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WooPlus Review 2021

WooPlus Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 12%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 18-23
Profiles 2 600 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site has zero-tolerance for fat-shaming.
  • Moderators will ban users' accounts who do fat shaming.
  • It has a fun card game twist that makes the online dating experience better.
  • All of the members of the dating site are polite and nice.
  • A user can upload unlimited photos.
  • The registration process is smooth and fast.
  • Blocking option is available.
  • There is an app available.
  • Not every profile has detailed information about the user.
  • Free members won't be able to message anyone unless someone likes your profile.

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What Is WooPlus?

WooPlus is a platform built for plus size people, both men and women. As per the company, it creates a safe platform for everyone that is fat-shaming free. Usually, it has been seen that on generic dating platforms BBW people are often ignored or left out. However, every person who wants a judgment and pre-conception free platform can join in. So far, this socialization dating app has close to 3,500,000 members. And its Alexa’s global rating is 856,544. The site has been featured on some of the major media channels as well, such as People, Mirror, Yahoo, and BBC.

The WooPlus review will let you have a fair idea about the dating site’s features, pros and cons, subscription plans, and so on. Read the WooPlus review to know whether you should join the site or not. Anyone who would like to connect with big handsome men or big beautiful women is free to register. Readers may note that this dating site doesn’t allow anyone to fat-shame. If the moderator of the site founds someone doing it, the account will be canceled. No questions asked.

What Is WooPlus?

Is WooPlus Legit Or Scam?

The WooPlus review will tell you everything about the site’s legitimacy. The dating site is designed for curvy people who often struggle to meet the right person. As far as the site is concerned, yes, the site is legit and not a scam. Just ensure to communicate with the person you like as much as you can before meeting them. The dating platform doesn’t send any spam emails. The emails that will be sent to you will be about the people that you might interest you. Apart from that, if someone messages you, you will receive an email for that also. The dating site is 100% safe and secure to use.

What Members On This Site?

  • The total number of registered members is 3,500,000.
  • Around 200,000 members come online weekly.
  • 65% of users are male, and 35% of users are female.

The majority of the members of this dating is male. The community of this dating platform is very active. Every day thousands of users come online to talk to other like-minded people. Members regularly upload photos, and the ratio of male and female is 2:1. Members are from all across the globe. However, the majority of members belong to the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia. You will hardly come across any fake profile. Moderators do keep an eye on spammers and fake profiles.

Women members are quite active, and they share their photos often too. These ladies are not scared to show their beautiful curves. Most of the members of this dating app are in search of partners. If you send a message to someone, you will receive a reply pretty quickly. If you like someone’s photo, the user will make sure to like back. The members of this community site are incredibly polite and well-mannered.

Sexual Orientation

According to the WooPlus review, the site is not biased against any sexual orientation. Whether you are gay, lesbian, or straight, everyone is encouraged to join this open-minded platform. It always feels great to join a dating site where you have better chances of being seen. After all, the reason why people join a dating site is to meet someone they like. Therefore, if you want to meet a lesbian, gay, or a straight person, you will find them right in this platform.

Age Distribution

As informed earlier, the dating site has mostly males. And the age group that you will mostly find here is 18 to 44 years. Both males and females’ members are active under the age group of 18 to 24. More male members are available under the age group of 25 to 34. Yet again from 35 to 44, majority members are males.

Age Distribution

Sign-Up Process And Login Info

To sign up, you will first have to visit the website. After that, you will see a signup with asking you about which gender you are interested in. You will also be asked to give a personality test. You can begin searching for people just after filling only a few details. It is up to you. Whether you will like to complete your profile or not, all the members are free to upload an unlimited number of photos. Photos will remain free for everyone. Meaning, who so ever visits will be able to see the photos of the users.

To register, you will spend hardly a few seconds. Even the personality test is a lot of fun. You will be answering only the questions that are asked by the app. The information that you will share will remain visible for everyone whosoever visits you. The personality test makes you feel as if you are entering a beauty pageant, and that’s a lot of fun. The best way to try the site is on your mobile phone, though. The site has an app both for iPhone and Android. You will also have to enter your email ID and a password to complete the registration process. You will also be asked to enter a WooPlus username as well. Try to create a fun username. The funnier it is, the better connection you will make.

Profile Creation

The WooPlus review shows that the profile creation is as simple as signing up. After you signup, you will see your profile. It is better to fill in all the details first, and add a good profile photo before you start interacting with the members. Do remember that users of this adult dating site are here looking for permanent connection. You will hardly find someone who wants to have a causal relationship. The signup process will not take a lot of time. However, profile creation will. But it all makes sense because the users are looking to connect with serious people only.

Make sure to complete all the questions that the site asks. The purpose of asking these many questions is to offer the best matches. Every member will be shown to members that the algorithm finds suitable. This is the reason why you should take the questions seriously. Fill them up to be able to come across the best matches.

After your profile is ready, you will be able to add photos so that members visiting your account will see it. You will come across many members with extremely entertaining profiles. The moderators will check each of the profiles to make sure that no fake people are joining in. This is done so that everyone feels safe here.

You will hardly find fake profiles, and the community is outstanding. You might come across a few people with brief information; however, the majority of the members will have detailed information. If you come across someone body shaming you, report that profile right away. That account will be blocked immediately. The community is very serious when it comes to body shaming.

Profile Creation


Once you are ready with your profile, you are all set to try the fun part. You can use the people search tool, which is free for everyone. However, if you want to search for someone based on location, you will have to upgrade your account. You can go through all the user information, such as hobbies, interests, location, age, and more.

You will be able to message someone only when both of you are a match. However, for premium members, messaging becomes easier. You will be able to message anyone you want. Another way to contact someone is by leaving a comment on their photos.

If you are a member of Facebook, you will find the poking feature quite familiar. Since free members can’t message a user unless you are a match, you can poke a person. This way, you will let them know that you are interested in upgrading your account. If you are serious about someone, and you like talking to that person, you can also send them gifts. Buy some coins, and select a virtual gift to give away to the person you like.

Platform For Use

To contact someone, you will have to use the app. However, the site does have a website where you will find other essential things. The app’s version will show you the number of matches, the number of active members, and a few lines about the various services the site offers. The contact information and the FAQ page are also available on the site. You can download the app and create an account if you want to start communicating with the members.

Platform For Use


The website version will give you all the information you need to know about the site. It tells you that the site is for curvy people who are looking for dates. The desktop version also has a dedicated blog section. You will enjoy reading the blogs, though, because it is overloaded with tons of good articles. They are highly interesting.


App Wooplus

If you are wondering whether WooPlus has an app or not, then the answer is yes. All the chatting features are only available on the app. However, to download it, you will have to visit the website. However, if you are someone who doesn’t like to download any app, feel free to use the platform’s mobile version. But the best way to enjoy this dating site is by downloading it. This way, you will receive a notification straight into the app.

You can start looking for people whenever you want to. And you can even message other users whenever you wish. The design of the app looks great, and it is easy to use. The app will explain each of the steps for new users so that you can use it without any hassle. You can also search for the app on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Design And Usability

The WooPlus review reports that the design of the app is exact and clear. Even the website looks sleek. The app has tons of features to try, and there are different ways to let someone know that you want to talk. However, paid members will be able to message anyone they want.

Using the app is pretty simple. You will just have to download the app, and you will be able to go ahead and make friends. Signing up process is effortless; however, creating a profile will consume some time. You can search for people using different filters. The way profiles appear is pretty impressive. The profile will have all the information that you need.

When it comes to navigating WooPlus, you should be able to navigate it easily. You should be able to click on different users, and also send them messages without any hassle. There are a plethora of members, and daily you will find more than 5000 people online. Checking out profiles is easy, and you can quickly upload photos on your profile too. Other than that, each page loads faster, especially the users’ profiles. You will enjoy using this legit dating site.

WooPlus Costs And Prices

The dating site is available for everyone for free. But if you want to send direct messages to everyone, better to go for an upgrade. To signup as a VIP member where you will get the freedom to message anyone, choose from the following subscriptions.

One month: 13.49 GBP

Three months: 7.50 GBP per month

Twelve months: 3.37 GBP per month

If you like someone and you want to send virtual gifts to them, you will need to buy coins. Coins will be charged extra.

For 2000 coins: £4.69

For 20,000 coins: £23.49

If you want to earn free coins, go ahead and share the app on your Twitter account. By doing that, you will get free 200 coins.

WooPlus Costs And Prices

Free access

  • As a free member, you are free to send matches to those who match. You can search for people, and take a look at their profiles.
  • You are free to upload your photos as many as you want.
  • You can like someone’s photo, and comment on them too.
  • You are free to add profile photos, and you can edit your profile whenever you wish.
  • New users will get free coins to purchase virtual gifts.
  • You are allowed to poke other users.

Paid access

  • As a paid member, you will get to search for other users using the location filter.
  • You will be shown the most active users, and you can select your match from them.
  • You can message anyone you want.
  • You can rewind your previous match proposals.
  • If you have a few expired matches, you can get back to them.

How To Pay

The cost of the subscriptions is meager in comparison to all the other similar dating sites. After choosing the right subscription, you will choose to pay via mobile phone, PayPal, and Credit Card. If you have a saved card in your Apple or Play Store, you may also use it.

Payment Systems

To pay for a subscription, you will first have to click on upgrade your account. Go to settings, and you will see the option. From there, you will see the list of memberships available. Choose the one that suits your budget. Select it, after that, fill in your bank or card details. And then hit the payment option, and your payment will be made. If you feel like canceling the subscription, you can do that by clicking on cancel subscription by visiting the settings option.

Payment Systems

Safety And Security

The platform is secured and safe. The best part about this site is that it has a zero-degree tolerance for fat-shaming. This platform is for all the wonderful curvy people who want to interact with likeminded people without worrying about anything. The moderators are always checking the profiles and keeps on banning profiles that are fake or don’t follow the site’s rules. The site is encrypted, and your details are safe here.


No, this dating site is not a scam whatsoever. However, there could be some people who might try to tempt you with a fake identity. Use your guts and intuition to identify who is faking it and who is not. You can block the user who disturbs you, or let the customer care team know. Alert the profiles who turn out to be fake. Also, do inform the company if you find someone body shaming you. Along with the moderators, it is your responsibility too to keep the site safe and clean.

Special Features

  • Users will be able to send unlimited messages. Also, you will get to know if someone has read your messages.
  • You can send gifts to people you like.
  • You will see new potential matches every day.
  • You can search for people based on their age, ethnicity, location, etc.
  • You will get to know who has liked you, and if you want, you can like it back.
  • You can like someone’s photo and leave comments.



This is the WooPlus review for all the readers. The app has potential, and it is safe too. For BBW and BHM, this is the best platform to join. You will find good people who are always willing to talk to others. The members are the best part of this dating platform. The app the site has is highly interactive, and it is user-friendly also. If you only want to find a friend, finding a true friend is high. You can read the detailed profile information of the person before sending a message. Go on and register today to try. And hopefully, this WooPlus review will help you decide whether it’s good for you or not.

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