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Xmeets Review 2021

Xmeets Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 5 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The design of the website is unique
  • The registration process is straightforward and easy
  • Allows users to put in comprehensive profile information
  • A lot of navigation options which help show matches according to your preferences
  • The option of live video calls
  • Users can search members for free
  • Many fake profiles
  • It does not have an app
  • It's a little costly compared to other websites
  • There isn't verification of users

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Is Xmeets Worth Your Time and Money?

Just had a breakup and feeling a little lonely? Fought with your wife and need to release some stress and tension? Without any strings attached and without paying hundreds of bucks? Well, this Xmeets review tells you about this website created to cater to such issues that often occur among people. Everyone has sexual needs. The world is a stressful place. There can be some issues at the workplace or home, and sometimes all you need is one night of a good hookup to help you feel better. This Xmeets review suggests that long-term commitments can require too much time and effort. Many people may not have the time and money for that. This busy life among people is the reason why there are many men and women on this site looking to find someone to have a casual hookup with

Both single and married people can register on this website. Understandably, someone may not be having the excitement, the sensation, the satisfaction in their sex life, which they want. This may be affecting their happiness and behavior with the people around them. Having a casual hookup just by finding a match online can be a quick solution to better sexual satisfaction.

After registration, it’s straightforward just to enter your residence area and find people living near you. The best thing about this site is that everyone here is like-minded. The members do not want anything more or less. All they want is one night to make themselves sexually satisfied. After that, they are not obliged to talk to them, meet them, or have a relationship with them. There are no strings attached. If you like someone, in only a sexual way, then two people can even decide to become friends with benefits. It’s absolutely up to you. Xmeets does not, in any way, recommend its members to do anything more than a hookup.

If you and your date planned one casual hookup but ended up having perfect sex, then you two can even plan on having hookups once in a while to satisfy each other’s sexual needs. Spend a night together once a week, and that’s it. You can even become friends with benefit them. You may not want a life partner, but you can only have a sex partner from registering yourself on an online dating website.

This Xmeets review advises that if you don’t want to meet someone in real life, you can even enjoy with them online by having a dirty talk, sharing nudes, and also doing a sex video call. If you have some unique fetishes or sexual wants that no one has been able to fulfill due to a different mindset, you can tell your preference to them. This website is all about satisfying sexual needs, and from the many people on this website, you can easily find someone who would be willing to please you just the way you want.

Is Xmeets Worth Your Time and Money?

Would Xmeets Give You a Hookup or a Disappointment?

Although Xmeets is known among many adults ad to have been quite a buzz on the internet, many customer reviews make the legitimacy of this website questionable.

Even though the website itself is a legit website created for casual hookups purposes only, there isn’t any reliable verification performed by the website apart from email verification. This poor verification method is why there are many fake profiles created on this site. The registration process is speedy, smooth, and does not require any lengthy information or verification of pictures, so many people create fake profiles. The website flags profiles that are considered fraudulent, but even then, many fake profiles are scattered on the website. After signing up, instantly, users have a lot of chat requests one after another, and most of them are reported to be fake.

There are third-party contractors on this site who are constantly spamming your email to upgrade your account on the website. These contractors are paid, and they talk to you as profiles of fake men or women. This is just to lure users into spending more money on the site.

However, this Xmeets review suggests that users who spent some time talking to the other members and knowing them before they met them were able to find real profiles, experienced perfect hookups, and were highly satisfied. On this website, it’s not easy to find authentic profiles, but if you spend some time, you can find people who are genuinely looking for a casual hookup and can help you have the best sex. Communication is the key here.

What About the Members?

This site receives more than six thousand visitors every day. The majority percentage of users is from the United States and the United Kingdom. A low rate of users is from the Philippines, India, and Pakistan.

While the monthly visitors at Xmeets amount to more than 150,000, this creates a variety of users at the site, and members may be able to find members near to their area quickly.

Sexual Orientation

Currently, the website does not have much diversity in this matter and only has the option of straight sex dating. But users can mention their sexual orientation in the bio.

Average Age of Members

According to this Xmeets review, this website realizes that adults of any age can need to fulfill their sexual desires, and this is why the minimum age to sign up is 18, but there is no maximum age. Young or old, members can have a casual hookup at any age. The gender ratio is balanced, as well. There is a 50% male and female ratio. The majority of male and females members belong to the age group of 24-35.

Surprisingly, there are 17% male members above the age of 55 on the site. Although only 5% of female members belong to this age, older men can hook up with younger women if they cannot find a variety of matches of their age. After all, some younger women are quite interested in older men. Might as well find a sugar daddy.

Average Age of Members

Sign-Up and Login Process

One of the reasons for Xmeets popularity and number of users is its easy registration process. There is no extensive personal information, complicated verification process, or personality tests required. The process takes only five to seven minutes.

Following is the step by step registration process:

  1. Go to the site, and there would be a registration option in the middle of the screen. You would have to select your gender first. Then press the bottom button to begin.
  2. Keeping in mind that the website only accepts English, pick a username. This username has to be unique, a username that is not taken by anyone else on the site. It can be between four to twelve characters.
  3. Then you have to enter your email address. Make sure this email address is valid as the website will reject an invalid email address, and this email would be used to verify and activate your account. But it is advised to use a Gmail account instead as its more suitable with the site.
  4. After this, your account will be created. Check your email inbox for an email. Check your spam if you do not see the email. Your account verification is essential to ensure a smooth hookup experience.
  5. When you click the email, a blue-colored button will be on the screen, which would say “activate your account. You can simply click this button to activate your account or enter the code from the email on the site’s confirmation box.
  6. After these steps, your profile registration process is complete.

To log in, users just have to put their username and password on the site.

How Long Does It Take for Profile Creation?

Since this site is only meant for a one night stand and not marriages or relationships, the profile creation process is not that lengthy. It’s your choice to add a profile picture or not, but its best to upload one. You only have to fill in a few options such as your marital status, the color of your hair and eyes, race, religion, income, education, birthday, smoking or drinking habits, languages you speak, height, and weight.

You can put a short bio of yourself in the description section. It’s optional but advised to add similar details such as the purpose for future meetings, age span, body type, and the area you want your match to be from to your profile as this would help you find a suitable match.

Messaging Features

This site has a variety of messaging features that improve the communication methods and make the hookup experience more quick and fun. But keep in mind that only paid members are allowed to send messages.

  • Users can send messages instantly through the chatbox and even do a video call.
  • Members can also communicate with each other by sending and receiving emails. This would give better personal contact with the member, and you can even keep their email saved in the inbox if you wish for another hookup night.
  • The option of sending flirts. This is time-saving and shows interest in another member. You can easily send flirts to many members in no time.

Messaging Features

Available Platforms

Desktop version and mobile application both are present

Desktop Version

This Xmeets review tells that this website was launched in 2009, which is eleven years back. Since then, the site has been kept updated. There are all features available on the desktop, such as profile creation, messaging, video calls, sending flirts, and emails. The navigation process works smoothly. Users can search profiles according to their preferences and view as many profiles as they want.

Mobile Application

Unfortunately, the site has no mobile application – neither Apple Store nor Google Play Store. This limits the messaging on the site, and members cannot use the site anywhere and anytime. Also, the site is not mobile optimized, so users cannot reach the site from their mobile.

Advanced Design and Usability

Most of the adult dating websites usually do not pay much attention to the design of the website. They do not consider it to be an important part of the website. However, this site created an exceptionally well-designed interface that looks outstanding and is also user-friendly. Its good design it one of its key features. When users visit the website, the first thing they see is an attractive couple on the web page. This gives users the hope that they will also be able to find a suitable, sexy match.

This Xmeets review suggests that this website is straightforward to use. Every option is visible on the main page, such as home, search, messages, quickie, newest that shows the new members, friends and favorites, XXX movies.

The navigation on this site is straightforward, easy, and efficient. It has the following search options:

  • Gender
  • Members online now
  • Profiles with picture only
  • Age

Navigation and Search Options

Xmeets Costs and Plans


  • $8.90 total for three days

    One Month membership plan

    • $34.90 total

    Both of these are trial membership plans are recurring, so this Xmeets review suggests that you make sure to cancel the membership before the ending period. Otherwise, users will be billed automatically on the trial ending date.


    • One month costs – $29.95 total
    • Three months cost – $49.95 total
    • Six months cost – $69.95 total

    All of these plans are recurring on a trial end date as well.

    The Difference Between Free and Paid Access?

    There is a free membership, but this membership has very few features which are:

    • View a limited amount of profiles every day
    • Search members using the feature “online now”
    • A tour of premium features on the site

    With premium membership you can:

    • View the unlimited amount of member profiles
    • Use video calling option
    • Send messages
    • Send flirts
    • View pictures and videos of members
    • Communicate with members by sending and receiving emails
    • Use the option “quickie.”
    • Use a variety of searching filters such is “Online now.”

    The Difference Between Free and Paid Access?

    How to Pay?

    Payments can be made by putting bank account information on the site and doing bank transfers and credit/debit card information online for transactions through cards.

    Available Payment Systems

    Payments can be made using:

    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Diner’s club
    • Discover card

    Safety and Security of Your Data

    Many reviews suggest that payments on Xmeets have been safe and secure. The website’s customer service is responsive to any safety issue if faced by a member. It is considered to be a safe site.

    Fraud Prevention

    The website does have an issue of having some fake profiles, but they are constantly trying to monitor and remove and fake profiles. Users can block or even report any profile they find suspicious.

    Fraud Prevention

    Special Features

    The website does have some special features which make it stand out in the adult dating website industry. Following are the features:

    • Premium members can enjoy XXXvideos available on the website. There are currently 28 videos. There is some necessary information written about every video, such as its name and length, which the users can read.
    • There is a “friends and favorites” section in which you can save the profiles you like, and you can use that to message them anytime you want.
    • One of the unique features of this site is “quickie.” In this option, there are some women’s pictures shown, and you can view their profiles. If you click the option “yes” on their profile, they will be noticed that you are interested in having quick sex with them, and then if they are interested, they will respond to you. If they do not answer, you can just easily send a yes to some other member. Although there is a daily limit to the number of quickie requests you can post.
    • There is a “Live on cam now” option, which you can click and view the live streaming of other members. These live streams are usually very erotic. Sometimes even very sexy models do these live streams.
    • Member tweets in another option in which you can see the upload of your tweets or view the tweets of other members. You can even view the profiles of members who upload these tweets.


    This Xmeets review suggests that even though this site has some issues, such as some fake profiles, it is still worth a try. This is because it has a lot of special features such as XXXvideos, live streams, good interface. If you communicate and spend some time on the website, you can easily find some like-minded people interested in having a hookup.

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