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TalkWithStranger Review 2021

TalkWithStranger Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 13-21
Profiles 640,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Numerous chatrooms on various topics
  • Ability to play in games with real people
  • Blog that includes a variety of articles
  • Free of charge
  • Mobile app for Android
  • Doesn’t require verification meaning the gap in safety
  • Doesn’t offer the ability to report user

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Essential Info About TalkWithStranger

Are you on the lookout for the ultimate chat community for talkative individuals? Then hurry up to read this TalkWithStranger review. Here you will have an exclusive opportunity to talk with strangers in chats, discuss essential topics in forums and use such cutting-edge technologies as video calls and private chat rooms. Is it something you are looking for, then keep reading this TalkWithStranger review, to learn all the benefits and pitfalls of the platform.

TalkWithStranger is a unique community designed to deliver the pleasure and positive emotions with strangers. You are free to discuss numerous topics in the chat rooms and forums. Religion, society issues, sex, this is just a glimpse of what you can talk about on the platform.

The developers managed to create a safe environment on the site while moderating the public chat rooms, forums, and blogs. It’s not allowed to upload explicit content on the website. However, what is happening in the private chatroom remains to be a secret. The site is R-rated, meaning teens above 13 can use the services of the community. However, they should have parental permission for this.

The main advantage of this community is that it is absolutely free of charge. However, it results in some inconveniences like an enormous number of ads and the sluggish performance of the site. However, if you are all about communicating and don’t mind all these blemishes, read on this TalkWithStranger review to find out more interesting details about the provider.

Essential Info About TalkWithStranger

About TalkWithStranger legibility

TalkWithStranger is a reliable community with all the rights reserved. It has discreet terms of use and privacy policy. Also, the brand has a lot of affiliates, which is the best proof of its legibility. On top of this, the platform offers responsive customer support to solve all the possible issues happening on the platform. The site has all the required certificates and rights to operate all around the world and deliver its free services.

Members Quality

Although the platform doesn’t specify the number of members, but they claim they have a massive database of registered users. Not only people from the United States are the members of the community. Here you can come across users from India, Canada, Europe, and more! However, whatever country you are living in, you should speak in English on the site. All the users are active and friendly. They are always ready to chat and share their interests.

The majority of the members aren’t looking for serious relationships but rather for hookups or just having fun. Also, here you can find real friends. Nevertheless, the platform boasts numerous successful love stories. Since you can always find a user you have recently talked to, everything is possible on TalkWithStranger.

Sexual Preferences

The platform welcomes people of all sexual orientations and fetishes. Here you can find a chat room according to your sexual preferences and expectations. Whether you are a gay, lesbian, or trans person, feel free to join the community and find the proper room to enjoy the conversation with like-minded people.

Average Age

TalkWithStranger has a lot of users in their database belonging to the different age groups. Whether you are a teen above the 13 years old or experienced person at your late fiftieth, you will definitely find the most suitable group for you. The target audience of the community are young adults looking for talkative strangers to spice up their social life. Regardless of your age, feel free to become part of the community.

TalkWithStranger Members Quality

How to Get Registered?

The registration process on the platform is quick and straightforward. This TalkWithStranger review outlines it in detail for choosing one of the most suitable registration methods. You can get registered using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or via your email address. The process is speedy, and you will spend around 3 minutes to get to the platform.

The next stage is to specify your email address, create an appealing username and secure password. Then, it is necessary to agree with such aspects as your consent to the collection, to process your personal info on the site, and to receive digest and notification emails from the company. Once you agree with the terms of use, feel free to play around and enjoy your time spending on TalkWithStranger.

TalkWithStranger How to Get Registered?

Profile Info

Like the majority of chat-oriented sites, TalkWithStranger does include a lot of fake profiles. They don’t have strict rules concerning the uploading the photos so that any user can add any photo to his or her profile. The main restriction is that the picture shouldn’t include any porn content.

Practically, you will hardly find a user with a real image, which is bitterly disappointing for those who are looking for serious relationships. The users often upload pictures of movie characters, animations, cats, etc. You can even use a default icon if you want to stay anonymous. Another disadvantage of the platform is that the profile pictures remain small, and to enlarge an image, you should do several manipulations, which takes time.

While looking through the profiles of the users, it is difficult to understand whether this person suits you or not since they lack the information. There isn’t any separate tab that will display the personal page of the user. Instead, you will see a tiny drop-down box that will display the image (which often is unreal), username, and chatbox where you can click to initiate a conversation.

Also, the user’ account page lacks a special section where the person can tell about himself or herself and express the expectations. The only way to know more about the user is to initiate a conversation.

How to Contact the Members?

The platform boasts a slew of contacting options. And this TalkWithStranger review outlines each of them in greater detail.

  • Public Chat. This is a great opportunity to make new friends and entertain yourself. You can talk here on different topics. By the way, the recently-discussed topics are displayed at the bottom of the chatbox.
  • Voice chat. If you want to know the person better, you can initiate a voice conversation. Another advantage of this service is that you can understand the real intention of the stranger while hearing the voice. Apart from being a convenient and quick way to contact the users, it helps you overcome the phone anxiety. Just choose your country to understand the member from the first word and enjoy the conversation.
  • TWS Banter. This is an exclusive chat that includes an array of features found in Facebook and What’s up. It requires a login and brings up a lot of possibilities for conversation.
  • Live Chat. This type of chat doesn’t require login. So, everybody who wants to talk can join the chat. The only thing is that there are numerous ads and self-promoting from the unlogged users that are sometimes very annoying and distractive.
  • Video calls. Watch your partner and enjoy pleasant conversation while showcasing yourself on a camera. Video calls are a great chance to see the expectations and intentions of your potential partner.
  • Private chats. Make your dating journey more intimate while initiating a private chat. Nobody will interrupt or disturb you. Everything that is happening in the private chat is between you two.

TalkWithStranger Profile Info

How to Use the Website?

TalkWithStranger is a feature-rich platform that contains numerous tabs and sections. Sometimes it is complicated to figure out how to find the necessary section, especially if you are new on the platform. Moreover, you can easily get lost when browsing the site since sometimes you can be redirected to the affiliate websites, which may seem somewhat confusing.

However, once you become a confident user of the site, you will find out that this is an entire social network with broad functionality and opportunities for pleasant communication. Each section on the site has a comprehensive review and informative description. The site also features a great FAQ section where you can see all the answers to your questions.

Desktop Version

The version for the computer is a full-featured website that has everything to entertain the user. The main functionality of the site is located on the top menu. You can see only icons, but once you hover the mouse over the icon, you will see the inscription, which will tell you what the particular function is designed for.

TalkWithStranger has notifications, which will appear when a particular activity concerning your account is noticed. Also, on the top-right menu, you can see a search field. Just type a word or two, and the system will display you all the possible results. Your profile icon (located on the right bottom menu bar) will allow you to edit your profile info and change the main photo.

App Version

Aside from the desktop version of TalkWithStranger, you can download the mobile app for Android. It isn’t inferior to the website in terms of capabilities, with one difference being, it works much faster. With the application, you can access all the functionality of the platform regardless of your location. It has pretty readable icons and simplistic layout. The app navigation, is a breeze as well. You will easily reach the necessary section just in a tap. The applications is lightweight and is compatible with the majority of devices.

TalkWithStranger App Version

Website Layout and Usability

Since TalkWithStranger is a free platform, it isn’t surprising it has a bit outdated and cluttered design. Apart from being poorly structured, it has a lot of pop-ups and ads, which makes it very complicated to use. Some functions are hidden behind the other sections, which makes it difficult for the member to understand all the capabilities of the platform.

Also, it is quite confusing to find a suitable chat room since there is no search but a long list of possible options. Some of them are created by the users and aren’t so popular, so you will need to browse for a long time to find the chat room that suits your needs. Another annoying aspect is that the website has too many text. Each section is well-described, but you will need to take much time to read all this info.

How to Navigate the Site?

Since TalkWithStranger features an unintuitive layout, you may feel issues while navigating it. Apart from poor performance, you will face such inconveniences like pop-up ads and affiliate links. Moreover, the pages are loading very slow, so you will need to wait a bit to initiate a conversation. Nevertheless, considering that the site has such broad functionality and is completely free, this is a minor blemish.

TalkWithStranger Website Layout and Usability

TalkWithStranger Prices and Subscription Options

The site provides its services completely free of charge. There are no hidden fees or payment for additional features. If you are a registered user, feel free to explore all the potential of the platform without paying a dollar.

Features for Paid and Non-Paid Users

This TalkWithStranger review reveals all the features the platform offers. Moreover, all of them are free.

  • A variety of chats
  • Games
  • Art Board
  • A wide selection of chatrooms
  • Blog
  • Forum
  • Video calls
  • Mobile phone chat
  • Mobile app
  • Free services from the partners

TalkWithStranger Prices and Subscription Options

How to Make a Payment?

TalkWithStranger doesn’t offer any paid features, that is why you don’t need to provide any billing info and make a payment for any extra features. You can use just what you see.

Payment Methods

The platform doesn’t support any payment methods. If you receive a message from a stranger about payment services, feel free to approach customer support.

Security Measures

TalkWithStranger is a fast-growing platform which is sought-after among users not only for its communicative and entertaining features but also on its extraordinary security measures. Even though it is free of charge, it has professional moderators who manually check the chatrooms and terminate those users who violate the terms and conditions of the platform. The site doesn’t contain any viruses or unreliable affiliate links. The ads that are displayed on the website are contextual, meaning you will see just those products or services you are interested in.

TalkWithStranger Security Measures

Does the Platform Have Scammers?

Since the platform is free and some communicative features don’t require a login, TalkWithStranger is a sweet point for scammers. Although the moderators monitor the chatrooms and conversations in them, everything that is happening in the private chat is thoroughly encrypted. That is why you should be cautious while communicating with users tet-a-tet because you will never know about the real intention of the person. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t have the report button. So, if you notice some suspicious activity, just stop talking with such a user and leave a chat room.

Features That Make the Website Stand Out

The site boasts numerous unique features that can satisfy even the most demandable users. This TalkWithStranger review pays special attention to these features in order for you not to miss any interesting perk.

  • Social drawing board. Since TalkWithStranger emulates the social media platform, it includes a lot of entertaining features, and the social drawing board is one of them. You can merge the forces with the users of the platform and create something interesting together. Just don’t forget to follow all the terms and conditions of the community.
  • Watch Party. This is an excellent opportunity to watch videos with friends. There is a list of clips or movies. You can choose the most suitable one and watch and discuss it with the members of the community. All you need is to have a stable Internet connection and a desire to have an awesome time with like-minded people.
  • Free Music. If you are a music addict, TalkWithStranger is definitely for you. You can enjoy free soundtracks while chatting. Search the music for artists, songs, or albums. The platform has a lot of tracks to offer.
  • Social games. This is another entertaining feature that will help you to entertain yourself. Match Solitaire, Bomberman, Adventure time, these just some games the platform offers. Play with real people and enjoy yourself.
  • Blog. The site features a well-structured and informative blog. Just look through some articles, and you will certainly know something new. Every registered user can leave comments on the articles and discuss the particular topics.
  • Forum. You will have an exclusive chance to become a part of the community by creating posts in a forum and commenting on them. This is an excellent way to encounter new friends and maybe find someone special.

TalkWithStranger Does the Platform Have Scammers?

Bottom Line

TalkWithStranger is a free and reliable chat community that doesn’t include any explicit content or a tint to porno. Moreover, it boasts dozens of communicative and innovative entertainment functions that will considerably boost your social and dating life. Apart from browsing the various chatrooms, you can play games, watch movies, listen to music, and examine numerous useful articles in the blog. Although there are a few dating options available, but with such broad functionality at hand, you will definitely find a friend or a partner. Is the site worth your attention and time? Definitely yes, if you want to have an awesome time, meet new people and discuss interesting topics. However, if you are on the lookout of a soulmate, it will be somewhat challenging for you to find a perfect match since TalkWithStranger offers only several features for those who want to build serious relationships.

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