Swoop Review 2020

Swoop Review 2020
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 86%
Popular age 20-24
Profiles 1.600.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • All the services are free.
  • It is easy to register and create a user profile.
  • The features on the platform are easy to use.
  • It provides users with matches close to them.
  • It offers video chat capability.
  • The app does not have texting.
  • There are complaints of bugs in several reviews.

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Swoop Overview

Swoop Review 2020

Swoop is a blend of the most renowned dating websites. It is a simple, easy to use video dating platform. The platform is known for having minimal features. When you read any Swoop review online, you’ll not lack positive feedback on its simplicity.

If you’re among individuals that love to hide behind the keyboard or your device’s keypad, this is not your platform. To communicate with other users on Swoop, you must be bold enough to video call them. It is easy to find your perfect match as the site uses the conventional swipe system to like and dislike profiles.

Most of the platform users are youngsters with diverse sexual orientations looking for various types of relationships. You’ll also love the fact that the site avails all its features to registered users for free. Before you decide whether Swoop would work for you, read through this Swoop review to find out more about the service.

Is Swoop a trustworthy service?

You can download the Swoop app on Google Play Store and App Store. These two stores are known for taking user security seriously. As a result, the availability of the app on the stores gives it integrity. Furthermore, when you read any Swoop review online, there are no complaints about the service’s credibility.

User Demography

On the Swoop app, you’ll find users from around the globe. However, it provides users with matches based on their current location. The number of matches available is dependent on how well-known the app is in your locality. If there are more Swoop users in your area, you’re likely to have more match suggestions to choose from.

Also, because the app does not discriminate against users based on their race and ethnicity, you’ll come across users from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Religion is also not an issue that app moderators could use to lock you out.

Sexual Preferences

Swoop Review 2020

The app admits users of all sexual orientations. Therefore, whatever your sexual preferences, you’ll love to use this free service to find a partner that shares your interests in relationships. However, if you bump into someone who shares different views from yours, please don’t be rude to them.

User Age Structure

You must be over 18 years old to create an account on the app. However, the simplicity and “cool” nature of the app has seen it attract more youth. Furthermore, since the services are free, more young adults are attracted. If you are young at heart, don’t despair, you’ll not be discriminated against based on your age.

Registration and Login Details

Creating a user account on the Swoop app is flawless. The app does not have that functionality for those who prefer to synchronize their dating life with their social life. You must fill the registration form manually. The information you’ll have to provide includes:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Sexual preferences
  • Current location
  • Username
  • Unique password

Filling in the above details should take less than five minutes of your time. Once you’re done creating your Swoop account, it’s time to let other users know more about you by creating a user profile. The process is also straightforward, as outlined in the following section.

Profile Quality

Swoop Review 2020

The profiles on Swoop are unique and take the shortest time to create. Unlike other dating platforms where you’d have to fill several sections of personality tests and questionnaires, here it is only two steps.

First, the app expects you to upload a profile picture. According to not one Swoop review but several users without profile pictures don’t stand a chance of finding a partner. Online dating is a game of perception; therefore, you must present yourself to be judged by others. Use pictures that reveal your personality and interests. It would be best if you were alone in those pictures and probably doing one of your hobbies.

The next step is optional but crucial. Swoop allows you to upload a short profile video where you introduce yourself to the potential matches. Since there is no other additional information you’ll include in your profile, you must take advantage of the opportunity presented. Before you upload a video, record one and watch it yourself and make changes where necessary. It would help if you considered writing a script to avoid making a boring video. You can even have one of your close friends help you do it.

Once your profile is looking good, you are ready to mingle with other users on the platform. In the next part, you’ll learn how to locate your matches and chat with them.

Communication Features

Swoop Review 2020

The information you provided during registration becomes useful to your hunt for a partner. Swoop will provide you with a list of possible matches based on age, gender, location, and sexual preferences, as you indicated. But, you’ll only receive profiles of users in your locality as possible matches. This functionality makes it effortless for you to meet your perfect match when the time comes.

When you receive these profiles, the swiping game begins. Like on other dating sites, you’ll swipe right if you like someone or left if you don’t. Once you swipe right, you must wait for the response of the other user. If they also swipe right then, that’s a match, but you’ve got to keep looking if they swipe left.

When there is a match, Swoop notifies you immediately and opens a secure line for the two users to video call. You don’t have to agonize about your privacy as the Swoop app uses end-to-end encryption on the video calls. When you get the opportunity to video call a potential partner, take it with both arms. If you miss it, there is no other form of communication on the platform.

The app does not have the like and favorite functionalities also. The only way to communicate your interest to the other user is by swiping right on their profile. You also have to learn the art of waiting as they might not respond immediately. If you check a Swoop review or any other online dating review, most users prefer the video calls as it is easier to know someone when you are talking to them, looking them in the eye.

Mode of Access

So far, Swoop is exclusively a mobile application. You cannot access the services from your PC or laptop. However, if you search the internet, you might come across a Swoop web application but do not bear the same logo. You’ll have to be cautious to avoid becoming a victim of online fraud.

PC – Website

Swoop does not offer its services using a website; users must download the app and install it in their devices to access the services. The available site does not offer the dating services but provides links to critical information like Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Mobile Application

Swoop Review 2020

Initially, Swoop was developed as a dating app for iOS users. It was only available on the App Store, but later, Android users’ solution was developed. All the services offered by Swoop are accessible through mobile applications.

Graphic Design and user interface

The Swoop dating app uses a simple but modern design. The designers’ target audience is the youth, and they did a perfect job as most of the users on the platform are young adults. When you log into your account, you’ll love the clean and straightforward design with well-placed features.

The app uses red as its theme color, which works well for a dating service. Your screen elements are well balanced, with the muted faces sitting well on the white screen. The interface gives priority to user profile images and videos.

The hamburger menu helps to keep the app interface clean and clutter-free. The neatness is also enhanced by the lack of text on the app. To access the menu items, click the three dots to display them. New users will not be overwhelmed as the menu does not contain many items.

Website navigation

Navigating the site is super easy. The app allows users to use the swipe left and right to communicate their thoughts on a profile. Users don’t have to learn new elements of browsing through the profiles.

The hamburger menu also makes it easy for users to access various sections on the app with easy. The app is also optimized to work well on your smartphone touch screen. You can use the scroll, zoom in, and zoom out like you would on any other site. General views from Swoop reviews online indicate that users can easily find their way around the site.

Swoop Membership Plans

Swoop Review 2020

One of the highlights of Swoop is the fact that it is free to install and use. All the premium features on the site are available at no fee. The app does not have any subscription plans.

You could be thinking that there is a hidden catch in this free service, you’re mistaken. There are no hidden add-ons and in-app purchases. At no single moment will you be required to use your credit card on the platform.

Free membership Vs. Premium Membership

The app is accessible for free, and according to the owners, it will remain so in the foreseeable future. All members will have access to the following features:

  • Users can download and install the app.
  • They can also create a Swoop user account and profile.
  • Members can also browse through profiles.
  • They have access to swipe functionality.
  • Users can get matches.
  • They are also allowed to make live video calls.
  • They can block and report other users.
  • They are allowed to filter searches.
  • They can also create a profile video.

There is no premium membership on the platform. One Swoop review claimed that the service had attracted more youthful users because it is free.

Payment Methods

You’ll not make any payments on the platform as there are neither premium accounts nor in-app purchases. Furthermore, the app does not have any unique features that require you to pay as you use. Therefore, you don’t have to think about payment methods during video dating on Swoop.

Payment Administration

Administration and management of payments are only necessary on dating platforms that collect money from their users for services rendered. However, Swoop is a free service hence does not have any payment administration system.

User protection

Swoop Review 2020

There are several administrative decisions taken by Swoop that have helped enhance user safety. For instance, the app does not allow registration and login using your social media accounts. As a result, you’ll avoid superfluous friend requests and following on your social media accounts. Consequently, your privacy is almost guaranteed.

Another decision that contributes to reduce the chances of criminal activity on the platform is the absence of financial transactions. Usually, malicious individuals target online financial transactions to try to intercept credit card information. You are safe on Swoop as you will not do any financial transactions anywhere.

The app is also fully encrypted to protect the validity of the users. They also use end-to-end encryption to safeguard video calls. Also, making a video chatting the only means of communication ensures that the number of fake accounts is reduced. It is easier for scammers to hide behind the keyboard. If you check a Swoop review on safety, you might not find many safety issues reported like on other dating platforms.

Scammers and fake profiles

Since the service is free, there might be few cases of scammers and fake profiles. Some have studied the security protocols on the platform and devised ways to circumvent them. Therefore, even with the assurances issued in the previous section, your guard should always be up.

If you come across any suspicious user, the site allows you to either block them or report them or both. When you take these actions, you also help protect other users as the app moderators will take action on the user after checking them out. You need to equip yourself with information on these fake accounts and scammers to better deal with them. Here are some tips:

  • Read other Swoop reviews by users who encountered scammers on the site to learn from their experiences.
  • Do you own background checks on users on the platform you are interested in. Use Google and search for their name and “dating scam” as the keywords to find out if something pops up.
  • Be very cautious when dealing with someone that seems too perfect. Everyone has flaws.
  • When a user asks you to bail them out of a financial situation, that’s a red flag.

Always remember that when you’re dating online, your safety is in your hands. The app might do all it can to protect you, but you must play your part also. It might sound cliché, but your gut is your greatest weapon in online platforms.

Website unique features

Swoop Review 2020

Despite being free, the platform is loaded with great features that ensure the user experience is world-class. Here is what you should expect to enjoy when you join this dating platform:

  • Profile Video: this is a unique feature available on Swoop that allows users to upload a profile video to supplement their profile pictures. Even though it is mandatory, it would be best to create a short video and upload it to make your profile more attractive.
  • End-To-End Encryption: Swoop uses this technology to protect users as they make video calls. Users can rest assured they are safe when making video calls because of this feature.
  • Video Chats: The app is different from other dating platforms as it does not support communication via text. Users have access to the video chats feature only as the means of communication. It makes the app ideal to use on the go as you don’t have to worry about texting while you are on the move.
  • Swiping: This is a standard functionality employed by top rated dating platforms. When you come across someone, you like swipe right or swipe left if you don’t like the profile to move on to the next.
  • Filtering Functionality: Swoop allows users to filter out their search results based on age. There is no other filter you can apply.
  • GPS Connections: the dating app uses your GPS location to link you to possible matches. The matching algorithm uses location as a criterion to filter out users far away from your current location. You’ll only receive possible matches who are close by.


Swoop Review 2020

Swoop dating app designers must have studied the trend on social networking platforms. People are slowly moving away from text-based interactions to video-based interactions. It is easier for users to express themselves on video than using words. This unique design also explains why the app has attracted more youthful users than older ones.

You must also like the fact that even if it is free, the app still offers top quality services. Users with diverse sexual preferences are accommodated. However, it would help if you were willing to find matches from your locality, as that is what the app will connect you to. This Swoop review contains enough to convince you to create your account today and enjoy free services.

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