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iMeetzu Review 2021

iMeetzu Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 12%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 75%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 3 250 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • No Registration Required: The main features of this website are easily accessible without any registration. Unlike some other dating sites where you have to create an account to enjoy their benefits. Here the user can visit the website and begin to connect with random people to start dating.
  • Anonymous Uses: The best thing about this website is that the person's identity is kept 100% anonymous by the website itself. Instead of those traditional websites where you find a person attractive and then start communicating, you can begin to communicate with random profiles throughout the world without knowing anything about them. They will only find you attractive based on their communication skills, not by looking at their pictures.
  • Various Dating Options: The website provides different dating options to interact with users throughout the world. Instead of just texting, here on this platform, you enjoy the benefits of Video Chat, Group Chat, or Text Chat whichever you are comfortable with. They also provide you with the feature of live streams and broadcasts, where a private session can help you fulfill your desires and fantasies.
  • No Memberships: The website does not cost you a single penny for its usage. They do not offer any premium membership for the usage of its features. It is entirely free of cost, and you do not find any hidden charges after you start using this website.
  • Basic User Interface: The website does not offer any fancy user interface with many transition effects and animations. It is effortless and is compatible with the user of any age. Every option is just one click away, so you do not have to worry if you are new to this website, it is so easy to use that you will feel like it is your website.
  • Random Users: It is inappropriate for a person to find the wrong match after communicating with a person for an extended period. The profiles are completely anonymous, and you do not get to know no about them from the profiles, so you just have to explore by talking to them, which turns out to be a waste of time.
  • Inappropriate Content: The content might be appropriate if you are ok with nudity or pornography.
  • No Verification for under 18 Users: The use of this website under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited, but there are no precautions taken for that. Anyone can visit this website and start using it without any registration or anything.

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What is iMeetzu?

iMeetzu is a specialized dating platform where you can connect with random strangers for casual or long-term relationships. The iMeetzu review reports that the website provides you different dating options to connect with strangers all over the globe. You can Video Chat, Text Chat, or Group Chat with some random people and start interacting with them. However, they also provide you two different sub platforms: iMeetzuCams and Meetzur, in which a user can stream live broadcasts and browse thousands of profiles to find a perfect match for them. The iMeetzu review shows this platform is entirely for 18+ users, so if anyone is underage, he or she must not enter this website.

What is iMeetzu?

Is iMeetzu legit or scam?

iMeetzu is undoubtedly a legit site. Also, all the people using the site have turned out to be genuine. Thousands of people have found their perfect match from this platform or have fulfilled desires or fantasies using this website. It follows strict procedures that make the privacy of its users guaranteed. It uses the in-house staff to control and ensure the confidentiality of its members. After going through this the iMeetzu review, you will find much information about the website, which makes it clear that the site is a legit one.

What members on this site

According to the iMeetzu review, it has members from all over the globe. The users use this platform for casual as well as long term dating. There are about 100,000 users on this platform, and it is seen that about 10,000 users come online daily, seeking to meet the right person for them.

Sexual orientation

If you look at the proportion, 45% of women and 55% of men are active on the site. It is a fact that women are more involved in sharing live stream and making video broadcasts as compared to men.

Age Distribution

  • 18-24: 7% females and 10% males
  • 25-35: 9% females and 20% males
  • 35-44: 11% females and 6% males
  • 45-54: 3% females and 12% males
  • 55+: 22% males

With the above distribution, it is clear that a site has a considerable number of male users between the age of 18-24, 25-35, 45-54, and 55+ in age. On the other hand, females are greater in number between the ages of 35-44.

Sexual orientation

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

The iMeetzu review gives note that there is no need to register yourself on this platform to use it. It can be used anonymously without providing any information about you.

However, if you want to visit and use its feature where you can watch live streams or the feature where you can find people by visiting their profiles, then you have to create an account for that on those particular domains.

When you visit the website, you will see an option named ‘TALK TO GIRLS’ on the top left corner of the home page, click on that ad, a new web page will appear on your screen. That website is called imeetzucams.com.

On that, you can watch live streams and broadcast, and if you find someone attractive, you go for a private chat. You can use this website as a guest, but they will ask you to register yourself on this platform after some time. You can easily register yourself on this platform by clicking on the ‘Free Account’ button on the top left corner of your screen.

Similarly, if you want to meet people or visit their profiles to know them first and then talk to them later, you have to click on the ‘Meet People’ button on the top left corner of the website. Once you click on that, a new web page will appear on your screen named meetzur.com. You have to create an account on this platform to find or communicate with the profile you like. Their registration process is quite simple; all you have to do is to choose a username, enter your sex, date of birth, email address, password, and ZIP code. After entering all the details, you have to hit the Register button, and you ready to browse thousands of profiles to find a perfect match for you.

In the main topic, the website can be used without registration, and you don’t have to remember any username or password for logging into the platform.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Profile creation

According to the iMeetzu review, there is no profile system on this website. Anyone can visit this website anonymously and use it. You don’t have to create attractive profiles to seek other people’s attention. Your communicating skills will help you find the right match for you over this platform, not your looks. Better pick-up lines help you put a good impression on someone, and as you all have heard, “First Impression is the Last Impression,” sometimes on this website.


The messaging system of iMeetzu is quite arbitrary. You just have to tap on the ‘Text Chat’ button on the website’s homepage, and a new page will appear on your screen containing a chatbox. That chat box will keep your and the other person’s identity a secret, and both of you will be named ‘Stranger’ in their respective chats. Once you enter the chatbox, the website will provide you a message on the top saying.

‘You are not chatting with the total stranger! Say something interesting other than: ASL?

Don’t forget to Register a profile on Meetzur to keep track of your new friends.’

Under this message, there will be a blank space where all the sent and received messages can we seen. Below that, you will find a blank box in which you can type your message and next to it a ‘Send’ button, which will send your messages into the chatbox. Underneath that box, you will find four buttons, i.e., Smiles, Add Pictures, Preferences, and Leave. The functions are the following:

  1. Smiles: Smiles are the pictorial imitation of your emotions that helps your conversation become more attractive.
  2. Add Pictures: This option let you upload your images into the chat box to make your conversation funny or elaborative.
  3. Preference: In this option, you can edit your display name and add your gender for an informative conversation. However, this option is entirely optional, so you can skip if you don’t want to use it.
  4. Leave: As the name says, this official lets you leave the specific conversation, and you can start chatting with another person.


Platform for use

The iMeetzu review shows that the website helps you connect with random people throughout the world, and you can access it on various platforms.


The desktop version of the website provides a compact but detailed view of its features and it is quite tempting to see everything arranged in a quite good manner. You can see all its features on the bar available on the top of the homepage. After the three different chatting options, you will find some other dating methods provided by this website next to it. You can explore almost every button of the desktop version and it is very easy to use.


The mobile app is available only for Android users. However, you cannot access all the features on the mobile app. You can only use the Text Chatting feature on the mobile application. In case you want to use all the features, visit the website on any internet browser on your mobile phone.


Design and Usability

MatureDating has a clean and classy user interface, and the websites give a professional look that automatically acts as nectar to attract customers. Every option on the site is well settled and well placed. You need not entangle in various features, and you can see everything on the home page. People of every age find it easy to use and feels so comfortable to surf over the site for hours. The color combination is very soothing, and the site is full of amazing transitions and effects that make it tempting to use.

In the iMeetzu review you will get to know that the site navigation of the iMeetzu is smooth and precise. Every single detail is visible on the main page, and you won’t find anything hidden. The site contains clear navigation and helps you to discover every unique feature of the website. The clean navigation makes a user-friendly interface that can be easily accessible by people of almost every age group. The fluency of the site may set you mood and turn you on quickly.

Navigation site

iMeetzu Cost and Prices

There are no specific memberships provided by this website. So, you don’t need to pay anything to access any VIP features.

Since all the features available on this website are free, you will find the opportunity to access these features. These features are:

Text Chat: This option allows you to send texts to random people all over the globe and impress them with your communication skills.

All the information about this part is explained under the Messages Heading.

Video Chat: Here, you can do video conferencing with random people using your webcam, and a chat box is available on the right side of the screen to send texts during your video call. When you enter this platform, a message is visible on the top of the chatbox saying,

‘Chat with random stranger! 100% Free. By using this site, you agree you are 18+ years old!’

Underneath this message, you will find a ‘Start now’ button. Once you click on that, you will begin to start a video chat with a random person.

Group Chat: Once you click on this button, you will be added to a chat room where you can send messages to the whole group or send messages privately to any member you want. Text in those messages is editable. You can make it Bold, Italic, Underline. You can highlight the text or add pictures in the chatbox. You can also switch on your webcam so that you can share your image with the people available in that chat room.

How to pay

Since there are no paid memberships available for this website, so paying to this website is not an option.

Payment systems

The website does not require any payment.

Payment systems

Safety & Security

Thousands of people use the website and join to get their life partner, and the team ensures you have a terror-free environment. You can quickly contact the customer support if you feel any threat.


Various random dating sites pretend to be legit in the best site but always come forward being scam; it is one of those websites which works as per user needs. The main objective of this website is to give you joy and fulfill your fantasies and let you keep your identity anonymous. However, this website is legit rather than others in some other sites who pretend to be the best and turns out to be the worst.

Special features

The website has two different dating platforms.

  1. iMeetzuCams: This platform covers a wide range of people performing live streams and broadcasting their videos to get attention from other people and attract them towards their profile. You can send them an online gift, tips, or golds on this platform. You can browse through various profiles, and if you find someone appropriate, you can ask them to go for a private chat.
  2. Meetzur: It is a kind of traditional dating site platform will you can browse thousands of profiles; see their pictures, look into their bio, and then if you find someone interesting, you can send them likes or add as a friend. Once you do that, you can begin to communicate with them and see if he or she is the right match for you.


In the iMeetzu review, it is concluded that iMeetzu is one of the best dating sites in this category. All the services available on this website are free of cost, which is a significant point per many dating sites where maximum features are paid. iMeetzu is the best dating site recommended in the genre. It helps you find random people in the world and communicate with them over text, video chats, and group chats. It is better for shy people who feel awkward while talking to someone, and this platform will help the user remove the shyness from the personality and make him blunter in front of other people. It’s excellent and essential design and user-friendly interface make it a better place for people of all ages. All the features are just one click away. However, regular use of this website makes it kind of boring as it does not contain any animations or transition effects that make the website look attractive.

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