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VGL Review 2021

VGL Review 2021
About Boys
Date with older guy 59%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 28-38
Profiles 231 121
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • High-quality profile with feed and unlimited photo uploads;
  • Large database of gay and bisexual men;
  • Checked and verified profiles;
  • Search by hashtags is available;
  • Daily list of the most popular profiles;
  • Ad-free interface.
  • Only application available, no website.

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What is VGL?

The idea VGL promotes is connecting all representatives of the gay and bisexual community. Regardless of the distance or age preferences, occupation, or ethnicity, everyone is welcome to download an app and dive into the pool of young, hot, and seductive men. VGL review gets into the background of the app and provides all the relevant stats. VGL review analyses the activity of the site and its success among men to give the final verdict on whether it is worth using.

Whether you are looking for serious relationships with the commitment, or casual dating, the app is a great place. The users often come intending to use it as social media but a romantic one. You can find the users posting the invitations to join them in gym workouts, theatre performances, clubs, and other famous places.

Most features come for free, but there is a fair share of paid options. They are mostly used to boost user popularity on the site. The abundance of free features lets the user enjoy the site. The users can access photo galleries, profiles, search options, and all other vital dating functions for free.

There is also a good audience quality and daily activity. The site is full of members who are actively looking for new partners and post lots of information. VGL review collected all the stats that help the users understand whether the site is worth visiting.

The overall impression from the website is that a lot of freedom is allowed. There are enough options that facilitate effective dating and socializing. It is one of the favorite platforms for the younger generation in particular.

What is VGL?

Is VGL legit or scam?

VGL is an app available for download from the store on your device. It makes the download convenient since the user can read the feedback immediately. The VGL service is legit since its users are pretty satisfied with their experience. An SSL certificate protects it, and on the technical side of the site, everything is done to make it safe. The users are free to use the payment options and be sure of the transparency of payment procedures.

The site allows different content and tries to limit the users less. So, get ready to meet various types of pictures, sometimes adult content. However, the site does not promote any illegal activities like child abuse, pornography, or abusive behaviors. In case the user notices that someone is acting suspiciously, it is recommended to contact support right away and avoid communication with such users.

The overall VGL review shows that the site is not involved in any illegal activities, but the users are encouraged to use common sense when they communicate online. It is a standard set of rules that the users of online services need to stick to. Among them are the rules of safe information exchange and, for sure, the measures you need to take before meeting someone in person. The site is not responsible for the communication content between the users. The same applies to when users decide to meet offline. It is not up to the website to guarantee the user’s intentions.

Is VGL legit or scam?

What members on this site?

VGL review of member base estimates the number of users to be about 1 million gay and bisexual males. It is one of the cases when the members are mostly using the website on the local levels to meet up. The countries where the app gained quick popularity are the United States, Germany, China, India, and Australia.

The daily activity rate is estimated to be about 20 000 people. It means that the chances are high that you can find new people to talk to every day. You can also follow the users and their posts.

Sexual orientation

In VGL’s case, the members are bisexual and gay men. About 60 % of members are gay males.

Age Distribution

Although the stats say that most users are of the age of 20 – 30 y.o, there are representatives of older generations as well. People of 35-45 y.o comprise the second-largest age category on the site. The fewer representatives are in the group of 50+, so the app gained the most popularity among millennials.

Age Distribution

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

VGL app download is free and quick. The registration is easy with Facebook or the other social network account. You can also register with your phone number or email address. It is easy to restore the password if you connect the profile to the email.

Profile Creation

It is essential to fill in the profile appropriately. Although the site does not provide a matching system and the users can roam around and find people, the profile matters.

There is a unique verification procedure for photos. The site employs the team that does the monitoring of the activities on the profiles and the website. The team cannot control the messages since they are encrypted and stay available to two users only. However, the photos and user complaints serve as a reason to ban the account.

How does the team verify photos? They ask members to send the picture with the sign on which the date (day, time, month) is written. That way, they know that the user is real.

To become famous and get to the hotlist, the user needs to polish the account continually. The photos need to be updated regularly. Also, remember to post the events and status update for the users to see that you are a real active member, not a scam. The profile that gets the most views and likes gets to the hotlist of the app. You can check the hotlist and text the most popular members.

Profile Creation


VGL users can message each other at any time. The messaging option is available via the app. Interaction is enabled via likes, posts, hashtags as well. The user can follow other users’ activities and have the highlights on the feed.

Platform for use

VGL was created as an app that is flexible and convenient to use. It is a platform for active people who are always on the move. So, the mobile version was the best solution for this service.


VGL review of the usability shows that only mobile application is available. The website getvgl.com only contains the information on the service and the link to the store to download the app. It is free of charge purchase for Apple and Android users. It is an app that looks similar to a regular swiping one but with some social network features. With the phone, you can connect your accounts to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Snapchat. Besides, if you pick the same username for SnapChat and VGL account, the users will have no trouble finding you. You can potentially set up a romantic meeting with a person you already know.

Design and Usability

VGL app design is neat but not sophisticated. It is modern and convenient to use. The app uses plain black and white colors with the options conveniently located on the top bar. The site works well without the glitches. In case any questions appear, the VGL support is always on guard and ready to assist.

The site navigation is easy; the bar on top of the screen has the essential functions. One press opens the needed function. Make sure to turn on the location on your device for the app to have access to that. Your matches can be found based on your GPS data. If you notice glitches in the app, try to check if your OS is updated and contact the site’s support via email.

Navigation site

VGL Costs and Prices

VGL review shows that there are not many paid options, and the user can access a lot for free. However, the success of the paid functions is undeniable. The subscription plans available are 30 days that cost $9.99; 90 days for $24.99; 180 days for $39.99, and 365 days for $59.99. The membership plan gives you chances to improve the dating experience by polishing your profile and making it visible on the site.

Note that the subscription is renewing if not canceled in time. If the subscription got prolonged, it is impossible to refund it. So, if you decide to change the subscription plan or cancel it, make sure to do it a day before the current subscription expires. If you paid via the phone, then all the payment related issues should be solved via your Apple pay or Google account.

With the free subscription, the site offers to use the messaging system and open other people’s profiles. The user can find others by the nickname. All the options on managing the profile are available as well.

With the premium class features, the user profile gets more chances to be seen. If you want to be noticed by more people, then get a boost with the premium features.

How to pay

VGL review of payment options does not show an abundance of available means. The users of Apple can pay via their phone; for others, the credit card options are available.

How to pay

Payment systems

The site deals with credit cards of MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Safety & Security

VGL is a platform for socializing, building close relationships, and casual ones. The users are free to interact, talk, have discussions, and follow each other’s activities.

The site moderates the public activity, but the content in the private messages is encrypted and hidden from the moderators. So, take care of filtering the users you share your personal information with. The app carries all the typical hazards as all social networks and online services have. It is impossible to control the member behavior, so use the block button and report the user abusive or offensive actions.

The app helps users find partners for real meetings, but note that the website does not provide background checks on the user. So, as soon as the communication is taken beyond the app’s limits, it is the user’s responsibility to take care of the safety.

Safety & Security


With the help of strict moderation rules and photo verification, the site does its best to keep the scams away. The site also allows connecting the other accounts on social networks, enabling the user to find others on Facebook or Twitter.

Here are a couple of flags the users need to notice to avoid troubles on the dating site:

  • The person avoids video chat and does not disclose any other profiles in social networks;
  • The user starts asking favors;
  • The user avoids conversation about personal meetings;
  • The user sends you the link to an unknown source, and you experience glitches opening it.

Whenever you feel suspicious of the user reach for the block button or contact the support. Indeed, the support agents cannot disclose personal information, and they do not conduct the background check on users. However, if the user has been reported, the account will be terminated if your complaint is crucial.

Special Features

Hotlist. The users who gain more views, likes, and followers are going to hotlist. The other users check out that list and contact them. So, being on a hotlist means getting even more attention. For others, it means getting a chance to talk to the hottest people.

Posts. VGL works in a way similar to social networks, so users have the news feed with the posts from others. In that way, you can check out others’ activities, get to know them better, and see what places they visit.

Hashtags. When posting any news on your feed, do not forget to indicate the hashtag, so others could find you. Hashtags gain a lot of attention and boost the profile in a matter of seconds. Thousands of users look for information via hashtags.

Special Features


VGL is a well-developed, cutting-edge app loved by the younger generation. Its features proved to be useful for finding love and hookup. Thousands of guys have used it and continue admiring the work of the service. It is a wingman, a database for everyone looking for an ideal guy, and just for a quality time. There are no age, race, or gender restrictions. This app is a savior for all the bisexual and gay guys who spend money on the websites flooded with straight people. Any time of the day and night, the app is actively matching.

It brings together people who know each other and those who never met. It points out the positive features of personality and facilitates a better communication process. VGL gives you hints and tricks of dating, but the most important thing is that it unites many people on one platform. Everything that real-time dating cannot achieve is possible in virtual reality. So, the next time you need a date, you can just open and app and save time. VGL is a cupid that saves from loneliness.

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