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Tastebuds Review 2022

Tastebuds Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 28-33
Profiles 500 800
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The free membership allows for many things.
  • Matching system algorithms are unique and make for hot matches.
  • Tastebuds respects its users and does not force them to have a high engagement to get laid or make friends.
  • Safety is one of the most reliable features of this site.
  • The premium membership does not cost an unreasonable amount of money.
  • There are threads and groups where you can talk to new people.
  • Many people on the site have a unique taste in music, meaning you can find friends to talk about anything music-related.
  • The app is only available for iOS.
  • You can only find people close to you. For example, if you live in India, you will not see people who live in Australia, etc.
  • The site is also meant for friendships. If you are strictly looking for romance, this might not be the place for you even less if you are looking for hookups.

Everything You Need To Know About Tastebuds

Tastebuds was founded in 2010 and presents itself as a niche dating site for music lovers. In this Tastebuds review, you will know the best things about it. It is available for browsers (on your laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) and as an app on iPhones. When you have an account on this site, you can find new friends or romantic partners. You can find people with the same taste in music and go to a gig together, for example. Developers wanted to create a place where people can connect with others who have the same taste in music. You can create an account and get matched, or explore for yourself and see many different people with different tastes. Sometimes it is intriguing to discuss music with someone who listens to other artists. Music enthusiasts will be in heaven on the site, and this Tastebuds review shall help you before you jump into it.

Everything You Need To Know About Tastebuds

Is Tastebuds Legit?

Any Tastebuds review will say that it is, and here it is confirmed too. This site’s support team is always working to help members out, and developers put a lot of effort into safety. Fake profiles might exist, and you might stumble upon them once in a while, but eventually, they get deleted. You can even block and report these harmful profiles.

You are fully protected on this site from the moment you choose to register.

Members On The Site

Tastebuds has more than 500,000 members around the globe. Around 70 thousand are active weekly. That is not much, but remember, this is a niche dating site for music lovers. Not everyone is a music enthusiast. Still, the place is perfect for people who want to connect with other people through music.

Members On The Site

Sexual Orientation of Members

In this Tastebuds review, we can say for sure that the site is entirely open for every sexual orientation. When you go to your profile, you might edit whether you are straight, gay, or bisexual. Some might say that certain sexual orientations are lacking, like pansexual. Well, the site does not let you choose cis or trans; then if you are a trans man interested in women, you will have to register as a man and explain to women that you are trans once you meet them. Still, the community seems very open-minded.

Sexual Orientation of Members

Age Range of Members

Most members are between 25 and 34 years old. Still, there are younger people between 18 and 24 years old. This shows that the site is still in shape and knows how to appeal to the young audience.

If you are older than that, do not worry. The community seems to be open to older people as well. And you even might find people of the same age as you or around your age.

How To Sign Up And Login

It is effortless to register on this site. All you need to do is go to Tastebuds.fm (that is the site address), and you will be required to enter a bit of information.

All the site asks is:

  • A valid email address
  • The username
  • A safe password
  • Your location
  • Gender (you can only choose between “female” and “male”)
  • Your age (at least 18 years old)

Then, you still need to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy. And check a captcha so the site knows you are not a bot. After that, you are registered and can enjoy the site for free.

Or, if you have a Facebook account, you can simply connect it and import info. On the home page, you can find a button “Quick sign-up with Facebook”. If you have logged off your account for some reason, logging back in is very easy. There is a “Login” grey button on the top right corner. Click on it, and then you will have two options to login: with your credentials or through Facebook.

How To Sign Up And Login

How To Create Your Profile

Everything that everyone needs on a dating site is a good profile. In this Tastebuds review, we will show you that this platform offers some tools for building your profile. The biggest focus of Tastebuds is music. So, if you want to match people, you need to add the artists you like. There is no limit for how many artists you can add, in case you are an enthusiast that listens to a bunch of different musicians. Then, you will be matched with people who like the same artists.

The second step is to upload photos to your profile so that members and the support team can know you are a real person. Adding a description of yourself is also a useful tool. That way, people will see a bit about you before they jump into a conversation. Reading a bit about you might make them want to talk to you. The bio can be only short or very detailed. That is entirely on you, and both can be charming.

Like other social media, you have a timeline for writing and posting anything when you feel like it on Tastebuds. You can access other members’ profiles to see their timelines too. You can like posts and receive likes, as well as comment on posts.

How To Create Your Profile

Exchanging Messages

To access the unlimited messenger feature on Tastebuds, you first need to acquire the Backstage Pass (premium membership, basically). This is a weak spot of the site, for sure.

There are other ways to send messages, though. There is the Message Bomb feature. Here is how it works:

  • Find the “Message Bomb” option on the top of the site and click on it.
  • Pick a question that you want to ask.
  • The site sends the chosen question to 8 of your matches
  • If they respond, you are notified.

There are chat rooms too. You can use them to meet new people and chat about many music-related topics.

Exchanging Messages

How To Access The Platform

There are two main ways through which you can access Tastebuds. Below you will know about them and which one best fits you.


People who work looking at computer screens all day long might find it easier to access the Tastebuds site than the app. Maybe they are on a break and want to talk to friends, dates, etc.

But when it comes down to real difference, the site version of the platform surely feels better. It is complete and easier to navigate.


Mobile App

If it is easier for you to access the platform on a mobile phone, you have two options. The app is only available for iPhones, but you can access the site through any browser on an Android phone.

The site is very good on the computer, and there is an adapted version for phones, which looks pretty much the same. Still, on a computer, the experience is better.

Then, there is the app, which looks a bit better than the site. But in the overall experience, it does not feel better than the website. It only helps when you are in a rush or do not have access to a computer.

Design and Usability

It is safe to say that, in what matters, the site is well designed. Its look resembles other social media sites, which makes the experience easier for new members. What is something noticeable about it and that makes it stand apart from the rest, is the music-related pics around the site. That might please the users.

Both the site and the app are easy to use and quick at loading. Still, it would be a lie to say that the website does not need to improve. The grey color is not very attractive, and the overall design looks a bit old already.

Finally, the site is in no way clunky. Even though it might lack aesthetic appeal, its coding is strong, and servers are holding tight. You should not have any difficulties when loading pages on Tastebuds.

Design and Usability

As already stated, the site is pretty easy to use. You can find everything you want very quickly.

When you log into your account, you will find the homepage. There is a bunch of things on the homepage:

  • There is a bar on the top with the options People, Get Lucky, Message Bomb, Soapbox, Questions, Bored? on the left side.
  • You can view your messages, notifications, profile picture, and options to edit your profile on the right side of the same bar.
  • You can see people who have a similar taste in music on the left side of the screen.
  • More to the right, you will see suggested matches.
  • Then, on the central part of the screen, there is a timeline where you can see recent posts of people who have a similar taste in music as you

If you drag your cursor on your profile pic, you will see a drop-down menu. On this drop-down menu, you will find: Go Backstage, Profile, Settings, My Likes, Help, Log Out.

Navigating On The Site

Tastebuds Costs

Most features on the site are free, as already said in this Tastebuds review. Still, if you want, you can acquire the Backstage Pass to unlock a few more.

Here is how much the Backstage Pass costs:

  • month costs $10
  • 3 months cost $6,66 a month/$19,98 total (that’s 33% discount)
  • 6 months cost $5 a month/$30 total (that’s a 50% discount)

Free Features and Paid Features

The biggest difference between a free and a paid membership is the possibility of sending unlimited messages. This feature is only available for paying members. There are other features included in the paid membership, but they do not make much difference in the overall experience.

Since there is no good private chat for free members, you must be wondering what’s left. Here is what free members have access to:

  • Matching and searching
  • Building a profile and uploading pictures
  • Threads and groups
  • Soapbox, Message Bomb, Questions, Bored?

When you acquire the Backstage Pass, you unlock new features:

  • Private messages
  • No ads
  • The ability to hide your online status
  • Visiting profiles anonymously

Paying For The Backstage Pass

It is straightforward to pay for the Backstage Pass on Tastebuds. When you wish to acquire this premium membership, you need to drag the cursor over your profile photo to see the drop-down menu. There, you will find the Backstage Pass option.

Payment Methods

There are three main ways through which Tastebuds accept payment from their users:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • PayPal

All three ways to pay are very safe. There is not one that is most recommended.

Is The Site Safe?

It surely is. To be sure, the research for this Tastebuds review showed that this dating platform is one of the safest around. If you are looking for romance or new friends and are a music enthusiast, this is your site.

Developers put much effort into making the site safe for everyone. If someone is abusing you, you can block and report. You can mail the site’s support team if you notice any other kind of suspicious activity.

Does The Site Have Scam?

This is a tricky question for any dating site. Some sites are filled with lots of users, and with them comes scam. As shown in this Tastebuds review, the site does not have many users since it is a niche platform. As far as an in-depth look into the site shows, there are not many fake profiles. Thus the possibility of finding a scam is very low.

As for the site itself, you can completely trust it. You can register for free, and if you want, you can even upgrade your membership. The site will not steal your credit card/PayPal data.

Special Features

The best thing about Tastebuds is that it lets even free members enjoy a bunch of beautiful things. If you are still not on the Backstage Pass, you might enjoy some other things, like the Soapbox.

The Soapbox is just like a forum. There, you can find discussions and forum games. You can meet new people and discuss music with these people. If you already have the Backstage Pass, you can meet new people at the Soapbox and then talk to them in private.

Or you can answer questions. The first question you answer is, “How did you hear about Tastebuds,” and the answer will remain private. But the following questions can appear on your profile if you choose that way. Lots of questions are funny, and you can share them on your profile so people will know a little about you before they engage in conversation.

The Bored? The option will lead you to a page where you can moderate photos. That’s right. The moderation team is not very large, and they don’t have too much time to moderate pics themselves. Then, if members of the site want to, they can help moderate pics that do not show real people or are inappropriate.


The research that was done for this Tastebuds review showed that this site is one of the most interesting when it comes to dating sites. And that is both in the sense of general and niche dating sites. Some sites appeal to their users with lots of explicit content, but this one trusts that people will talk with each other because of similar tastes. And it seems to work, as the Soapbox shows.

If you are a music enthusiast and love to meet people who also have a passion for music, Tastebuds is the place for you. The site is strongly recommended over many other dating sites if you are not just looking for a quick hookup.

MS, RD & Writer
Megan is a relationship expert and language analyst. Thanks to her Bachelor’s in Journalism, Master’s in Linguistics, and past encounters with heartbreak; she empathizes with her clients and helps them to understand and convey their emotions in an effective and optimistic way to their significant other.
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Customer reviews
by Lilliana Jan 16, 2022
Incredible app, matchmaking appears to perform easily, willn't grab enough time get started. It is possible to setup your bank account and a dashboard in a few momemts and use the site conveniently. A lot of people are actually moaning around settled program, there is however no these factor as a free of cost meal, in my view. Concerning me personally, I'm content with needed. I achieved a couple of my top picks in the real world, but We haven't selected a special someone subsequently. I enjoy appreciate, existence, and outlook I've acquired once enrolled in this software. By-the-way, it also is helpful on mobile devices, even without installing systems.
Nancy Roberts
by Nancy Roberts Jan 08, 2022
This software happens to be actual, and I'm lifestyle proof their productivity. I am unable to complain about that software because it provided me with the hottest goes with my daily life. So, I've happy to come aboard it and have now a lot fun. As you can imagine, they have not been without not successful games, but i believe this is fairly an organic and natural procedures. You will not buy it all in a second, and a few weeks of messaging is usually expected to setup a meetup.
Luis Roy
by Luis Roy Jan 08, 2022
After a month or more as well as one additional day on this website, i came across somebody that offers your basic beliefs and wants equal activities as I enjoy. The two of us like snowboarding and climbing, and now, we love the life-style along. I am wanting to advise this application, and I'm not scared to share our very own online dating services feedback in public places.
Valerie Carson
by Valerie Carson Jan 02, 2022
I enjoy this software given that it don't make an effort myself with overwhelming quizzes. In reality, we don't rely on being completely compatible considering various reports since customers familiar with sit fairly usually. Personally, It's preferable to talk and ask issues, producing dialogs normal. This site comes with the functionality i have to discover the on-line associates much better before you go completely.
Dolores Bowen
by Dolores Bowen Dec 26, 2021
I was truly astonished observe these a flexible relationships app. I've been recently signed up for one year already. After many ordinary dates, I stumbled upon our best complement. It simply happened a couple of months in the past, and we're however feel well along. I'm not really searching beyond that now. Still, I will be delighted if the associations develop. Thus until then, I'm satisfied and want to say thank you towards the present application for taking usa with each other.
Michael Taylor
by Michael Taylor Dec 21, 2021
I became genuinely shocked to find these types of a functional a relationship application. I've started enrolled in a-year already. After a number of mediocre dates, I recently uncovered my personal finest fit. It happened two months in the past, and we're still feel happy against each other. I'm not hunting beyond that at this time. Still, i'll be satisfied if the relations build up. Very until then, I'm satisfied and would like to express gratitude for this app for taking you together.
by DOMINGUEZ Dec 18, 2021
The smartest purchase I've ever produced is actually becoming a member of and making use of this great site. I'm dating now, and thanks to the application for these types of fortune. The audience is collectively for monthly and had a great experience along. Extremely, i assume i used to be lucky to meet up with my best friend considering that the complete processes is tremendous on the internet site. All the suggestions offer possible opportunity to find out a good deal on the lover before getting the most important go out. On the internet speaking is actually beneficial to receive a person who match your own values and dreams. My own profile on this website helped bring much fun and escapades to my entire life. Hence, I'd endorse they to all or any folks shopping for top quality suits.
Ronnie Schmidt
by Ronnie Schmidt Dec 14, 2021
The encounter at this point was 100per cent amazing. It is an excellent software with practical texting. Technical support is also cool. As soon as we ignored a password along with to readjust it. Okay, perfectly, every single thing was actually remedied in a couple of minutes. I've already got some business partners to have a chat with, but I'm not just pretty quickly in order to satisfy everyone brick and mortar. I'm experiencing and enjoying the processes to date because the telecommunications using preferred is basically cool and in many cases turns myself about frequently. Good rate, several hot pages, and navigation was simple. I favor such a simple and effective approach to on the web hookups.
by Karsyn Dec 06, 2021
Amazing dating site! We joined up with it this past year and also, since consequently found some good friends with perks. Furthermore, I chat with several users from my personal favorite listing. Conversation is wonderful, as a chat panel is really convenient. Consumers happen to be open-minded, pleasant, and productive. You will find particular choices, with zero people judges myself. Thus, i'm fully as well as comfy.
James Terry
by James Terry Dec 01, 2021
I enjoy this particular service. After are a signed up consumer approximately two months, I stumbled upon unique pals, generally there is not to grumble about. The interface enables you to write a unique visibility with many different appealing footage. So long as you don't feeling they important to substitute all of the farmland, you may possibly overlook any of them. I guess that images are the key factor because the sleep you are able to expose while messaging and communicating. We don't get someone for a relationship now, but I'm on my way. My home is a rural room, and plenty of fights tends to be far from me. However, deciding on my favorite existing favorites and the on line connections, I will venture out pretty soon. Anyway, the software works, and community is awesome. I turned-down some freaks, but I've fulfilled no body hence awful concerning prevent them from talking to myself.
by Seerup Nov 24, 2021
My favorite love life wasn't most prosperous before I've accompanied this application. The thing that changed immediately anytime I registered and moving chatting those I've enjoyed on the website. However, some consumers refused myself, but that's certainly not a problem. Choices are different, which it is mentioned. Typically, I've got really accurate meets that enabled us to create numerous buddies. At least one actually got under the facial skin. Within fourteen days of communicating, we all acquired the earliest go out. As every thing was actually great, we've booked another go steady shortly. It appears I've gripped your great accommodate.
John Strickland
by John Strickland Nov 20, 2021
Excellent service for those unafraid of internet dating and open dialogues. The software is definitely well organized and also lots of signed-up individuals. Messaging is not difficult, several other available choices are super easy to access and discover. Regarding me, I've currently receive a buddy with whom the chemistry is actually clicking.
William Martin
by William Martin Nov 14, 2021
This page is ideal for myself. As I'm slightly tired of swiping, it turned out to be a middle ground for your requirements. We don't approach any severe interactions now, but I won't run away as soon as I satisfy my love. This website shouldn't stress me personally and makes it possible for getting all great features of top quality matchmaking. Besides, i love that app comes in handy to use, if it is about navigation or charge. Price was ordinary, and I also don't grudge bucks with them since I have have the best price for prices they might need. I've currently fulfilled some good persons acquire horny schedules. Besides, I communicate with a few customers to chat, chuckle, and negotiate numerous topics, contains love. I believe that i'm my personal category ever since the community is extremely pleasant. Anyone don't judge we, simply because it maybe if you have obtained individuals in a bar.
by Izabella Nov 11, 2021
The dating internet site is easy, and direction-finding is easy. I use an ample many insights and understandings for consumers that appear popular with me personally. In all honesty, I do love being on this website. I possibly couldn't find your existing buddy yet. Still, I recently found some inquisitive folks to talk to. I believe free and peaceful while communicating with these people. I propose this great site to any or all who's searching for good camaraderie, no matter the model of romance.
by Marion Nov 07, 2021
I would like some other daters to find out that this specific service 100percent does its job without tricks. People that genuinely crave to discover touching that special someone won't be sorry for their preference any time enrolling in the platform. The most important thing isn't to stop. I've already met my beloved, so we are currently delighted. I believe arousal and harmony, and that also ways lots. Therefore, we have been in love, and it's never ever far too late if you are of all ages and requisite. I recommend this website, extremely merely attempt.
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