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Spotted Dating App Review 2021

Spotted Dating App Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 75%
Beauty 83%
Popular age 20-35
Profiles 1 450 000
About Site
Visit rate 6.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Comprehensible search system
  • Different age groups
  • Quick registration
  • No need to worry about discretion
  • Connected to your Facebook profile
  • Nice-looking gallery
  • Free signup
  • Unlimited winks
  • Personalized questionnaire
  • Available in English, French, German, Italian
  • Compatible with both IOS and Android
  • Free to download
  • Advanced GPS location map
  • Free perks that can be obtained through invites
  • Minute-long registration
  • Over 25,000 downloads worldwide
  • Appealing design
  • Doesn't take much memory space
  • Messaging is not free

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What Is Spotted And How Can It Help You?

Spotted is an application that helps you connect with beautiful strangers who pass around. Connected to your Facebook account, it makes you see people with an active profile on a map. If you are shy or hesitant to socialize, Spotted has your back! Now you do not need to ask for a number, just use this app to remember your love interest and text them back later.

According to Spotted review data, the app was launched in 2013 and created by Spotted GmbH company in Germany. Throughout seven years of help, Spotted raised $14.5 million to expand its business in other countries. Spotted shows us that it is never late to meet your destiny and fight for your chance. All you need to do is install the app and keep on track! In this Spotted review, you will learn everything about the app, from members profile to pricing and other exciting details.

What Is Spotted And How Can It Help You?

Is Spotted a Real Brand or a Scam for Clients?

Spotted is a brand with a seven-year-long history, fundraising, and publicity. When it comes to scammers in the app, chances to meet one are approximately the same as if you talk to strangers on Facebook itself. No app can guarantee you 100% legit clientele unless creators choose to provide an ID-scan to authorize. Spotted didn’t go that far, thinking about integrity and personal space, but there is a slight chance to come across fake profiles.

If you want to know whether Spotted is a legit app, it is. You can create an account, search for attractive clients, and meet them in real life. According to Spotted review data, the app can boast 10 million total downloads, a million active users, and 3,000 daily downloads. The app’s operation is always top-tier, which only proves that Spotted doesn’t play around with its numbers.

Members Stats On the App

As told in the Spotted review before, there are over a million active visitors on Spotted. More than 3,000 users decide to join the site daily, which makes good statistics for the app and more choice for you, a client. Because Spotted is a German site, most visitors come from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. But with years of expansion, developers put their product on an international level, making it available for French-speaking countries, such as France, Canada, Algeria, and Morocco. However, Spotted didn’t stop here. The app already works in the US, Korea, and Japan. There are many active users from European countries, such as Italy, Spain, UK, and many more.

What Sexual Orientation Can I Meet here?

Spotted is a progressive site. As it is used mainly by millennials, you can find all sorts of people here. Generally speaking, Spotted was made for heterosexual couples, but there is quite an imbalance between men and women. Males conclude 80% of active users on this site, so the competition for that 20% of females is pretty tough. Altogether, more straight men are searching for women. You can register only as a guy or a girl. But it doesn’t mean that Spotted is not about tolerance. Here, there is a chance to look for a guy if you’re a guy and to do the same with a female if you are one. So if you found a cute man at a local bar, go ahead!

Age Range: Is It Easy To Find A Partner In Any Age Group?

According to the Spotted review survey, most of the app users are Millenials, which makes them around 25-34 years old. There aren’t many apps that pursue the same age group, but given that dating a as a phenomenon becomes younger, now it’s easier to find people under 30. Still, a 40+ group is present, although it is a minority here. The good thing is, there aren’t many cases of an age gap or unreasonable distribution. Although men are the majority on Spotted, they are the same age as women here.

Age Range: Is It Easy To Find A Partner In Any Age Group?

Is It Easy To Sign Up Or Log In Here?

Just like any modern dating app, Spotted has a straightforward way to sign up and log in. In fact, the registration process here is far easier than on any other site or app. The reason for that is the app’s attachment to the Facebook page. If you have one, it will take less than a minute to synchronize Spotted with your FB account and already fill in your name, gender, birthday, and duplicate your photo in the app.

After this single step of uploading information, your account is ready for Spotted dating. Once you’ve done that, you will see a homepage that includes the names of users, their accounts, and their location.

To log in, you need to finish the same operation of logging into your Facebook account, and you are good to go. Of course, if you still don’t have a FB page, it is high time to get started since Spotted doesn’t work otherwise. The developers’ goal was to connect people in real life by uniting them in the virtual world first. Facebook seems the perfect app to complete the task since most of the virtual chatting is made here.

Is It Quick to Create a Profile?

For Spotted, you do not need to create a specific account since the app does it for you by extending your Facebook page. But that doesn’t mean you can’t toggle or add some more information. On Spotted, you can add up to six photos. You can skip perfecting your profile or paying for unlimited views, but this gets you further from the goal of Spotted dating. To truly shine, you need to start with filling out all the blank spaces on your page.

First, upload images from your phone gallery or straight from Facebook. You can decide what photos go to your Spotted account; not everything duplicates from FB. As said before in the Spotted review, you need to choose the six best photos to upload into your gallery, and all of them must be good quality.

Next, you can add information to the “About You” section. Here, you can share details about your body and soul. Just mention your hair and eye color, whether you have tattoos or other perks of your body. In the “Notes” section, you can describe yourself in the smallest details to give people a full description of what you might look like. For example, if someone sees you at the café, they can recognize you by the full description. Using a search angel, a person may type in keywords that describe your appearance, and that is how they may find you. That is why you do not want to miss this important step.

Is It Quick to Create a Profile?

How To Start Chatting?

Spotted is all about unobtrusive chatting. Here, you can initiate contact by mentioning someone you are looking for. For example, if you have seen a blond woman with a blue flowery dress at the library, just describe the way she looked and tag the location. She might be flattered and answer you, revealing her name, or simply skip the request if she’s not interested. This know-how makes chatting more sophisticated and mysterious, as not everyone wants to be upfront about their feelings from the start. And what’s best, because it is an app for the Millenials, each contact initiated is consensual.

Other chatting features of Spotted don’t differ that much from usual dating apps. According to the Spotted review survey, users prefer to look for partners in the “Notes” section because it is fascinating and free. But what do you do after you’ve found this person? How do you text them? Spotted has a premium messaging feature. You can message members just like you would normally do with any other dating app. But if you want to try a Spotted hookup for free, the reveal is available once in a day for free. It means that each day, you can see a member’s profile to peep their location. But once you’ve accessed Spotted’s premium, there is no need to lurk once in a day. Just pay and enjoy constantly browsing through profiles, check people’s location, and message them freely and instantly.

What Platforms Provide The Best Experience?

Spotted wanted to make sure its members feel comfortable on the go and while sitting at home. Like with many modern dating platforms, you can download Spotted as an app from your computer or run it from a phone or tablet. Each platform has its perks and disadvantages, but the site runs equally smoothly if you download it from the PC, Google Play Market, and App Store.

Computer Desktop Version

Unfortunately, Spotted online isn’t available as a dating site. The thing is, Spotted was developed as an application to provide mobile dating services. The desktop version contradicts the main idea of an app because you are supposed to describe people you have just met in the street instantly. Unless you walk with a laptop, a phone version seems like a more reasonable choice for this type of concept. However, Spotted still has a site. Here, you can download an app from the App Store or Google Play, read about the company, check the team, and scroll down the blog.

Application Version

Since Spotted was initially developed as an app for millennials to look for each other, Spotted mobile gained huge popularity. It is available on both the App Store and Google Play and can be supported by either IOS and Android. On Google Play and App Store, Spotted has more than 1,000,000 installs. On the App Store, the Spotted takes 108 MB while On Google Play, the app takes only 25. You do not need to additionally install Facebook before working with Spotted as any sign up would be good enough. The only drawback of the app is its intense battery use. Since Spotted uses GPS location search, it will be active on your device even when you do not use it directly.

Computer Desktop Version

Does The App Look Good?

Spotted can boast a pretty fly design. Since the app is called to satisfy mostly Millenials, the design is quite modern. It is minimalistic, has easy navigation, and doesn’t bore you with additional options, suggestive banners, or old-school popup ads. Spotted designers perfectly know their target audience, so every button is in the right place. Design-wise, Spotted has a light-color theme with elements of green. It has a useful look with an inviting atmosphere. Right away, you can see that all icons and photos are round. According to Spotted review, the absence of strict rectangular shapes is preferable between a younger generation because it signifies friendliness and nonchalance. The availability of colorful buttons makes the design quite charming and youthful.

When it comes to usability, Spotted designers managed to include all the vital options, optimizing the space just right. The app does not have unwanted information, as all the blog posts and testimonials are outside the app. Just like every other modern app, developers concentrate on usability.

Is It Easy to Navigate the Site?

Spotted does not bore you with long lists of options. The navigation is quite simple and comprehensible.

Here, once you are on someone’s page, you can see their main profile photo. You can enlarge it by clicking on it, or open a gallery by swiping left and right. Right below the image, you will have two options for messaging and sending a wink. Under those options, you can see a user’s personal information, such as name, age, and location. Under this block, you can see where the user was “spotted” to find their current and most recent location check-ins. Sometimes if you have shared interests with a certain person, they will appear on the page.

There is a gallery with photos of active members that you can access by finding the “People Who Have Crossed Your Path” section. From there, you can send winks and message people.

In location mode, you can open a whole map to scroll through all the places where certain someone appeared, pin them, enlarge, and plan your route. The feature looks just like Google Maps.

Is It Easy to Navigate the Site?

How Much Does Spotted Cost?

Like many other dating apps, Spotted has a Premium plan for members that want to ensure a more comfortable experience. But unlike strict and boring monthly plans, Spotted does not dictate what you can spend your coins on. By buying packages, you can unlock different options, replenish your account, or unsubscribe from the paid version if you want to.

One month of Spotted Premium fun costs 13.49 USD. If you plan to use the app for three months, the price will drop down to 9.83 USD / Month, which makes a total of 29.49 USD. The maximum plan is for six months, and the price for it is lower than for a season, only 9.17 USD / Month. Consequently, half a year of using Spotted will cost you 54.99 USD.

Do Standard And Premium Plans Differ Drastically?

Spotted saved up some free perks for Basic membership users. You can still register for free, create, and perfect your profile without paying for certain features. Additionally, you can send winks, which can be enough to notify a love interest they should immediately text you, or at least acknowledge. Most importantly, looking at peoples’ profiles is completely free of charge, fulfilling the needs of some members.

But the paid membership suggests way more advantages for advanced users. With a Premium membership, you can message whoever you want how much is comfortable to you. There simply are no limits as to how many people you can text daily. Additionally, you can reply to posts and leave your comments. If someone lurks your page, you can see who did this and uncover the mystery for a small fee. And finally, there will be no adds that can distract you from this beautiful experience.

Included Payment Methods

To use the vast majority of fascinating features, you will need to pay for a membership. Spotted offers you a few ways to do this, either through a credit card or your mobile phone. You will be automatically billed each month, but you can switch this option off with App Store or Google Play Settings.

How Do You Pay?

Since Spotted is an app, you pay as you would normally purchase in-app services. Though the download is free, you can go to the Upgrade section to choose your monthly plan, tap on Checkout, and find the perfect payment method. If you want to pay manually with a credit card, just type in the number. For contactless pay, you can use PayPass or a fingerprint.

How Do You Pay?

Is It a Secure Place To Share Personal Information?

Although Spotted is a secure and anonymous place, your discretion is advised. Although the app does not use any personal information you wouldn’t want to share, like saving your pics or tracing credit information, you still give the app permission to know your location. If you see a stranger, but do not want to meet them, simply dismiss the request. That way, you will create a barrier and save yourself from an unwanted acquaintance who knows your check-ins.

Is The App Full Of Scammers?

Spotted is not known by having scammers, but everything can happen on anonymous sites. The management of an app guarantees you to fight any unwanted activity to save you from malevolent users. To prevent that yourself, just block and report strange members whose behavior you don’t like.

Special Perks of the App


If you are shy or just don’t want to purchase a Premium plan, winks are a great way to flirt with people while testing waters.

Instant Messages

This feature provides a real-time conversation just like in any other messenger. Remember that it is a Premium feature.


Describe the person you just met and ask them to give you a shoutout. Add the location to make them return to this place or contact you.

Special Perks of the App

To Sum Up

Spotted is a great place to meet your destiny. If you are shy but don’t want to miss your chance, just access this app through Facebook and try not to miss your chance. Flirt, search for beautiful strangers and keep on track with a gallery full of inviting people.

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