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Phrendly Review 2021

Phrendly Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 79%
Popular age 25-40
Profiles 1 500 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • You can earn extra cash for each reply your send back.
  • The site is the best for those who are looking for flirting and chatting.
  • The site is free to join.
  • You can make around $80 per week as reported by many members.
  • You can receive virtual gifts from other people.
  • The site doesn't support serious relationship.
  • You can't initiate a conversation for free. You must pay the amount to start a conversation with other people.
  • The site keeps the users earning to 30%.

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What is Phrendly?

Phrendly is a dating cum social site where singles connect. The site gives some extra money to men and women while they are chatting with each other. You will get paid to chat and flirt with other potential singles. But you have to wait for the singles to contact you first.

You may come across many dating sites that users can send and receive random messages for free. It is not the case with Phrendly; the site is made for men to pay while they initiate conversation. Women have to pay too if they initiate the conversation first. If you want to get paid to chat, you have to wait for someone to start messaging with you first. The site informs you through e-mail if you are ready to get paid. They also send you suggestions in which they educate you on how to become a more skillful flirter and earn extra money for drink. So, you have to sit and wait from other users contacting you, or the site itself will send you an e-mail.

The Phrendly review will highlight the essential aspects of the earning-based dating site. How effective it is, and how you can successfully flirt with your like-minded single for satisfying your lust. Stick to the Phrendly review; you will know the flirting site better.

What is Phrendly?

Is Phrendly legit or scam?

The website looks legitimate platform for one who is seriously single and looking for just a causal chatting or sexting. Yes, there is money involved while they are getting pay you for text and chatting, but people hardly take your money out of you because of the site active surveillance system. Additionally, keep in mind that your number will be protected. All the conversations and interactions happen relay on the number, and that number will be protected to reach any fakers and scammers.

The site offers many strangers to make money from chatting. Users can make video chat and phone calls from the site allotted unique phone number that has area code of its own. Users don’t have to insert their numbers and information; it’s always considered a risky business that someone will breach the data.

The fact is the site has strictly prohibited users from sending their personal information and number while chatting with others. Avoiding sending personal information discourages many scammers from approaching the site and making money out of users. For instance, if the user ever sends a seven-digit phone number, full name, Twitter, or Instagram Id on the site messaging box, that message will be blocked from sending. The purpose behind this is to discourage any potential damage to users’ privacy. The site also makes sure that users should make communication only through this platform.

The website ensures that the user is a legitimate one. They verify user’s phone numbers to make sure that the user is genuine. But some users don’t like the idea of verifying the phone number because of privacy concerns.

Is Phrendly legit or scam?

What members on this site

The website has the most vibrant community across Canada and the United States. The site also claims to have connected people from other parts of the world. According to some reports, the site’s members are rapidly growing, and they claim to have members in millions soon.

Sexual Orientation

According to the Phrendly official report, the site is targeted specific people who like the concept of online dating and relationships. The official targeted male and female who are looking for singles to flirt and chat. Many online dating sites offer a real meeting with like-minded singles. But, in reality, the Phendly users are men who have strict working schedules and have no time for real-life dating.

Age Distribution

The site’s users are mostly young who want to earn some extra money to chat and flirt. Serious users may not want to be on the site as Phrendly doesn’t offer service for serious and long-term relationships.

Age Distribution

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

The site gives free registrations. You can join the site for free, and the registration process does take around 3 minutes to get the job done. You may find the registration process in the below:

  1. The first step to join the site is to enter your e-mail address.
  2. Users ask some basic questions like many other dating sites ask about users’ age, sex, race, and the partner preference whether they are looking for men or women.
  3. The site may ask about users’ phone number and the code they sent you.
  4. In the first step, users must upload their first photo for recognition.

Users first photos will be made public so that other like-minded can contact you.

Profile creation

Besides all the information requires on your profile, you can upload a fully clothed picture of your own. Many other users may find you interesting and start contacting you if you are the one sporting guy. You can show them the sport you like and want to play hard. If you are not a kind of talkative person, you can talk through sending images of your mood.

While building your profile, the site does intolerant about uploading nudity and sexist photos; however, the site is okay with bathing photos. Besides all, you can add, change or remove information about yourself; however, the profile doesn’t tell much about the person, but users should upload various photos that show their interests and likes.

The more information you write on your profile, the better chance other users would approach you for flirting and chatting. The Phrendly review will always recommend you make your profile full of information about your preferences, but refrains you from uploading your personal information such as your phone number, and e-mail address.

Profile creation


The messaging system at the site is different than video and phone options. You will get paid for the message you send back to other users. The price is set at 0.34 cents per volley. The concept of volley kind of response, but it does not be appropriate to call a message. Plus, you can’t make money out of multiple short replies.

As a user, you must keep encouraging other guys to ask you questions, and you answer to keep the flow of conversation continue for some time. Out of messages, you can make around $80 per week. The site allows users to talk about any topic they want; the site makes the topic discussion broad. You can talk about your favorite place you recently visited, your favorite tv show and the list is as long as you can imagine.

Platform for use

You can enter the site in multiple ways. You have to own at least one set of personal computers and mobile devices to access the dating platform. You can chat and flirt with your like-minded singles through its official website, and the company backed mobile app. Both platforms have widely used by users who live in different parts of the world.


The website version was first introduced by the chatting company to its users. And so far, users have widely used the site version as it provides a variety of options such as registration process, uploading photos, and adding or removing profile information.


Most of the users prefer the mobile app as it provides a convenient way of usage. Plus, the app makes things more simple, easy to use, and clean. You can get yourself registered through the app without any hassle.

According to the Phrendly review, other dating apps such as Tinder, OkCupid, and Grindr stand out as they present additional options to users’ needs. However, as a user, if you want to play around this dating app, ultimately, the dating app experience is quite good enough.


Design and Usability

Users are mostly happy with the look of the website design and its usage. According to the site management, they had initially spent a lot of time cleaning and designing individual website navigation bars such as user profiles, chat, and brow section look.

The website has made the site usage easy and straightforward. As most users are from the technical background, they don’t find the site confusing while navigating through it.

According to the Phrendly review, the website offers easy to use navigation option. You can navigate the site with the following steps:

Phrendly Costs and Prices

For male users, if they want to initiate a conversation with the women, then formers must pay. The amount of male pay will go to the gals’ account when they respond. The site uses the term drink instead of cash. The website has made the following drink pricing:

  • $10 is equal to 1 Drink
  • $40 is equal to 4 Drink
  • $90 is equal to 10 Drinks

In return, the users get 35 cents for each text they sent in response to other messages. The paid users must reply to the message within 24 hours. Users can choose to withdraw the amount from the site or use the amount to initiate a conversation with another like-minded single on the site.

Users can earn with following way possible:

  • Users can earn extra money by receiving calls, chatting or video calling.
  • Users can earn 35 cents for each reply to the message sent within 24 hours.
  • The website will get 30% of your earning while 70% will go to your account.
  • The site follows who give you virtual gifts; you will keep 90% of the gift’s value.

Phrendly claims to offer free features to its users, like many other dating sites. All the features of the site are not for free; you must pay for the premium features. The site offers the following features enumerated against each:

Free access:

  1. You can join the site for free.
  2. Profile creation is for free.
  3. You can upload unlimited photos and information.
  4. You can reply to the message sent by other users.

Paid access:

  1. You can initiate message to other users.
  2. You can send virtual gifts.
  3. You can initiate video chatting.

Paid vs. Free Access

How to pay

The Phrendly review shows that users can withdraw their amount every day by directly depositing their bank account once the amount reaches the threshold of $10. The minimum withdrawal amount is set to $10. The website also pays through cheque, making payment only in a month with this payment option.

Payment Systems

The site accepts the following payment systems:

  1. Users can only get paid through direct deposit and any bank in the United States.
  2. The site doesn’t support portal like PayPal, SWIFT, bank wire transfers and Payoneer.
  3. If the users want to initiate the conversation with other people, they can use credit card showing MasterCard or Visa logo on it.

Users have to provide social security to withdraw money from the site account. Before registering with the site, you must understand that 30% of your earnings will be kept with the website, and the remaining 70% will be yours. You can also send a certain percentage of your amount to the charity institutions such as Children’s Health fund or Animal Welfare Institute.

Safety & Security

The Phrendly review reports that the website takes users’ safety and privacy very seriously, and they make consistent amendments to its existing privacy and security rules to make the flirting site safe. All conversations happen on the website as they recommend users never to share personal data or information with anyone. You will have fun while using a secure and safe chatting site.

The site claims to have the most secure measures to help protect users’ data or information from any loss, alteration of information, or misuse. They also claim to have a Secure Socket Layer that encrypts users’ information.

Safety & Security


The website strives hard to make the platform free from scammers and fakers. They also want users to take the responsibility never to share their personal information such as phone number, e-mail address, or any other users’ direct contacting information. So far, the Phrendly review doesn’t found any scam that happened with the site’s users.

Special Features

The Phrendly review announces that the website presents to its users some special features that they believe they are in the market. The best features are following:

  1. Earn some extra money.
  2. The site works uniquely compared to other dating sites. They pay users some extra cash for each message users reply. You can earn 0.35 cents per text, reply to the message.

  3. You can send and receive gifts.
  4. The website presents a strikingly impressive platform where users can exchange virtual gifts. Only a 10% value of the gift will be kept with the site, and the remaining 90% will go for the user.

  5. You can have better lighting & camera.
  6. Everybody loves lighting and a better camera to communicate with like-minded single. If you interact with your single, you may want to light up to make sure that everything you see through the camera look clearer.

  7. You can share your interests and hobbies.
  8. You can keep the conversation continue to prolong while sharing your interests and hobbies. This particular option can give you the ability to make a long conversation with users to make more money. You can prolong the conversation by telling people about your interest, passion, and hobbies. You can start a conversation with any subject like your favorite movies, news, and reality shows.



Phrendly is a social dating site where singles of like-minded connect. The site allows users to earn some extra money. Users can get paid to flirt and chat with other people. Users only get paid when they reply to the message sent by other people. If you initiate a message first, you will have to pay to the user you want to communicate with. Phrendly keeps 30% of users’ earning with it, and the remaining 70% of the amount can be taken by users.

The dating site might be best for you if you are looking to earn some extra money. The website may not be best for those looking for serious relationships as they don’t guarantee you to confirm meet-up with your favorite single on the site. If you are looking for a serious relationship, you better choose other dating sites available in the market claiming to offer serious hookups. But if you want to engage with other people merely for flirting or making extra cash, then Phrendly will be the best site for you.

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