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Shaadi Review 2021

Shaadi Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 69%
Beauty 71%
Popular age 20-28
Profiles 1 630 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration is a must
  • Rigorous verification process
  • A varied range of smart search filters
  • Matrimonial site
  • Promising serious relationships
  • Free unlimited browsing
  • Advanced algorithm for matchmaking
  • A member with a free account can reply to a message if approached by someone.
  • No hookups or casual relationships
  • Lots of ads in both free and premium versions
  • Not open for all sexualities, only heterosexual matching and connections are allowed.
  • A little heavy on the pocket

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What Is Shaadi?

This Shaadi review throws light on a dating platform that is solely created to find marriage partners. In other words, Shaadi is an Indian dating matrimonial site that anyone can use to find an Indian bride or groom. Although it targets the Indian audience and is most popular in the country, the Shaadi review reveals that the site and the app are not restricted to Indians only. The service promotes itself as a matrimonial assistant instead of a dating site, unlike most popular dating platforms available online today in the industry. The branding is done in the way to make it a platform for people looking for serious relationships only. So, if you are up for casual relationships or a quick hookup, Shaadi is definitely not the place for you.

What Is Shaadi?

Is Shaadi Legit or Scam?

The Shaadi review says it is a professional matrimony site that takes the privacy and security of each of its members very seriously. Shaadi is not a product of any famous and well-renowned developer, as it is less a dating platform and more a matrimonial one. Thus, it may not give the credibility that other popular dating services from known sources come with, but the strong backup of user reviews increases its reliability. The extreme strictness in verifying members’ identity makes Shaadi a perfect place for finding a loving partner in a world full of money launderers and fake dating platforms. Its success stories openly point out the high quality of the user profiles found on it. The credit for the same can be straightaway given to the makers who do not allow users without a verification process (that is a part of registration) to sneak in. Aside from this, its strong customer support system and 24×7 assistance make Shaadi so much more than a regular dating site. It is quick to take action on reports and suspicious behavior, even if members being complained against are paying premium subscribers, which is mostly the case.


Although Shaadi is a dating platform that virtually screams Indian, member distribution demonstrates quite some variety. Apart from India, countries like the US, the UK, Canada, and even Australia show a strong presence. This Shaadi review has found out that the platform boasts an impressive 35 million audience base from across the globe. It seems that the community is the mature age group compared to the young teens that seem to be more interested in the service. And why not! Shaadi is not a typical dating site; it is for people looking for their better half, or in other words, a serious relationship that definitely is not something for teens to adhere to at their life stage. It is more of a mature thing to do, that’s why it is popular among people aged 25-44.

Sexual Orientation

Shaadi is a dating platform for straights. In better words, it does not allow anyone aside from heterosexuals. Unlike most popular dating sites (apart from the niche ones), Shaadi does not include other sexualities and does not even consider the presence of the third gender. So, it is not your place if you are not looking for a straight relationship. Although, the gender distribution is anything but balanced. The audience mostly consists of men, which makes them compete badly to get the attention of the low number of existing women on the site. However, given the number of user reviews and the good words circulating about Shaadi on the Internet, gender imbalance doesn’t seem to bother the community.

Sexual Orientation

Age Distribution

One can easily find a partner aged 25-40 years because this age bracket prevails. However, the strong presence of other age groups confirms their trust in the platform irrespective of their age. The Shaadi review goes into a little more detail to find out the age distribution amongst the genders. While most of the women on the platform belong to the age group of 22 years to 30 years, the men lead in the 30+ segment. Shaadi is also a popular place for middle-aged people who are divorced, seriously ill, or even trying late marriage. Thus, although the restrictions on sexuality make Shaadi look like a dated matrimonial platform, if considered as a niche dating site for heterosexuals, it proves to be otherwise.

Signup Process & Login Info

Talking about the signup process on Shaadi makes it necessary to mention the lengthy procedure one has to complete. Although it is obligatory to register, just like other platforms, but it takes longer. The Shaadi Review has found out that the service combines registration and profile creation into one super-long step, of which nothing is optional. It takes around 30 minutes to complete. Other features like double verification and the allowance of a representative to open a profile on a user’s behalf truly stand out. It means that parents can create a page for their child even, but that doesn’t spare them the strict verification process.

Profile Creation

It starts with verifying the phone number that leads to a lengthy profile setup similar to a biodata, although more comprehensive. The user profiles on Shaadi mention every person’s details, starting from salary, residence, contact information to faith, beliefs, and whatnot. The profile setup also has an introduction section that allows you to use data from the profile template to build a story about yourself. After the section is complete, users need to upload specific legal documents to confirm their identity. Moving further, they will need to sync their social media accounts to add photos to their Shaadi profile. However, the photographs are not uploaded right away. The Shaadi team does not allow a profile to go live without a manual screening.


Making connections is no biggie on Shaadi. It is not something that would require you to go through training if you are familiar with dating sites. The ways to connect with a man or woman of your choice is rather straightforward. There are not many unique features that users get to explore and experience on Shaadi. Similar to other platforms, one can use search filters to find someone they like. After coming across a person of interest, you can express your feelings by hitting a button that indicates the same. Other than that, you may choose to send them a message directly. You need to purchase the premium membership to access the simple messenger Shaadi offers to its members. Replying comes for free, but getting a message first from someone you like is very rare. Thus, showing them interest using the button may get you the desired attention you are looking for. If you are lucky enough, of course. Alternatively, one can also try to find an interesting person through the chat rooms on Shaadi.


Available Platforms

Available platforms make a massive difference in the experience one gets on a dating platform, considering the amount of time and engagement it demands from its users. Unlike many competitors that choose to operate and be available only in one version, the Shaadi review shows that this portal prioritizes convenience. It is available on both desktop and mobile so that members have the luxury of logging in to the site using any device they are convenient with. It may be a desktop, mobile, or tablet browser, or a mobile app. Irrespective of the gadget, Shaadi makes sure to give its users a great experience.


The desktop version of Shaadi comes with a simple yet interactive design. The white and red color theme seems to set the mood. The platform is more text-based; however, photos have ample space for good visuals. Having a desktop version means that people don’t have to download the app to use the service on the go. Privacy lovers can access it through a mobile browser, without bringing unwanted attention and embarrassment towards the app.


The mobile app of Shaadi is available on both app stores for Apple and Android users for free. Although the interface looks similar, there are changes on the app to display the large website on the small screen size without compromising the quality. There is an additional feature, though; the difference lies in the Surprise Me section. While suggestions are something that you will find on the website as well, Surprise Me enables a pop-up recommendation with a shake of your device. Surprise Me allows Shaadi’s algorithm to pair you with someone based on similar interests/likes and works the same way on both websites and mobile apps.


Design and Usability

The interface of Shaadi is very interactive. The screen uses a lot of white space that makes the design look clean and well-organized. The two primary colors are white and red. While most dating websites give more space to pics than texts, Shaadi shows a lot of text to its users. A primary reason behind this is the platform’s preference for a detailed user profile that involves a lot of textual information. However, that in no way means it does not give space to images. Shaadi does make a user page look beautiful with a large profile picture. But along with the design, the performance of the website and the app is quite impressive. They both show no lagging and, instead, are smooth.

Navigation is made to look simple and clean, which truly increases the user experience. Complications are not something that you will get to witness on Shaadi. The interactive design is effortless to comprehend, yet people get to have a tutorial at the beginning, keeping the diversified audience in mind. The language is easy so that people from various age groups, countries, and educational backgrounds can understand it. The navigation bar at the top ensures the answer to most of your questions. All the essential functions are nicely present in a stack, not only for fast movements but also for leisurely explorations across the site. However, what comes additionally on the website is the annoying banner advertisements, removing which is not possible even with a premium membership.

Shaadi Costs and Prices

Shaadi, like most other dating services, is not free to use. It does involve charges to access premium perks. While registration, profile setup, and a few other things are available for free, many tools are exclusive for premium members only. Although many competitors work well without premium subscriptions, Shaadi does not. One may use a free account to evaluate the quality of profiles before committing to the service, but that’s about it. Anything apart from browsing like, for example, getting in touch, which is the most crucial step, requires the purchase of premium membership.

Shaadi Costs and Prices

Before purchasing a premium membership right away, it is best to find out and compare the available features for free and at a price. It gives you a clear understanding of not only what you get after paying for a plan but also tells you if Shaadi is worth the price.

Features and services available at no cost:

  • Unlimited browsing
  • One can show interest in another person with a special button
  • Set up the complete user profile and edit it anytime
  • Read the blogs to find a partner on Shaadi successfully
  • View all photos that are open for public viewing

Paid services and features:

  • Reveal contact information of a person you are interested in
  • Chat with others using a simple messenger
  • Access all private photos of users that remain locked for public viewing
  • Enjoy priority assistance from Shaadi’s support representatives
  • Get yourself assigned a dedicated relationship manager from the advising team who may help you to find your better half
  • Reach more people and remain at the top of searches

How to Pay

Processing the payment on Shaadi is no big deal because once you register and create a profile, the platform itself will start pushing you towards switching to premium. All you need to do is click on the ads, or else you can find it on the navigation bar to move forward. You will come face to face with various subscription plans available on Shaadi. Choose the most convenient option and make the payment. The table below highlights Shaadi’s pricing.

Shaadi Premium Membership Plans & Prices






Three Months

$ 97

$ 32.33

Gold Plus

Three Months

$ 119

$ 39.67


Six Months

$ 147

$ 24.50

Diamond Plus

Six Months

$ 187

$ 31.17

Platinum Plus

Twelve Months

$ 269

$ 22.42

Payment Systems

After selecting a plan based on the services they allow, you may proceed to make the payment. On the payment gateway, you can choose from Credit Card, Debit Card, and others. These payment methods get updated from time to time and differ in countries, just like membership plans’ prices. Selecting an option will open up fields for adding details. Keep following the instructions to submit the order.

Safety & Security

Shaadi is an extremely safe matrimonial site that ensures the safety of contact and payment information. The payment gateway is well protected, saving you from cyber threats. On the other hand, the double verification system and the necessary documentation makes it impossible for users to create fake profiles. The website is SSL-certified and encrypted.


The strict verification and manual screening on Shaadi keep it safe from scammers. The reliability of the customer service has aided in proving itself to more than 35 million users globally. Also, the money-back-guarantee adds up to their trust. It promises to return money if a person does not find a relationship within a month.


Special Features

Smart Search — allows users to filter out search results applying different parameters like income.

Profile Viewers — people can see the list of visitors who viewed their profile.

Select Shaadi — advisors help members to chalk out a list of suitable matches and arrange meetings.

Blogs and Vlogs — these additional sections motivate participants by showing them success stories and how to’s.


Shaadi is not a typical dating site that you use to find a hookup partner. It is a platform that finds you your soulmate and life companion. You may not have fun here, but with various available features, matrimony is undoubtedly on the cards. Despite the registration process being a lengthy one, it turns out to be the highlight of Shaadi. Thus, if a serious relationship that comes with a fetish for Indians is what you are looking for, this service is definitely the place you need to register on right away. The time and money would be worth the experience.

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