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Passion.com Review 2021

Passion.com Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 22%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 25-34
Profiles 16,000,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Huge member base
  • Free standard membership
  • Strict and quick action on reports
  • Interesting features
  • Niche dating site for hookups
  • Sexy photographs
  • High activity rate
  • The high number of women users can be good news for the men
  • Chatroom service available
  • Live webcam
  • No mobile app
  • No strict verification process
  • Many fake users
  • Not a place for love and relationship
  • No fast Facebook registration
  • Gender imbalance
  • Standard membership has limitations
  • Messaging is not free
  • Browsing profiles is not free

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What is Passion.com?

Passion.com review takes the curtain away from a dating site that is purely created to satisfy the sexual desires and pleasure men and women. The dating site is one of the sexiest platforms one can come across. Passion.com review reveals that the platform allows scantily clothed body images, unlike most dating sites. And not only does it allow but promotes and encourages skin show, lingerie modeling, barely covered body images, etc. Teasing photographs are happily welcomed on the site as it is created for people, including couples and singles, with carnal desires looking for partners. Owned and operated by Various Inc., Passion.com is one of the dating sites offered by the organization that connects people with similar requirements. The purpose of connecting members of the dating site and its sister sites caters to casual needs like hookups, flings, and relationships with no strings attached.

What is Passion.com

Is Passion.com legit or scam?

The Passion.com review points out that the strapon dating site, despite having a few flaws, is a legitimate platform. The website has a valid certification that makes browsing through it safe for users. But that is not all; Passion.com takes further steps to keep the dating platform user friendly by making email verification a compulsory step in the registration process. Verifying email helps the administrators locate users and take action against them in case of abusive reports or suspicious behavior. The high activity rate on the platform confirms that although it is home to fake users, it is not a bot-run dating site. It does boast of a huge member base that becomes one of the unique selling points for the Passion.com.

Is Passion.com legit or scam?

What members on this site?

Passion.com review points out that the user numbers are one of the most impressive factors about the platform. With the numbers crossing as large as 90,000,000, the dating site proves as one of the most popular platforms on the internet. What stands out is its popularity amongst women, which you will see in detail in the later section. However, unlike other dating sites, Passion.com hosts accounts for couple registration as well, and they too are quite a few in numbers on the platform. The dating platform is available worldwide and thus offers the website in more than one language. But if we consider the statistics, we will come across large numbers from a few countries that seem to be dominating the site. The United States, France, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Canada are few names that have successfully popularized the platform.

Passion.com What members on this site?

Sexual Orientation

Passion.com has no restrictions on sexuality. It is rather open in that front and flexible. The only requirement to be on the platform is sexual desire. Although undoubtedly Heterosexuality is much more common to see on the platform, apart from homosexual and bisexual singles, it is the couples that make things interest. Passion.com reviews find that the couples change the proportion of sexual orientation represented of the site. It is because it doesn’t matter whom they choose to associate and mingle with for a threesome fun; it will not remain heterosexual. And that is exactly what the essence of the website is. Users on the site register to satisfy their urge to satisfy their carnal desires of all forms and even experience experimentation.

Age Distribution

Passion.com Review reveals the site’s statistics stating that the site has users across the age groups of 18 to 54 years of age. Although, the particular age group of 25yrs to 34yrs is what runs the site. However, two other age groups, 18 to 24 yrs, and 35 to 44 yrs, compete closely to win the match of dominance. The age group of 45 to 54 yrs, although small in numbers, has a presence, unlike the 55+ yrs, which does not exist. Another interesting information about the site is that the women and men ratio is almost 5:1, which is rare to see. So many women users on a dating site that too on the platform that hosts sexy photo galleries can be the best news for the heterosexual men and lesbian.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Although Passion.com review reveals that the site doesn’t have any social login like login with Facebook that can make the process faster, the available registration system is not long. One has to enter a few basic information to create an account needed on any dating site for that matter. The first part of the registration form on the website confirms your age and sexuality. What sticks out is the acceptance of all sexualities and genders, including the trans, on Passion.com, which is rarely seen on any other dating platform. The next part of the form asks about the user’s birth date and location. Both of these are important as one confirms your legal eligibility to enter the platform, while the other helps you to connect people around you. The last section of the registration and signing up requires you to enter a unique username that is available on the site, email id, and password. After this, you will need to confirm your email by clicking on the link sent to your email box.

Passion.com Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Profile creation

Clicking on the verification link lets you enter Passion.com finally but requires you to set up your profile. While the profile asks for quite a few information like marital status, body type, eye color, hair color, etc. filling it up is not compulsory. However, the user is required to write a few lines about them to attract others. A detailed bio can be created as well for the same purpose. Although not compulsory, the profile photo should be put up as soon as possible to garner attention. Although many accounts are seen with fake photos and incomplete profiles, Passion.com encourages users to complete and update their profiles by hosting weekly contests. The contest allows other users to vote for the hottest member on the site. The winner gets ranked up and placed on a particular section that gives him or her great exposure.


Messaging is not a free service on Passion.com. One needs to purchase a Gold Membership to be able to connect with other users. However, there are other features on the dating site. Blogs, live webcams, and chat rooms are examples of the same. The one thing you can expect from all of the contact mediums is hotness, which includes pornographic content. Sensuality to the extreme level will keep you entertained, but then again, getting access to them may not be possible with a free standard membership. Unfortunately, even browsing through profiles on the dating site is a paid privilege, which may seem like a problem. Although receiving messages and reading them is available for free, Passion.com review confirms that the first few free messages one receives on the site are mostly fake.

Passion.com Messaging

Platform for use

Successful dating platforms have more than just one version for their users. The need for the same comes from the fact that different members are comfortable with using different devices. Keeping the platform device-friendly becomes one of the requirements in the dating industry as almost all of the major players of the dating industry make their site available in both desktop and app versions. With the world going mobile, there have been many examples of successful dating platforms available in mobile versions only with excellent app interfaces and features. However, Passion.com Review reports that the dating site lacks in that department, follow the sections below to know why.


One of the best things that gives Passion.com an added advantage over its competitors is its platform interface. The website is interactive and optimized for different devices. The website’s design is what gives it an edge with the cool vibe, great for today’s youth. It makes using the website a little less embarrassing in case of accidental exposure. Unlike its sister websites, Passion.com uses color and a theme for its platform that is less intimidating. The website is safe to open and loads fast on desktop causing exceptional user-experience.

Unfortunately, Passion.com is not available in an app version. It might be bad news for mobile users, and undoubtedly some users shift to similar platforms with an app. A simple structural fault makes it lose in the competition. However, the user base doesn’t speak like that. Despite not having an app, the user base is impressively high and shows a high activity rate to continue to attract more members to its site. Because even though there may not be any mobile app, Passion.com does have a mobile-optimized website that allows members to use the platform on their phones.

Passion.com Desktop

Design and Usability

Passion.com has an excellent interface and design, but it is unlikely that one will notice as the things that get the highlight on the website is explicit content. It works for the website because that is the purpose members join the platform for. There are quite some features on the site, and the platform is good at keeping everything tracked and organized. The design makes it look simple and easy to use on the desktop. However, things change on the mobile interface. As the website gets optimized for smaller screen sizes, everything gets crammed up into it, and organization and neatness of the platform get compromised. The lack of having a dating app gets in the way of user experience sometimes, which makes room for improvement for Passion.com.

Passion.com Design and Usability

One of the strongest points of the design is its cleanliness. The dating website has clear cut sections for each feature that helps the user keep track of all the activities they are making on the platform. It makes navigating easy and simple for users of all ages and experiences. However, the problem starts when one uses Passion.com on their phone’s browser. It messes up the entire design and navigation of the website and not to forget the compromised speed. The dating platform leaves space for improvement in the navigation department, at least for the mobile users, although the website works fine.

Passion.com Costs and Prices

Passion.com offers not one or two but four types of premium plans for its users. And although it seems unnecessary, it allows users to choose the most convenient plan in their budget. The increased options help them in the process. But what it also suggests is that Passion.com is nothing without a gold membership or a premium plan. Even the most basic services, such as profile browsing, are not free on the site, let alone have features that let users connect. The four types of plans of which one is the credit system are only to increase convenience for the existing and new users and compensate for the issues that most dating sites do not.

Passion.com Costs and Prices

Free Services

  • Registration
  • Profile setup
  • Search
  • Viewing profile summaries

Paid Services

  • Profile browsing
  • Photo viewing
  • Video access
  • Instant messenger
  • Chatrooms
  • Send flirts
  • Virtual gifts

How to pay

Purchasing a gold membership on Passion.com is no rocket science. The website rather keeps pushing the free standard users towards purchasing by showing them popup ads for the same. Users can also navigate the menu and find memberships to visit the page that shows all the available plans.

Passion.com Premium Plans And Pricing




Membership Type- Gold

One Month

$ 27.95

$ 27.95

Three Months

$ 19.95

$ 59.85

Twelve Months

$ 14.95

$ 179.40

Access To Private Chat Room

One Month

$ 9.95

$ 9.95

Three Months

$ 6.95

$ 20.85

Six Months

$ 5.95

$ 35.70

Twelve Months

$ 3.95

$ 47.40

Access To Watch Adult Movies

One Month

$ 18.95

$ 18.95

Three Months

$ 12.95

$ 38.85

Purchase Credit Points

Credit Points



200 Credits

$ 0.02/Credit

$ 3.00

500 Credits

$ 0.01/Credit

$ 6.00

1000 Credits

$ 0.01/Credit

$ 10.00

Payment Systems

Passion.com allows credit cards and cheque systems on their platform for the completion of the process. One needs to be careful when it comes to purchasing plans on dating sites as they get auto-renewed. It means if the user is unwilling to continue, then they should make sure to cancel the plan before expiry or will have to face unwanted charges.

Passion.com Payment Systems

Safety & Security

Passion.com, in general, is a safe dating website for users across the globe and different age groups. The site does not allow any underage people on its platform because, firstly, no dating platform does, and second, it does include the sensitive content on the website. On the user front, each of the new users gets verified through their email ID so that they can get banned in case of serious allegations made against them. The payment gateway on the website used for purchasing the premium plans is encrypted to protect the information submitted by the users. So is a website that keeps all the profile information safe.


Although there are some complaints of fake users on Passion.com, none of them has been severe enough to have been called a running scam. It could be a marketing tactic used by many dating platforms to get the users to get to purchase the membership. It is why most of the complaints about fake profile users seem to die down once after one purchases a membership plan on Passion.com.

Passion.com Scams

Special Features

The unique yet fascinating dating platform, Passion.com, comes with quite an exciting range of features that only takes the wildness factor on the site higher and higher.

My Stuff – Track Your Activities

The tab enlists all the activities the user has made. It is a section that hardly any other dating platform offers but is actually helpful. It improves the platform’s experience by letting the users keep track of all the previously taken actions on Passion.com, allowing them to follow them if necessary.

Vote For The Hottest

The provision of users voting the hottest member on Passion.com works in two ways. Number one, it encourages users to participate and engage in all the site offers, including completing the profile and uploading hot photos. And number two; it gets the highest voted member featured on the website, giving them an excellent exposure.

Private Chat Rooms

Private chat rooms allow members to invite anyone to their private chat room and have conversations in a restricted space.

Stream Pornographic Films

Unique to the website, Passion.com offers an impressive range of pornographic sensually hot video content for its users. One can pay for the service and stream as many films as they want and even download them to watch offline.


While the limited free features do seem like a disadvantage to the members of the site, Passion.com’s guarantee takes away some of the trust issues that come with it. The Passion guarantee is a feature that gives you a free premium membership for an extended three months if the paying member fails to find a partner in the first three.

Live Webcam

Live Webcams are video broadcasts of members that can be watched by even the standard free members on the platform. And one can be assured to get some sizzling action on-screen through these.

Virtual Gifts

Messaging doesn’t have to be boring; virtual gifts can be bought and sent to members to woo them using credit points earned on the platform.

Kinky Search Filters

Almost all dating sites have their search filters, so there is nothing new in it. However, the filters are unique on Passion.com. The search filters that one gets to use on the site are all sexual activities one desires, likes, or has a fetish for.

Blogs By Members

Blogs can be read and written on Passion.com by members for a space of expression. Although blogging on dating sites may not be new, the uniqueness lies in the wildness of the blogs written on the platform. The sheer explicit content on the blogs itself will blow your mind.

Passion.com Special Features


Passion.com is a dating site that can truly be called an adult for its nature. While the site is sexy as hell with all the explicit content, there is not much that it offers to its standard free users. However, with the premium membership, Passion.com has a lot to offer, and these are exciting and hot features that can make your carnal desires come true. While the features and the design work in favor of the site, its lack of mobile app doesn’t.

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