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Tinychat Review 2021

Tinychat Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 1 300 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It is an appropriate home for 1.3 Million singles
  • Very detailed profile and huge description that you have been looking for
  • Exclusive and very facile match-making features.
  • Amazing privacy system
  • Verification of identity is only done through certified documents
  • Everyone can notice profile pictures for free
  • Android app is available
  • A legitimate dating site
  • A member can choose the gold, extreme or pro package
  • Message boards or online activities not available
  • Automatic session timeout
  • No facility of pre-registration available with the email verification
  • Mac version is not available
  • A moderate user-friendly interface
  • Lesser hookup chance

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What is Tinychat?

Tinychat has become a reliable place for those singles who are looking for marriage or long-term relationships. This Tinychat review aims to focus on the beneficial aspects and limitations of the site so that people think twice logically before registering on this website. This dating website was launched in 2009, and it offers a plethora of services, including instant messaging, voice chat, video chat, to link people from all over the world. The website has achieved satisfaction of over 1.3 million members who have joined this site to find companions. This Tinychat review is going to focus on the sign-up process, safety issues, costs, and many more so that those who are thinking of joining this site get to all about it in detail.

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Is Tinychat Scam or Legit?

So, is Tinychat scam or legit? Every site has its safety page. Go through it, and check the legitimacy of the dating site. If the dating site does not have any safety page, then you need to think twice before a plunge into a sign-in process. The website has its safety page or even in-app, and if you have ever envisaged any suspicious activity on the site, make sure to report on the Tinychat contact page. It is recommendable not to share any personal details with any members and to entangle yourself into a fraudulent case. You can protect yourself and the other members of this site by identifying suspicious members of the site’s moderators. They will help you immensely if you are facing any serious issues related to your account or delete the membership for any reason.

What Members On This Site

If you are thinking about the Tinychat membership and how many members it consists of, then you should know that a legitimate dating platform like the website possesses 1.3 million members from the different parts of the globe. The members of this site always look for a real deal when it comes to perfect dating. It has acquired immense popularity as 500000 customers are signing up monthly. Although this dating site is mainly USA based, residents of different countries visit this website and become a member. As far as gender proportion is concerned, 60% of males and 40% of females are looking for a real-time partner.

Sexual Orientation

In the Tinychat dating site there is a profusion of males than females. This site is spread out in most of the continents. However, it possesses more clients from the USA rather than in any country. Despite the enormous numbers of males in this site, the majority of the live streamers are single women. Most importantly, the straight singles have subjugated this site.

Age Distribution

All the members over 13 years old are welcome in the Tinychat rooms, and if they want to partake in live group chats or making new friends, they can also do that. This website is a full-fledged platform for younger people and millennials mostly. But, most of them do not seem like that young.

Age Distribution

Sign-up Process And Login Info

The sign-up process on Tinychat is reasonably expeditious and easy. But it requires to create an account first before availing of the facility of chatting with any members to your heart’s contentment. Apart from possessing a quick sign-up process, whereas other dating apps require just your preferable username and password, the website needs to create an account first. Once you are done with creating an account, you will be imposed on an absolute URL, as this serves an aim. You cannot secretly enter into someone’s chatroom, instead of typing in their URLs. A chat room can also be shared by sending out your URL to any strangers or your friends.

Well, the process of creating an account in Tinychat is entirely hassle-free. You just need to put in your opted username, address, email id, password, birthday, and finally, click join. After that, you will be redirected to a page where you can set up your gender and profile picture. However, these steps can also be skipped and done it later. The expeditious way of registering into the Tinychat account is Facebook. Just click on the sign up via Facebook link, and it automatically takes you to your Facebook page, and it’s done.

Sign-up Process And Login Info

Profile Creation

The next part of this Tinychat review is going to focus on the process of profile creation so that new users get to know what details need to be added to the profile to make it more attractive. This online dating and hookup site is suitable for long-term relationships or marriages. Members need to be very selective about their choice of information. After getting registered to this dating website, fill up your profile with all essential details so that it is easier for other members to find you out. A significant part of filling out a profile on this website will be completing Tinychat questions. On the other hand, the site algorithm can easily suggest viable matches if the profiles are provided with enough information about users’ preferences.


This Tinychat review will highlight the beneficial aspects of the messaging system that has attracted more users to utilize this dating website. Users have been given an opportunity of sending private messages and gifts to other members. If one’s membership plan is upgraded to premium, he/she can view live video broadcasts of others in fullscreen. One on one conversation facility is hardly available on this dating website as this mostly works on a “video conference” set up. This platform thrives on video conferences, group conferences, and other exciting interactive ways of meeting people’s groups. Users cannot view other members’ profiles without having a premium subscription. However, it’s not a problem as they can still send private messages.

The exact way to view other members is to enter chat rooms and join in the group broadcast. Users will get to know how the chat features have become beneficial from this Tinychat review. Members can broadcast themselves with the help of video, text, audio, or all three, depending on which medium is perfectly suitable for them.

The actual selling point of this dating website is the experience of buying and selling gifts, which in turn raises users’ “cool pints.” The users are promoted to live directory, where all the features have been tailored to improve users’ experience.

The best aspect of this dating platform is that all exciting special features have been well integrated within the interface. These are so well-connected that users experience too much fun while connecting with their matches.


Platform For Use

This dating platform has introduced a mobile application and a well-designed website so that users can utilize any as per convenience.


Unfortunately, no desktop version has not been introduced by Tinychat so far. Users can use the website on their PC. They just require to have a stable and strong internet connection to enjoy uninterrupted services.


This fantastic dating app provides the same functionality and usability to the android and iOS users as similar to the web version. Download the mobile app from Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. This app fetches video conferencing and chats rooms to the younger generation with a fresh way it represents itself and its superior features to its targeted audience. This app background is exceptionally artsy and vivid, with its usage of funky and captivating colors. This fun app does not look cheap and immature at any cost. Instead, this mobile version is impeccable. Although it possesses a moderate user interface, it has chosen for a bit fancier outlook compared to simple usability. Still, it is miraculously intuitive for the young generation. The website’s mobile version demonstrates that it is a perfect dating app for the teens instead of the older persons by creating an amazing and bright space for them, which they can take a rest and manifest themselves.

Tinychat Design And Usability

This Tinychat review is now going to focus on the beneficial design of this specific dating website that is preferred by most of today’s users. All items on the menu have been group systematically and simplistically so that users can experience easy display. It has been fixed easier for both new and existing users to find essential profile parameters. Even beginners feel it easy and comfortable to use.

A high level of usability has made this website easily acceptable. Filling account details adequately and systematically ensures quick and positive responses.

Tinychat Design And Usability

The site can be easily navigated to look for potential matches. Smooth and consistent navigation has helped users get accustomed to using this website to find a match quickly.

Tinychat Costs and Prices

The website provides you with an abundance of pricing features and services that will make you awestruck. Website offers you productive best ways to transition into the scene delicately. They provide free, gold, extreme, and Pro memberships that possess various exclusive features that you will surely want to grab.

Duration / Credits / Coins



Tinychat Pro

12 months

4.15 USD / month

49.75 USD

One month

9.95 USD / month 

9.95 USD

Tinychat Extreme

12 months

6.23 USD / month

74.75 USD

One month

14.95 USD / month

14.95 USD

Tinychat Gold

12 months

37.48 USD / month

449.75 USD

One month

44.95 USD / month

44.95 USD

Tinychat mostly provides its free services for the guests who want to wander around this dating site without any sign-up process, and this site also offers its free services for registered users. With Tinychat, you will be capable of browsing ‘Live Directory’, create an account, and even the chat rooms. Well, ‘Live Directory’ is one of the eminent chat rooms where everyone wants to get in, and these profiles have the most gifts amidst all. Apart from that, you can join any chat room according to your preferences. The best-in-class service that the website offers you that you do not have to rely on this platform without giving it a try. So, it provides you with a 3-days free trial policy with all the top-notch features. Thus, you can try those premium features before upgrading to any subscription plan, which is impressive indeed!

Well, free plans offer you fewer services, but not to worry! In this paid feature, Tinychat offers you a 3-types of subscription plans to become a premium user and rummage every corner of this platform and enjoy from the core of your heart. The premium subscription provides you with an ad-free experience, mandatory “Live Directory,” superior HD quality videos, and besides that, the website coins as a bonus. These virtual coins can also be purchased separately, and these can be sent to the other members.

How To Pay

This online dating site provides payment options only via credit card.

Payment Systems

The three premium packages of Tinychat offers the diverse shade of exclusivity. You can opt for in between annual and monthly charges that suit your budget. The subscription policy is auto-renewed, and once completing the payment via credit card, you can avail of the myriad facilities of this dating site.

Payment Systems

Tinychat Safety And Security

This Tinychat review will show what safety policies have been taken by website developers to protect users’ security. This website is a property of Peer Stream Inc., which has strengthened security measures so that users feel safe using this platform.


The robust security policy of this website has restricted scammers from interfering with users’ profiles. A few cases of the scam have been reported so far.

Special Features

Tinychat is an all in one online dating platform that has been introduced to help single people in finding their perfect matches. This Tinychat Review is going to show you what features it has brought for you so that dating becomes more comfortable and more enjoyable. Have a look at the unique and attractive features that have convinced users to utilize this platform for dating.

  • Tinychat coins and Points:

This remarkable feature distinguishes Premium accounts and free ones. Tinychat Gold premium and extreme packages are aided with month;y coins, whereas no such facilities are available for Tinychat standard and Pro accounts. The users can use these coins for them or other users of the website to buy different gifts from virtual stores.

The points provided by the website are also of immense importance. The ‘cool icon,’ demonstrated next to the nickname of the users, are given depending upon the user’s point level. Promote a room:

You need to pay 500 coins for endorsing your room. These coins are only available for Tinychat gold and extreme subscriptions. Two thousand coins are added to the profile of Tinychat Gold users after the subscription is made, and they will also receive 2000 coins every month after the renewal of their subscription.

  • Virtual Store:

You can send virtual gifts to your live streaming members, and in private chats, too. You can even use money, points, and Tinychat coins to buy any items. The more you make purchase records, the higher will be your social status.



This Tinychat review has been presented to make more people interested in joining this platform for getting closer to soulmates and having enough fun. Utilize this website as much as you can to know about your compatible matches more clearly.

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