Version of the site

You can visit Mingle2 using a laptop or a computer. Everything is neatly organized on the website. The tabs and main menu include all the features you need to navigate on the site freely. The search field will help you to find more people. You need to take into account that the search results show only the profiles that are completed.

Does the Site Has an App?

Mobile2 is available for its users as a mobile application. According to the Mingle2 reviews, the app’s availability makes the site much more convenient to use. The application is compatible with all the devices, and both the Android and iOS users can download it. This is good news for the Mingle2s users, especially those who cannot devote a lot of time sitting in front of the desktops and want to have access to the site anytime. There are some similarities and differences between the mobile application and its desktop counterpart. The interface looks more updated and modern compared with the desktop version.

Moreover, in comparison with the desktop, the mobile application is easier to use. You can activate notifications if you want to stay in touch with your online friends. However, like Mingle2’s desktop version, the mobile application is also not add-free, and loading pages takes a while.

Does the Site Has an App?

Interface and Usability of Mingle2

The interface of Mingle2 is quite user-friendly and easy to use. There are not any clutters of tabs and buttons; everything is organized. The website is for everyone regardless of age, which means that the website can also use people who have basic computer skills. The large user community indicates the usability of the site. The features that Mingle2 offers are mostly free for its users. However, there are some more advanced features that you can activate only by purchasing a premium membership. The numerous advertisements scattered around the Mingle2’s pages may annoy the users and take a significant part of the fun. Some of the ads for the other websites, and if you mistakenly click on one of them, you may go to a different site.

How to Search People on Mingle 2

Mingle2 uses the information that you provide the system, and based on that regularly brings a list of suggestions for you. However, if you want to find more people, you can you advanced search engines available for the site’s users. You can filter the search results, and they can be viewed either as a list or a gallery view. The website offers the following searching criteria;

  • Your gender and the gender you are interested in.
  • Age range.
  • Location.
  • Matches with photos only.
  • Search based on the height.
  • Search by interest.
  • Search by username.
  • Who is online.
  • “Mutual Match.”
  • Friends and favorites list.

According to the Mingle2 reviews, the “Mutual Match” is the most useful searching filter. This filter makes it easier to find people who share the same interests and have a lot in common.

Premium Membership

Although Mingle2’s most features are available for its users free of charge, there are some advanced ones, which you use only as a premium member. The cost of the premium membership is average compared with other similar websites. The table shows the duration of the premium membership and the price for each period.




3 months



6 months

7.95 USD/Month


12 months



The prices of Mingle2 were lastly updated on 2 June, 2020.

Features for Standard and Premium Users

It has been stated for many times in this Mingle2 review that the majority of the site’s features are available free. However, there are some differences between standard and premium memberships.

The standard membership suggests the following features;

  • The creation of profile.
  • Showing a list of suggestions from other users.
  • Being able to see your friend’s list on your profile.
  • Unlimited searching opportunities.
  • Viewing others’ profiles and photos.
  • Seeing who visited your profile.
  • Adding friends.
  • Adding people to your favorite list.
  • Using the “MutualMatch” function.
  • Taking part in different forums of Mingle2.
  • Sending kisses, hugs, winks and so on.
  • Sending and getting messages.
  • Instant messaging.

On the other hand, fee-based services offer the following advantages;

  • Being able to see who likes you on MutualMatch.
  • Viewing other profiles anonymously.
  • Seeing whether the message is read or not.
  • Keeping your messages forever.
  • Make your profile appear at the top of the search results on Mingle2.

Features for Standard and Premium Users

How to Purchase Premium Membership

As we can see, there are many free features; however, some more advanced ones of Mingle2 are available for premium users. If you have decided to purchase the Premium Membership, you can pay through PayPal. This is the only possible way to buy the premium membership on Mingle2. You should also remember that the premium membership is auto-renewed, so if you do not want to continue using it, cancel your premium subscription of Mingle2 48 hours before the membership is over.

Step-by-Step Process of Purchasing Premium Membership

To purchase the Premium Membership on Mingle2, you need to verify your account if you have not done it so far. Click on the “Upgrade” button on the top of the main menu. The system will ask to verify your code with the code sent to your email address. Once the verification process is over, click on the “Upgrade” button once more. Then, you will see the Premium Membership Plans. Click on the one that you want and follow the instructions to upgrade your Mingle2 account.

Is Mingle Safe to Use?

There is not a profile checkup on Mingle2. Because of this, there may be many fake profiles. That is why it is recommended to purchase the premium membership. This needs email verification, and counterfeit users will not pay to upgrade their profiles. However, if you are a free user, you can still report about a suspicious profile. The Customer Support team of Mingle2 will review the profile and terminate it if there is a need.

Is Mingle Safe to Use?

Does Mingle2 have Scams?

Mingle2 is a platform used by people from all over the world. The incompleteness of profiles makes it difficult for the system to ensure that there are not any scams. Mingle2 is an international site that is open for everyone, so it is not free of fake profiles and scams.

Special Features Offered by Mingle2

Mingle2 does not have many unique features. However, there is one feature, which is quite an impressive one. The feature is called MutualMatch. The function aims to make two similar matches meet. The system brings a list of recommendations for you. You can choose “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe.” If you select “Yes” for the user, that user will get a notification that someone is interested in him or her. Your username, however, will not be revealed unless that match will not like you back. Only after that can you see each other names and start communication. If you click “No,” the system will skip that user. However, you are free to chat with other Mingle2 users, and it does not matter you match or not.


Mingle2 is a free platform for singles looking for casual hookups and some fun. In this Mingle2 review, you got some insight into the website functions and how it operates. Mostly all the features are available for the standard users, and you can enjoy your online dating journey with Mingle2 free of charge. The availability of mobile applications help you have access to the platform whenever or wherever you want. However, if you want to get more advanced features on Mingle2 or get rid of annoying advertisements, you are encouraged to upgrade your standard membership to premium one. Hopefully, this Mingle2 review helped you get more information and decide to join Mingle2.

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Customer reviews
Suzanne Smith
by Suzanne Smith Nov 26, 2021
Exceptional provider for those unafraid of internet dating and available dialogues. The software is well-organized and also has lots of signed-up users. Texting isn't hard, and all sorts of additional options are super easy to receive and read. Concerning me, I've previously determine a buddy with whom our chemistry is truly clicking.
Phillip White
by Phillip White Nov 20, 2021
Great program for those who are unafraid of internet dating and open dialogues. The software happens to be well-organized and has now many signed-up owners. Texting is not a worry, as well as other choices are really simple to access and realize. Regarding myself, I've already determine a friend with whom the biochemistry is actually clicking.
Ashley Jordan
by Ashley Jordan Nov 18, 2021
I'm widowed and extremely craved getting another chances at appreciate. Give thanks to this incredible website for assistance since I grabbed simple desire. We do not generate too many long-term design and just enjoy 1. You date, journey, and reveal an array of techniques. This is the most beautiful thing in all of our interactions. I really enjoy your partner and hope that the romance will develop and go right to the next level. Some people are looking to get spouses at relationships online firms, and most likely, that type of action is stressful because you feel just like goods in store windows. This software is special. Chances are you'll start off with communicating and end in the religious. The service has a very good complex environment. I use the internet site typically back at my laptop, but sometimes I speak with customers and look your activities from your apple iphone. No problems after all. I've took note no bugs . anything works, without glitches. When I sign in, I use the site provided I want without disturbances and frustrating reloads. I'm hoping it stays that way, therefore keep standard. If only everybody all the best ! since simple has recently determine me personally.
by Orin Nov 13, 2021
We accompanied this web site a year ago and have great practice. Right now, You will find a reliable and mind-blowing partner, and we're good collectively. I'd highly recommend the software because I have taught from direct experience which it operates. I realize that lots of people usually complain about no suits, believing that they spend your time and money. Still, i ought to note that when people cannot pick a partner, they often start his or her failures to external issues. Task, family, adult dating sites, quite simply, there is always a person responsible. However, you should never disheartenment, and anything is going to be acceptable. For instance, they took me almost 7 seasons in order to satisfy my personal spouse.
Doris Quinn
by Doris Quinn Nov 06, 2021
I want more daters to find out that this service 100per cent performs optimally without strategies. Those that genuinely desire in order to get in touch with someone special won't feel dissapointed about their unique decision if applying for the working platform. The main thing seriously is not to quit. We have previously found simple loved, and also now we are presently happy. I'm arousal and balance, which implies loads. Hence, we are in love, and it's also never too far gone for everyone of every age group and specifications. I would recommend our site, so just attempt.