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SwapFinder Review 2021

SwapFinder Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 95%
Popular age 28-35
Beauty 45%
Profiles 1 350 000
About Site
Visit rate 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Swapfinder site is trustable
  • Registering is easy and safe
  • The site gathers people from all around the world
  • Couple-sharing is very easy and quick
  • All genders and sexual preferences are welcome
  • You do not need to use your real name
  • There is no mobile app
  • There is not much to do with a free membership

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How Does SwapFinder Work?

Swapfinder review shows that this is a swing site that offers tools for finding partners to swap couples. The service has free resources for users to interact and arrange meetings. When creating a profile on the platform, it is possible to add personal information that defines physical characteristics and sexual preferences. Swapfinder review reveals there are resources to attach photos and videos to your profile and share them, as in most social networks.

Swapfinder’s site also allows you to search for people close to you, watch live video streams, and access discussion groups. However, the full view of profiles and other features are only available to users who subscribe to the service through monthly or quarterly payments.

Although the site’s differential is the possibility of finding couples, you can still join even if you are single and/or looking for singles. The possibility of finding swinging couples makes the site famous, but it is not limited to that.

Is SwapFinder Legit?

Is SwapFinder Legit?

Yes, it is. The site is owned by Friend Finder Networks, which also owns AdultFriendFinder. This explains why sometimes when you try to log in on SwapFinder, you can get redirected to AdultFriendFinder. It is a bug the developers need to solve. However, the site is legit, nonetheless.

Nature Of Members On The Site

SwapFinder is open for people from all different countries and continents. It does not matter which language you speak; you can join and find partners to have a good time with. People who do not speak English will not have any hard time on this site. That is because the site has translated versions for many languages.

You can hope to find someone around the place you live in. There are more than 40 million members registered and more than 70 thousand active members daily. It is effortless to find someone to have sex with on Swapfinder.

Sexual Orientation and Gender of Members

This site is completely open for all sexual orientations and genders. You can be a guy looking to have sex with gorgeous girls or stunning men, which is fine. Swapfinder was made for people to explore their sexual kinks. If you are a trans person, you will find partners too.

Swapfinder review stats show that 70% of the member base is male. If you are looking for men of different ages and ethnicities, you will have a nice time. Although there are fewer women on the site, they are still there, and you can look for them.

The Age of Users

You can hope to find members of all ages above 18 on the site. A great chunk of members are men who are 45 years old or even older. Still, many young men and women and many couples are looking to try new things in bed. Take a good look at the options and find someone to have a sexy time with.

How To Sign Up And Login

How To Sign Up And Login

It is straightforward and quick to sign up on this site. Just follow the steps as Swapfinder review show below:

  • Go to the website swapfinder.com and enter your gender and dating preferences. Then, click the “Sign up now!” button.
  • Enter your birthday and location information. To proceed, click on the “Next” button.
  • Define an email, username, and password that will be used to access the service. Click “Next.”
  • The website optionally suggests that you provide data on ethnicity, body type, sexual orientation, and marital status. To proceed, click on the “Next” button.
  • At this point, define a title and write a personal biography. To finish the action, click “Done.”
  • Once this is done, you receive a link in your email to confirm and unlock your account for use.
  • Check your inbox and click on the link to finish the registration.

Once you are registered at the site, you can log in for the first time. Doing such is very easy too. Just follow the steps:

  • Access the website and click on the “Login” button to view the login screen.
  • Enter your username and password and click on the “Login” button.
  • You will be redirected to a page that presents the benefits and costs of a premium account.
  • To go to the platform’s homepage, and use the free features, click on the home icon in the screen’s upper left corner.

How To Create Your Profile

How To Create Your Profile

Swapfinder’s site does not oblige you to write a lot of info on your profile or upload a profile pic. Without these things, you can access many features of the site. Still, if you truly want to match with people and have other members interested in having sex with you, you need to put some effort into it. Write info on your profile and upload a pic if you want to meet other people.

Anytime that you upload a new pic to your gallery, other members can see it on their timeline. This will help them get attracted to you. Upload attractive pics, and they will see how hot you are. They might check you out and start a conversation that might lead to arranging a place for wild sex.

Writing on your profile and posting pics is a free way of communicating with other members on the site. This will help you if you are still a standard member. Many profiles have explicit content. You do not have to post pics like these if you do not want to, but doing so might increase the chance of finding a partner. Swapfinder site was made to find hookups and couples to have a swing night. Posting pics and writing a bit about yourself will only help with your goal.

How To Message Other Users

How To Message Other Users

If you want to use SwapFinder’s messaging system, first you need to acquire a paid membership. Otherwise, you can only see part of the messages you receive and can’t send any messages to other people. A lot of dating sites operate like that. The reason might be that only real members will pay and access the feature when you restrict messages to paying members. After all, people who are just messing around will probably not bother about paying.

To send and receive messages, click on the Instant Messenger icon, which is the third icon right above your profile picture. If you are a standard member, there will not be anything in there. To send a message to someone you have never chatted with before, find their profile and the same icon. Then you will be able to chat.

Using The Site On Different Platforms



It seems that developers of the Swapfinder site intended it to be mainly accessed through a computer. The experience you get from it is highly increased if you are accessing it on a desktop or laptop. The site works very well on any browser. If you access it through a computer, you should have a good time.


Nowadays, it is expected that companies focused on dating sites will invest in mobile apps. Well, unfortunately, not all of them do that. There is no mobile app to access SwapFinder, but it can be accessed through any browser on your phone.

The phone version of the site is adapted to run smoothly on any phone. Still, using a computer to access the site is better. That is because the site has much information and sometimes opens new windows.

Final verdict: if you have a computer, use it to access the Swapfinder site instead of a phone. Your experience will be complete and better overall.

About The Design and Usability Of This Site

About The Design and Usability Of This Site

Being honest, Swapfinder review reveals that the site looks a bit polluted due to the amount of information you see on the front page. It also resembles a bit of Facebook a few years ago. It is not ugly, nor does it make it hard to find what you want, but the design surely could be better.

Nonetheless, the site still delivers what it offers. You can see lots of pictures and videos from many members. To be sure, most of these pics and videos are nude pics and sex tapes. It is not recommended to register on this site unless you are prepared for a real wild experience.

Using SwapFinder is easy. All the options of features are shown next to your profile picture. This way, getting lost is not an option.

Even though the site is polluted in content, navigating through it is very easy. Everything you need is close to your profile picture. Below you will find the following options:

  • Your points
  • Add/Manage Photos
  • Add/Manage Videos
  • Update Status
  • Messages
  • Friends
  • Flirted With Me
  • Hotlisted Me
  • Top Fans
  • Viewed Me
  • Gifts & Tips Received
  • Testimonials
  • Profiles I Can View
  • Profiles I Viewed
  • In My Hotlist
  • Top fan of
  • Flirts I Sent
  • Gifts & Tips Sent
  • My Favorite Photos
  • My Favorite Videos

There is basic info about you on the side of your profile pic; your username, age and gender, and location.

Above your profile pic, there is a bar where you can find many options. Starting from the left, you will see:

  • The “home” icon
  • The “messages” icon
  • The “instant messages” icon
  • The “notifications” icon
  • My Stuff
  • Search
  • Live Action
  • Community
  • What’s Hot

Prices of SwapFinder Paid Features

Prices of SwapFinder Paid Features

Just like most dating and hookup sites, SwapFinder offers paid membership to its users. The best features of the site are only available to paying members. Users who want to explore everything the site has to offer might consider paying.

This site calls it paid membership the “Gold Membership.” A gold membership grants access to new features and will cost you:

  • $39,95 for one month
  • $80,85 for three months ($26,95 per month)
  • $239,40 for twelve months ($19,95 per month)

Also, to access some content on the site, you will need to spend points. You can acquire them with real money.

  • 200 points cost $3
  • 500 points cost $6
  • 1000 points cost $10

Benefits of Free and Paid Membership

It is tough to imagine getting laid through the Swapfinder site without paying for the gold membership. That being said, people should first register on the site to see if they like what they see. If so, and they are confident that they will be successful on the site, getting the gold membership might be a good deal.

All of this is to say that free members do not get much value out of this site. Free members get only a few features:

  • Like photos and videos
  • Basic search
  • View, like, and comment on contest photos
  • Upload videos and photos
  • Chat on IM and chatroom
  • Join blogs and groups

Now, if you want to pay, you will have access to features that are designed to make you get laid as fast as possible. It is a hookup site, after all, not a dating site. The focus is to have sex and fun as much as possible.

The advantages you get from a gold membership are:

  • Advanced search to improve matches
  • View full profiles
  • Messaging system
  • View full photos
  • View full videos
  • Watch unlimited live cams
  • Favorite photos and videos
  • Send friend requests
  • Send flirts
  • Up to 1000 members in Hotlist
  • Priority customer services via telephone
  • Technical support via email within 12 hours

How To Pay

Once you want the premium membership, you need to find the Gold Membership option. That can be found on your profile or on the account settings.

Accpeted Payment Options

If you consider getting a gold membership or acquiring points, there are three main ways you can pay for them. The best way to pay is with a credit card. The following cards are accepted; Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, and Discover. If you have a gift card, you can use that to pay as well. Lastly, you can pay through a mail/fax order. That is not as fancy, but from Swapfinder review, it will work too.

Safety On This Site

SwapFinder is owned by a network of dating sites called Friend Finder Networks, which owns AdultFriendFinder and 99Flavors. All of these sites are well known and used by a large base of members across all continents. The company has a big responsibility in hands, and as far as it is known, these sites are pretty safe to use.

Your data will not be stolen and sold by Swapfinder. Moreover, if anyone bothers you, you can simply block them. The focus is on your experience as a whole.

Does This Site Has Any Scam?

This kind of site is attractive to all sorts of people, including scammers. There might be a few malicious people in there, but overall you can use the site without ever getting into this kind of trouble. Remember never to give any sensitive personal details to any person. Before arranging sex with a man, a woman, or a couple, make sure they are who they claim to be. There are guides about how to be safe online, especially on hookup/dating sites. It is recommended to check those.

Special Features

Special Features

Swapfinder site certainly has many more features than a lot of other sites of the same niche. That being said, there are unique features it offers for its members. If you register on SwapFinder, you can watch live cams on the website. You can even tip and get tipped to stream.

You can judge people as “hot or not” on this site, just like on that popular app. There is a feature called Sex Academy, which is only available for gold members. It has tips and basic info about sex. It also gives some tips on how to try new things with sexual partners.

SwapFinder has blogs where both free and premium members can read and publish their stories and experiences. You can comment on other people’s blogs. That is a fun way of interacting with more people on the site. Finally, there are groups. Groups are made to talk about specific topics. Do you have a fetish about anal sex and want to talk about that and share your experiences? There might be a group about that which you can join.



This site looks like heaven for people who just want to find casual sex or swinging couples to have some fun. Swapfinder review shows that the developers put their effort into offering as many features as possible so people can connect and find partners. If casual sex is your thing, it is hard not to recommend SwapFinder.

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