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Muzmatch Review 2022

Muzmatch Review 2022
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Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-21
Profiles 2 400 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Low number of fakes thanks to the advanced verification process improves the user experience.
  • Messaging is free.
  • The landing page is available for desktop users to know more about the app before downloading it.
  • The perfect male/female ratio gives equal chances for men and women.
  • Numerous filters allow you to find a partner that matches your preferences.
  • The Tinder-like option provides instant matches.
  • The lack of a desktop project limits the users’ opportunities.
  • Some Christians or non-religious people there seem weird.
  • The prayer and practicing level filters are available only to premium members.
  • It would be great to implement a Zabiha filter in the app since it is crucial for many Muslims.

What Does Muzmatch Mean for Its Audience?

Muzmatch Review 2020 – The Whole Platform’s Truth

The Muzmatch review deals with Muslim people scattered all over the world nowadays. Still, wherever they live, they do their best to preserve native culture, customs, and religious traditions through personal connections, partnerships, friendships, and family. People from the Islamic world used to build relationships based on their rules, restrictions, and traditions. That’s why they prefer to look for soul mates and partners on the specific online platforms. That’s why this Muzmatch review will help the Islamic daters that look for like-minded people.

In other words, it unites Muslim people of different ethnicities and nationalities despite the country of residence. You can join the Muzmatch community even if you have converted to Islam in adulthood. Of course, the service is also relevant to immigrants and those still living in Muslim countries.

Is Muzmatch a Reputable Service or Just a Scam?

The next paragraph of the Muzmatch review concerns the critical issue of the app’s credibility since there are tons of fraudulent dating services on the Web. Muzmatch is the legit platform with a total funding amount of $8.9M. It started working in October 2014 under the juridical name Muzmatch Inc. Shahzad Younas and Ryan Brodie have become the founders of the company, and Shahzad Younas is the current CEO until now. Eleven investors have funded Muzmatch until now, and Y Combinator and Luxor Capital Group are the most recent ones. The headquarters of Muzmatch Inc. is in Ilford, England, where ten employees are working, generating $2.3M of annual revenue. Such a big and serious company takes good care of its reputation and protects its users from any kind of scam.

In this Muzmatch review, it is worth noting that the app comes with social and romantic missions. It cares about the users’ privacy and promotes Muslim culture.

The app’s creators and moderators claim that they get in touch with nearly three million people across Europe, the USA, Asian countries, and many other regions. However, it’s possible to state for sure 40,000 weekly active Muzmatch members and 128,400 members from the USA.

Interestingly, many community members are not religious and, sometimes, are not single. Nevertheless, they are generally the exception, not the rule despite an increasing trend in vanishing conservative values. So, the app’s vast audience is still mostly keen on serious relationships and love than on flattering compliments and gifts.

Sexual Identity

Muzmatch Review 2020 – The Whole Platform’s Truth

Strict Islamic postulates exclude same-sex relationships; that’s why Muzmatch welcomes straights. There is nothing to catch on this platform for gays, lesbians, or bisexual people since they can hardly meet the like-minded persons. This aspect is also valid for various kinks and perversions. This is not a disadvantage, since many other apps are more liberal in the area of sex. The Muzmatch service focuses on family values and Islamic culture; it can even provide some fun but no kinky stuff.

Average Age of the Audience

The app is accessible for 18 and over people, and it features a wide range of ages. The Muzmatch platform is popular among both the youngest members and the oldest audience over 55 years old. Let’s see the age proportion in detail:

  • 18–24 years old: 10% of males and 10% of females.
  • 25–34 y. o.: 15% of males and 15% of females.
  • 35–44 y. o.: 10% of males and 10% of females.
  • 45–54 y. o.: 10% of males and 10% of females.
  • 55+ : 5% of males and 5% of females.

The equal gender proportion within a specific age range looks perspective on Muzmatch. It gives equal chances to both men and women to find partners to their own age. The widest range of members is between 25 and 34 years old because Muslims used to build family earlier than Europeans or Americans.

How to Register and Sign in on the App?

The Muzmatch review cannot miss the registration’s nuances that might seem unusual to people who haven’t used to provide dating websites with much data. It deals with the requirement to make and display a selfie in addition to traditional email verification. Once your selfie matches the profile photo, your account becomes active.

The rest of the Muzmatch signup process is straightforward and similar to other dating apps.

  • Download and open the app.
  • Point put the email.
  • Specify your gender.
  • Provide the operator with the date of birth.
  • Check your mailbox for the verification code to enter it in the app.

Start swiping to accept or reject the offered matches or create a profile to use filters and preferences.

How to Create Your Best Profile?

Muzmatch Review 2020 – The Whole Platform’s Truth

The profile creation on Muzmatch starts with specifying your name that will be visible for all users. You are free to point out either a true name or a nick. Then, the app asks you to provide your occupation to ensure relevant matches. It’s possible to choose a profession from the list or to type your variant.

It’s also necessary to indicate your ethnicity. For instance, you can choose between Arab, Bangladeshi, Black/African, Hispanic, and many other options. Then, a user should state his/her religious denomination, which is a Sunnite, Shi’ite, or others. The last step is to add a photo and verify it via selfie to confirm your account’s validity. Note that you can load a maximum of four photos regardless of your status (whether you’re a free or a VIP user).

How to Interact with the Registered Members?

Muzmatch allows its members to message and chat for free, but filters and preferences are accessible to premium users. The filters include not only common ethnicity, age, etc. They also reveal such nuances as religiosity, dress preference, how much they pray, and many other purely Muslim info. For example, a woman should point out whether she wears a hijab, jilbab, or niqab.

Note that messaging is possible between the matched people since the Muzmatch app appreciates the users’ privacy. Besides, if you’ve liked a man/woman, but prefer to interact later, it’s possible to add his/her profile to a specific list.

The Tinder-like feature also helps to start messaging as soon as possible. Once you’ve signed up for the app, the latter offers you matches to let you decline via a “cross” icon or accept through the “heart” symbol. Besides, suppose you’ve liked a man/woman, but prefer to interact later. In that case, it’s possible to add his/her profile to a specific list.

Platform Available for Communication within the App

Muzmatch Review 2020 – The Whole Platform’s Truth

The Muzmatch service works only on mobile devices and lacks the desktop version. It’s not a problem thanks to the 21st century with its highly available techs and gadgets. However, many people still prefer personal computers and laptops to enjoy the full-screen experience. That’s why Muzmatch is not the top, regardless of high-quality performance and legitimacy.

What About the Desktop Devices?

If you browse Muzmatch using a PC or a laptop, you’ll find the website. However, it is not for dating but for learning about the service and its features. In other words, it’s a landing page to market the mobile app. The site features a clear design and structure, engaging people to know more about the app’s terms, privacy policy, contacts, mission, options, filters, members’ opportunities, and prospects.

Moreover, one can click the “Blog” button in the menu to read articles about relationships and lifestyles, success stories, Muzmatch news, etc. It’s also possible to share articles on Facebook and Twitter, and use the social media widgets to check the company’s presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Besides, the website presents behavior guidelines to reveal restrictions. For instance, the company forbids nudity content, harassment, hate speech, promotion, or solicitation.

Mobile App and Its Crucial Features

Muzmatch Review 2020 – The Whole Platform’s Truth

This part of the Muzmatch review focuses on the app as the only dating platform. Let’s see it’s critical features:

  • The app is free to download.
  • It’s compatible with Androids and iOS devices.
  • Eye-catching design makes the app look pretty appealing.
  • One can integrate the service with the Facebook account.
  • Tons of options make Muzmatch extremely functional compared with many other dating apps.
  • The form with the personal info has a simple and clear layout.

The application can boast high-quality development and decent functionality. You are free to reconsider and unmatch someone who has let you down. It’s also possible to blur your photo if you want to hide your face and make it visible when you’re ready.

Does the App’s Design and Usability Match the Audience?

The Muzmatch app provides its users with a seamless experience thanks to its simple and logical structure, large and bright buttons, relevant icons, and short links. That’s why the platform is usable for people with any level of digital skills.

What about Navigation?

Muzmatch Review 2020 – The Whole Platform’s Truth

The navigation is intuitive on Muzmatch, even for those dealing with the dating app for the first time. It has in-app purchases and comes with on-screen notifications real-time app alerts. This feature makes dating easier for busy people that have to spend all day at work. The download time is very short, saving the members’ time for communication with other users and interaction with the app.

How Much Should People Pay for Muzmatch?

The following paragraphs of this Muzmatch review are about financial issues and pricing policies. Although the application is free to download, free users access only basic features and filters. Advanced options are available for Gold members, making them pay the following fees:

  • 1 Week – $4.88/week.
  • 250 credits – $0.05/credit ($12.99).
  • 400 credits – $0.05/credit ($19.99).

Besides, a free member can buy an Instant Match option for $2.99. Bear in mind that if a member tries to outreach ten potential partners, but only two replies, the Muzmatch service forces you to pay $29.90 instead of $5.98.

Generally, the pricing is in the average segment, making Muzmatch a quite affordable service for most users. Paid options help keep away teens under 18, too thoughtless people, or scammers.

Muzmatch Review 2020 – The Whole Platform’s Truth

The set of free options implies basic opportunities but, at the same time, offers more than some of the Muzmatch’s rivals:

  • Registration and search.
  • Looking through the user’s photos.
  • Up to 100 Swipes and their reset.
  • Sending an invitation to other members.
  • Sending messages to matched profiles.

Gold membership includes more extras for better dating experience:

  • Filter out profiles based on prayer level and practicing level, height, marriage plans, dress, education, and career.
  • Unlimited swipes.
  • Ads-free space.
  • The opportunity to change settings (likes, blocks/unblock, etc.).
  • The option to chat to people you’ve likes instantly before they’ve liked you back.
  • Profile boost to become more visible in search.
  • A private photo filter to show your picture to the selected users.

Muzmatch offers the 7-day trial to test paid features and make a final decision if you manage to invite your friend to sign up for the app.

Payment Process and Methods

Muzmatch Review 2020 – The Whole Platform’s Truth

The service comes with in-app purchases meaning the opportunity to make transactions within the app. The members don’t have to interact with the third-party operators that used to make commissions for their mediation.

How to Pay for Gold Membership?

The user can use his/her PayPal account or attach a credit card. Muzmatch features no fees for transactions, but they are possible and dependable of the payment provider you choose. Note that the subscription renews, which means the need to cancel it manually if you want to stop Gold membership.

Secure Dating for All Members

Whether you are a free or Gold user, Muzmatch meets your privacy requirement. It uses firewalls and security protocols to male Internet communication less vulnerable to hackers. The support service is available to help you solve issues. Still, it has no contact telephone number either (just the email).

Besides, you can read everything about safe dating on the Muzmatch blog. Double verification via email and selfie also contributes to the app’s security. Other stuff depends on your behavior on the platform, meaning being cautious and not reveal personal information to strangers.

How Many Fraudulent Accounts Are There?

The Muzmatch review cannot miss security issues. The number of scammers on Muzmatch is low, but they still manage to create and promote their profiles. Most of them prey on Muslims that live in highly developed countries for the Green Card. Besides, one can face some fetish freaks that will waste your time telling about their sexual fantasies. The system deletes the fake accounts, but, as you see, most profiles are real, but they still might be scams.

Why Does the App Stands from the Crowd?

Muzmatch Review 2020 – The Whole Platform’s Truth

The founders created the Muzmatch, not for fun and flirting but for marriage or at least a very committed relationship. However, some extras will make your dating experience brighter and more convenient.

  1. The Chaperone feature allows you to invite a friend or relative to be present in a chat. This option might seem weird, but Muslims used to involve family in matrimonial questions and decisions.
  2. Free week of using the platform is the app’s distinctive feature. Still, this opportunity works as a referral bonus rather than as a trigger.
  3. Selfie verification is also one of the apps’ exclusive features since not many dating services impose such stringent requirements.
  4. The users can promote their profiles via badges they take for their appropriate behavior within Muzmatch.
  5. Dad Verification is the optional feature that allows checking the seriousness of your partner’s purpose. Of course, you can trust your interlocutor if they are ready to deal with your father!

So, Muzmatch has a set of unique specs that are enough to capture a significant part of the target audience.

Few Words for Last

Summing up the Muzmatch review, it’s necessary to stress its decent quality from the position of technical aspects and user experience. The app makes people feel comfortable, but the app is not for messing around. The keyword on the company’s website is “halal”, meaning that one can find fun and interaction that Islam permits. The Muzmatch app has become a standout brand for Muslims since it works for Arab and Muslims that stick to their faith.

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by Royce Jan 15, 2022
Signing up with this dating internet site would be the good thing that ever happened certainly to me within my sex life. However, I'm younger and possibly less adept as many various other previous daters. At any rate, your thoughts are actually positive. There are various horny folks on this web site! Sometimes, we actually don't send out messages but simply savor photo. I have several no-strings-attached dates, and all of them were cool and diverse. I'm into everyday matchmaking in the meantime. I do think it's a tad early on for my situation to invest in one person. I adore experiments and keep the eyes open. I'm usually prepared to is something totally new in dating, so this internet site helps a good deal in realizing my favorite objective and preferences.
by Elisa Jan 11, 2022
The service possesses a basic design and style and routing. Made bags tend to be acceptable, and communicating choices are easy. The viewers happens to be decent, with numerous fascinating group. I found myself happy ascertain this type of open-minded users that gone significantly beyond stereotypes and imposed social guides. This basically means, your knowledge about this app is good all aspects. I have no gripes and regrets. This app allows us to have a good time even though I am unable to come across a person for a night out together. I adore communicating precisely as it supplies myself with knowledge, on the subject of intercourse, human nature, the present day romance arena, etc.
by Murphy Jan 04, 2022
After two weeks as well as one additional time on this web site, i came across someone that carries my own center standards and likes the exact same recreation while I love. The two of us like skiing and climbing, now, we enjoy our very own lifestyles along. I am eager to suggest this application, and I'm maybe not scared to share our very own internet dating experiences outdoors.
by Emilia Dec 31, 2021
Appreciate this specific service. We earned preparations to generally meet folks for a coffee and a celebration. I presume it gone somewhat perfectly. I've maybe not made the decision nevertheless about the upcoming periods, but I'm on my solution to opt for the one which is really special. Okay, wish me opportunities, everyone.
by Roger Dec 24, 2021
I had been relatively cynical that it would run wherever, and I will see some thing important on this site. My friend prefers online dating sites, and I've merely signed up with your website for entertainment. Well, okay, truthfully talking, Not long ago I would like to authenticate that online dating sites really doesn't operate and say to him afterwards, “There you will be, pal, we told you so.” However, i must say i obtained online flirting addictive and launched emailing really intriguing individuality. I have brand-new friends even some lovers. Extremely, I'm going to get a date off-line and luxuriate in newer ideas.
by ORTEGA Dec 21, 2021
Simple encounter on this site am excellent. I feel totally cozy when using they and chatting a variety of anyone. Needed enjoys a beneficial technological good quality, and webpages, video clips, and pics weight smooth and hassle-free. I am able to established a variety of air filters, and this also encourages confidence in the process of hooking up with individuals that I enjoy. The community was substantial. There are tons of associates honestly trying to find real dates, whether it be about hookups or some other types of affairs. For this reason, for now, my own experience is only glowing. I experienced many times, therefore comprise ok although not flawlessly perfect for myself. Thus, I'm seeing proceed the bing search, and also this website is the right place, I do think.
Stella Moore
by Stella Moore Dec 16, 2021
The smartest purchase I've ever made is definitely joining and making use of this web site. I'm dating nowadays, and due to the app for such chances. We're along for four weeks together with a superb occasion jointly. Thus, i assume I found myself lucky to satisfy my friend as the whole procedures is wonderful on the webpage. All its choices supply you with the possibility to find out a good deal regarding lover prior to getting initial go out. Online conversation certainly helpful to choose a person who suits your own specifications and ambitions. My own occurrence on this web site introduced a great deal enjoyment and recreation to my life. Very, I'd recommend it to consumers selecting top quality fights.
Carrie Ramirez
by Carrie Ramirez Dec 11, 2021
As a novice user, Love it if more enjoy the ability. It's simple make friends, as long as you were productive and trust different people. It's exhilarating. Whether I'll come my personal great accommodate? I don't maintain at this point. Two excellent times is sufficient for me personally to date, and I'm looking and waiting for additional escapades before focusing on a prospective life partner. I see that this great site is properly suitable for my own dreams. Town is actually okay, and nobody attempts to obtain using your your skin. Hence, I feel cozy possessing on the web enjoyable with my buddies. We obtain several things to talk about, while the periods I've obtained had been actually exciting. Therefore, I'm very happy with your pub, and an affordable price is an added bonus.
by Mira Dec 04, 2021
Magnificent dating site! I signed up with it this past year and also, since after that satisfied two relatives with advantages. Furthermore, we talk with numerous users from my personal favorite checklist. Conversation is fantastic, as a chat opening comes in handy. Individuals become open-minded, genial, and effective. You will find specific tastes, with zero a person judges me personally. Hence, I feel entirely as well as comfortable.
by Davina Dec 01, 2021
I enjoy this specific service. After are a signed up owner approximately 2 months, i discovered latest good friends, generally there is absolutely nothing to grumble about. The interface helps you establish an attractive member profile with lots of attractive photographs. If you should don't believe they required to fill-in those grounds, perhaps you may forget any of them. I guess that pictures are main point due to the fact rest you could potentially unveil while messaging and talking. We don't need a person for going out with now, but I'm on my way. I live in a rural room, and plenty of fits happen to be not even close to me personally. But thinking about my personal existing faves and all of our on-line communication, I most certainly will go forth soon. At any rate, the software actually works, along with neighborhood rocks. We refused some freaks, but I've came across no-one therefore terrible relating to prohibit them from talking to me.
Mary Barnes
by Mary Barnes Nov 26, 2021
The web based schedules about website became an outstanding and attention-grabbing event to me. It works completely for your confidence and brings producing unique joints. They aren't relations nevertheless but take a look encouraging. Also, it really is wonderful in my situation to break the frost and talk to individuals from any nation I really like. Viewing pages is actually partaking, possibly. It's usually fascinating decide exactly how someone present themselves when shopping for closeness.
Marilyn Baker
by Marilyn Baker Nov 20, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual guy and enjoy experiments. I'm perhaps not monogamous, at minimum at this time. Truly, my personal diet is significantly from conventional social norms, and I also typically believe lonely actually among members of the family or closest friends. A lot of them were partnered, and that I'm going stir outrageous whenever I feeling their unique important appearance. So, as you can imagine, it's fairly challenging to find and go out with like-minds after you reside in an enormous city, exactly where individuals are way too active develop brand new joints. Very, these types of in pretty bad shape is why for joining this incredible website. And my personal feel try smooth. I was able to get a hold of those people that wish equal action and realize my favorite wish to be free of charge, without determination, pledges, and this some other hooey. Yet another fantastic things would be that there I've found some bi-curious users. I prefer performance of this internet site since it's fairly enough for original interaction. Perhaps, an individual would like most incentives, in my personal opinion, you ought to get a night out together if you would like extensive connection. While exploring pages, we bet lots of blank types. I wish everyone could shell out a whole lot more focus on his or her existence on the internet site. Talking about the site's performance, everything is fine. No troubles with visit, information, etc. Support service is effective as well as being available 24 hours a day. I'm very happy to have a virtual location for my favorite wishes and dreams. It's great if the neighborhood don't demand its values but is for a passing fancy page.
by Lara Nov 16, 2021
Website is perfect for me. As I'm a tad weary of swiping, they got a middle surface for my favorite demands. We don't structure any serious dating right now, but I won't hightail it after I encounter my romance. This incredible website doesn't stress me personally and let receiving all features of quality relationship. Besides, i love this application is really convenient to work with, be it about direction-finding or cost. Pricing is definitely regular, i really don't grudge cash in their eyes since I get the very best worth for charge they need. I've previously satisfied some respectable people and get very hot times. Besides, we communicate with a number of people to discuss, joke, and talk about numerous themes, most notably sexual intercourse. I'm that i'm inside my league in the neighborhood is extremely friendly. Folks don't judge one, as it maybe when you yourself have found anybody in a bar.
by Emmaline Nov 14, 2021
The dating site is easy, and course-plotting is a breeze. We receive an adequate many truth and ideas for customers that appear irresistible to myself. The truth is, I do enjoy being on this website. I was able ton't come across my recent buddy till now. Still, I recently uncovered multiple wondering individuals talk to. I'm free of charge and casual while emailing these people. It is suggested this web site to everyone whos searching for great friendship, no matter what the kind of romance.
Ruth Davis
by Ruth Davis Nov 08, 2021
Really good perceptions. I have found numerous nice and intriguing anyone and a few freaks . that's the norm if you're online. Some fights had not been throughout my locality . that's the reason we stayed friends. I should say that this specific service gets several technology to help make additional users observe a person. To begin with, it's enough space generate your very own member profile and offer plenty of information on the way you look and personality. Next, texting is definitely all right. Generally speaking, we use whole online connection and that can obtain a night out together at any time when you are prepared encounter the best in the real world.
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