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Huggle Review 2021

Huggle Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 12%
Reply rate 84%
Beauty 74%
Popular age 18-24
Profiles 3 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It is free.
  • It is still new but advancing quickly.
  • The website employs robust privacy and safety features.
  • The service is perfect for meeting romantic partners and companions.
  • Huggle is not perfect for rural areas or small towns.
  • It features a selfie authentication procedure, which some users might not like.
  • Members must sync their accounts with Facebook when they register.
  • Some people may consider Huggle too orderly.

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Huggle Breakdown

In this Huggle review, users can find all the necessary details before joining the site. It was created in 2016 to remove the gap between the offline and online worlds. A model Tina Sanders and a blogger Valerie Stark created Huggle. This matchmaking platform differs from most similar dating services. Unlike many of them that use location, Huggle focuses on the places one has visited lately. It can match you with someone who likes the same coffee shop as you or does something else that you love doing. It can help users meet their lifestyle or travel partner. The service is for people interested in serious affairs. It may additionally be regarded as a friends-meeting platform since it is additionally suitable for individuals looking for traveling mates and friends. Keep reading this Huggle review to find out whether it is something you really need.

Huggle Breakdown

Is Huggle a Legit Matchmaking Website?

The platform is legit. Huggle avoids appearance matching and instead connects users according to mutual likes and favorite places. The service is presently working on a new design and some new functionality. It also looks forward to partnering with other brands and building the American marketing team. According to the Huggle review that covered what the website creators had said during an interview, the website gets used globally. The creators have been doing everything in their power to make it the best platform ever.

The Site Users

More than 500000 people use the service. It is also good to add in this Huggle review that celebrities like Bella Thorne and Katie Price have joined the community. The majority of people are from America, and they are interested in long-term affairs that lead to marriage. If you are into casual relationships, then this place is not the right one for you.

Members’ Sexual Orientation

This website welcomes gays, lesbians, and straight users.

Users Age

Huggle only accepts visitors above 18 years old. Signup requests from individuals that are below 18 years get annulled automatically.

Registration Process

Huggle requires people to register with their Facebook accounts. So, you must create one first if you do not have it already. The registration process is as simple as clicking a button. When you tap the “Continue with Facebook” icon, you give Huggle permission to access your private details on Facebook. They will be used in creating dating accounts. The information that this application collects includes age, name, and avatar. Registering and verification do not take more than 5 minutes. There is no personality test on this website.

To find matches, users start by adding their five best places and upload close-up shots only. You can also spice up your page with other details to help you find a match quickly.

Registration Process

Building a Profile

Huggle has come up with various ways of verifying accounts. It is strict in terms of pictures that people add to their profiles. Members can link their pages to social networks, for instance, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+. The details that every member must provide are the name, age, location, and language. You are to write a small paragraph explaining who you are. The account details can also be edited later.

Huggle strives to be unique, but it has made usual ways to create user accounts. Since newcomers join the service through Facebook, they will never need to specify their details manually. The site connects with Facebook and collects the necessary information from Facebook accounts. The avatar you have on Facebook will, by default, become your Huggle’s profile pic. However, you may change it later and upload more images once you join the site.

The platform requires users only to upload photos that show their faces. Nudes are not allowed here. It is also forbidden to upload photos of kids, pictures with too many graphics, and group shots.


Once you join the Huggle dating platform, you will start looking for matches. Use the swiping feature to like or pass the profiles that the website suggests for you. If you like someone and he/she likes you back, you can send each other messages for free. The platform also has the Discover option to look for people who have visited the regions you have been to recently.

Sending each other texts on Huggle strikes a conversation. You can talk with your match about the things you have in common or anything you can think of and see how things go. Users can also send each other recordings and pictures of the places they have visited.

In case you notice that you are communicating with someone who has bad intentions, you can block that person. The blocking option is at the bottom of a profile.

There is also a video chat tool that becomes available after members have had a conversation with someone. To use it, open your correspondence and click the video chat icon located in the upper right section.


Dating Platform

Most dating websites have both desktop and mobile app versions.


The Huggle review will not cover the desktop version for now because there isn’t any yet.


The matchmaking application is exciting. The service has shaken the matchmaking game by matching individuals differently from other similar apps. Unlike usual swiping, here people get matched based on their lifestyle and hobbies.

Huggle aims to connect individuals who attend the same places. You could be searching for a person who likes going to a gym or swimming. Whatever you are interested in, this application offers people full control. You can choose the number of locations you wish to have in common with others. You can also decide whether you are interested in making friends, romantic partners, or even both.

This online dating app functions by instantly checking your likings and showing you people who like the same things. You can swipe through profiles, or you may tap on any of the places to find members who also go there. If you see someone special, swipe to get a match and write them a message.

Features of the Application

To use Huggle, you start by selecting whether you are looking for a romantic partner, a friend, or both. To do this, go to the settings and decide what you want. The options you will find are wine, which represents dating, pizza, which represents friendship, and coffee, which implies you want both dating and friendship. You may choose your searching preferences, like gender and age.

Importing Places

This feature helps users find people who go to the places they like by getting geolocations from Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare.


The Timeline is where people see their everyday journey. You can check the places you attended and find other frequenters.

Huggle is safe. There are no catfishing and unwanted photos. Every profile on the platform is genuine. The website requires users to register using Facebook, and all pictures must be verified first before they get visible to others.


Dating Site Design and Usability

The dating platform has a simple design. All features are easily accessible, and the service loads fast.

Once your registration is successful, you can log in and start looking for matches. Swipe right if you like someone and swipe left if you don’t like the person. To see someone’s bio, pictures, and places you share, swipe on his/her page. After getting a match, you can send them messages, videos, and images of places you have visited.

Huggle’s Charges

Whenever you choose to use a dating platform, your next step is to decide whether to make a payment or not. But not all dating websites require users to pay. And costly services may not make your experience better than others. You can find a perfect match with or without a subscription.

The Huggle review has described the dating app as one of the best free dating services that exist. This platform can score higher than most paid sites in overall satisfaction because it is a “better value.” It offers all the features found on paid dating platforms and even has other unique ones to make people have a fun dating experience.

And nothing is perfect. You can come across visitors with other intentions everywhere. And almost all dating sites require members to swipe when looking for a match, which can be exhausting. So, a paid portal does not imply that you will find a faithful partner and that everything else will be perfect. So, if there are platforms like Huggle that offer its services for free and have proven to work, you should try them.

Huggle’s Charges

There are no paid features here. Any activity you do on this platform does not require making payments. Once you register, you can select 5 locations that you like visiting. When you use the app, it accesses the geolocation data on your device using a GPS detector. GPS monitors how often you go to the places you selected.

Huggle does not allow users to check-in manually. So, it will only show that you went to a place if your device GPS will enable it to monitor your location. And in case you wish to add other areas besides the initial five, that can only be done when you are in the new place.

The location information is what the application uses to suggest matches. Visiting the same place is what drives the matching process on the Huggle platform. Users can only see the profile of other people if they check-in to the same place at a given time. So, location and time are crucial in finding a partner here.

If you are in the same place with someone, you can send a chat request. If the person accepts it, a match gets formed, and you can start talking. The conversation will go on even when the two of you are in different locations.

When the Huggle app shows a potential match, you will see the places you share. This means that if another person goes to spots that you don’t visit, you will not know where they are.

Paid vs Free Membership

Making Payment

This matchmaking platform offers free services. Users will never need to pay.

Payment Methods

There are no payment systems because the service is free.

Safety and Security Features

This section of the Huggle review will discuss what the platform has done to ensure members’ safety. It is a free web matchmaking service based on locations. Being a free-to-use platform makes the barrier to entry low. So, proper safety and privacy features should be in place. To sign up, for instance, visitors must link their Facebook accounts to authenticate their identities. Besides that, people must upload several close-ups. The images get reviewed by a moderator before they are allowed on the platform. This helps keep the website free from catfish and trolls.

Huggle also encourages users to report malicious activities. There is an excellent team of customer care representatives who ensure that every member does not face any challenges. So, if you have difficulties using this service or wish to delete your page for any reason, you can always get assistance.

Also, do not share your private details with strangers.

Is This Dating Website a Scam?

Huggle does not have any scams. The picture authentication procedure assists in eliminating suspicious individuals, bots, and getting rid of catfishes.

Members have the option to report any rule-breaker. The reporting feature is in the accounts; just go to the user and scroll down. You will come across the block/report icon, which will either block or inform the platform about the person. But users should be careful not to misuse this tool that can lead to getting banned from using the website.

Is This Dating Website a Scam?

Unique Features of the Service

The unique features of Huggle are as below.

  1. Import Places
  2. It enables users to meet individuals that visit the same sites. The function does this by getting places from people’s social networking pages.

  3. Picture Verification
  4. Huggle has an excellent picture verification procedure. Members get a pose that they must reproduce as they take a photo. The app will then need 60 seconds to check it and decide whether users are verified or not.

  5. Timeline
  6. Huggle saves the places that people have visited. The feature shows users’ recent check-ins and events they love most.

  7. Sharing Videos and Images With Others
  8. Unlike many other services where matches can only exchange messages, this app lets users send videos and photos.


    As you have seen from this Huggle review, the dating app is exciting. It helps people connect with anyone who attends the same places. The service enables visitors to find matches faster by narrowing down searches. But most people know this application as a service for finding friends, which is why it might not be suitable for those interested in serious romantic partners. There are many users here, and the functionality is exciting and available without paying. You might not find the perfect romantic partner here, but you will find genuine connections. Sometimes, the relationships here can be a short-term fling. If you are looking for someone to marry, consider checking other platforms besides the Huggle app.

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