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Whiplr Review 2021

Whiplr Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 28-38
Profiles 101 271
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A member must elaborate on his or her features to experience a personalized service (kink categories).
  • You can see who is online and start a conversation.
  • The search icon customizes your search for a customized experience.
  • The video and voice chat simplifies interaction.
  • Questions provided are concise and simple to answer.
  • A user can add as many photos as they want.
  • Purchasing a subscription package makes the experience better.
  • Creating a profile is less complicated.
  • For customized performance, you can download the app.
  • Navigating the website features is simple.
  • Security and privacy are guaranteed.
  • The money you pay is worth the value you get.
  • There are no ads to distract you, especially when using the application.
  • Canceling membership is instant.
  • Every user is in charge of their profile, choosing who text and converse with, as well as blocking other profiles.
  • The site has been in the market for several years, thus genuine.
  • A good consideration for to gratify your fantasies.
  • The customer care system is not available 24/7. Mainly the support is contacting via mail, which might take a while before it is addressed.
  • A user may experience aggression and bullying, as there is no third-party regulation.
  • Messaging, blocking, and chatting is provided for members who subscribe through a package (monthly or annual).
  • The moderators are not responsible for anything that happens outside the website, thus need to exercise caution.
  • If you are looking for a serious relationship, this is not ideal because most members are after a casual relationship for sex and flirting.
  • The application may be ineffective if you have less population.
  • Free access increases your vulnerability to aggression as you are unable to block members.

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What is Whiplr

While most people yearn to find and fall in love, this yearning may remain a wish for other people. With the introduction of dating sites, those who feel unlucky can try and see if such websites work for them. If this sounds like you, then Whiplr review intends to enlighten you extensively on what you may be looking for. Furthermore, going through the Whiplr review would help you make an informed decision about using the website and its effectiveness.

The Whiplr dating site is a website that mainly offers a solution for adult singles to find and romantically express themselves. As such, singles looking for lifetime partners or merely looking for hookups and sexual mates are assured of finding someone to mingle and engage with. Besides, whether you are looking for individuals who do not intend a long-term commitment or a flirting partner, you are sorted by this site. That said, this is not a guarantee for lifetime relationships, as most are primarily looking for sexual partners. Before you make up your mind, it is recommended that you read the review for a comprehensive view on the same.

What is Whiplr

Is the dating site authentic or scam

The Whiplr site’s authenticity is no longer a doubt as it has been in the market for several years. Since its innovation, several people have found what they were looking for and continue to enjoy it. By this, you are sure that the profiles available are genuine and of people looking for a similar need to be met. There are no fake profiles or ‘paid personnel’ to act as members. Since its inception in 2015, the website has attracted multiple following with success stories. You can find someone to engage with via video, call, or chat for any given day. You can be assured of its authenticity.

Whiplr review on the site’s members

Once you are on this site, it is supposed that you are about to sign up. With this choice, you would be interested in finding out what kind of members are on this site and whether they have the same intention. Bearing this in mind, Whiplr members are those looking for casual sex partners who probably could be available the same day you join. As such, they may not be ideal for long-term relationships unless you are convinced otherwise. The members are more looking for short-term hookups, looking for sexual satisfaction.

Whiplr review on the site’s members

Whiplr review on Sexual orientation

As human rights continue to be embraced, sexual orientation and preferences are no longer an issue. On the Whiplr dating site, everyone is bound to find a partner fitting his or her preference without feeling intimidated or guilty.

Age distribution

Primarily, dating sites are only accessible to adults of above 18 years. Certainly, Whiplr asks for your birth date and year to ascertain that this criterion is met. Unlikely, you would not find minors on the site. On average, members are in their mid-thirties, with a likelihood of finding a user who could be around 80 years.

Sign-up Process and Login Info

From the Whiplr review, you can easily tell that signing up is less complicated, taking less than 10 minutes. If you want to submit a profile, go to the main website’s sign-in page and fill details as prompted. The sign-up procedure is:

  • Categorize your gender and the gender you are interested in
  • Enter your email address
  • Input a unique password
  • Choose a username
  • State your location
  • Enter the date of birth

After creating an account, your next thing is to access the website’s services. For logging in, you need to input your email or username and password, and there you are ready for interaction. For a start, you can scroll down other profiles and see who to engage for a hookup.

Sign-up Process and Login Info

Profile creation

Primarily, the website is for sex casuals, fantasies, and probably no-string-attached relationships. While creating a profile, be as precise and descriptive as possible. Notably, the website has easy to respond to without feeling like you are giving personal and sensitive information. Essentially, this information is used to identify who matches your criteria. Here is a look at how your profile ought to reflect:

  • Include several photos
  • Have a descriptive username
  • Include your location
  • A strong password
  • Passions and interests

Profile creation


Sending a text to another member is easy upon making a subscription purchase. This is, however, limited, with specifications of what kind of information can be sent. Also, video messages and the number of photos to send are limited to regulate spam or malicious content. Notably, the number of messages to be sent through free access is limited.

Platform for use

Upon creating your account and log in, it is time you get in and start exploring. Like any other dating site, Whiplr has a chatting feature to facilitate interaction. Presently, dating sites are evolving, and this has seen the introduction of voice and video call features to facilitate a personalized and intimate interaction. If you identify a person you wish to express your interest in, you can send several Whiplr messages to those you want to connect with.

Furthermore, while on the website, you can scroll and search through to see which profiles are online and who you can converse with using the Whiplr search feature. Alike, you can see users whose profiles that match your preference. Reaching out to them is instant and effortless.

Platform for use

The Desktop Version

As such, the desktop version is preferred by users as it offers the best experience to users. All the features are accessible to users, and one is better off using the website on his or her desktop as a majority of the users ascribe to using the desktop version.

Mobile Application

According to the Whiplr review, the website has an application that gives a better and customized user experience. The mobile application is available for both Android and iPhone users, offering a convenient way for members. By this, the application offers an alternative to users, giving them features similar to the website.

If you opt for the app, you have a detailed description of yourself, your interests, and what you are looking for, among other features. Other inclusive features are sexual preferences, age, and physical attributes. Also, a user is required to elaborate on each feature included, thus customizing it to cater to your needs. With such details about the features included, matching you with potential partners becomes easier than when such information is excluded.

Design and Usability

Fortunately, accessing and using the website is straightforward, with the experience enabled by the GUI (graphical user interface). Though the site allows autonomy, there are instances where a user may be limited in accessing the website features. Impressively, there is an autocorrect feature on the app. However, this may not perform best on devices that do not interface well.

Design and Usability

The exquisiteness of using the website is that you can easily navigate the site. Members who opt to pay for their subscription can easily navigate and switch tabs without experiencing lots of inconveniences. Furthermore, the features are widely spread on the site and highlight what information has to be submitted.

Whiplr review on costs and prices

Joining the website is free for a basic experience. However, this limits you to using the site’s features. Nevertheless, Whiplr has two subscriptions; a one-month package, whose subscription $19.95, and a one-year subscription at $119.95. This subscription is known as Dekadom, a package that gives you a better experience than free access.

To attract a following, usually, most dating sites are free to join, with some having an extension of a free trial, free membership, or subscribing for membership through several packages offers. Joining Whiplr is free of charge. However, a free membership limits you to accessing other profiles, which could imply that you may not make the most out of this website. For example, accessing and using the messaging feature and the blocking option may be limited until you pay for membership.

Furthermore, the free access disadvantages you in that you are prone to experiencing crowded advertisements that would keep distracting you. Thus, it would be better subscribing as a member so that you can focus on your goal with less or no distraction at all. Essentially, if you value and appreciate what you are looking for, then parting with some cash may be all you need to get a customized experience. Moreover, a user gets a better experience upon purchasing a subscription, including viewing other profiles, sending and accessing unlimited messages, improving functionality.

Making payments on Whiplr

If you are considering making payments, it implies that you want a better experience that is availed upon subscription. Since there are two packages, you can opt for the one that suits your budget.

Making payments on Whiplr

Payment process

The payment process is easy and straightforward. To make payments, you should log in to your profile and opt for the paid version. You will choose which package you are comfortable with (one month or one year) and then provide your credit card details from which the due amount would be deducted. A confirmation email would be sent to you about the same purchase.

Whiplr review on Safety and Security

Your security and safety are vital, especially when engaging on digital platforms. Before signing up, it is, therefore, essential to find certainty about Whiplr’s safety. Like any other dating site, there are multiple scams, and even so, people whose main aim may not be similar to yours. Nonetheless, the site strives to assure its users of safety and security when engaging on the platform. For precautions, Whiplr’s precaution tips are availed as an attempt to cushion users from unforeseen, yet avoidable scenarios.

While the possibility of threat and aggressive behaviors may be inevitable, a user can contact Whiplr’s moderators. Highlighting any threatening incidents that may be occurring on the site is recommended, as it would help in enhancing caution and banning members who pose a threat. A member is encouraged not to trust blindly by following his or her instincts to make an informed decision that can be made through such. Going through the FAQ and site’s guide on precaution measures is advisable to all members. Additionally, a member can opt-out anytime without feeling that he or she has been disadvantaged. That said, your safety matters, and if at all being on the site hinders this, you are better off not accessing it.

Besides, to access the website, you have to log in and enter a password, preventing hacking or access by a third party. A member also selects who can view his or her profile. Furthermore, you choose who to text and who to share a video with, and also deleting such from your profile if unnecessary.

Is the site legit or scam

From user experiences, Whiplr is genuine and not a scam. The profiles are not from bots or scam as one can arrange and meet up physically. Furthermore, finding a member to chat with at any given time is always a guarantee. Besides, both the app and website has been endorsed by notable brands like People Magazine, Daily Mail, Mirror, Forbes, HuffPost, among many others.

Is the site legit or scam

Whiplr review on special features

The website has several features that make it distinct from other dating websites. These include:

  • A member can connect his or her profile to social media networks like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • For an intimate experience, you can include your Whiplr account on Google Plus.
  • The Video and chat features make it special, personalizing the user’s interaction.
  • Also, there is a group icon, where a user can opt to join the public group or be satisfied with having a private account.
  • Members can access the Whiplr elite, a feature for trendsetters.
  • The mobile application is a significant feature for better performance.
  • Passwords have been secured with encryption to prevent third party access.
  • Members with subscribed packages can send countless messages without limitations.

Whiplr review on special features


If you feel unfortunate with fate, then you may be contemplating joining a dating site. Exceptionally, online sites simplify the need for a sexual partner, increasing the possibility of finding a lover. Whether you are widowed, single, or looking for an affair without having to experience the challenges of rejection or even not finding your ideal partner, online dating sites would be a perfect place to start your search. Furthermore, by joining, you are assured that you will encounter someone looking for the same need as you rather than initiating random conversations with strangers at parties or events, not knowing if they have an interest. Various dating sites promise to meet your demand, yet this could be a mere thought, especially if you have no idea how they are a success. Thus, it would be wise going through a review to establish and clear any uncertainty. For a start, the Whiplr review would be a significant consideration before exploring other options.

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