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SingleParentMeet Review 2021

SingleParentMeet Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 99%
Popular age 26-35
Beauty 55%
Profiles 140 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A service that satisfies all the dating needs of single moms & dads;
  • A large membership base around the USA and Canada;
  • Low-budget subscription fees;
  • A service that lets parents get in touch with the babysitter;
  • Good profile quality with enough information;
  • Free members cannot see any profile photos.

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How did the brand SingleParentMeet appear?

As you might have assumed, SingleParentMeet is another niche website. It is not a cheap business to start a niche website, so significant holdings are usually in charge of that. Hence, the platform was created by People Media. It is a ray of light for all the single parents in the world. SingleParentMeet review aims to find all the dark corners of the site and explore the potential that the site has. Traditional dating is long gone now, and most daters can be found online. For single parents, it is the best option. SingleParentMeet review analyzes the membership base of the site and the intentions they pursue by registering.

Being a single parent, whether male or female, is complicated. When it comes to dating, there is always an awkward day when you have to open up about having children and expect the person to accept it and be understanding. A lot of things change in the way the person sees the relationships when kids come into play. Unless you use the specialized website that sets you free from explaining yourself. Single parents get the platform where they can find like-minded people with kids or those who are ready to accept kids.

SingleParentMeet comes in a desktop version and mobile app. It is conveniently accessible anytime. The site maintenance team and customer support are responsive and helpful. Although it does not have many sophisticated features and does not introduce the new matching algorithm, it is still rare due to the target audience.

SingleParentMeet is not a scam

SingleParentMeet is not a scam

SingleParentMeet review of the official permissions and license that the site has shown that it is legit. It operates based on the international rules of the dating industry. It has proper protection for the website and established strong connections with the payment systems, which means they acknowledged it.

There is no guarantee to find a partner, so you cannot expect to get married after one week. It is a platform that gives you a start. To make sure everything is legit, check out the website and see how it works. If you give it a try and get the trial one-month membership, you will see.

Who uses the website?

The users are single parents dating sites who have their life priorities on their kids. Hence, their intentions on the site and preferences are straightly children-oriented. So, if you have no free time, and every time you want to go out, something happens to kids, get the app. It is a community of understanding people who would not doubt your reasons if you cannot come. The countries of operating are the States and Canada.

Member sexual orientation

SingleParentMeet review of member structure identified a variety. The site encourages people to select the gender they are interested in on the stage of registration. The users have a choice to select whether you are a male looking for males/females, or you are a woman looking for males/females. About 60% of users are heterosexual on the site.

Age Ratio

Many users who register with the site fall under the age category of 35 – 45 y.o. The other age group is people of 25 – 35 y.o., it is the second-largest one. The users joining the site should be 18 y.o.

How to become a member?

How to become a member?

SingleParentMeet registration procedure is not complicated with irrelevant information. You need to provide some basic contact details like an email and password. Also, you need to select a username, and that is about it. The next step is also completing the questionnaire about yourself. Try to stay sincere in your answers. Although you might think that it wastes your time, invest in it since it is good for future activity.

Unfortunately, the site does not offer a Facebook or Google login, so everyone has to go through the standard procedure. If you want to reverse the registration and remove your account, you need to go to your settings and find the option ‘View Account Status.’ That option will take you to the link to remove the profile from the site entirely.

How to set up your profile?

How to set up your profile?

As with any website, the profile matters a lot for the success of your dating. SingleParentMeet review identified that most profiles, to be specific, about 70 % are well-structured and complete. The information that you need to fill in is partly based on your responses to the Personality quiz and your description. A picture paints a thousand words, so take care of selecting the ones you appreciate most. It is possible to keep some photos private. You are not obliged to share your family photos with other users if you are not ready to.

The searching criteria is based on your location. The site encourages the users to play with the filters since every time you change the settings, you get different people. At the same time, note that the way you fill in your profiles influences your appearance in someone’s searches. If you indicate the wrong age or location, you will keep getting the matches that you did not want.

User Interaction

SingleParentMeet review identified a couple of ways to connect with people. First of all, there is an option to reply to a user for free. To set up the function, one user should purchase the communication for both of you. That package is valid for the interaction with one person. You will have a chat window with a separate column where you can find messages to which you reply for free.

If you want to send a message via the corresponding button on the user profile, you need to have a membership. The same applies to sending emails to other users.

Besides, you can opt for the free stuff. For example, send a ‘wink’ to a person or add them to your list. Another option is purchasing a virtual gift. It is an excellent way to start it off on a good note. No woman can get upset after she gets a bouquet.

Whenever you reach out to people, try to use simple phrases, and be sincere. The biggest fear singles have to be fooled by some scammers or chatbots on the site. Be honest and straightforward, avoid lying, and misinforming a person. If you do not want to share something, let the person know you feel so. Remember about the safety rules as well, since communication might be luring, but you should always be on guard.

Platform Characteristics

Platform Characteristics

SingleParentMeet comes in a desktop version and an app. It is convenient to use. It has all the needed features to make communication on the site effective and productive.

PC Version

SingleParentMeet homepage is filled with photos of happy singles. Put the worries aside, and your photo will not end up on one of the pages. These pictures were bought from people and models. They are a part of the design. The website version is available on any device; for the users of mobile phones, there is a mobile version of the site.

Quality of Layout

The website layout is straightforward. You do not need to look around to find the button you need. It is very simple to register. You get to the main page and fill in the only form that you can see. In case you have the account, proceed to the top right corner and click the ‘Member login’ button.

Tips on navigation

The main sections you will be using are chats and a search bar. Initially, you will fill in the registration form. If you manage to fill in the profile on the registration stage, you do not need to change anything there. But know that the section ‘My Profile’ helps you with all the questions regarding the subscriptions, account removal, and settings.

SingleParentMeet Pricing policy

SingleParentMeet has a luring set of prices for the memberships. It does not cost you much to become a member for a month, three months or six months. The prices are $16.99, $39.07, and $45.85 correspondingly.

Pros & Cons of Paid Membership

Pros & Cons of Paid Membership

SingleParentMeet review of prices showed that the site has a flexible system that allows any type of wallet to join in. Some users can have a taste of the site by using their free account. What it gives you is basic features and access to other profiles. With the free membership, the user can roam around, open profiles, send winks to attract attention, and use a ‘reply for free’ feature. If the premium user likes a free member, there is an option to pay for communication on behalf of that user.

As to the paid membership, it gives you all the rights on the site. First of all, you can access all the profiles and open full-size photos of all the users. You can get access to their galleries and like the photos. Besides, the free features of sending winks and flirts are available too. All the messaging features are open unlimitedly.

Besides, there are features ‘Notify me,’ ‘Connect me,’ and ‘Promote me’ that unlock for premium users. The features give you more opportunities and make your profile more accessible. You get a chance to connect with any user type, but you also get more attention from other premium users.

If you want to be always aware of how your communication with others is working, use the option to get a notification after the user reads your messages, in this way, you not only know when the user is online but when the reply is about to come.

Payment Info

SingleParentMeet review has a couple of tips and points to pay attention to when it comes to paying for online services. First of all, note that the subscription you select will be set to renewal every month until you stop it. So, note that the payment might be charged without your confirmation. Manage the subscription via profile settings, and if you have trouble, contact the support. When you get a subscription, it becomes effective within the next two to four days. So, you might not get access to all the bonus features immediately.

Payment Options

You can complete the payment via PayPal account or credit card. Note that the website has a standard fee charged when the new subscription is purchased. Your banking establishment might have one of its own too. So, contact the bank to find out about the online payment charges.

Security of online communication

Security of online communication

If you want to feel safe at any website, check out their privacy policies and, of course, the terms of use. They should state the presence or absence of moderators. These people do a lot of work to provide a safe space for users to communicate. Everyone is vulnerable online because there is a fear that the person on the other end is not real or has the wrong intentions. Risk assessment teams, moderators, and any other employers that are human beings, not robots, are very helpful when it comes to online dating.

SingleParentMeet creates a couple of obstacles for the scammers. It requires a paid membership to see the photos on the profile. So, note if the user with a free account says you look nice in the photos, the chances are it is a scammer. Give yourself the benefit of doubting every candidate who is talking to you. There can never be complete trust with the person online.

Another vital issue that appears frequently is sharing your social media accounts on dating sites. For sure, many users want to be wise and trick the system. However, by switching to a free social media platform, you put all your life at risk. If the person is a scam, your information will get out, and you risk having a stalker following you on the media.

Scam prevention

If you want to avoid scammers on SingleParentMeet, watch out for the people who ask something from you. The site does not encourage commercial activities or any charities via private messages. It does not tolerate nudity and selling pornographic content, so be careful not to fall into a trap. If you trust the user and want to send a photo, know that the site will never share your information, but the user can screenshot or record the video you send. So, do everything wisely. Also, do not send any money to anyone. There is a risk of losing not only the amount you’ve sent but also your billing details. The most popular and wise scammers are looking for personal information, including your naked photos and credit card details.

More Features

SingleParentMeet has a set of standard and additional features that become available to the users who purchased a membership.

  • ‘Notify me’ feature is designed to make you aware. It lets you know when one of your matches changed the status to ‘Online.’ Hence, you have a chance to connect with that person right away before other users do. Also, it informs you that the person is online, and you do not have to send messages to someone offline and wait for ages for the reply.
  • ‘Promote me’ feature puts you above other users in searches. It boosts your profile, makes it more compelling for a specified period.
  • Virtual gifts. It is not a rare thing to send presents to someone you like. SingleParentMeet gives a chance to send gifts without spending too much.


SingleParentMeet Summary

SingleParentMeet is a good way for a single mom or dad to have fun and share their life experiences. If you enjoy trips to Disneyland with your children and are looking for a family to join you, this is the platform to go. Maybe you want a night out with a person who understands that you need to hire a babysitter and be back home early, it is a platform you should use. Finally, you can find a male or female for simply discussing the parenting issues.

Since you have an option to install an app on your phone, the site is always with you. It means that you are never out of the dating world. Being a parent is a job that lasts your whole life. People on SingleParentMeet would not be surprised if you did not text back immediately since they understand that you have other priorities. It is a unique chance to enter more than a website but a community where you can talk to people of the opposite sex as well as the same-sex members who share similar interests.

Last but not least, the thing that makes it suitable and trustworthy is a payment arrangement. The membership packages are affordable, and the payment options are safe for you. So, wait no more to give SingleParentMeet a try.

Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
MS, RD & Writer
Pamela is a relationship expert and language analyst. Thanks to her Bachelor’s in Journalism, Master’s in Linguistics, and past encounters with heartbreak; she empathizes with her clients and helps them to understand and convey their emotions in an effective and optimistic way to their significant other.
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