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Sexfinder Review 2021

Sexfinder Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 75%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 98%
Popular age 20-45
Profiles 5.680.990
About Site
Visit rate 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It obtains an impressive member base.
  • It is discrete, which implies that nobody will find out about your little secret.
  • It provides its customers with video chat.
  • The Sexfinder.com dating service offers a mobile application.
  • Free members cannot access all features.
  • Monthly premium membership is costly.

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A Brief Introduction of Sexfinder.com

A Brief Introduction of Sexfinder.com

Thanks to this Sexfinder.com review, you will discover an online service operated by Various Inc. The idea behind it is to help people find someone for sex quickly and making minimum efforts. Currently, the dating platform has around 90 million users around the world. According to the Sexfinder.com review, the website claims to introduce its members to like-minded and sexually charged people.

The online service allows members to voice out and explore their most secret fetishes and fantasies. It welcomes couples, singles, LGBT individuals, and swingers. Thus, everyone can find what they are looking for using this dating platform.

However, you might want to figure out more information about Sexfinder.com before you sign up and create your profile.

Is Sexfinder.com a Legitimate Dating Website?

The great part about Sexfinder.com is that this adult dating and hookup service is legitimate. The thing is that it happens to be a part of the Friendfinder Network. It is a big company that operates more dating services apart from this one. That is why you can be sure that you will communicate with genuine people there.

Who You Can Get Acquainted With on the Website?

Who You Can Get Acquainted With on the Website?

Members of this community come from different parts of the world, and there are around 90 million users right now. The great part about the Sexfinder.com dating website is that the audience is extremely active because there are 76 thousand visits every week. Interestingly, male members outnumber the females, and most men are 25 years old. This fact is not surprising, though, because it is the period when a male`s libido is at its peak.

All customers of the Sexfinder.com online service want to spice up their sex lives. These people are looking for someone to satisfy their fantasies and fetishes, so they usually desire to try out unconventional and hot bedroom activities. Consequently, they are not seeking long-term relationships and commitment, so this dating website is not for you if you want something more serious.

What Sexual Preferences Are There?

The Sexfinder.com dating website is suitable for everyone who is looking for sex adventures. The thing is that it welcomes all kinds of sexual preferences, including lesbians, gays, trans, and even bi-curious. Members just need to specify what it is, and they will get what they are craving for quickly.

How Old Are the Users?

You must be at least 18 years old to join the community, and this requirement common for most dating websites. According to the Sexfinder.com review, the members` age ranges from 18 to 60, which means that everyone can find what they are seeking. At the same time, most users are within the 25-34 years of age.

Is the Registration Process Fast?

Is the Registration Process Fast?

The registration process on the Sexfinder.com dating platform is quite straightforward. To join the community, you need to fill out five forms. Firstly, you need to specify your identity, which can be a woman, man, or trans. It is also possible to sign up as a couple if you want to try the swinger lifestyle. The next step is to make clear what you are looking for on the dating website. Sexfinder.com requires its users to provide their location and date of birth because it needs to make sure that you are of legal age. Specifying your location will help you find potential partners near your home.

You will also have to provide some additional information regarding your body type, race, marital status, and orientation. However, you can choose to keep these details secret and click on the “Prefer not to say” option. In the last field, you will have to write an introduction, which should contain at least ten characters.

As soon as you submit all the required details, it is necessary to verify your account by clicking on the activation link. Sexfinder.com does not offer registration via a Facebook account, so you have to provide everything they ask for. Hence, it will take you from 5 to 10 minutes to complete the process.

What Information Do Profiles Contain?

What Information Do Profiles Contain?

According to the Sexfinder.com review, profiles on this dating website are quite informative as they include a lot of details. However, you need to be a premium user to be able to view profiles. When you open a member`s profile, you will see his or her name, location, age, and description. These details are in the upper left section.

You can also access a member`s photo album and read an introduction. The Sexfinder.com profiles also display some information on members` marital status, sexual orientation, language, body type, date of birth, height, astrology, and swinger type.

The online service offers several quizzes, and if you answer them, they will also be visible on the profile. For example, if it is the “My Kinks” quiz, the section will display your preferences. Another good news is that there is a compatibility chart, so you can find out how compatible you are immediately.

The Sexfinder.com dating website allows its users to edit the details on their profiles whenever they want. Overall, the profiles are detailed and informative enough for you to get to know someone even before you start communicating.

Making Contact

The huge advantage of the Sexfinder.com dating website is that there are many options you can use to interact with others. Note that only paying users can access all of them, and here these features are:

  1. Direct messages. As premium users can view full profiles, they can send direct messages. It is where they can attach pictures, send virtual flowers, share private albums, send a link, and make these messages more attractive by adding their signature and bling.
  2. Friend network. This feature is helpful when your sexual partnership becomes real-life relations.
  3. Flirt. Sexfinder.com allows its users to send flirts, and they can do that when they do not know how to start a conversation.
  4. Hotlist. There are millions of users on the dating platform, so it is extremely easy to lose someone. If you do not want to miss anything, you can add others to your Hotlist. In this case, you will always be able to go back and interact with any of them.
  5. Icebreaker. It is hard for some members to start a conversation. In this case, they can choose one of the icebreakers offered by Sexfinder.com.
  6. Instant messenger. It happens to be a messaging service that comes with webcam capability. Thus, it is even possible to start a live show using this service.
  7. Blog forums. This online dating platform allows its members to write prowess and share some tips. For this purpose, they can join blog forums, and they are fielded based on a wide variety of topics.
  8. Groups. If you do not write articles or anything like that, you can still find like-minded individuals at Sexfinder.com`s groups. It is where you can mingle with others.
  9. Chat rooms. Standard members of the online service can join chat rooms that allow getting in touch with many users at once.

User Experience

When you are looking for a dating website that you could operate, you need to pay attention to its ease of use. You should also figure out with the help of which devices you can access it. That is why it is crucial to find out whether Sexfinder.com has a desktop version and a mobile app.

Desktop Version vs. Mobile Application

The good news is that Sexfinder.com offers a desktop version, a mobile version, and a mobile application. It means that users can choose any option they like more. However, the app is only available for iOS mobile devices. There is no need to worry, though, because the dating website is mobile-friendly; consequently, it is still possible to log in with a smartphone wherever and whenever.

As the Sexfinder.com review has shown, both the application and mobile version maintain most features, functions, and color schemes available on the desktop version. At the same time, there is a modern upgrade on mobile. The dating website appears to be and feels sleeker when browsed via mobile from the features and icons location to the applied fonts.

When using the Sexfinder.com desktop version, you may also notice that the numerous details look cramped. The mobile version and the application are well-organized, so it is easier to navigate them. However, the only feature absent on mobile is quizzes, except for My Kinks. Apart from that, you will be able to use them ad-free, so it will be even more enjoyable.

A Few Words About the Online Service`s Design

A Few Words About the Online Service`s Design

This online dating service features a straightforward and simple interface. It is great because many members are over 25 years old, so some of them might be not so tech-savvy. Thus, everyone, regardless of their online dating experience, can access quality adult material on the Sexfinder.com dating website. There is also a Content Filter that allows members to adjust the amount of erotic content they will see.

The main color of the dating platform is white, and there is orange for message notifications. Red color is applied for other alerts here. Even though the Sexfinder.com dating website is straightforward, someone who is new to this kind of service can find it overwhelming. The thing is that there are texts, photos, and tabs. Notifications, messaging features, and the main tabs are at the topmost part of the website, so it is not hard to find them.

Is It Difficult to Navigate?

Is It Difficult to Navigate?

As mentioned before, the dating website may seem to be overwhelming at first. At the same time, the Sexfinder.com members figure things out quickly because it is quite straightforward. Hence, it is not hard to navigate the dating platform.

Sexfinder.com Website`s Membership Costs

Sexfinder.com Website`s Membership Costs

Most dating websites that you can access on the market provide their members with some features free of charge, while they need to pay if they want to access all functions. So, standard users on the Sexfinder.com dating website can do some things without any premium subscription. Still, many choose to upgrade their accounts so that they could get an enjoyable online dating experience indeed.

Premium subscription is available for one, three, or twelve months. If you decide to pay for the one-month membership plan, you will pay 39.95 dollars. In the case of the three-month premium subscription on the Sexfinder.com dating service, you will pay 26.95 dollars per month, which is 80.85 dollars in total. It is also possible to get the one-year premium membership, and it will cost you 19.95 dollars per month. Consequently, the amount for the whole period is 239.40 dollars. As you can see, the prices are above average compared to similar dating websites.

Features Available to Standard and Premium Members

If you are a free member of the Sexfinder.com community, you can access the following services:

  • sign up and create a profile;
  • watch one live user webcam at a time;
  • access Instant Messenger;
  • update and customize your Sexfinder.com profile;
  • add around 200 users on Hotlist;
  • upload videos and pictures;
  • edit search filters;
  • watch shows by live performers;
  • start a broadcast on Instant Messenger;
  • join chat rooms and blogs.

Here are the fee-based services you will access being a premium member:

  • watch unlimited live user webcams;
  • get full access to direct messages;
  • view complete profiles;
  • add around one thousand users on Hotlist;
  • view full-length videos and full-sized pictures;
  • use the Sexfinder.com advanced search feature;
  • access Sex academy;
  • send friend requests and flirts;
  • take part in contests.

Things to Know About Payments

The Sexfinder.com online service allows its members to turn auto-renewal on. In this case, memberships and extra upgrades will automatically renew before they expire. All charges will be billed to the credit card used for previous transactions. Moreover, it is possible to turn it off if you want to stop using them. For this purpose, you need to open your account settings and select the “Manage my accounts” option. It is where you can turn off the Sexfinder.com auto-renew.

What Payment Systems Are Available?

While other dating websites provide their customers with several payment options, Sexfinder.com offers one only. Thus, you can pay by credit card. The good part is that all payments will be shown as FFNHelp.com*FRIENDF on the credit card statement and the online service does it for your privacy.

Is the Dating Website Safe?

Is the Dating Website Safe?

Safety and security are extremely important when it comes to online dating services, especially when they are sex-related. That is why Sexfinder.com does its best to provide its members with a safe environment where they can interact. You can always block others in case of suspicious behavior.

Does It Have a Lot of Scam?

Even though there is a verification process on the Sexfinder.com dating website, there are some scam profiles. That is why you should not share your personal and financial information with other members. It is also a good idea to make use of a webcam to make sure that the member you are communicating with is real.

Special Features Available on the Dating Platform

Special Features Available on the Dating Platform

In addition to the basic features, there are several special ones on the Sexfinder.com dating website:

  1. Multiple accounts linking. This online service happens to be a part of the Friendfinder Network, which is the company that operates many other dating websites. Thanks to this feature, you can see member accounts from other platforms. Due to the Sexfinder.com review, the function is useful.
  2. Live-action. It is one of the best you can use, especially if you are a standard user. When using it, you can watch live models, live member webcams, and top broadcasters. You can also join adult chat rooms, which can make your experience on the Sexfinder.com dating website exciting.
  3. What`s hot. This feature allows you to stay up to date with the hottest users, videos, and photos. It is also possible to access the steamy adult movies if you make use of this tab.
  4. Community. This online service happens to be a gathering of sexually active people, so you can access many things thanks to this tab. Hence, you can join groups and blogs, access Sexfinder.com magazine, and read erotic stories.
  5. Contests. These are monthly affairs where the online dating platform encourages users to add their best pictures or video that happen to be suitable for the theme. Free members can also like, view, comment, and cast a vote here.



As you can see from this Sexfinder.com review, it is one of the best dating websites for adults on the market. Consequently, it is not surprising that it has millions of users around the world. The thing is that the dating website has and offers everything you may need to get an unforgettable online dating experience.

The profiles on the Sexfinder.com dating platform are informative and detailed, which is not common for this kind of websites. Thanks to this, people can learn a lot of information about someone they like before they start interacting.

Another significant advantage of this service is that there are many features that you can use to initiate a conversation. Consequently, you are free to decide what your experience will be like and how you can do that. Moreover, many features are available to standard members, so they can communicate with other users.

To sum it up, Sexfinder.com is a worthy service you can use to make your life more interesting.

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