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Plenty of Fish Review 2021

Plenty of Fish Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 81%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 22-39
Profiles 8 500 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Completely free-to-use basic membership
  • Messaging limits are reasonable, and there is not too much of them
  • You can get "on board" in no time
  • Service of live streams
  • One of the dating giants with impressive service history and background
  • Some partner suggestions are randomized and can appear quite useful
  • Technical shortcomings
  • Visual content lacks the right style and structure, is somewhat dull and confusing
  • Since everyone can send messages, some of them may contain spam
  • No possibility to refer to external services like Instagram or Spotify

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What Should You Know About Plenty of Fish Beforehand

Plenty of Fish started in 2003 in Vancouver, Canada, where the company is still based today. Since POF is entirely free to use, apart from an optional paid upgrade, the site has established itself as the world’s leading online dating site in recent years. POF is optically not the most beautiful website in the world and you can find out which is better Okcupid vs Plenty of Fish. You can take a look at it before reading this Plenty of Fish review, and probably, you will agree. But the principle of mass popularity has led to enormous success, especially in Canada and the USA. Due to the high number of members and the almost wholly free offer, POF is more attractive for singles than its numerous alternatives. Apart from one or another Plenty of Fish review on the Internet, POF has also been featured in music videos by Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and 3OH.

Awards and prizes Plenty of Fish has won signify its victories in various English-speaking dating website competitions. Plenty of Fish has also set some remarkable records. Among these: World’s largest online dating site Market leader in Brazil (May 2012), Most Visited Mobile Dating App (Feb. 2012)

What Should You Know About Plenty of Fish Beforehand

Don’t Take the Bait: Possible Scam and Fraudsters

Everyone knows modern digital dating can be dangerous from time to time. Unfortunately, you can’t feel completely safe even if you visit such a big and popular site like Plenty of Fish or Match. Real user experiences make it evident that scammers form a significant part of the portal’s audience. Some of them are on a hunt for the contents of your credit card, but others can also look for private pictures and videos.

In this Plenty of Fish review, you will receive brief instructions on how to prevent dangerous meetings or monetary losses.

The first step is all about recognizing the fraudulent user. Take extra care if:

  • the profile photos are very professional because it could mean catfishing
  • the user refuses to share their real name or number but constantly asks you for something
  • a stranger is hinting at receiving an e-mail with intimate details or a video with sexual content.

Before going for an actual date, consider calling your new friend and discussing your future evening’s details. Also, make sure you have a sufficient understanding of who you will see.

If you are experiencing harassment on Plenty of Fish, you can’t do almost anything except blocking the user. Usually, psychopaths and fraudsters don’t follow any sensible warnings.

Who Is the Fish and Who Is the Fisher: Plenty of Fish Users

Unfortunately, Plenty of Fish does not publish statistics about the exact gender ratio of their community. The estimated proportion lies about 55%, which is still a decent figure. This number means that with a female share of 45%, the Plenty of Fish gender ratio is still relatively balanced.

The general level of members leaves a lot of space for improvement. Although Plenty of Fish’s overall atmosphere is quite lovely, the motivation of users and the way they maintain their profiles are questionable. They fill their information fields very sparsely and could show more interest in other members. After all, the sociability of a dating website is what enables people to connect.

Many singles ignore messages or struggle to keep up with a lot of replies. Hopefully, this Plenty of Fish review could motivate users to show more activity and energy while messaging. The sad thing is, you can’t see any indication of when a member was online the last time.

Some Plenty of Fish profiles are embarrassing a visitor with very questionable and revealing pictures. A guess could be that the administration does not pay enough attention to what the users upload. Since uploaded images appear directly in the profile, the outcome is not very positive for the general picture of the website.

Who Is the Fish and Who Is the Fisher: Plenty of Fish Users

Kinks and Sexual Preferences of Users

Plenty of Fish is helping its users to identify their relationship needs and sexual kinks. To evaluate these characteristics, you first have to fill out a questionnaire that needs a test consisting of a hundred entries. As soon as you have worked through these 100 questions, you will immediately get a detailed result that you can add your Plenty of Fish profile.

In another test, you will find out what kind of seductive thoughts or actions are irresistible. The length of the test is somewhat puzzling because it consists of almost 200 entries. Probably it will take you much longer to finish this test then a thorough read of this Plenty of Fish review or Pof vs Tinder. Sexual preferences are crucial for dating, but this test exceeds the limit of what is reasonable.

The more precisely you describe your kinks, the more soulmates your profile will attract.

The Age Groups on the Portal

On Plenty of Fish, practically all age groups of single-relevant age come into play. That means that potential partners won’t keep you waiting if you are between 18 and 40 years. All in all, everyone can find what they are eager to discover. Only the age group over 40 years has a rather weak representation. However, ageism is slowly disappearing in modern society, and the situation can change very soon.

The Age Groups on the Portal

Deep Breath, Dive In: Creating an Account

The registration at POF is, unfortunately, a little more complicated than at other big dating portals. The procedure consists of 4 steps. In the first step, the website asks for primary mandatory data. Secondly, you will enter more extensive details, some of them of somewhat questionable relevance for a dating site profile. Why would you want to write about the marital status of your parents or your exact annual income?

In the third step, up to 8 pictures can be uploaded. The fourth and last step is quite a challenge. Here a so-called personality relationship test must be filled out. That means you have to answer 73 questions, based on which a personality profile will appear. This function is similar to that of a typical dating agency, which in itself is a good thing. This way, the website can provide more suitable partner suggestions for you. Besides, you will receive a detailed test result about your character traits by e-mail.

This test seems rather disturbing during the initial registration. It would be a much better idea to offer this and other tests in the profile area voluntarily. These insights will be more pleasant when you have the necessary time and desire.

All in all, you have to spend an entire evening to register with Plenty of Fish. Maybe, it will not take so much time thanks to this Plenty of Fish review.

Deep Breath, Dive In: Creating an Account

How to Turn Your Profile into a Tasty Bait

Creating your profile on Plenty of Fish is much more fun than registering. This fact is undoubtedly a consolation. You had to provide all of the somewhat extensive mandatory data during the registration process.

You can give a heading to your profile. Try to be creative because it will also emerge in the search results besides your picture.

Make sure to include appealing details about your favourite hobbies and activities since this is how visitors will interpret your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a one-night stand or want a partner for life, please indicate this in your profile. Your precise and confident answers will bring promising match results.

Be patient and save your erotic hints for future dialogues. Unsolicited sexual content is not welcome and can lead to the deletion of the profile.

Communication Options

The communication possibilities on Plenty of Fish are very manageable. Besides the e-mail and short message function, this portal also offers the opportunity to send virtual gifts. To do so, you will need to purchase a costly upgrade. The chat function is absent.

Operation System Access to Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish has a desktop version and app. Users are available on Android and iOs.

Operation System Access to Plenty of Fish

Desktop Access

The website is only satisfactory in operation. According to experience reports, this dating site’s web interface is not as bright as their target audience hopes. On the whole, the Plenty of Fish site shows only small weaknesses in terms of simplicity and usability. Fortunately, you will find the same choice of features in the app, which is handy and more intuitive compared to the web version.

Mobile Access: Android and Apple

If one thing does not receive any criticism in this Plenty of Fish review, it will be the portal’s mobile version. It achieves a top score for mobile use. The Plenty of Fish apps are effortless and self-explanatory to use, functioning well both on Android and iOs.

Mobile Access: Android and Apple

Smooth Surfing: Website Design

The Plenty of Fish website’s design can be a little bit too much for a newbie’s eye. The developers used very bright colours and bold fonts on a white background. Blue and magenta distract from the text and don’t correspond to the thematics of the site.

Through the Waves: Portal Navigation

The user interface of Plenty of Fish is a little challenge at the beginning. A three-level menu hierarchy doesn’t exactly help you to find your way around right from the start. After some time, you get along with it, but as far as user-friendly menu navigation is concerned, Plenty of Fish needs improvement.

However, Plenty of Fish is practically free of advertising. Here and there, you can find a small Google ad, e.g., from time to time above the search results, but that’s it. The reasonable use of ads space is a positive detail of Plenty of Fish as a free, ad-financed dating project.

Through the Waves: Portal Navigation

A Treat for Your Wallet: Plenty of Fish Pricing

The prices and exclusive offers of Plenty of Fish are quite fair. The expected costs are in the lower price segment. You can choose to test through a permanent free membership, but this membership will have only limited features. A subscription with a monthly cancellation option is not available yet. This service provides you with relatively fair conditions and prices.

Premium memberships can be purchased starting at 6.78 USD. Plenty of Fish presents the costs for a premium membership transparently on its website, so there is no risk of fraud or rip-offs.

Free and Premium Accounts

Plenty of Fish is a free dating portal, at least they claim to be one.

Thus, the free membership includes the most useful functions. Also, you can subscribe to a paid membership to benefit from some more features.

The Premium membership on Plenty of Fish offers some extra luxury features for a reasonable price and all the features of free basic membership. These are mostly luxury features that are not necessarily needed but can be quite helpful here and there. For example, as a Premium member, you will be shown preferentially in search queries and flirting features. You can also see whether a receiver has read or deleted your messages.

Let’s Talk About Payments

An anonymous payment is not possible with the Canadian company Plenty of Fish, but the booking text on the credit card is neutral and does not indicate a flirt portal.

Plenty of Fish users can use the internal currency called a token. Tokens enable the use of some additional functions. For example, you can use it to purchase gifts for the members you have interest in.

PayPal and Credit Card Only

Plenty of Fish creators can be proud of something, but not about the variety of payment forms. The only available options are different credit cards (incl. some not so popular options like American Express) and a PayPal payment. However, the latter requires a valid credit card as well.

PayPal and Credit Card Only

Data Safety and Privacy Policy of Plenty of Fish

Unfortunately, the safety of Plenty of Fish is somewhat opaque. For example, you may find that access to the profile is working even when you have logged out. Also, Plenty of Fish is a Canadian company and hasn’t dealt with the adaptation of the platform to the worldwide market very extensively yet. Therefore, the question remains open if they are going to implement more universal security standards, like European ones, and to what extent. The fact that you don’t have to confirm the e-mail address given during registration is not necessarily reassuring either.

Plenty of Fish states that personal data is collected and used only to fulfil the business goals in the privacy policy of the Terms and Conditions. No personal information would be collected, sold, distributed, or used for any other purpose. The only exception is when the user has consented to it, it is required by law or permitted by applicable data protection laws.

Keep an Eye out for Scammers

One of the Plenty of Fish reviews’ essential purposes is to warn you about the possible dangers of this dating service. Plenty of Fish is not a rip-off, but what could be emphasized as a negative aspect is that the use is not smooth. The first experience can be a struggle for the newcomers among the partner-seekers. During registration, you have to answer multiple questions to create a profile. Apart from the obligatory data such as name or age, it demands data of slightly questionable importance. For example, these data are the marital status of parents or the user’s annual income.

Keep an Eye out for Scammers

Special For You: Extra Functions

Several exclusive functions will be waiting for you at Plenty of Fish. Instead of scrolling through regular matches, you can hit your best shot with the Ultra Match function, allowing you to see the most compatible members.

Unlike on Tinder, where you will rely only on your exact location, on Plenty of Fish, you will be able to meet users from all around the world and users nearby. However, some members might fake their location because the website tracks it through their phone GPS services.

The people who are willing to meet should try the “Meet Me” feature at the nearest time. You should choose Yes or No when asked if you would like to meet a particular user. To start a convo, you both need to answer Yes. You can go for a Super Yes if you admire a profile that much. To meet ASAP, hit the “Today’s Catch” button that will highlight you for other love seekers.

Summing up

Plenty of Fish has an excellent chance of success. Although the profiles of other singles do not indicate the time of their last visit, if you write to someone and don’t get an answer, you can’t even guess the reason. You don’t know if they are not interested or just don’t use Plenty of Fish anymore. The only hint you can get is if they visit your profile afterwards.

But, success in online dating always depends on individual cases, and we recommend you to try this site.

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