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Wing Review 2021

Wing Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 15%
Reply rate 77%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 18-25
Profiles 2 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free and quick registration
  • Cool interface
  • Active user base
  • Unlike other dating platforms
  • Trusted matchmakers based on ranking systems
  • Free to use
  • Obligatory verification ensures high-quality profiles only
  • No website
  • No app for Android devices
  • Does not have a massive user base
  • Impressive audience only in selected countries and areas
  • Once blocked, you cannot unblock, either being a match or a matchmaker
  • You cannot join without a Facebook account

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About Wing

This Wing review considers this modern-day dating app as exactly what you need to pass the time. It is new and fun. An analysis reveals that the best and the most reliable Cupids are one’s friends. Focusing on that part, Wing allows you to find a match, and once you hook up, you become a matchmaker for others. It is a unique concept, as there is no other service that allows its users to be matchmakers. But the present-day dating site does, and in a super fun way. In this Wing review, you will find out that not only do people have a higher chance of accepting the matches made by their friends but also return the favor. Because of the high trust factor compared to dating absolute strangers, Wing becomes a choice even for those who are not comfortable with the idea of online dating.

This Wing review reveals how clean the dating app is. The verification of each user profile makes it difficult for underaged to participate in dating activities and be at the risk of pedophiles attack. The moderation on Wing makes sure that there is no nudity, and the platform is friendly for everyone. The dating site is mostly popularized by invitations from friends, thanks to the unique matchmaking feature. Thus, the chances of the crowd going haywire are low. Also, Wing does not ask a person’s age; it pulls it right from Facebook, thus eliminating liars. The compulsory Facebook login makes sure that the person registering on the dating app is authentic.

Wing Review — a Dating App for Busy Lovebirds

How Does the Member Distribution Looks Like?

The Wing review points out that although the dating app is super cool, the platform is yet to see its popularity high. Being comparatively new in the dating industry, Wing has not managed to reach as many locations as its competitors like Tinder. However, it has readily become an accepted and trusted dating app in the US and Canada. While it can be a fun place for anyone irrespective of their age and relationship status, Wing attracts only the single young people for now. Despite the fantastic testimonials that are emerging slowly and steadily, the member distribution is rapidly changing. Both men and women are equally getting interested in the dating game.

Sexual Orientation & Preferences

Being a modern dating app means a lot of flexibility today. Unlike many services that have been on the Internet for quite some time despite being much more popular, they may disappoint many users when it comes to accepting different sexualities. The Wing review finds out that along with the fun vibe of the dating platform, the equal access it gives to people makes it a big hit. It doesn’t ask much for eligibility criteria. Apart from meeting the minimum age and having a Facebook account, one can easily set his or her standards for the search. Although Wing calls itself a dating app primarily, given the flexibility of its selection process, one can even use it to find friends or partners with any sexuality and gender.

Age Mix on the Platform

The Wing review ascertains that the minimum age to register is 17 years. As there is no particular registration application, one does not get the freedom to enter their age as per their wish. Only the registration with Facebook login is allowed. The process pulls up various information about the user, including the age. Thus, there is absolutely no way to lie about this matter unless you enter the wrong age on your Facebook profile. Although they have indicated a minimum age as eligibility criteria, there is no cap on the opposite end. The dating platform should be an excellent place for people of all age categories, considering Wing’s branding. However, only a few age brackets manage to experience and enjoy all the fun. While the age group of 17 years to 25 years shows a strong presence on Wing across both the genders, the age group of 25 years to 34 years is the best represented. But unfortunately, one won’t find many representatives of the mature audience aged 35+. However, if to trust intuition, Wing’s growing popularity may change the statistics soon.

Age Mix on the Platform

How to Sign up or Log in?

The signing up process on the Wing dating app is straightforward and rather quick because of the login options it offers. So, while other popular dating services keep social media for syncing optional for its users, Wing does not. It makes it obligatory for its members to log in with social media profiles and Facebook, in particular. It ensures the authenticity of the user. Wing utilizes the Facebook account to confirm that the person trying to register is not fake. If the app finds the Facebook page suspicious, then the Wing profile gets blocked.

How to Set up a Profile?

While the registration process on Wing is super short, the profile setup isn’t that much. However, the Wing review finds out that you won’t have problems with it if you are familiar with Tinder. There are not many things that the user profile asks you for, but it makes you enter your dating preferences. However, nothing here is compulsory. You can add the required information anytime and edit it as many times as possible. Members’ pages on Wing are well descriptive but comprehensive, keeping things exciting and not dull. The last step is the uploading of images. You can either import from your Facebook or even your iPhone or iPad, whichever device you are using. While the entire profile setup is optional, leaving it incomplete isn’t a great choice if you are looking for partners. Online impression depends on images and the page, which is why leaving them half-empty may significantly reduce your chances.

How Does One Send Message to Each Other on the Dating App?

Messaging is one of the most critical features of any dating site. It is especially so because there are not many other ways to get connected on Wing. However, interaction with another person is not very simple. The process is similar to that of Tinder. If you are familiar with Tinder, then you already must have guessed; if not, then the Wing review can explain in simple words as well. The messenger only opens when there is mutual liking. After registration and profile setup on Wing, you get to start playing the game that asks you to like accounts from the suggested options. If the person likes your Wing profile back, then it’s a match, and you get notified about opening the message box in your messenger. While messaging is a function that you enjoy, it is only available when you are dating, not when you are playing Cupid as a matchmaker.

How Does One Send Message to Each Other on the Dating App?

Various Versions of the Dating Platform Available for Use

Every popular dating service tries to reach more and more numbers of audiences by presenting as many available platforms as possible. Dating sites attain that goal of maximum reach by making different web versions. Thus, you will notice that the most popular portals on the Internet are available both as sites and apps. They allow users to log in anytime and anywhere conveniently. If you are confused about what role Wing ‘s release plays in its success, you should know that being reachable adds to user experience. The better it is, the greater the results in terms of popularity because these services demand a lot of time from its users.

Desktop Version

Wing is a dating app and has no desktop version. Although it is a negative aspect, it may not impact the company’s company. Following the current trends of mobile apps, many of them prove to be better performing than websites. However, the site helps people enjoy the platform if they cannot access their smartphones. Unfortunately, many Wing visitors miss out on the fun.

Mobile Version

Wing is a dating platform released for Apple devices. But considering that it is new, one can be optimistic about having the one for Android users as well. However, as of now, you need to have an iPhone or an iPad to download Wing from iTunes or App Store free of charge.

Mobile Version

Design & Interface of Wing

The design of the Wing dating app is straightforward and yet modern. Pictures play a dominant role, and so does white space. The other theme color used is a shade of olive green. The look is exceptionally interactive and youthful. With the ease in design and an interactive interface, understanding how everything works becomes a child’s play. The choice of colors also plays a role in setting a playful mood for any age group and sexuality.

How to Navigate Through the Platform?

The navigation on Wing is nothing complicated — the lack of intricate features can also be a reason for that. The options under the profile settings allow you to change your preferences. The home screen or the logo takes you to the display of gameplay. Lastly, you have a filter for messages that keeps adding up when there is a match. That’s it. If you think that changing from a dater to matchmaker would be difficult, worry not; anything apart from the game and messages either placed in the profile settings or the well-known three horizontal lines that almost all programs have.

Wing Premium Membership Costs and Prices

One of the best things about Wing is that it is free to use. There are no hidden terms and conditions involved or charges for any special features.

As there aren’t any in-app purchases and premium membership plans that one needs to buy on Wing, everything available is free to use — from the download to functionality, although there isn’t much. However, the fun and flawless performance give users all the same services without any additional priority.

Paid vs. Free Access Comparison

How to Process a Payment?

Wing is a comparatively new dating platform that is yet to be monetized. It demonstrates excellent potential and growth in its popularity, mainly because of its unique idea of turning friends into matchmakers. Keeping the current increase in mind, it will not be shocking if Wing soon announces a premium membership with some exclusive tools or even a credit system. But for now, being free of cost is turning out to be one of the unique selling points and, hopefully, will continue to be so.

Payment Modes Available for the App Purchases

No in-app purchases refer to the fact that there isn’t any need to make a payment on Wing, at least till the makers decide to monetize it for profits. It is best to keep hoping that the day never comes, and the application remains free to use. Until then, there is no need to bother about payment modes.

How Safe & Secured the Dating Platform Is?

Wing is a simple dating and matchmaking app that looks like a game. Although there isn’t an age limit, it takes measures to protect itself from any future problems. The compulsory Facebook login makes sure to keep the environment free from fakes. It also offers options to block a matchmaker or a user. And lastly, the absence of in-app purchases removes any risk of cyber thefts due to information stealing.

How Safe & Secured the Dating Platform Is?

Is It a Scam?

Being relatively new, the fact that the only way to access the dating platform is through an iOS device, together with the compulsory Facebook login, have been able to keep Wing safe from scammers. Besides the unique idea of anyone becoming a Cupid, real people are a huge reason for growing popularity.

Any Special Features Worth Noticing?

  • Daters Turn Matchmakers
  • One can choose to be a dater and look for a partner on Wing and alternatively be a matchmaker to find lovers for other singles.

  • Earn Points
  • Matchmakers gain points on successful matches that, in turn, rank them as the best ones.

  • Matchmakers Ranking
  • The ranking not only helps people trust each other but also encourages a matchmaker to get more points.

  • Criteria
  • Daters can select criteria like age and area to filter out matches for themselves or someone else. These criteria can be changed anytime for better results.

Final Words

Final Words

Wing is a cute modern-day dating application for Apple users. Although it is perfect for anyone irrespective of age, relationship status, and sexuality, the idea is exciting for teenagers. However, setting two friends up or being set up by a friend is not new and has been in practice since time unknown. It is the reason why Wing claims to be an attractive dating service for everyone. The point system for successful matches acts like a motivation for matchmakers, making it a fun game. Thus, it is not only a choice for singles looking for partners but also committed people seeking some fun. While the idea and the high profile quality is enough to make it a good option, being free is like a cherry on the top for Wing.

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