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Hitch Review 2021

Hitch Review 2021
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 71%
Beauty 75%
Popular age 25-32
Profiles 1 900 000
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Visit rate 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Interaction with more users. One of the best things Hitch offers is connecting you with multiple people who possess the features of a potential life partner. Interaction is beneficial for all, especially for those who don't have a large social circle or much spare time to dive into real-life dating.
  • Easy to find and interact with compatible people. The most suitable way to find a like-minded person on an online dating platform is to specify what qualities you seek in an individual. Suppose you have strong faith, and you belong to the minority. In that case, Hitch can allow you to explore and meet people with shared beliefs.
  • The privacy of people is ensured. People on Hitch are specific about the qualities they are looking for in their potential partners and what is significant to them. Being frank about your needs enhances the probability of finding a suitable match and saves you a great deal of time, reducing the chances of hitting a wrong profile.
  • Perfect place for shy people. Hitch is a boon for shy individuals. It allows you to express your personality by using pictures, texts, and videos. It will require you to put in a bit of time and effort to showcase who you are through an online profile, but the same is important since your page reflects how you want others to perceive yourself.
  • Incomplete information on profiles. An online profile of an individual cannot tell you everything about that person. There are behavioral cues that you can know only after interacting directly with the owner. Also, a page cannot distinguish your emotional qualities, such as compassion, empathy, sympathy, etc. Thus, a 2D photograph and some necessary information are just the tips of the iceberg.
  • Romantic Pressure. Romantic pressure means forcing a person to get into a romantically successful relationship instantly. Hitch cannot identify which profile creates an unrealistic burden on another user. Also, it cannot sort out fake profiles who are there just to harass others by creating emotional and mental pressure of increasing intimacy.
  • Addictive and Dangerous. The world of online dating is dangerous and filled with fake and scamming profiles. They will try to con you and hack your personal info. Not only Hitch, but any other dating website cannot justify if a page is real. Therefore, it is advised to protect yourself from such people before you go online. Keep your personal and private data confidential. Make sure you never send money to someone you met on a dating platform, regardless of how necessary and critical it sounds.

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What Is Hitch?

Looking for a partner but couldn’t find anyone worthy? You should undoubtedly give Hitch a chance! Here, you’ll get a partner recommendation from your friends! Let’s check out what the app has up its sleeves for you in this Hitch review. Hitch is a publicly listed company for personal matchmaking services operated by a team of experienced people in this field. It is perfect for singles who lack time to meet new people and chat with them on online dating websites. Instead, they want a customized platform where they can find a meaningful long-term relationship that can potentially lead to marriage. If that resonates, then the Hitch matchmaking service is right for you. Hassle-free and spam-free, it provides top-notch results to its users in terms of a compatible partner that suits their dating needs. This Hitch review suggests that the app utilizes a very simple yet effective method to let members find a real and reliable date. What the platform does is that it allows you to bring together your Facebook friends by “Hitching” them.

In other words, it follows manual matchmaking using a pool of mutual Facebook friends that can hitch each other with their friends whom they deem compatible. And the most fun part, two people hitched cannot know each other’s identity except for gender and age. This way, finding a dating partner becomes more comfortable, time-saving, and reliable.

What Is Hitch?

Is Hitch Legit or Scam?

The Hitch is the best dating app where you can immediately meet lakhs of singles, like-minded individuals, dating, and matchmaking. Discover the best young ladies and folks close to you and ask them for a date today.

Hitch has helped a vast base of single users searching for their better halves on the web. Many visitors hope to get into web-based dating over the internet to become hopelessly enamored of their significant other.


People from all around the world can join Hitch to find suitable partners and set up a free trial account to check out the platform’s services. The numbers of male users are more than that of females, and thus women get the privilege of choosing a partner from more options. Only one profile of the same name can be created on Hitch. Members can access the site from any part of the country. The service is planning to expand to more countries soon.

Sexual Orientation

People of all types of sexual orientation are welcomed on Hitch. Sexual orientation relates to an individual’s sexual and romantic attraction and interests. It includes charm to a person of the same gender (homosexual), to the opposite gender (heterosexual), both male and female (bisexual), or all the genders (pansexual), and Hitch welcomes everyone to find a suitable match for themselves.

Age Distribution

Hitch’s user terms strictly specify that a person below the age of 18 cannot create a profile on this platform, while there is no upper age limit. The app takes all possible precautionary measures to identify the age of the user. However, most of the members are aged between 25-35; thus, the majority of the profiles you find on Hitch belong to real and young people looking for a dating partner.

Age Distribution

Sign-Up Process and Login Info

Signing up and logging in to Hitch is very simple. To sign up, open the website and go to the sign-up page. Fill all the fields which are marked as mandatory. Click on Create to submit your details, post a profile picture, and open your profile. After that, go to the Login page. Enter your User ID, password, and dive in the magical world of dating. Aside from this, one can also choose to join the platform using their Facebook account. Simply click on the “Join using Facebook” button. It will take you to the Facebook login page, now enter your Facebook account credentials to log into your account. Hitch will ask for your permission to access your Facebook profile details, now click on Allow to complete the process. If you join through Facebook, all your personal info and profile picture will get imported. It enables you to slide into the dating world instantly.

Profile Creation

Opening a profile means to create yourself virtually for people on the net. Your page consists of information about your name, age, date of birth, etc. It allows you to make up and edit your password and username at any time. It is advisable to read terms and conditions carefully before entering your details. This Hitch review indicates that any person with basic or minimal computer knowledge can easily manage a profile within a few minutes.


Hitch connects a massive base of single folks and young ladies searching for love online. It automatically filters your search according to your requirements mentioned in the profile and allows you to choose and connect directly to potential persons via app messenger. The primary way one can contact other people on Hitch is by joining a group conversation related to your area of interest. However, you can also send personal messages, but to do so, you will have to update your membership to premium.



Hitch is a platform-dependent app. It is compatible with all Android devices. It has a website and an app for easy accessibility. But the site only contains information about the app and its features; it does not allow a user to join the community.


This official website of Hitch can be accessed from any internet browser on the PC. It is light, so it does not take much time to load and refresh the contents. However, a user cannot sign up using the site since Hitch is available as an app-only platform on Android devices.


The Hitch app can be easily downloaded on any Android device. It does not take much storage, nor does it ask for frequent updates. The application has been labeled appropriate for the users of 18+ age. With a size of 12 MB, it has been installed over tens of thousands of Android devices. It requires Android version 4.0.3 or above to function correctly.

However, the app is yet not available for iOS devices. But the redirecting link to the App Store suggests that it might soon be released.


Design and Usability

The Hitch review shows that the app and the website are designed with users’ needs in mind. It has a simple, user-friendly design to prevent any misunderstandings. All the profiles related to the person’s search are updated automatically. A message box saves all the conversations for further use.

Hitch is an easy-to-navigate application designed specifically for simplified user interactions. All the features are placed systematically in one place so that one does not have to look for them here and there. All personal data is stored in a specified area. It also gives access to navigate other profiles for a better understanding of the person.

Hitch Costs and Prices

As per the Hitch review, the app provides few free navigations and messaging after the login. Some features are available only for paid access. So, to unlock them, one needs to buy the subscription pack. The subscriptions are very reasonably priced, keeping in mind the budget of the visitors. The cost of premium membership is listed below:


Cost per month


One month

$ 43.65 per month

$ 43.65

Three months

$ 30.03 per month

$ 90.09

Six months

$ 26.70 per month

$ 160.20

Apart from subscribing to a premium membership plan, you can also purchase Hitch coins to access some exclusive perks.


Cost per Coin



$ 0.13 per coin

$ 12.99


$ 0.10 per coin

$ 30.99


$ 0.09 per coin

$ 89.99

It is recommended to buy a subscription pack for easy access to all the exclusive features. Yet, if you are interested in just casual dating, free browsing will also help as a messaging facility is available to all users. Premium subscribers can avail of full functionality, which is missed out by free participants. The subscription packs are made for different time durations. The Hitch review has concluded that paid plans boost your chances of success and better your user experience.

How to Pay?

Hitch payments can be made through any online payment medium. Net banking, credit card, debit card, wallets, and UPI Payment options are available. No cash or cheque payment is accepted.

Payment Systems

Choose a subscription pack according to your needs. Click on ‘Pay’ for payment. The page is redirected to the payment gateway. Do not close the window or the app; else, the page will expire. On the Payment Gateway page, choose your payment method, fill in the credentials, and confirm. The payment will be made using OTP or your UPI app.

Payment Systems

Safety & Security

Hitch reviews available on the internet tell that the app has provided a robust Hack-Proof Code to protect its community. Optimized security features are available on a platform-by-platform basis on Hitch to strengthen data safety. Safety and security experts remove the unnecessary security risks for their user’s convenience. The app seeks permissions from its members before accessing any data on the device. Therefore, the risk of third-party intrusion decreases substantially. Hitch uses a Reliable Backend database and storage to protect it from hackers and other online threats. Various Tamper-Detection Techniques are deployed in the Hitch application to reinforce its safety and protect it from the malware that may potentially hack one’s device. The website and app are tested thoroughly, and the latest cryptography techniques are implemented to safeguard members’ interests.


Hitch does not have any reported scams. The team has always tried to have a professional outlook and work under the legal advisories. The organization strives to provide an application that maintains user privacy and does not indulge in any scam.

Special Features

Hitch is a publicly listed company for personal matchmaking services operated by a team of experienced people in this field. It is perfect for singles who lack the time for traditional time-consuming dating websites and applications that make you put in a lot of effort to find a compatible date. The team works diligently to gain 100% satisfaction and trust of the customers and provide the desirable results. User-friendly navigation and interface are created to enhance the dating experience of the visitors. There is free and paid access; also, the app is compatible with desktop and Android devices. In addition to this, strict security tools are embedded to improve users’ privacy. However, the most exciting feature is that you can “Hitch” your friend with someone, and your friend will only get to know the age and gender of the person you hitched them with, but they cannot access any other detail. This way, people know that they are being set up with friends of their friend, meaning they do not have any safety and security concerns regarding the individual they got hitched with. Plus, you can get a reward for successfully hitching your buddy with someone, and you can also see the numbers of messages your friends exchanged with each other. Also, you will be informed when they have revealed their identity to each other.

Special Features


Hitch is the perfect dating and messaging app available today with all the exclusive features and best offers for its users. You can Hitch your two friends with each other or get yourself hitched with someone by your friends. The makers have specifically kept in mind the scam issues involved with online dating apps. To provide a safe and reliable dating environment, they have come up with Hitch’s concept. You can find a reliable partner with your friends’ help without wasting much of your time and energy. Go and find your soulmate! Sign up on Hitch as soon as possible for a perfect dating experience with the most secure and trusted service.

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