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JPeopleMeet Review 2021

JPeopleMeet Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 25-44
Profiles 40.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Joining is free of cost.
  • It takes only a few minutes to create a profile.
  • You can see when a member was online last.
  • Every member can see the profile pictures.
  • Like and comment on photos of other members.
  • Very affordable price as compared to similar sites.
  • No mobile application.
  • The number of users is quite less; you will find very few users online at times.
  • Limited features for the free members.
  • No mobile application is available.

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What Is JPeopleMeet: A Dating Website for the Conservative People?

JPeopleMeet is a website designed specifically for single Jewish people to help them find a soulmate without much effort. The site is not for those looking for a casual relationship for sex. Instead, according to multiple JPeopleMeet Review, most of the users here look for a long-term relationship or even marriage. This site saves you from pointless scrolling and searching to find a partner who meets your criteria. With affordable monthly subscription plans and decent features, this website looks quite attractive for the Jewish singles. If you are a potential user, you might have a lot of questions, and this JpeopleMeet review will dive deep into the site to give you a complete idea about it.

Though it is a Jewish dating site, yet it does not prevent people from other communities to join provided, you have faith in the Jewish way of life. One exciting thing about this site is it has a list of tips for the members to multiply their chances of meeting their love. This is something you will not find on other dating sites.

What Is JPeopleMeet

Is JPeopleMeet a Legit Website to Use?

Yes, it is a genuine website. This detailed JPeopleMeet review will help you to believe if it has got the things you want on a dating site. There are articles with success stories that will make you believe in love. There have been many users who found their soulmate on this platform. The site sends you suggestions based on your preference to explore more members and meet the one who is made for you.

The users on this website are looking for love, a long-term relationship, and even marriage. They are genuine people looking for a partner to spend their life. There are some profiles without profile pictures and many details; you better ignore those.

What Kind of Users Are Present on This Website?

JPeopleMeet is for the Jewish single men and women from the USA and Canada looking for friendship or romance. The members are religious and have deep faith in Judaism. However, a non-Jewish can also join the site if the person wants a Judaist partner. There are more than 40000 people on this platform, and it is adding thousands of members every month. The people on this platform are interested in a long-term relationship rather than casual meet up or sex. The women members specifically are interested only in a marriage or a meaningful relationship. The gender ratio is quite balanced, with around 47% are males, and 53% are females.

Does the Site Discriminate Against People Based on Their Sexual Orientation?

JPeopleMeet is open to all Jewish men and women who want a long-term relationship. It does not discriminate against individuals for their sexual orientation. The site is open to gay as well as lesbians. When you join, you need to provide information about your sexual orientation, and you will get suggestions accordingly. The website believes in providing everyone a chance, no matter if you have a different sexual orientation than usual.

JPeopleMeet Does the Site Discriminate Against People Based on Their Sexual Orientation?

What Is the Age Distribution Pattern of This Platform?

You need to be 18+ if you wish to join this website. The site does not allow minors to be a member of this platform. Apart from this, there are no restrictions in terms of age. Most of the members are in the age group of 25-44. However, JPeopleMeet believes there is no age bar to find a soulmate. The most active male members are in the age group of 25-35, while most active females are 22-30.

How to Signup and Create Login Credentials on This Website?

  1. Open the website at https://www.jpeoplemeet.com/.
  2. Click on Search Now tab.
  3. Then select your sexual orientation and Keep Going.
  4. On the next page, enter the Zip Code and click Keep Going.
  5. Enter your first name and a password (it should be between 4-16 characters) and click Keep Going.
  6. Then enter your date of birth and continue.
  7. Enter your email address and click Keep Going.
  8. Now you need to upload a photo. You can skip it; however, a profile without a photo will hardly be noticed by any member.

JPeopleMeet What Is the Age Distribution Pattern of This Platform?

How Long Does It Take to Create a Profile on This Platform?

Creating a profile is the most crucial part of the registration. A profile with details will attract more users. It hardly takes 3-4 minutes to create a profile with complete details. The website uses artificial intelligence to search the best matches for you as per the details you enter. The more information you will provide about yourself and your preference, the more is the chance to find a suitable match at the earliest.

Messaging and Talking to Fellow Members

You can see multiple search options on JPeopleMeet. You can filter your searches using different Jewish practices like synagogue attendance, or if the member is taking Kosher food. This JPeopleMeet review will let you know different ways you can communicate with other members.

There are not many active users on this website. It is probably because it does not have a large user base now, though it is growing rapidly. The paid members have the option to send messages or online chatting with another member. However, there are limited options for free members to communicate. They can like and comment on the photos or send flirts to express their interest.

JPeopleMeet How Long Does It Take to Create a Profile on This Platform?

Platform Via Which You Can Use It

The site is accessible only through the website. As of now, there is no mobile application for this Jewish dating platform. However, you can access the website on your mobile phone, though you will not get the convenience of a mobile application. When you use a mobile application, you can stay logged in, but with the website, you have to enter the username and the password whenever you visit the site.

How to Use the Platform on a Desktop?

You can access the website from anywhere in the world. The site is accessible everywhere. It is compatible with all the major Internet browsers. You can access the site using Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. The website is fast and loads instantly on any browser.

How to Use This Dating Platform on Mobile?

Though there is no mobile application for this Jewish dating platform, it does not mean that you cannot use it on a mobile phone. The website is accessible on both Android as well as Apple phones. You will get the same features and functionality on the mobile phone that you get on a desktop. The only thing that differs from a mobile application is that you have to put your login credentials every time you try to access it. However, you can tick the checkbox in “Remember Me” for your convenience.

JPeopleMeet Platform Via Which You Can Use It

How Is the Design and Usability of This Dating Site?

The website looks like a typical dating site, and there is nothing extraordinary to blow your mind. There is a signup and login option in the middle of the page. It has a background of images of the members in tiles. The color combination is decent and soothing to the eye. The website’s design could be improved; however, it is easy to use, and at first glance, it looks perfectly fine.

In terms of usability, JPeopleMeet seems to have made ease of use as the top priority. The simple design makes it incredibly easy to use. The website is blazing fast and loads much faster as compared to other dating websites.

How Easy Is It to Navigate on This Jewish Dating Site?

Navigation is another important aspect of a website. JPeopleMeet seems to have kept it very simple. The website is organized so that even the first-timer and people without much technical knowledge can use it at ease. The user-friendly layout makes it a cakewalk to search, find, or send messages to another member. The menu has a list of almost everything you expect on a dating website. The search option has various filters that the followers of Judaism can find out about a fellow religious person. You can use filters like Kosher practice with food or attending Shabbat etc. The buttons and the links are very responsive so that you can move from one page to another with the blink of an eye.

JPeopleMeet How Is the Design and Usability of This Dating Site?

What Are the Different Packages for Premium Memberships in JPeopleMeet?

If you follow Judaism sincerely, you may be thinking it would be difficult to find a partner who is as religious as you, if not more. Wouldn’t it be exciting to know that you can find someone who also follows religion sincerely? JPeopleMeet gives you that platform; however, with a free membership, you will not be able to communicate effectively as you can do with a paid membership. In this JPeopleMeet review, you will get to know the price you have to pay to avail of the premium membership. You will be amazed to know that JPeopleMeet has kept the price that everyone can afford. There are three premium packages.

  1. Monthly package: It costs USD per month.
  2. Quarterly package: It costs 26.97 USD for three months, which is 8.99 USD per month.
  3. Half-yearly package: It costs 38.94 USD for six months, which is 6.49 USD per month.

What Is the Difference Between the Free and Paid Membership?

Most of the websites give limited options with a free membership, and JPeopleMeet is also not different. This JPeopleMeet review will help you understand the difference between the free and paid membership and the advantages of paid membership. The paid version on the other has almost everything you want to find and communicate with. With the free membership, you can upload photos, search for a match, and mark your potential match as favorite. You can also send a flirt to any member even as a free member.

The paid membership allows you to see who is flirting with you, send and receive messages. It also allows you to use instant chat options. You can also see the members who like you and marked you as their favorite. The paid membership gives you access to comment on someone’s photo.

JPeopleMeet What Is the Difference Between the Free and Paid Membership?

How to Make Payment to Upgrade to the Premium Version?

Making a payment to upgrade to a premium account is easy-peasy on this dating platform. You can use a credit or a debit card to make the payment. The site accepts a whole range of credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. Etc. You can make the payment from the upgrade option when you sign in or go to your profile and settings and upgrade from there. When you click upgrade, you will see different packages. You need to select one and proceed with the payment process.

What Are the Various Payment Options to Upgrade?

As of now, you can make payments using cards only. The payment process is straightforward and easy. An SSL secure connection secures the payment. When you upgrade to premium membership, your profile gets registered for autopay, and the payment will be processed automatically as per your subscription plan.

How Safe Is This Dating Website?

Safety is a critical aspect when you think about online dating sites, and it is rightly so. You do not want your personal information to be misused. JPeopleMeet does not verify the authenticity of the members, and they do not perform any background check. However, the site takes the safety and privacy of the members seriously.

There is a link at the bottom of the website as “Safety Tips.” The link has useful information to help you with avoiding online scams or fraud while using the platform. There are guidelines you should follow when you connect with someone the first time. You can also see some tips to protect your privacy. You can also get to know about the platform’s privacy policy by clicking the “Privacy Policy” link at the bottom of the website.

Is It an Official Website for Jewish Dating or, Is It Another Scam?

The site is developed to help the Jewish singles in the USA and Canada to find a match for themselves. Most of the members on this site are profoundly religious, and they have joined the website to find their love. Though there are a few profiles that don’t have a photo and many details, most of the members are genuine and believe in a long-term relationship. There are not many active members on this site as compared to other dating platforms. The reason seems maybe people are not looking for instant sexual gratification here, and finding a life partner takes time.

The site does not seem to be a scam. It keeps the personal and sensitive information of the members secure. You can get to know about the privacy policy and terms of use from the respective links at the bottom of the website.

What Are the Special Features of This Jewish Dating Site That Makes It Different From the Rest?

JPeopleMeet has some features and functionalities that make it a unique site for Jewish dating. The below-mentioned features are unique to this website.

  1. Connect Me: The benefit of this feature is you can request to get the contact information of a member without disclosing your identity.
  2. Promote Me: This feature promotes your profile at the top of your potential partner’s search result for about an hour.
  3. Echo: This is the feature that notifies you when you like your profile, and that person also likes your profile.
  4. Events: The website organizes real-life meetings for Jewish single men and women to find a local match.
  5. Message Ideas: These are four questions that a profile visitor can answer to initiate a conversation. The questions are displayed on the profiles of a member.

What Are the Special Features of This Jewish Dating Site That Makes It Different From the Rest?

Conclusion of This In-Depth Dating Website Review

This marks the conclusion of this JPeopleMeet Review. Many people give a lot of importance to the cultural and religious background while looking for a life partner. If you are one of those who put Judaism as the top priority before getting into a relationship, this site is a perfect choice for you. With a very affordable subscription plan, this is one of the best platforms to find a partner within the Jewish community. The website also has unique features, especially for the paid members that will add fun to your browsing experience. Moreover, the website gives a lot of emphasis on the security and privacy of the members.

Hopefully, this extensive JPeopleMeet review answers the questions you had before or after signing up on the website. Now since all your queries have been answered, go and signup on JPeopleMeet today.

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