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Good Grief Review 2021

Good Grief Review 2021
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Good Grief users sign up here as well:

Pros and Cons

  • The service is free.
  • The website has a simple design; you do not have to be tech-savvy to understand how to use it.
  • The site offers a platform to express your pain and sorrow.
  • An excellent platform for comfort and empathy.
  • The service is a safe way to show your grievances.
  • Trolling: Not everyone who joins this website is grieving. Some people can join just to take out their anger on others to make themselves feel good.
  • Knowing the pain of others: On one hand, it can be comforting to know that you are not the only one grieving. But on the other hand, it is painful to see how other people are suffering.
  • Personal close friendships might not be possible: The people you meet on Good Grief’s website are from different places around the globe. You might never meet them in person.

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Know What Good Grief Website Is All About

Are you hurting due to losing someone you love? Be aware that there are websites where you could connect and interact with other individuals who are also grieving. This Good Grief review will explain everything about this place where grieving people can meet and help each other overcome pain. Robynne and Kim started this online grieving service. These two founders understand how hard it might be to overcome pain, especially when one is alone. They felt that if a person in distress can meet with people who are also hurting, they will understand each other and will know how to console each other. Finding people who understand your sorrow may make a significant difference in how you feel. The Good Grief review will tell you everything you require to know about this service.

If you have lost your sexual partner, sibling, parent, friend, or you are hurting due to other reasons, you can join the grief website. To enter this site, however, you must be above eighteen years old, and the service functions by connecting you with other people who have lost their loved ones.

This site can also get used by anyone looking to meet and connect with new people. You might want to make new friends or just need someone to chat and have a good time. Meeting someone to spend time with can be hard, especially when you are not in a place that fosters friendship.

Once you register at Good Grief’s site, you must build your profile by responding to several questions related to your loss. After that, you can start interacting with other people using a messaging feature. The site also has extra features that help in narrowing the search. You may search for individuals according to sex, age, Christianity, kind of pain, and pain period. Keep reading the Good Grief review to find out whether the website is worth joining.

Know What Good Grief Website Is All About

Is Good Grief Website Legit?

This grief service is legit. The founders are women who had unexpectedly lost their partners. They got overcome by pain and had a hard time moving on. Kim had lost her lover, and Robynne had lost her mother and was struggling to recover from a broken relationship. The two got introduced to each other by a mutual friend, and within a short time, they had a special bond.

For two years, Kim and Robynne kept communication through texts. They could talk about family, life, pain, and hope. Their connection enabled them to overcome their sorrow.

After overcoming their pain, Kim and Robynne decided to extend their experience to other people through Good Grief service. The service gives hurting people a platform to receive encouragement from people they never knew existed. Bear in mind that Kim and Robynne helped each other overcome grieve, yet they have never met face to face. That proves that you can make friends with pain as a common characteristic. So, it is okay to state in this Good Grief review that you might equally find someone who will help you move on with your life through the grief service.

The Good Grief Users

There are thousands of users on the website so far. Most people you will find on the website are looking for friends. If you are interested in a serious romantic relationship, the site might not be the best right one to use.

Website Sexual Orientation

Good Grief’s site welcomes all kinds of users. Whether you are gay, a lesbian, or a bisexual, you can register and get the service for free.


Anyone who is above eighteen years old can use the service. People below eighteen years get prohibited from using the site. If a child joins the site without verification proof of parental consent, his/her account will get deleted. Users should also report anyone they suspect is underage.


Registration Process

Creating an account on Good Grief website is simple and takes only a few minutes. To begin, you should load the website and fill out the registration form. The information that you must provide on the form includes your email address, gender, location, username, and password. Usernames must be descriptive and interesting. The best username is one that makes other people understand who you are and what you like. You must also provide your date of birth and location when signing up.

Another registration method that Good Grief reviews must talk about is using a Facebook account. On the registration page, you will see the “sign up with Facebook” option. When you click on the signing up option, a new page informing you that the site will receive your name, profile photo, and email address will appear. You must click on Continue to let the site access your Facebook details. The website will not post anything on your Facebook account, so you don’t have to worry about your friends knowing what you are doing.

That is how simple it is to register on Good Grief’s website. Now that you have your login details, you can sign in to begin meeting new friends.

Creating A Profile

After registering, log into the site. The first thing to do after logging in is building a profile. Since the service centers on making friends, you must say something about yourself and what you want in a friend. So, be honest when answering the questions that get asked because that is how the site will be able to connect you with the type of people you want.

Creating a profile is an excellent chance to stand out. So, take enough time to ensure that what you write on your profile is attractive and worth reading. It can be annoying to fill out the information, but you will be happy in the end because it will help you find the right match. Also, you will need other people to have detailed profiles to be able to know if they are your match or not. People with less-detailed profiles are not likely to make friends on the Good Grief website. Profiles without content show a lack of seriousness, and no one will want to interact with jokers or pretenders. Creating an excellent profile also includes uploading pictures. Your profile is your chance to tell people who you are. Even if not everyone on the site wants to be your friend, sharing enough details about yourself will help eliminate people who don’t want you.

The profile questions you must answer on the site are as below.

  1. The person that you lost.
  2. What caused the loss.
  3. How long you have been grieving.
  4. Religious beliefs.
  5. Marital status.
  6. The number of kids.

Once you finish filling out your Good Grief profile details, you can now start using the service. The site displays users’ details. On other people’s profiles, you will see when a person was last active, his/her location, the person he/she lost, and for how long he/she has been grieving. Also, in case you wish to update your profile details, you can do so as you keep using the service.

Creating A Profile


After you have signed up and looked for your matches, you will need the messaging feature. Match suggestions will also get shown. The site shows two communication options, the connect and send message option. Communicating is the most fun part of the Good Grief service. Since the site entails chatting and starting new friendships, you must make use of the communication features. You can start a conversation by sending someone a sweet grief message. You can use the chatting feature to know more about the people you meet and also tell them about yourself. When you click on the connect option, a person will be alerted that you would like to interact with him/her. So, you have to wait for the person to respond.

It is also essential to include in this Good Grief review that the website keeps adding more features. Soon there might be a video and voice chatting feature. This feature helps you know someone deeper.

The Grieving Platform

This service can be accessed both on desktop and mobile devices.

Desktop Website

The desktop version of the grief service is beautiful. The website is simple to use; you can access all the features through the homepage. The site is not congested, and it does not take long to load.

The Mobile Application

The Good Grief service has a mobile app for both Android and iPhone users. The app offers users a pleasant experience. It is more convenient to download and install the app on your mobile device. But if you don’t want to download the application, you can still access the service through the mobile browser. The site features are the same in both the desktop and mobile versions.

The Mobile Application

Design And Functionality

The Good Grief website has a simple design. You do not need to be tech-savvy to know how to use it. You can connect, send messages, and support people emotionally without any challenges. Profiles can also get edited as you keep using the service. All actions on the site get done with just one click. If you want to delete your account, you can also do so with only one click. Deleting your account removes your profile from the site. So, should you wish to use the service again, you will have to register as a new member.

The Good Grief site is simple to navigate through. You can access all the features through the homepage. Once you load the website, the first thing you need to do is register. The registration process is straightforward; you only need to enter your email address, username, and password. After registering successfully, you will log into the site and answer a few questions. The questions entail who you are, who you lost, and so on. The site will show a list of people whose story matches yours.

The Good Grief website also has other filters that help you narrow down your search. You can search for matches using gender, time frame, religion, and type of loss. These filters will help you meet the person who is going through the same pain as you. Once you find a match, there is a chatting feature that is also simple to use. All messages on the site are private and safe.

Good Grief Website Cost

The Good Grief service is free, but there are more add-ons. Users are required to pay 4.99 dollars to get the add-ons.

There are no paid features on the website; you will only pay for additional add-ons. With a free account, you will have access to all the features you need to connect and make friends. Below are the services that free users enjoy.

  • Creating an account.
  • Building a profile.
  • Searching for matches.
  • Sending and receiving messages.

Making Payment

If you need to pay for the add-ons on the website, you can do so easily. Your payment details will not get disclosed to third parties.

Payment Methods

Users make payments through credit cards.

Payment Methods

Safety And Security Features Good Grief

Before joining any website, it is always good to find out if it is safe. Good Grief reviews describe this site as a safe place to meet new friends because it does everything possible to ensure users’ safety. There is a section for safety guidelines on the website. Users must read and understand all safety guidelines to know how to protect themselves when using the service. Also, people must trust their instincts. If you feel something is not right on the site, inform the customer support team. Also, if you come across a malicious person, the site has a blocking and reporting feature you can use to stop that person from contacting you.

The support team will also help you if you encounter challenges using the service. Even when you want to stop being a member, you can contact them to help you cancel your membership.

Is Good Grief A Scam?

Good Grief site has never had reports of scams. So far, the service has proven that it is possible to make friends with grief as a common characteristic through a message. And besides focusing on people who are grieving their loved ones who died, the app offers help to people dealing with other pains. If you are trying to come into terms with a divorce, end of a friendship, or feeling pain because of something else, the site can be helpful too.

Good Grief’s website is all about being listened to and acknowledged. When you have someone to talk to when you are struggling with something, it is consoling.

The Special Features On The Website

This website does not have unique functions. The site is straightforward, enabling grieving people to connect and exchange messages. So, the main features on the site are the searching and messaging features.

  1. Search

  2. The Good Grief search feature allows you to search for a match using options like the type of loss, age, the person lost, when the death happened, and religion. With these options, it is possible to find someone whose pain matches yours.

  3. Messaging

  4. The messaging feature allows you to send messages to people you feel can help you overcome your pain. Through the messaging feature, people know each other more, and that leads to deeper connections.

    The Good Grief website developers are also planning to add more features to offer users better service. They always collect feedback from people regarding the kind of features they will like on the site. With the information received, the service will be revised, and new features will keep getting added as time goes by.



As seen from Good Grief reviews, the site is all about comforting, supporting, and understanding each other. The website offers all the features you need to get connected to someone you want. Anyone grieving can find comfort here. You just have to see what you have in common with others. It can be sadness, pain, loneliness, frustration, anger, a strong need for friends, or anything else. Once you start talking to someone who is also going through something painful, you can become a strong support for each other. Also, if you want to make new friends, Good Grief can be the best website to join.

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