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DOWN Dating Review 2021

DOWN Dating Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 74%
Beauty 82%
Popular age 18-24
Profiles 7 100 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The navigation is user-friendly and straightforward. You will not have trouble using DOWN Dating.
  • The design is stylish and will attract any user.
  • The app is multilingual, so you may choose the one that suits you.
  • DOWN Dating owners value your privacy and provide secure protection of your data.
  • Some bugs with location detection may appear from time to time.
  • Free membership has a very limited number of useful features.
  • Though the platform is rather popular and has an extensive database, the chances of meeting a good partner are low for some countries.
  • The absence of a desktop version may be the reason for the low popularity of the platform in some states.

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What Do You Need to Know About DOWN Dating?

Plenty of dating platforms offer high-quality services, and most of them look like twins with each other. But according to the DOWN Dating review, there is a special aspect that makes this app stand out from all others. As such, initially, this app was developed to match with your friends on Facebook secretly. Therefore, it was connected to Facebook from the very beginning. Special algorithms helped to identify who of your Facebook pals could match your preferences. However, when the social media network changed its platform in 2015, the DOWN dating app had to change its policy as well. Since then, the app works similarly as its alternatives, minding that it is obligatorily linked to your Facebook account. But what is still unique about the app is that it has three options when you play the swiping game. With the DOWN dating app, you will have a clearer understanding of what possible partners want from you, a casual date, or romantic relationships. This intriguing fact will be analyzed in detail below. This DOWN Dating review will help those seeking interesting experiences on best sex dating platforms, so keep reading!

DOWN Dating Review: Is It Worth Using This Platform?

Is DOWN Dating a Reliable Platform?

The DOWN Dating review evidences the high reliability of the platform. Since it is connected with Facebook, which has gained trustworthiness over the years, one cannot doubt its safety. It means that you can be sure your data will be protected from leakage or disclosure to unauthorized parties.

Here rarely will you find a fake profile since Facebook verification is a must for this platform. Therefore, when you join the community, you will likely meet real people with whom you may have a hookup or a date. It leads one to the conclusion that DOWN Dating can be trusted.

Is DOWN Dating a Reliable Platform?

What Kind of People Can You Meet Here?

DOWN Dating is a multinational community and works in a lot of countries. As such, the platform is available in the USA, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Countries like Indonesia, Korea, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Thailand, China, and Vietnam also have access to DOWN Dating. There are over five million users, and more than half of them are active weekly. It is supposed to result in a high percentage of matches, but it does not happen in every country. Some customers report no matches during a long period in small countries like Vietnam or Indonesia. Moreover, in countries where other alternatives like Tinder are more popular, for example, in Russia, the app is not well-known.

Is It Tolerant to Sex Minorities?

A very bright point about the application is that the developers made it progressive and tolerant of various sexual preferences. Here you will feel safe and appreciated regardless of your sexual identity or desires. No matter if you are a heterosexual girl who wants to hook up or a gay who seeks a serious relationship, you will have the opportunity to fulfill your desires. What is also great is that bisexual people can choose between men and women freely. Therefore, the DOWN Dating review claims the app can be considered as a remarkably tolerant community.

What Age Groups Are Present on the Platform?

It is difficult to say what population of which age group dominates the platform. The developers do not provide clear statistics regarding this aspect, so you can only guess by scrolling other users’ profiles. At first glance, it seems that young people from 18 to 35 mostly use the app. However, the biggest share seems to belong to individuals around their 30s rather than 20s. Thus, one can conclude that DOWN Dating is a place for young and progressive people. Still, individuals over 40 and 50 also visit the platform but have significantly lower chances of meeting a partner.

What Age Groups Are Present on the Platform?

How to Sign Up and Start Exploring All Available Features

The only way you can register on DOWN Dating is with your Facebook account’s help. It is necessary since a special searching algorithm will analyze your friend list, friend lists of your friends, and other types of connections and activities in your account to offer you good matches. Happily, the registration process is very simple and quick. It will take you up to two minutes in total. Once your verification is confirmed, you can dive into the progressive space of interesting interactions.

Profile Creation and Management Is Easy

After the sign-up process, you will not b asked to provide much information about yourself. Most of the data will be automatically uploaded from Facebook, and your location will be taken from Google Maps when you provide access to the app. It should be noted that only a photo from your Facebook account will be uploaded to the platform. You will not have the possibility to add a picture from your camera or gallery. This way, you can start searching for attractive people within several minutes after registration, which is extremely convenient.

Messaging System Overview

One of the most significant aspects an individual may be worried about is the messaging process. If you wonder how to contact a person on this platform, this section is just for you. First and foremost, texting is possible only after a match. In no way can you write to somebody unless you like each other. Even the premium membership does not allow doing this. This way, you will be sure that you can be contacted only by individuals you find attractive.

Such an approach ensures the increased safety of your identity. Since the platform promises to keep you anonymous, this is a vital feature.

Messaging System Overview

A Brief Analysis of the Platform’s Convenience

Modern people of these progressive times prefer using their mobile devices to get access to anything from the Internet. It is related to christian dating platforms as well. It seems this was the reason why the developers made all the functions of DOWN Dating available only in the app version. Despite the absence of the platform’s browser variant, the community is still alive and crowded. However, if it had a web version, there would be more users from small countries, such as Vietnam. Therefore, such a decision is controversial, and there is no common opinion about it.

Desktop Version Description

The only thing you can access from the browser version is a landing page with a brief description of the platform’s goal and work, and a few links. These links include the FAQ section, the DOWN Dating blog, a contact form, and Terms and Privacy sections. Though these are indeed useful sections, you will not be able to register or match using the desktop version. It may be viewed as a significant drawback since, this way, the members can spend less time on the platform. Thus, one may consider the browser version as a kind of presentation of the mobile application.

Application Description

The mobile version is the place where all the magic of matching happens. You can access the swiping game and decide whether you like a certain person, want to go casual with him or her, or wish to skip them. Other useful and unique features will be discussed below in the respective section. Overall, the app is designed in a modern and convenient way, so you will not have problems understanding it. The application is available for Android and iOS and does not take a lot of space on your memory card. Some people report glitches with location detection, but there are only a few of them. In most of the cases, the mobile version operates smoothly.

Desktop Version Description

Successful Design Means a Lot for Usability

From first glance, it is clear that DOWN Dating is carefully developed to provide its users with quality services. Every detail in the app is designed in a convenient way to keep the members engaged in swiping and matching processes. Bright and seductive colors, neat buttons, and nice fonts attract the customers’ attention and boost their mood. Good mood, in its turn, motivates individuals to seek matches more thoroughly. This way, the DOWN Dating design contributes to the usability of the platform.

According to this DOWN Dating review, the navigation in the app is user-friendly and easy to comprehend. There are not many buttons or options, so you will not become lost on the platform. You can easily switch between sections whenever you want. All profiles can be easily scrolled to get full information about an individual who attracts your attention. Wherever you tap, all forms and text boxes are arranged in an attractive way, which contributes to navigation’s easiness. Moreover, initially, the limited amount of information in each profile seems to be a negative factor. But if you think of it, brief and concise data serves a good purpose – your brain is not overloaded with information, and you get motivated to spend more and more time in the app.

Navigation in the App Deserves a High Rate

How Much Do You Need to Pay to Join DOWN Dating?

Downloading and registering on the platform is a free option. You will not need to spend money on this. However, it is necessary to note that you will be considerably limited in terms of available functions. As the DOWN Dating review suggests, this will surely lead to poor results in your attempts to find an interesting person. Therefore, if you are determined to spend some quality time on this platform, it is advised to consider purchasing a premium account. As such, one month of the paid membership will cost you 19.99 USD. It is a moderate price, and there are cheaper alternatives, but they are not complete analogs. Besides, a special paid feature that will boost your popularity is priced at 2.99 USD. It is called “Supercharge Boost.”

A Comparison of Free and Paid Memberships

Free membership is less popular on the platform than premium accounts. If you see a free member on DOWN Dating, they probably do not take the app seriously. Thus, the majority of the users prefer going premium, which gives them the following:

  • More profile suggestions.
  • “Down Compass.”
  • It is possible to hide your profile from your friends on Facebook.
  • It is possible to see who is interested in you without the obligation to match with them.
  • Users have an unlimited view of profiles’ pictures and information.
  • Ten times more matches.

How Does One Purchase a Premium Account?

Once you are registered, you will be given a 7-days free trial. After this, you will be asked whether you want to purchase a paid subscription. To go premium, simply follow the suggested steps. If you want to spend some time as a free member, you can always get back to premium in the Settings.

Ways You Can Pay

Your account on DOWN Dating will be linked to your account in Google Play Store or iTunes&App Store, depending on your type of operating system. When you confirm your subscription, this is immediately recorded in the respective store. Your premium subscription is renewed every month automatically until you cancel it.

Ways You Can Pay

You Can Be Sure You Are Safe

When you visit the DOWN Dating website, one of the first things that catch your attention is their claims about privacy. The platform’s creators promise you to keep your private data safe and protected from disclosures to unauthorized parties. There is a substantial section with a detailed description of each Privacy Policy point. If you have any concerns after reading it, you are always welcome to ask additional questions. They assure you that you may remain anonymous if you want since this is the main credo of the community.

Protection Against Scammers

The obligation to get verified via Facebook significantly reduces the risks of encountering scammers. If you come across a profile with suspicious behavior, you can immediately block or report this person. It is most likely that a scamming individual will have a free account. Scammers usually do not spend money on premium memberships, so you should be especially careful with free members.

What Special Features Does the Platform Offer?

Indeed, the DOWN Dating review evidences a great range of exclusive features that you will not find on any dating in your 30s platform. Below you will read about the most important ones.

Connection with Facebook. As was already mentioned, a special algorithm will help you to create a perfect match by suggesting profiles based on yours and your friends’ friend lists, as well as other types of events or activities in your account.

“Spreading the love.” It is a useful feature if you want to help your friend to find love but want to remain anonymous. Secret admirers should hit “Spread the Love” after choosing a method of invitation and wait for the results.

“Get down” and “Get date.” Unlike in many similar applications, the swiping game dating is not limited to only two variants, namely, liking or disliking. You are offered to choose skip, get a date, or get down. Get date means that you are interested in this person as your possible romantic date, and you are thinking about a future serious relationship. But if you choose to get down, a user will be notified that you would like to go casual, just have a couple of drinks or a one-night stand. This feature significantly lowers the risks of misunderstanding between the members of DOWN Dating. From the very beginning, you see what a guy or a girl wants from you.

Compass. The compass allows you to check possible matches away from you. It is a useful feature if you like to travel a lot and meet new people somewhere else.

“Supercharge Boost.” It is an exciting function that allows you to boost your profile to top positions in your area of living, so more people will notice you. The boost lasts only 24 hours, which makes the price quite costly for everyday usage. Moreover, if you live in an area with few people, you will not need this feature at all.

What Special Features Does the Platform Offer?

Final Word

DOWN Dating has an extensive database and an attractive design, which makes the platform nice and easy to use. The developers offer exciting and unique features to attract more and more members. Nevertheless, in some small countries, you may encounter difficulties in finding a good match. But for populated areas, the DOWN Dating review confirms that the app is worth its money.

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