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TeenChat Review 2021

TeenChat Review 2021
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 95%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 13-19
Profiles 16.000.000
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Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The signing up process is completely free.
  • One needs to strictly belong to the age between 13 years and 19 years to use the website.
  • The time required for signing in is almost less than a minute.
  • Users get the option of uploading a profile picture.
  • One can go through other user’s pictures and profiles.
  • TeenChat allows its users to access all its features for free.
  • There are features like sending friend requests to keep teenagers more involved.
  • The website has an impressive and attractive design.
  • The profile information can be changed whenever needed.
  • Multiple users can interact within group chats.
  • The Mobile version of the website is present, which is compatible with all devices.
  • Users get to write their ‘Mood of the day’ on their profile.
  • Features like sending and receiving friend requests are added.
  • The website does not moderate the chat rooms.
  • One can come across explicit content, so; sometimes, it is not safe.
  • The creation of a fake profile within the website is easy.
  • It can turn out to be the preying ground for pedophiles.
  • The app is not present.
  • The verification process of a new profile is present, but it is not very strict.

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An Insight Into TeenChat

It is safe to start this TeenChat review with a brief insight into TeenChat. A website is a virtual place that permits people who are teenagers. The possibilities with this website are endless. Here they get to hang out, gossip, and share their experiences and a lot more. Teenagers get to use this platform without the interruption of any adult. If you are between the age of 13 years and 19 years, you can use the website. The TeenChat review is authored in such a way so that all your doubts are cleared on TeenChat, and you get to enjoy the site to the fullest.


Is TeenChat legit or just another scam?

The creators of TeenChat have put incountless hours to come up with this website. Once you use the site, you will understand all the world-class features the website offers you. The website was created as early as 2002, and it hardly has any negative feedback from its users since then. While signing up, it makes sure that you go through all the policies of the website. The Terms of Use are also mentioned clearly on the site. The creators are continually listening to customer reviews and polishing the website for the benefit of all the users. Plus, you get to experience the website to the fullest without paying a single penny. So, it is advisable to sit back and relax.

Heterogeneity of the members on the website

Teenagers are given the golden opportunity to make friends and interact with people from anywhere in this world. TeenChat has countless teenagers who are ready to communicate with you and become your friend. Any boundaries and borders cannot restrict friendship. The website is populated with teenagers of all ethnic backgrounds, races, and religions. The members are spread all around the world. Teenagers are from more than 45 countries making the website extremely diverse.

Is TeenChat legit or just another scam?

The Sexual Preferences of Members

There is no sexual preference of TeenChat. The community of TeenChat consists of teenagers of all kinds of sexual orientation. The website provides three options for its members to choose from, ‘male,’ ‘female,’ and ‘other.’ This shows the sexual orientation of a member is never a boundary for using the website. You can belong to the LGBTQ community or be straight; you will surely not feel left out. Among all the users of the website, you might find plenty of users just like you. Again, your sexual orientation must never turn out to be an obstacle to making friends.

The Distribution of Age Groups

One needs to be more than or equal to 13 years and less than or equal to 19 years for being a website’s registered user. The users within this age group are very active on TeenChat. The forums are always active, and participation from users of all ages can be seen. If you are with this age group and are willing to join, think no more. You will surely find many friends around your age.

Options Available for Signing Up

TeenChat ensures that the process of signing up for a new member is kept simple. This TeenChat review will explore all the options available for signing up. The website aims to create a free and easy way for new members to join. New users are given the option to sign in through their Facebook, Twitter, and Google account. All these options are put forward by the creators to make the experience better by ten folds. Other than these options, one can also create an account with the help of their email id. The only thing that the member has to do is fill up some simple information, and TeenChat takes care of the rest. Also, one can create an account before verifying the email account. But this must be kept in mind that if an account stays unverified for a long time, it can lead to suspicion within the regulating bodies.

TeenChat Options Available for Signing Up

Step by Step Guidelines That Needs Be Followed For Creation of Profile

TeenChat review will guide you and let you know about all the steps for profile creation. Don’t worry! Just go through these easy steps, and you will create a profile in no time. Click on the ‘Members Login’ button, and the website will direct you to a simple questionnaire. There you need to provide your username, password, email id, age, and gender. Or as mentioned earlier, you can sign up using any one of your Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts. TeenChat is generous enough to provide its users with yet another option. A user can log in using a guest member. By following this method, you may not give your identity, but you will be able to use all the website features. Finally, a verification code would be sent to your email id. After entering the verification code, the account will be verified. The website asks you to write a brief essay in which you are expected to describe the kind of person you are. Writing this will help ensure that others will be able to get more attracted to you. Like, let’s be real. You know that you won’t be willing to spend your time behind a person whose profile description does not make you stop and think about that person. You can even add the ‘Mood of the day’ in your profile also, you get to change it every day if you wish to do so. After completing all these steps, add a few interesting pictures of yours. That’s it! You are good to go!

TeenChat Step by Step Guidelines That Needs Be Followed For Creation of Profile

TheMessaging System

The website, TeenChat, provides a very advanced messaging system. The infrastructure is designed in such a way that the look and feel of the messaging system turn out to be very attractive for the users. You can choose to show your status as one of the following, ‘busy,’ ‘away,’ or ‘online.’ It helps all the users to connect worldwide. The most positive news for all users is; the instant messaging feature is free for all users. TeenChat has tried to keep the feel of this website like other social media websites. One can send friend requests and also accept them. This helps the website to stand out amongst the rest. The user will be able to do messaging, video, or voice chatting to anyone and anytime. The voice and video chatting features are unique to this website, thus making it different from others. Through the messaging system, you can send exciting stickers and emoji that are designed exclusively for TeenChat. You get to add people with whom you frequently contact under the ‘Friends’ tab. Members can participate in chat rooms. The chat room is the other name for group chat. In these chat rooms, you can join in any conversation you like. Most of the time, there is a prevalent topic that is discussed within them. Chat rooms can open up many opportunities for you. You can get to know many people, know about their life, culture, and share ideas. Plugging other social media is strictly banned in the chat rooms, which ensure the absence of pornographic content. This can be an excellent opportunity, but the authorities of the website do not properly regulate these chat rooms.

TeenChat TheMessaging System

A Platform for Widespread Use

TeenChat offers a lot of services to its users. The internet acts as a big area where people can actively come online and do whatever they want. Here in TeenChat, a user is given a platform to make connections, built friendships, and hopefully, make some new relationships down the line. Any teenager looking for an appropriate and harmless platform to express their views and ideas can opt for the website. With all the policies and monitoring, whenever a user misbehaves, it knows how to draw the line. This makes the website a safe place for teens and young adults to interact in. Blogs are present, which contains articles that can be authored by anyone. These blog posts serve as a medium for a teen to express his or her views and ideas. Another added advantage; the blogs are devoid of sexual content. You can go there with ease and start reading anyone’s post, and you will get to know about the person.

Desktop Version

The desktop version is made in such a way that none of the teenagers are lost. It seems to be warm and inviting. The navigation across the different pages is made painless and effective. The icons within the website are created in such a way so that they are easily understandable. There is the presence of a status bar, which helps you to find more people according to your liking. Searching for someone is also easy and takes almost no time. Merely clicking on someone’s profile icon from the chat room shows you the person’s profile information. The website does a great job of arranging all the names of your friends in alphabetical order. This makes it easier for you to search for a person who is on your friend list.

TeenChat Desktop Version

An App For Some Extra Convenience

Sadly, there is no app present for the website. However, a mobile version of the website needs to be downloaded from the Google Play store. This mobile version is compatible with all the devices you might have. The minds behind TeenChat have created this to make the user experience fun. It is easy to use, and all the features are similar to the desktop version. The added advantage is; you do not need to carry your desktop around everywhere to use TeenChat and to stay in touch with your beloved friends.

Design and Usability of the Website

This website is created in such a way that it can be precisely what teenagers want. The look and the feel of the website are ideal for their use. The colors are fun and bright. Features and theme of the website are eye-catching and trendy. The desktop and the mobile versions are both easy to operate, and their characteristics are also similar. Thus, it becomes impossible for someone to get lost while using TeenChat. Also, the blogs are easy to find, and you can add comments.

The designing team has cleverly planned and executed the website. They have dedicated time and energy towards it and have polished it to present to use the final product. All the features are neatly stacked for us in a very concise manner. TeenChat is devoid of any useless tabs and functions. All the icons that symbolize a particular function are easy to understand for anyone. The navigation through pages takes a few seconds and is effortless.

TeenChat Design and Usability of the Website

How Costly is TeenChat?

TeenChat provides a Premium membership or VIP membership plan for its users. The following are the different plans you can opt for:

  • $5.00 for one month of membership.
  • $10.00 for three months of membership.
  • $15.00 for four months of membership.
  • $20.00 for becoming a lifetime member.

All these membership plans are auto-renewable after the completion of their terms. Also, the memberships can be canceled anytime.

Contrasts between Paid and Free Users

This TeenChat review will help you to understand the differences between a paid and a free user in detail. Most of the features of the website can be accessed for free. But there is a disadvantage to this; there are a lot of advertisements on the website. These can stand as a barrier against you and the uninterrupted use of the website. Paid users have a few advantages reserved for them. By that you can get to have an ad-free experience, upload pictures, and links to the chat. Also, as a paid user, your name will be at the top of the search list. A diamond will appear on the top of the username, which is the symbol indicating a paid user from a free user. Paid users can also use gradient color text, gradient color username, use animated images for profile background cover, and view chat history.

TeenChat Contrasts between Paid and Free Users

Modes of Payment

If you like all the plans that TeenChat has to offer and are willing to pay, you can complete the payment method in no time! It is effortless and hassle-free. But before everything, you should be clear on all the options available for payment. The website gives the option to pay through debit and credit cards.

Guidelines to Follow for Completion of Payments

Follow the detailed guidelines provided by this article, and you will be able to ignore the headache of making the payments in no time. First, you need to decide the mode of payment and the kind of plan you would like to opt for. This step is very crucial and takes most of the time. If you pay with the help of a credit card or a debit card, then enter the name of the owner of the card, security number, OTP, etc. Hit the ‘PAY’ button to complete the payment. It must be kept in mind that the membership plans are auto-renewable. So, this step is to be followed only once. Also, all the membership plans can be canceled any time you like from the profile page.

Safety & Security of Users

TeenChat being a website dedicated to all the teenagers around the world, is very serious about safety issues of all the users. The chat rooms, blogs, and private chats are moderated to maintain a secure environment. If any user’s behavior is questionable, other users can report against him or her. And one can also block a user from adding him or her to the ‘Ignore List.’ If the authorities find a user suspicious, he or she might get kicked out of the website. All the terms of use of the website are mentioned for the users. The contact information of the authorities is mentioned within the website for your assistance. The customer support team responds to any queries and complains at a quick pace, and it is open 24/7. The users are also warned from beforehand to avoid giving out addresses, phone numbers, and social media handles to unknown people. This ensures their safety.

TeenChat Safety & Security of Users

The different information that is mentioned in this TeenChat review acts as proof to the fact that there are no scamming related issues anywhere near the website. The hard work and dedication of the creators will be clear to you from the moment you log into the website. The features that are provided to you by TeenChat are of top-notch quality.

Special Features

Many unique features are available on TeenChat, which are exclusive and help it shine among the rest. Users can send and receive friend requests. One can set a ‘Mood of the day,’ and this can be changed every day. Blogs are present, which acts as a medium for expressing views and ideas.

Final Words

The TeenChat review has explored all the aspects of your website. Hopefully, all your doubts are cleared, and it was helpful to you.

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