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RussianBrides Review 2021

RussianBrides Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 76%
Popular age 23-28
Profiles 2 500 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is extremely user friendly. It can be operated in multiple different languages. The interface of the website is also straightforward and easy to navigate.
  • It provides excellent security features. RussianBrides claims that it takes its security policies seriously and has heavily invested in them.
  • The profiles on RussianBrides are verified and are authentic. It is stated by the platform wherein they've claimed to be working with local agents that connect them to the local women. It also means that women are verified before signing up for the platform.
  • The site has an insanely large user base of women. It is a haven for single guys out there. You’ll never see such a diverse set of beautiful women who are more than willing to mingle with you.
  • RussianBrides offers you a lot of amazing features that can be extremely useful to you.
  • The site doesn't offer a lot of its features for its free members. You typically have to pay a premium to utilize the platform to the best of its ability.
  • Despite its high-security standards, some users on RussianBrides have reported suspicious activity. Some people have even complained of having been ripped off of their money.

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RussianBrides – An Introduction

Russia is famous for two things – its cold weather and its women. RussianBrides is one such platform that gives you access to such high-quality Russian women. It’s an incredible opportunity for men around the world to get the partner of their dreams. This RussianBrides review aims to give you a detailed analysis of this platform to decide whether to go for it. First, it’s essential to understand that Russian mail order brides are in high demand worldwide. What are mail order brides? They are women looking to marry foreign men and get out of the country. But why would Russian women want that? It’s simple. Russia doesn’t have a strong economy, and its social welfare facilities aren’t that great out of major metropolitans like Moscow. Several former users were contacted for this RussianBrides review, and each of them only had high praises for the site.

Additionally, women in Russia aren’t encouraged to be independent on their own but are married off early and taught to be better wives. It has given rise to a toxic system where women don’t get a lot of say in who or when they want to marry. It is why marrying a foreign man, especially from the western world, serves as a one-way ticket out of their misery.

RussianBrides can often deceive you into believing that it’s one of those mail order brides’ websites. However, it’s much more than that. RussianBrides is more of a dating platform for men from around the world to meet prospective Russian women.

It has established its dominance over the years and transcended its reputation from a mere dating site to a social network of interconnected individuals. As previously mentioned, the platform takes its security features exceptionally seriously and has been able to counter scams and fake profiles. It has amassed goodwill and is usually praised highly by users.

What also substantiates its incredible reputation is the fact that RussianBrides has connected thousands of men from around the world to the women of their dreams. You can find the platform filled with happy testimonials from former users. It is undoubtedly one of the best in the business and something that’ll be bang for your buck.

RussianBrides - An Introduction

Advantages and Disadvantages of the platform

Before jumping into the technical details of the website, it’s a good idea to first look at the broad overview. This RussianBrides review will now provide you with a list of advantages and disadvantages associated with the website. It is a great place to start if you want to glance over the main areas of this review. Of course, RussianBrides isn’t perfect, but you’ll surely find something in this list that resonates with you. So here’s a curated list of the notable pros and cons of the website:

RussianBrides – A boon or a scam?

RussianBrides is one of those websites that are a testament to the security aspect of the dating industry. It prides itself on the fact that it takes security so seriously. RussianBrides has an engaging user base of incredibly beautiful women looking for love. It also contains wealthy men looking for a quality woman to spend their cash on.

It is a quality dating service that provides what it promises; beautiful women for an affordable price. It also doubles down on scam services that seek to penetrate its boundaries and gets rid of them. It does have its fair share of fake profiles and other problems, but it’ll be erroneous to call it a scam service. Granted, other websites are there that try to rip you off, but RussianBrides is far from it.

RussianBrides - A boon or a scam?

Members overview of the platform

The site witnesses an extremely high volume of traffic regularly on its platform consisting of people from across the world. However, if you look at the overall data of the country of origin of its members, a couple of trends become apparent. For example, most of its users are from the United Kingdom, followed by the United States. It is excellent news for the women online since that is what they want; to get hooked up with a guy from the western part of the world. Other countries that often include Algeria, the Netherlands and Australia are significant contributors to the user base.

Let’s look at some of the other trends on the site. While researching this Russian brides review, it was noted that stark contrast between men and women’s average age exists. On average, women are significantly younger when compared to the average age of men on the platform.

It is a piece of good news for you if you want to find a younger woman as your partner. A younger partner can be a repository of youthful energy and can serve to complement you in a great way.

Another critical point to note is that most people on this website are straight and heterosexual. You won’t find a bunch of diversity concerning sexual orientations and genders. So it isn’t the right platform for you if you’re looking for a different kind of encounter. But it RussianBrides is an excellent place if you’re interested in heterosexual women.

If you look at traffic inflow into the website, it receives approximately 12,250 daily visitors, which is a staggering number. Monthly data tells us that it witnesses 367,500 visitors monthly that sign up to find their ideal matches. It’s no wonder that the platform is a huge success with such a large and active user base.

Members overview of the platform

How Inclusive Is the Platform Of Other Sexual Orientations?

See RussianBrides is primarily meant for Russian and Ukrainian women to mingle with men from western countries. Hence, it is expected that the site wouldn’t be too inclusive. It’s meant for heterosexual people and doesn’t take into account other sexual identities and orientations.

But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re a heterosexual man looking for a stunning eastern European wife, this is perfect since it reduces your competition. That being said, this is one area where RussianBrides can put in a bit of work to make their platform more homogenous and welcoming to other sexual orientations.

How Is the Age Distribution On the Platform?

See, the age distribution on the platform is somewhat one dimensional. A typical trend that was noticed while researching for this RussianBrides review was that of older men and younger women. Most women on the platform are under 30, some even under 20. On the other hand, the men are typically above 30, going up to about 60 or even higher in some cases.

This contrast can be a good or a bad thing, depending entirely on your tastes and expectations. It’s great for you if you want a younger wife but can play against you if you’re more inclined towards women who are your age.

Registration and subsequent login

The sign-up process for RussianBrides is extraordinarily straightforward and takes you nowhere more than 15 mins to complete. RussianBrides has done an excellent job keeping the process simple so everyone can follow along without any hiccups easily. Let’s now look at the entire process in detail for your better understanding.

The site will ask you to sign up using either your email. Another option that will potentially save you time and the hassle of verification is that of signing in through your Google account. Just use your Google account to register, and you’re done. It’s that simple. You needn’t waste time filling long forms and can jump right into the action.

Registration and subsequent login

How to create a profile on the platform?

Right after you finish your sign up process for the platform, your profile is automatically created. It’s important to remember that you can modify and change your details at any time later on. You can add pictures and other additional information as well. It’s easy to create a profile on RussianBrides.

How To Text Someone On the Platform?

It’s effortless. Once your profile is created, RussianBrides will connect you to thousands of members based on your tastes and passions in life. Once you find someone you’re interested in, you can directly send him/her a message via the inbuilt chatbox on the website. You’ll also have the functionality to flirt, which can be a great ice breaker.

Apart from these usual features, you also get some unique nifty features that are worth discussing. For example, you can utilize the Live chat functionality where you can chat with girls live online. There’s credit for this option that runs out periodically, which then needs to be refilled. Upon doing that, you can continue the conversation.

Another fantastic feature meant primarily for the most prestigious members on the site is that of Let’s Mingle. You’ll have to write a short message, and the platform will automatically forward your message to thousands of profiles on the site you can then mingle on with.

Usability of the platform

RussianBrides as a platform is exceptionally well made and is user-centric. What it means is that it has been made, keeping ease of use and convenience in mind. The website is very well designed and organized. It’s also extraordinarily aesthetic and draws you in with its limelight. Usability is one of the core priorities for the RussianBrides system. Now, let’s look at all the aspects associated with usability one by one to help identify its strengths and weaknesses further.

Usability of the platform

Desktop Website Interface

A considerable amount of time was spent on the desktop website interface for this RussianBrides review. What has been found is that the website has an exceptionally aesthetically pleasing interface. It is well made and looks fantastic. It dazzles you with its brochure of incredibly beautiful women who are looking for love. You’ll not be disappointed with the way this platform looks.

Mobile Applications

Unfortunately, RussianBrides doesn’t offer a downloaded app for any of the mobile platforms. It’s rather disappointing considering most people today prefer to browse sites through optimized apps and not browsers.

Another way is to browse the website via your mobile browser. Of course, it doesn’t provide as smooth an experience as an optimized app does, but it still gets the job done. The optimized mobile version of the website is stable and error-free. It is also arguably more efficient and aesthetically pleasing than its desktop counterpart.

Does it have a good design? How usable is it?

The RussianBrides website looks fantastic and is one of the best-looking website interfaces in the dating industry. It presents you with all the necessary options curated for your ease of use. It is best for those who are not very tech-savvy or like minimal design. It doesn’t have a lot of noise on the site but instead gets to the point and conveniently serves its user.

While researching this RussianBrides review, it was seen that the platform has excellent usability and doesn’t let down under any circumstances. It is well optimized for any system and is very responsive. You can bet on its usability without a doubt.

Is It Easy To Navigate the Platform?

Yes, it’s effortless to navigate the RussianBrides website. It has been well designed and curated so that users find it extremely simple to work their way through the website. You can blindly trust that you won’t face any problems as far as navigation is concerned.

Is It Easy To Navigate the Platform?

RussianBrides – cost

The original question that you must be having right now is how expensive RussianBrides is. Well, fortunately, the platform is affordable when compared to its competition in the market. It offers a plethora of features and exceptional usability for a meager price.

Let’s look at the plans it offers :

  1. 20 Credits – 0.15 USD / Credit – 2.99 USD
  2. 1 Month – 15.99 USD / Month – 15.99 USD

Is It Worth Going For a Premium Membership Against a Free One?

Yes! When you look at the features you’re getting for such a meager sum, then it makes a lot of sense to go for the premium membership. It’s especially recommended because the site is so affordable and offers such a fantastic deal. Now then let’s check out some of the features that you get as a premium user:

  1. You get access to an unlimited supply of Let’s Mingle options.
  2. You can have unlimited access to text chats and video chats as well.
  3. You also get access to unlimited emails and offline messages that you can send to potential mates.

RussianBrides - cost

How can one pay the membership fee?

There are multiple different ways in which you can pay the membership fee. RussianBrides has a plethora of options and isn’t at all restrictive in that regard. Let’s look at some of the simplified payment processes that it adopts.

Ways To Make Payment

You can make payments in two significant ways. The first is to use your credit card, and the second is to opt for PayPal through your mobile. Both of these work flawlessly and will get the job done.

Safety & Security

As previously mentioned, RussianBrides takes its safety and security extremely seriously. The platform has set up multiple avenues to check the authenticity of the women that sign up. These include teaming up with local agents to have a complete verification process in order than helps in keeping the scams in check. It’s an extremely secure place, and you can be assured of top-notch security standards.

Safety & Security

Are there scams on the platform?

Due to the high standards of safety, RussianBrides maintains it typically doesn’t encounter fake profiles or scams. Strict action is taken when they do so you can be assured of utmost safety on their part.

Does the platform provide any special features?

The most special thing about RussianBrides is the concept behind it. It is helping these people get together, and these women flee a dire state back home. It’s a great cause and one that separates it from the crowd of other dating sites available on the market.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

After a detailed analysis of this RussianBrides review, it can be quickly concluded that the platform is an absolute no brainer. If you’re a heterosexual man looking for a Russian or Ukrainian wife, then RussianBrides is the place to be. It serves an extremely luxurious experience for a low premium and connects you to high quality, beautiful women. RussianBrides is easily recommended for everyone to check out and to find love.

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