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Mixxxer Review 2021

Mixxxer Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 25-28
Profiles 3 500 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Users can access hookups and sex dating services for free.
  • Users can hide their identity and location if that is what they prefer.
  • Mixxxer services can be accessed from the mobile app.
  • The account creation process is flawless.
  • There is a vast user database to select from.
  • The site is user friendly.
  • Users cannot access the services from the desktop.
  • There are cases of fake accounts.

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What is Mixxxer

This Mixxxer review introduces you to a dating platform for people interested in finding casual sexual encounters. Most users here are not interested in long-term relationships. On the site, you will quickly hook up to quench your sexual thirst without the need to exchange long talks. Read on this comprehensive Mixxxer review to find out more.

The website does not look so much into your background information; the main focus is to sort out your sexual desire. You must be bold enough to interact with other users on this platform. The mobile app uses your phone’s GPS to find matches within your locality.

In this Mixxxer review, you’ll learn how the platform works. You’ll get information on how to create an account, profile, and find matches. By the end of this review, you’ll have enough information to make the right choice for your hookup needs.

What is Mixxxer

Is Mixxxer legit or scam?

There are several indications that Mixxxer is a legitimate dating platform. First, there are many real user reviews on different sites about their encounters on the site. These reviews show that the site is working and is even receiving feedback from the users.

Another sign that the site is genuine is the profiles on the platform. You can tell the profiles are of real users since not you see real people on the profile pictures. The profiles represent people with different physical attributes, and beauty is left to the beholder’s eye.

The site also has an active user support department. When users meet some issues on the site, they post their concerns and get responses from the team and not automated messages from bots.

What members on this site

It is advisable to understand the members’ quality of any dating platform before you decide to join. Most people that join Mixxxer are looking for adult dating through no strings attached encounters and casual sex. On the site, you’re likely to come across someone that wants to get laid tonight.

So, if you’re looking for a long-term relationship that could lead to marriage, this platform might not work for you.

Sexual orientation

The site caters to various sexual preferences. The dominant groups of users you are likely to encounter on the website are:

  • men seeking women;
  • women seeking men;
  • you’ll also come across couples (male/male, male/female/, and female/female).

From the groups above, you’ll realize that people with varied sexual preferences will likely find users on Mixxxer that share their tastes. Therefore, people from different sexual orientations can join the platform and have fun.

Age Distribution

The site user base has both the old and the young. You must be at least 18 years and above to create an account and enjoy the adult dating services. Most of the users are aged between 21 and 44 years.

Age Distribution

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Creating an account on Mixxxer is straightforward. Since the site focuses on casual relationships, the amount of information required to create an account is minimal. The registration process lasts not more than 10 minutes. Most users have expressed their appreciation for the flawless nature of the process in their online reviews.

The first step requires you to select your gender and the gender or genders of the people you would like to meet. Then, you must provide a valid email address and create a unique password for your Mixxxer account. At this juncture, you’re also required to create a username. You’ll also have to state your current location.

After you finish filling the forms, you must confirm your account’s email address to be ready for use. To login to your account, you’ll use the email you provided and the password you created. Remember; don’t use the same password you use on your email account on Mixxxer.

Profile creation

Even though this is a casual hookup site, a complete profile still gives you higher chances of finding what you want. The information you’re required to fill is minimal. Your profile has three sections, i.e.:

  • Profile picture – here, you’ll upload your profile picture. Upload a photo that reflects what you’re searching on the platform.
  • Basics section – in the basics section, you’ll provide details about your gender, what you are interested in, your body type, ethnicity, and what you are looking for.
  • Looks – in the looks section, you’ll provide details about your physical attributes. You must talk about your hair, grooming, and beauty habits.
  • Details – in the details section, you have to talk about your sexual interests and your personality.
  • Other information – other details you have to fill are set the mood and status.

Beautiful pictures will help speed up your hookup process as adult dating does not have time for conversations; therefore, looks are essential. Also, the more information you provide, the more accurate your matches will be.


Mixxxer offers its users various means of communication to express themselves. However, the type of communication features you have access to depends on your account status. If you have a free account, you’ll have limited access, whereas if you have a premium account, you’ll have unlimited access.

When using the search feature on Mixxxer, you can click the “no thank you” icon to pass on a profile or click the message sign to send them a private message. When you come across a profile you like, you can send them the “let’s shag” quick message. You can also send users you like teasers.


Platform for use Mixxxer

Mixxxer can only be accessed via mobile devices. The platform has a mobile site from which you can access the services. When you check any Mixxxer review, you’ll realize that many users would have liked a desktop version of the site and a mobile app.


Mixxxer.com does not have a desktop version. But, it allows you to create an account from the desktop website. To access the services offered by the site, you must use the mobile site.

Mixxxer does not have a mobile app; instead, it has a mobile-friendly website. The site is user friendly and is optimized for mobile use. You can easily access all the features on the platform from the mobile site. Also, since you access the platform from your phone’s browser, it doesn’t matter whether you are using an Android or iOS device.

Design and Usability

The site received a 3.0 rating by users who did a Mixxxer review, showing that it is somewhat user-friendly. The website design is conventional hence does not require users to learn any new ways of doing things. The different sections on the site are arranged well and clearly demarcated. There is also clear labeling on the site ensuring that you can find whatever you are looking for without hassle.

You don’t have to be that smart to use the site. The graphics design involves the use of familiar icons for the different features on the site. For instance, you can quickly locate the settings, functions, messages, and teasers as they use symbols used on other social media platforms.

The visual design is also great. It is easy for you to distinguish between the different sections of the site as different colors separate them. Furthermore, the color contrast between the text and the background is also good. Therefore, you’ll not strain reading the text on the site.

Even though the quality of profile photos is up to the users, the platform displays them in such a way that it makes it easy to view and browse through. For instance, when you open the Mixxxer feature, the site presents one profile at a time. As a result, you can see the profiles well and make your decision.

Design and Usability

You’ll also have an easy time navigating through the site. The navigation elements of the site are well thought out and implemented. The primary menu has links to the essential parts of the website. This design makes it easy for you to access these frequently used site functionalities.

To avoid congesting the primary menu, the site also uses a side drawer. The side drawer enhances user experience as the user displays it whenever they need to use it. Otherwise, it remains hidden the whole time. Furthermore, it is conveniently placed where it can be discovered quickly. It does not contain numerous menu items, so you’ll not be confused.

The navigation elements do not overwhelm user cognitive capabilities. For instance, it does not automatically browse through the profiles. But it allows the user to be in control of the scrolling so as to move at their pace. Mixxxer did not try to be very sophisticated while designing the site. They used common navigation elements like menus, links, and buttons. Reading any Mixxxer review reveals that users have no problems navigating the site.

Mixxxer Costs and Prices

You cannot determine the suitability of a dating platform until you evaluate the costs. Like many dating platforms, Mixxxer allows new users to use the site for free to sample its offerings. The free account challenge is that you’ll have restricted access, and your options will be limited when using the platform’s essential features.

It would be best to upgrade to a paid account to enjoy the whole list of what the site has. On Mixxxer, a premium account grants you access to the premium features on the site. And, since things happen fast on this site, it is best to access the best features.

Mixxxer Costs and Prices

Free Services

When using the site for free:

  • You can receive messages.
  • It allows you to search for local members.
  • You’ll view other users’ full profiles.
  • You’ll also see other users’ photos.
  • You can use privacy filters.

Premium features

A premium account grants you access to additional features. When you upgrade your account:

  • You’ll have an ad-free browsing experience.
  • You’ll be able to send messages to other users.
  • You can send teases to people you like.
  • You’ll be able to see who viewed your profile.
  • Your Blackbook will be unlimited.
  • You can chat with standard account users.

Premium Plans:

  • 1-month plan costs 7.99 USD.
  • 3-month plan costs 19.99 USD.

Paid vs Free access

How to pay

The site accepts payments from all major credit card companies. Suppose you are making your payment from a country that will attract international transaction fees, talk about it with your provider. This will ensure you avoid any surprises when your card is billed.

Payment systems

When you subscribe to a particular plan, it will be automatically renewed when the time elapses. Auto-renewal is to ensure that your experience is not interrupted in case your subscription expires while you are chatting with your match. If you want to cancel your subscription, go to your page settings page and cancel the auto-renewal feature.

Safety & Security

Mixxxer has put in place some measures to guarantee the safety of its members. First, through the Privacy Policy, the site ensures that your data remains safe from online intruders. It also uses secure connections for financial transactions to protect the information from hackers.

The website also provides mechanisms for users to either report or block a user displaying predatory attributes. The platform has a help and support page that contains information on various issues you might encounter on the site.

As a user on the platform, your safety is also your responsibility. For instance, when you come across a user who has inappropriate behavior when you report them, you also protect other users on the platform. You should also consider the fact that Mixxxer is a NSA hookup site; therefore, it does not collect a lot of details on its users. It is upon you to quickly perform a background check on the users before engaging them.

You can check their social media accounts and any online Mixxxer review to see if their identity appears there negatively. Even though it is a hookup site that does not entail a lot of conversation, try to understand your partner before engaging them; otherwise, you might fall victim to online scammers. You should also avoid sending money to strangers. One rule of thumb in online platforms is to follow your instincts at all times.


You should consider the fact that Mixxxer is a casual adult hookup site. Therefore, the registration and vetting processes are not very thorough. Furthermore, the nature of the relationships sought does not give time for initial conversations and getting to know each other.

The factors mentioned above point to a possibility of scammers escaping the site’s safety net as well as your protection. Visit any real user Mixxxer review to learn from other users who were scammed to know what or who to avoid.


Special Features

The site has several distinctive features that users enjoy either for free or at a premium. As we’ve seen earlier, you should go for the premium account to access the site’s excellent functions.

  • Find Fun – this feature allows you to access matches closest to you. You can use the filtering options to refine your matches.
  • Mixxxer – this feature allows users to browse through profiles quickly. You can either choose the “No thank you” option or send a message or “lets shag” option.
  • Viewed me – this feature enables you to see users who viewed your profile. This might give you an idea of who is interested in you.
  • BlackBook – your Blackbook will contain a list of the users who you selected as your favorites.
  • Teases – this feature allows you to quickly send a teaser to profiles you like to notify them of your interest.


If you want to hook up for one-night stands, casual sexual encounters, and fun, you should consider signing up for Mixxxer adult dating. The platform has users from different cultural backgrounds with varied sexual preferences.

Therefore, it does not matter whether you are straight, gay, couple, or single, Mixxxer has something for you. It provides its services using a user-friendly platform with great features. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection, and you are good to go.

Because it is a hookup site, the profiles are not very detailed, and you should not expect long chats. Most users meet on the site to get casual sex without any commitments to each other. The app uses your phone’s GPS to find your potential partners in your locality.

The site has been successful in its offers, as there are several success stories on various online reviews. If your interests are captured on the site’s offerings, you should go ahead and sign up today.

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