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QuickFlirt Review: Test your flirting abilities

QuickFlirt Review: Test your flirting abilities
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 93%
Popular age 26-35
Beauty 75%
Profiles 1 600 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Membership pool of 1.5 million users;
  • Good quality profiles verified by the website team;
  • Profiles allow uploading photos and videos;
  • A cheap trial version exists for the users to get acquainted with the site's capabilities.
  • A separate page for registration for people with non-straight orientation;
  • No mobile application.

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Everything you need to know about QuickFlirt

The dating service QuickFlirt is designed by Together Networks. It is not the first project of the company. The company has a lot of experience with arranging dating services and social networks. Hence, the QuickFlirt review looks into the platform’s arrangement that is supposed to connect people and help them start new relationships. The site aims to give people space for maneuvers. It does not limit the users to dating or socializing. It gives you a chance to set up the account and do whatever you desire. QuickFlirt review assessed the features that the platform gives its users to realize their dating ambitions.

Although the name says ”flirt,” it does not mean that people are into the short-term thing only. A flirt is a flame that gives a start to any relationship. With the platform, in particular, everything starts with the flirt like a message or a wink. Whether you want to have a pen pal or virtual relationship or seek a meeting, you are free to find a partner on QuickFlirt. The security measures are quite standard.

What about the legitimacy of QuickFlirt?

What about the legitimacy of QuickFlirt?

QuickFlirt is a platform designed by a huge holding that already has a good reputation in the dating industry. It works on the international market and has all the needed licenses for that. To work in other countries, the site has to comply with the international rules and have specific safety measures. An SSL certificate protects QuickFlirt website. It has a firewall and an IT team that maintains the site.

Describing Member Pool

QuickFlirt review of the member base shows the prevalence of the users from the USA. It makes sense since the site was launched there. The members come from various states, and the site lets you jump right to the needed one if you want. Hence, you may find “Singles in Austin” section, etc. About 1.5 million users are officially registered on the site. Among them, about 50 000 stay active daily.

User Sexual Orientation Ratio

You will notice that the registration form offers to select gender and offers ”man” or ”woman.” Hence, the site users are divided into bisexuals, heterosexuals, and homosexuals. The larger group is heterosexuals. There is no form for registration of couples or groups on the site. However, you can arrange it by expressing interest in your profile.

Age Ratio

QuickFlirt review identified that the age of the average user is 25 years. It is the most common number for males and females. The next large categories of users are 25 – 35 y.o, and 45+. It is a website for mature people, as unusual as it sounds. Since the title presumes less serious relationships, people tend to think it is full of immature, young users. It is not a case of this platform at all.

Guidelines on Registration

Guidelines on Registration

QuickFlirt review of registration spotted a peculiar feature. In general, the process of registration seems easy. It takes a couple of seconds to fill in your email, get the letter to confirm it. Then you need to indicate your age and location. The struggle comes when the person of the LGBT community is trying to sign up. Although the site does not forbid any sexuality and supports all genders, the site is created weirdly. To get the form with the correct sexuality options, you need to be redirected to another page. A bit tricky, but worth it. In any case, shall you experience some troubles, contact the website’s support.

Note that you indicate your preferences in matches initially, right on the registration stage. Be careful, and avoid mistakes since changing this information requires setting up a new account and deleting the previous one. The rest of the information on the profile is easy to edit or extend.

Before you start the registration, get acquainted with the rules of the site. It does not accept people younger than 18 y.o. It also does not have an option to connect your profile to Facebook. No problems are registering in a couple of minutes if you have a good Internet connection.

Setting up a successful profile

Setting up a successful profile

QuickFlirt review of profiles showed that about 70% are filled with meaningful information. There is a tendency for women to provide more details than men. In any case, every dating site’s rule is to work hard on your profile to benefit in the future. If you feel lazy, you do not have to do it right away. The site’s bonus is that it lets you see other users even if your profile is not finished yet.

So, what does it take to create a successful profile with QuickFlirt? Follow some basic rules to set up a profile that people will like. The last thing you want is to look fake. With the growing number of online scammers, people want to see some real stuff in your profile. Start with the photo. QuickFlirt requires the photo to pass the verification. Do not limit the Gallery to one photo. Upload a couple of pictures where your face is seen clearly. The next section on the profile is the personality and appearance description. Some users cannot see your full Gallery because they have not paid for the account yet. However, you can spice their interest by writing down some basic info about the color of your eyes, height, etc.

When a person is checking out your profile, they look for the things you have in common, like preferences in movies, occupations, hobbies, the idea of a perfect date. Use your imagination and think about the vital things that matter to you in relationships. As long as you keep it real, the person on the other side of the screen will get it.

A perfect addition to any profile is visual material. The profile photo is not always enough. QuickFlirt introduced the feature that lets users upload their photos and videos to the profile. For example, you can record a welcoming video for all the users who visit your page or are interested in you.

How does the interaction on the site work?

QuickFlirt review of the interaction tools shows a lot of ways to contact people. Whether you are shy or not, there is an option for every type of personality. Not all users enjoy straightforward techniques of communication or feel shy to practice them. With that in mind, the website has separate functions that smooth the stress for you.

Note that the freedom of interaction depends on whether you purchased a paid account or not. If you have a free version, you will be limited in your actions. First of all, the messages are restricted. You are given five messages per day. These messages cannot all be sent to one person to serve as introductory messages. If the person replies, you would have to pay for the account. No worries, though, there is another option to show people that you are interested in. You can opt for sending winks and adding people to your lists of favorites. Let’s say a person has a premium account and will be able to see that you visited and added them to favorites. To have unlimited access to all the interaction tools, you need to purchase any type of membership.

The searching tools are free for all users to access. So, you can look through the profiles for as long as you want, send a free message, and upgrade the account later. Also, there is an option to find people who registered recently or are located near you.

Platform Qualities

Platform Qualities

QuickFlirt review of the platform was conducted to test the website’s technical capabilities and the effectiveness of the features it offers. So, to use the site, you need a mediocre Internet connection. If you want to upload the photo, you will manage to do it from your phone and PC without any troubles. The platform has nice visuals and fonts. The design is simple.

PC version

QuickFlirt website design is not impressive. It has a simple layout, and all the functions are placed in a top bar menu. The site allows you to upload a lot of photos and even videos. It works well, considering that about 50 000 people are using it daily.


The basic functions that QuickFlirt facilitates are messaging, uploading files, sending winks, and creating lits of favorites. It also allows you to search for people using a wide variety of filters. The site tracks your IP to find the matches who live as close to you as possible.

Tips on navigation

Start the navigation from opening the homepage. Log in or register using the form that you can see in the middle of the screen or the top right corner. After you log in, you will get access to your profile with the main features. The latest are communication with users, searching, lists of friends, profile settings. You can manage your profile via settings (purchasing membership, deleting an account, etc.). The search bar has a lot of filters to look for potential matches. You can use your location to find people that can meet you in real life.

While searching for a match, you get lists of people. They are presented in columns, and all you can see is a small photo and options to chat, like them or add to favorites.

QuickFlirt Membership Fees

QuickFlirt Membership Fees

QuickFlirt review of prices identified that the site has average prices. It is affordable, and the payment options are flexible. You can start with a short trial membership that lasts one day and costs $0.99. The other package costs $7 for one week. The one-month membership package costs $28.80, and the three-month package is the longest one and costs $48.60.

Benefits of Paid and Free Membership

QuickFlirt review of the membership packages showed well-versed options for users who want to spend less on the site and willing to go generous. In general, the site is not free. However, the free membership exists, and it gives a lot of features to use. First of all, there are no charges for registration. On the stage of registration, you are not asked to give your billing details. It happens only when you want to purchase the subscription. Such users can also browse on the site, send signs of attention (winks), and create lists of favorites. In that way, they get an insight into the functioning of the platform.

When it comes to a paid membership, the user becomes fee in the interaction with other users. All the free features remain but more open up. For example, the user has no limit on how many messages to send a day to all the users. There is also access to the photos and videos in full size. Last but not least, the premium users’ requests to the support agents are reviewed first.

How to arrange payment?

QuickFlirt offers to sign up on different terms to males and females. For males, there are standard subscription options, while for women, there are other options. Women can go for a Cataholic account for $064 per day or Extra Security option for $0.45 a day. In any case, the receipt will not state the site’s name on it to keep your presence on the site private.

Payment Options

QuickFlirt works with credit card payments only for now. It accepts prepaid cards as well. In case you have issues with payment, check if you have limits on online purchases. You can also contact your bank to determine if it has any commissions since the website does not have any fees.

Online communication safety

Safety is the priority of QuickFlirt. However, every user needs to follow specific guidelines to avoid potential trouble. Remember that the website verifies the profiles. However, it does not verify the personalities. Every user uploads the photo and goes through the check-up of identity, and it still does not eliminate a chance that a person might register with the site with bad intentions. The most common problem is stealing the billing details and login information. To protect your data, change the passwords from time to time, and avoid sharing personal details with other users.

Remember that the site can protect you online, but it cannot do anything when you go on real dates. If you want to meet a person, mind your safety. For that, let the relatives or friends know the person’s meeting’s exact location and give the person information.

Is it another scam?

QuickFlirt is not involved in any illegal activities and does not encourage any of it. It does not tolerate the violation of the rules. Every user signs a consent form that has the code of conduct. The site is for adults only, and the moderators are on guard for underage users and abusive content. QuickFlirt does not request much of your information and does not share any details of your profile.

More Features

QuickFlirt More Features

Uploading videos. Besides all the information you can write down in your profile, you can upload a video. If you are bad with writing, simply record a short introduction, and it will be worth more than a million words.

Like Gallery is a feature that offers you candidates that you can like or pass on; if you decide to like a photo and get the same back, then you have a match.

Safe Mode. If you want to limit other users’ access to your profile, you can turn on the safe mode. The profiles under investigation because of complaints and not verified profiles will not have access to contacting you.

Flirtcasts feature helps you make up a message if you hesitate to start a conversation with the other user.


QuickFlirt review dug deep into the site’s functioning and customer support. As a result, it identified that the site has perfect opportunities for people of all age categories to meet their future lovers, partners, and friends. Whatever you want to find, whether a strong friendship or a quick fling, there is always a person who is on the same page as you are. Since the site has a high daily activity rate, it is always busy there. Whether you want to meet someone from a neighboring village or the other continent, QuickFlirt is always there to support you.

It is not a free service, but it is affordable. It will not cost you much to get the membership that guarantees you a happy personal life. People who register with the platform are sincere about their intentions. The site does everything possible to check all the accounts to create a safe environment for every dater who enters the world of QuickFlirt dating.

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