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Xmeeting Review 2021

Xmeeting Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 2 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Only real profiles;
  • Easy to register;
  • Available in the most distant locations;
  • Cheap memberships;
  • Plain interface suitable for any age category to use;
  • Reliable policy for personal data protection
  • Impossible to message users without membership;
  • A lot of annoying ads.

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What is Xmeeting

Is Xmeeting dating unusual, or is it a regular service? Xmeeting review looks into the darkest corners of the website and tries to dwell on its operating principles. Xmeeting review is an expert analysis of the website’s matching algorithm, users, and policies.

Xmeeting aims at providing a platform for users from all over the planet to communicate and hookup. It is a place where people feel safe to date online. The website has representation on Twitter and other social media. It has a fair share of positive reviews from users who found luck on the site and had a good time.

The site has a well-written set of policies that regulate communication between users and protect their safety. It does not deal with the adult content but allows uploading the explicit photos of users as long as they belong to them. The overall process of becoming a member of the site is quite speedy and straightforward. It does not take time, money, or much effort.

Xmeeting is a website for people who want unusual romantic adventures and do not look for a commitment. It is about the fun part of dating, casual flings, and friends with benefits. The site gives all the opportunities to find temporary happiness with someone who shares the same views on the relationships.

What is Xmeeting

Is Xmeeting legit or scam?

Its headquarters are located in Cyprus, but the offices of the company are worldwide. It is a medium-size company that works on the market for less than a decade. Within this time, though, the site managed to establish legal grounds for functioning on the international market.

Xmeeting review of the terms of use indicates the responsible approach to monitoring the site activities. The agreement that every user consents to contains all the vital information that protects the website and the user. It is recommended to get acquainted with it. The main ideas worth attention are the way your account is functioning and what content is allowed.

So, the Xmeeting review showed that the website does not monitor the messages of the users but does look at the account information and photos to check for illegal content. In any case, the illicit activities considered by the site are: sharing pornographic materials, advertising materials, or selling any products on the website. The users are also not allowed to share any links to other online resources. The site does not guarantee the safety of opening the links shared by other users, so it cannot allow their presence.

When the user creates a profile on the website, all the information is published and is accessed by the public. Unless the user sets the privacy restrictions, the content can be seen by all the registered users of the website. Hence, mind that your information is visible. If you want to stay anonymous, you are free to select the username. It is a website for naughty people, so a funny or sexy nickname is allowed and will not be a reason for termination of the account.

Is Xmeeting legit or scam?

What members on this site

Xmeeting review of members is showing diversity. It is inclusive, hence users of all sexual orientations and ages set up the profile easily. As to gender distribution, it looks like females prevail (60%). The locations vary; the highest number of users comes from North American and Eastern Europe. The number of members on the site is 2 million people. The daily activity is about 50 000. It is more than enough to find your perfect match.

Sexual orientation

The website allows registration of users with any sexual orientation. However, the prevailing numbers belong to straight people. Most females are straight. The couples are very rare, as well as the groups.

Age Distribution

Xmeeting proves that online dating is not an activity for young people only. There is no need to be tech-savvy to use the website. So, almost all age categories are represented equally. The number of males on the site of the age category of 39 – 55 y.o. prevails. As to the females, they are mostly of 25-35 y.o. Other groups are also represented with the people of 80+ being the oldest users of the site.

Age Distribution

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Xmeeting optimized the process of registration since the users do not like to waste time on it. Hence, it takes a couple of fields to fill in to move on to the dating section. The information needed is standard. You need to indicate your age, gender, preferences and create the login details. The registration with any social networks is not possible, but you can use the email. For the sake of safety, you can create a new email address for the website. Make sure to save the login details since you can restore the password if needed via email.

After you register, the stage of filling in the profile comes. It is misleading sometimes because when you open the site, the search button is available. However, visible profiles are not open. You can see the small icons but cannot open and view them without registration. So, proceed to a quick registration and have a chance to see the pool of potential partners.

Profile creation

The profile on any dating website is a vital element. If you do not provide enough information on the profile, the users will not be attracted. It takes a little effort to decorate the profile with enough compelling information. To make it work, avoid cliche phrases. If you copy the personality description from the Internet, at least paraphrase it. Xmeeting review of profiles shows that there is a drastic difference in the success of the profiles filled sincerely, and made in a rush. It is easy to spot the profile with lots of typos and inconsistent information. For sure, males’ profiles are not as sophisticated as females’ ones. Females tend to put more photos, at times, photos done by professionals.

The website recommends refreshing your profile regularly. Add new photos; update the status for users to see that you are a real person. Being active on the website is a solid proof for the users. It might take time for someone to reach out to you, and if the users are visiting your profile every day, they can notice your passiveness.


Interaction with other users happens with the help of messaging via the tab ‘private message’. Also, users can like each other’s photos and add a profile to favorites.

Mind, that messaging becomes available only after the account is upgraded to premium. Unless the subscription is there, the user will not see and read the messages.


Platform for use

In terms of usability, the website is simple and plain. There are mobile and PC versions.


Xmeeting can be used via a PC or mobile device. The website is straightforward. It has a bar with options on top and the other set of options on the bottom. The top bar contains search, help, and profile list. On the bottom, you can find the terms of using Xmeeting, privacy policies, and website history.

For those who desire to use the website on mobile devices, the mobile version is available. The same functions are represented in both versions.

Design and Usability

Xmeeting does not have a sophisticated design. It is old-fashioned but safe to use. The developers emphasize the safety of using the site over the design. For those using the free version, the ads might appear and be annoying at times.

All the options on the website are clickable. The top and bottom bars contain all the features the user needs to access. The login bar is on top.

Navigation site

Xmeeting Costs and Prices

All the features become available for the user who purchased the subscription. It is worth buying a more extended subscription since it saves money. The full amount is withdrawn in one payment, and you save on commissions if your bank has any.

The one month plan with Xmeeting will cost $34.95, the three-months plan costs $19.98 per month, and the six-months plan costs $16.66 per month. It is also possible to catch the discount on the website that reaches up to 40%.

The subscription is renewing itself unless canceled timely. Make sure to log in to your account, go to settings and cancel the next month’s subscription.

The site does not have an offer for a trial period. However, subscriptions are affordable. It is not a free platform, but below medium in terms of prices.

As a bonus, and to protect privacy, the receipt of the payment for Xmeeting services will be called SDXPAY. It will not come up as payment for a dating service.

Xmeeting introduced two types of subscriptions. One is called standard and does not give many opportunities. The other one is premium, and it opens up the feature of texting. It also provides more stats on the users who viewed your profile and are potentially interested in you. Using the website to the full extent is not possible without the paid membership.

How to pay

Xmeeting is working with reputable payment systems. The payment is secure, and the website does not store the information of the payer. For your safety, make sure not to share the payment details with other users and not send money to any of the users. The website has a form you need to fill in to complete the payment. The different types of payment requests should be treated like scams.

Payment systems

At the moment, Xmeeting works with credit card options. The payments via Paysafecard and credit/debit cards are possible.

Payment systems

Safety & Security

Xmeeting review of the safety rules on the website shows good quality moderation. The policies ban users from sharing the abusive content. The website team is working on preventing phishing, but it is still possible since online activities are spreading with incredible speed.

Xmeeting calls for using common sense when interacting with other people on the website. It is vital, especially when you plan to meet in person. The site recommends postponing the sharing of the personal contact details until the time you are sure that the user is real and can be trusted. Similarly to social networks, Xmeeting has a privacy setting that the user can apply to stay safe. In case some other members are attacking you with unwanted messages, use the block option to prevent them from contacting you.


Xmeeting review of the account is conducted weekly. It is not enough at times. The team is working hard on controlling the activity of the users, but it is possible to miss some accounts. The estimated number of accounts that the team closes every week is about 500. The scammers improve with the time and manage to get through the verification procedure. Hence, the website team needs to balance the simplifying procedures for all the real users and make it harder to get in for the scammers.

Special Features

Safe mode. It is the feature that gained huge popularity among new users of the website. When you are only starting your online adventure, it is better to cover the profile and stay anonymous. It gives you a chance to be hidden from the searches, and other users will not see you visiting their profile.

Premium members. If the user purchased the subscription, the star would appear on the profile. It means that if you text the user, they will be able to reply to your message because their subscription allows it. Note that users with the standard subscription will not be able to read and respond to your messages.

Special Features


It is not the best idea to come to Xmeeting with the intention of finding a wife or a husband. However, if you are looking for a one-night fun, mistress, or casual dating meeting, Xmeeting will be the ultimate platform. It has the best conditions for you to set up the profile and access the best matches you can think of.

Online dating is a tricky thing. Many users roam around the websites in search of something that will impress them. All the sophisticated functions and website design cannot replace the good-quality member pool. Xmeeting is a platform that connects many people with the same desires. Casual dating lives on Xmeeting.

Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
MS, RD & Writer
Pamela is a relationship expert and language analyst. Thanks to her Bachelor’s in Journalism, Master’s in Linguistics, and past encounters with heartbreak; she empathizes with her clients and helps them to understand and convey their emotions in an effective and optimistic way to their significant other.
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