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WildBuddies Review 2021

WildBuddies Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 26-31
Profiles 1,000,400
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Modern design;
  • Large & diverse member pool;
  • Good quality profiles;
  • Cheap membership packages.
  • A paid membership is required to get rid of ads and unlock all communication tools.

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What is WildBuddies?

Every site is created with a certain aim. Wildbuddies is a project of Together Networks, a company that owns a considerable amount of niche sites. When it comes to this platform, it is the one for a wide audience. There is no limit as to who can use it, as long as the user is 18 and older. It is more about the intention. It happens in every person’s life that they want to break free and have a wild and fun time with someone. In most cases, it means they want a no-strings-attached occasion. Wildbuddies review looks into the way the platform operates. It managed to become a well-known hookup site, and the users are curious about its safety. Every service you use online should be checked for some red flags. Wildbuddies review looks into the red flags and recommendations regarding the site. Read on to find out its dirty secrets.

Whether you prefer an app or a desktop version, the points to look for stay the same, to be successful, you need to know that you are wading through the pool of singles with the same intention. The more users the site attracted, the more chances you have to find someone here and now. WildBuddies has a huge member pool. People tend to come back to it a lot since it has a luring set of prices and features.

Together Networks is a brand, and you can see its trace on every project. It means that the site is protected by the same policies and provides the same quality of service. Since the holding has been working for ages on the dating market worldwide, many professionals were involved in creating WildBuddies.

What is WildBuddies?

Is WildBuddies legit or scam?

WildBuddies review of the site’s activity and feedback from users shows that the site is legit. It operates under the governance of the holding with the famous name. It also has the needed privacy and confidentiality policies, as well as the extended terms of use document. The document is located on the bottom menu and contains every aspect of the site’s work. It is recommended to get acquainted with it before you start using the service, so it does not come as a surprise to you. For example, the site warns that they have a right to delete the content you post if it violates the code of conduct. At the same time, by posting on the site, you agree that the content posted belongs to the site. They manipulate it in the way needed to provide the functioning of your profile. This point is common for most agreements on all the platforms but is often overlooked. What it should tell you is that if you post the content and consider being private, there is a chance it will get out, and you will have no control of it. So, use common sense when you post information online, regardless of the platform.

What members on this site?

WildBuddies review of member pool shows diversity. Most users come to the site when they want a one-time fun or find a friend for sexting. The site was started in the USA, and now it is quite popular in Europe, Canada, and Australia. Most audience of the site is English-speaking, and the interface is also English.

WildBuddies What members on this site?

Sexual orientation

When a user comes to the site and fills in the registration form, there are options to pick whether you are a man looking for a man or woman, or a woman looking for a man or woman. Hence, the audience of the site consists of homosexuals, heterosexuals, and bisexuals. There is no alternative for the couple or groups in the registration form, but it is possible to arrange such meetings via messages.

Age Distribution

The site is designed for a person of any age as long as the intention is to have fun. It can be frustrating for the users who come to find a genuine person for a loving, long-term relationship. Not that people are not genuine, they come with a different purpose, and the tone of conversations and subjects is raised to correspond to the purpose. The age categories represented most are 26 – 31 y.o and 32 – 39 y.o. The average age of a user is 35 y.o. No doubt, using the search bar, you can find people of 18 and 54, but they are not frequent visitors.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Many controversies are usually caused by the terms of use agreement that every platform asks to sign. WildBuddies review of the agreement does not show any suspicious process. On the opposite, it has all the same points included as most social networks and dating apps.

The registration form asks you to give your name, password, gender, and indicate the gender preference. You have an option to link the account to Facebook. Note that in that case, the site will copy your information to the WildBuddies account. If your Facebook account contains the info you would not like to share, go to the profile settings and delete it.

WildBuddies Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Profile creation

WildBuddies review of profiles of the existing users shows a 50/50 ratio of filled and empty ones. Some profiles have a photo and not many words in the description. Some have an essay on personality. Since people come to the site with the purpose of meeting up for fun, not many users consider it necessary to fill in all the sections. However, the success of any dating site depends on the way your profile is presented. It is your showcase of the best sides in you that is supposed to attract others. If you leave too many unanswered questions, the user might hesitate to give you a chance. On the other side, if you put in a couple of words about yourself, like ‘I’m an introvert, but I want to meet an extrovert,’ it will increase the rating of your profile significantly.

Every profile you open has a couple of buttons. First of all, there is a small photo. If you are not a premium member, the photo can’t be zoomed. Then there are options to like, add to favorites, or chat with the person. There is also little info about the residence, age, and name. The image also has an option to view the user’s full gallery, which will again be available if you have a premium account.

The admins of the site have accounts, and they text users occasionally for the feedback on the service of guidance. If the admin contacts you, you’ll see the admin’s signature instead of the user description. The admins might not have a real photo but an image.

WildBuddies Profile creation


As soon as your profile is set up, you can start discovering the members. Whether you use the browsing via filters, or just look at those members who are online now, you get a list of offers. The profile is shown in a small icon with the photo, name, and age. You are offered two actions to like or chat with the person. When you click on a chat button, you are taken to the chatting window. It lets you take a photo, video, and send it, or have a video chat with a user. Note that for that chat, the user has to be online, so look for a green dot on the profile.

Platform for use

WildBuddies is a sleek platform accessible for users of any age category. It is a user-friendly, modern, and simple website that allows you to use all the features without delays.

WildBuddies Platform for use


The desktop version is simple and plain in design. It does not have any sophisticated features but allows video and photo sharing. An SSL certificate protects the platform.

If you want to use the site on your phone, you can access it via a browser. It is compatible with any device.

Design and Usability

The platform has a simple design and a convenient layout of options. It does not take long to get used to where the main functions are located.

WildBuddies Design and Usability

The site comes in desktop and mobile versions. Both are equal in their functionality. The mobile version only differs in the layout since it is adjusted to the smaller screen. The main menu is located on top. The chat window looks similar to the one Facebook has.

WildBuddies Costs and Prices

If you are cautious about the dating sites and have little trust in them, WildBuddies has an offer for you to get a one-day membership at a very low price ($0.99). It is designed to let you try out the best features and decide if you like them.

  • The next package lasts one week and costs $0.71 a day.
  • The one-month package comes for $0.69 a day.
  • The three-month package is the longest and the cheapest as well, and it costs only $0.39 a day.

As it happens with most sites, WildBuddies locks some of the features for the free account users. Since the site needs maintenance, the company charges users for additional features. Without paying for the account upgrade, the user registers and sets up the profile. To move on and find someone, you would need a subscription. With the paid package you get:

  • The priority of response from the support agents;
  • Access to a full profile of any user (full description and images);
  • Unrestricted communication capabilities.

WildBuddies Costs and Prices

How to pay

WildBuddies review of the billing process shows that many reputable companies support it. The site accepts credit and debit cards.

Payment systems

If you open the membership purchase window, you can see that the payment is handled by one of these companies:

  • Discover
  • Let’s encrypt
  • Amix

Any card you provide can be handled securely with the minimal fees for the transactions.

Safety & Security

If you feel vulnerable, get acquainted with the WildBuddies review of safety tips for dating. It is a manual developed by Together Networks and based on the experience of more than one project. The manual tells you about the potential threats of online sites and how to battle them.

Everything depends on your response to the scammer. If you feel like the user is demanding too much from you, do not hesitate to click the block button. If you receive annoying messages, unwanted attention, requests for visuals, or you get the visuals, it is recommended to block such users.

On the stage of registration, the site warns you about the way it operates. Since it looks for the matches based on your location, your GPS data and IP are stored at the site. They are used to collect the stats on user activity. The site also cooperates with some third party marketing companies, so you might get emails with various product offers. Cooperation with the advertisers allows the website to charge less for the services. It is not a rare thing to see the pop-up ads and other promotions on the sites. There is an option to disable them if you get a premium membership.

WildBuddies Safety & Security


WildBuddies review of the policies shows that the site is not interested in cooperation with any illegal ventures. It only deals with licensed companies and apps. It conducts regular checks of the user activity to eliminate potential frauds. It collects the IP address to analyze the use of the account. The site does not allow the sharing of one account, and the user is responsible for keeping the login details safe. It is possible to change the password in the profile settings in case you suspect the leak of login data.

Special Features

Send Flirtcast. Let’s say you are bored and are not bothered with whom to talk to. Make up a message and post it via Flirtcast. It is a kind of spamming message that is sent to users online. It should be catchy to cause a reaction.

WildBuddies Special Features


WildBuddies review identified the weak spots and the strengths of the platform. As with any platform, it has drawbacks, but the advantages prevail. The most important thing with any platform is how protected you feel. If the site poses any dangers to your data, you need to be aware of that.

WildBuddies is a trusted source used by several thousand people worldwide. So far, the users are satisfied with the results they get. It largely depends on the location you live in and the preferences you set. If you see that the search results do not show many options, change the preference settings. Even a slight change unblocks a whole new bunch of potential matches. It is all about the art of searching and setting your priorities right. As long as you know that the site is mostly used for quick dates, one-night stands, and short-term relationships, you will feel more comfortable. It is probably not the best place to find someone to go on a honeymoon, but it is a place to find a travel partner for your vacation this summer. With the right attitude and approach, your experience with WildBuddies will be excellent.

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